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Running a business or being an entrepreneur

Owning and running a business makes a difference when your time is important to your family as you home school in our Home Education Program. Grandma hopes she can offer guidance and direction in this area to parents that home school. She has many offers given to her and she has only been able to carry out a few avenues to help her. She says she is hoping grandpa can finally be able to retire. For she still has a lot more to accomplish and is glad she can now be able to pay her bills off and enjoy feeding all of us. Grandma said in the coming times there will be more and more to offer the public and possibly us too.
When Grandma began this Home Education Program in 2013 she did not realize at the time it was all part of her entrepreneur work. As time went on these last two years and now going into a third how much everything would keep growing from what they were 6 years before that. Grandma just went through SSI court when should not have even gone that far and had to do without a paycheck for two years after having cancer removed from her body and  30 more pounds on her body overnight. Then to find out her knees were really gone with the cartilage gone with them on only one side and them rubbing bone to bone in which the bone has deterioration from osteoporosis in it. She had to go through surgery on one and the other new half a knee  be done later. Then because she had no money she lost the new insurance program which she now learns that is why the Obamacare is being redone She fell into others also with almost losing her home and finding out the loopholes to make it hard for government programs to help her there in trying to help others.
The daughter that came to take care of Grandma could not even understand and left because she knew she had to work and could not find a cheap avenue to become an entrepreneur either. Then when she thought she could take her talents as a massage therapist to the state of Washington to find it was full of a drug deal. She got through that and problems with her own leg to now face more problems with bad people and bad landlords as entrepreneurs as well as more health issues for herself. To top it off Eva, the Granddaughter that Grandma wants to hand this entrepreneur work to when she dies, has decided her long lost nicety father is her answer now. The real problem of being with him now is that he is controlling with the personality to get violent when she, Eva, begins to date. Therefore, the granddaughter, Eva, has decided to leave the daughter, Andrea, with all the problems aside. In the meantime Grandma had dealt with liars cheats, people with different personalities, drug and alcohol users and corrupt police along with thieves. Then as she is struggling with just being able to walk and a judge that does not know what entrepreneur work is to build a large home from $30,000 dollar value to $115,000 value and only owe $63,000 on the loan that is raised by a mortgage company to $114,000 when you did not borrow all that on it. Then for that judge to ask you why if you were not working why you would ask for the government to pay your living when you cannot even walk to make that living well enough stand for longer than 15 minutes to make that living. It did not even occur to me how hard I actually had been working for nothing. Then when you could actually go to live with a mother that says she has plans to give you her house turn on you at 87 when you were finally glad you could give some of her giving back to her by cooking and a husband that could help in the yard so she could die with her home cared for. As her mind begins to decline more into dementia with beginning of Alzhiemers, she has given above you a wheat ranch away to a sister that does not even want her into her lovely well organized home to upset her husband and her and cannot give any of her life to be there. Then to top it off that lovely 87 year old woman who as only been the devil to you all your life (Grandma did not even give her and the sister that name-Grandma's husband did) wanted to keep being selfish and running the role as the only person to be able to cook and did not even want to talk to someone that wanted to talk to  help her get part of her mind back to be able to keep living in her home to die-which was her dream-to the point that she sold it to her son above you also. For you see he was well taken care of too just to kick you out. Therefore, all Grandma wanted through it all was to be completely out of a family at this point. However, I am still doing the entrepreneur work on a home as Grandma awaits the courts decision after they robbed her of almost a year and a half  of help. I guess this world is becoming that a husband must work for ten years past his retirement in which was getting too hard for 2014 at the age of 73 with gout and diabetes to work longer through hard summers at a motel.
Now today as the Presidents day is recognized people do not want to celebrate it. We just went through 8 years with a president, Obama, we still are not so sure of and now into a new segment of time with the President, Trump, who has really upturned our lives in which ways are using up funds we are not happy about and more disrespect for the natives with a pipeline.
So much has happened to Grandma since the building of this Home Education Program for home schoolers and having a Bridal shop online it is amazing how she has really begun to see what entrepreneur work is all about. However when you can hear about the projects President Trump and his colleague Perez` were able to build through their own marketing methods it amazes a person. There is people out there making money. We just have to learn good ways of doing it. If President Trump did by being as cold as he is being to the human kind he did not do it  in very nice ways.
Grandma lost the use of her legs and thought she could depend on others needs to be helpful. A woman took advantage of Grandma because she lived with so many fears and investors taking advantage of us as middle men it has hurt things. Then to see all the corruption around her and how evil her own family could be Grandma is really seeing how resilient she actually is. She is going to overcome it all and learn all their marketing and grow this business of Home Education Program for home schooling as well. I am learning well how to adjust clothing to fit, what it to took to build a home and a business. We will succeed.

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dlf construction on Friday, August 02, 2013 2:11 AM
Hi, This is the precise blog for anybody who needs to find out about this topic. You positively put a brand new spin on a topic that’s been written about for years.
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Pamela Juarez on Saturday, September 28, 2013 8:26 PM
I want to thank-you for making a comment about owning your own business and what it means to your family. My sons have become so dedicated to their wives and I feel it is because they got to know what family meant to me. I was home with them doing child care and I think they learned what it was to be in the position as a mother.

Dmitri Chavkerov on Saturday, December 28, 2013 2:57 AM
Leadership is the quality that is key to start a business by your own because to direct people and let them agree and get them sincere on your view needs great leadership skills.I agree this.
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ip3 plastics on Saturday, April 19, 2014 6:01 AM
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strony www on Monday, March 16, 2015 10:09 AM
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Reply to comment on Sunday, August 12, 2018 3:12 AM
Running a business or being an entrepreneur and guidance and direction in this area to parents that home school. I can say everything about the site and realize at the time it was all part of her entrepreneur work.
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