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In Grandma's learning through our Home Education Program of home schooling there is different types of writing in our society as you may have found out if you read her biography when she let the children get by with writing "And" and "But" at the beginning of sentences as she was in student teaching. Then she found out later that in children's books and fiction this is allowed to be done. It messed some things up for Grandma, however she feels it is now up to parents in home schooling  as advising them in her Home Education Program to decide themselves which way they want to teach them writing. If they think they can develop their minds to a more structured level as in science study for college of only themes. Or can they teach them both levels of writing giving them a more relaxed level of enjoyment in fiction at a young age. One thing Andrea pointed out to Grandma when she first came was that she did not like the fact that the public schools especially expected children to learn at a controlled path of thinking. She said people need to look outside of the box. Public schools are controlled like everything else by one set of values. Grandma feels the creativity of children is lost in this remote area of learning. They are trained to follow things for college theme writing as well as the fact sports is everything and unless you meet a certain criteria you are out of line. It does not give room for those who have special talents as writing, expressing, and being leaders or entrepreneurs, owners of businesses, or following their own niches. Such as the woman being downgraded for wanting to be home to raise and teach her children. That every mother and father works which is untrue and that there is on line avenues for mothers to take in raising their children. People are just unaware of other avenues.
Another avenue Grandma does not like in learning that society is pushing us into is the fact that girls must become like boys in order to be on their same level. They are teaching them to dress and act like boys. Grandma does not feel the role of a woman or anyone not being masculine or doing labor work should be put down. Skirts were designed for women because their bottom area works different than men's. However, for some roles or jobs in life we all have to have certain wear. One thing to be learned is that if a woman wants to attract a man she should be able to dress and act like a woman. For a woman's quality  of acting and dressing like a man does not attract a man. However, as we are learning, women can be attractive and yet be business styled; which however, can outdo the man at times. She can be very high styled and intelligent at the same time. However, if she wants to show her capability at mechanics, labor, or sports she must dress and fulfill that part. However, her intelligence should not be drowned down with her capability to design and be beautiful. The same as a man should not be ungrooming, clean, mannerly, talented, or carry many other good qualities that attract to women just to say they do the tough jobs. "Sloppy is sloppy as a radio artist put a few years back." and "Sloppy is as sloppy does is another famous quote." Let's all be the best we can be in all areas we can be. Does that mean a woman has to dress up if she needs to be more relaxed in pants to function, absolutely not. If we are going to messy jobs we do not dress in our best clothes. Does that mean we do not know how to dress up, wrong there too. Some people feel we should all just be at a common what they call casual wear spot. The problem with that is it does not allow for creativity nor make society any less discriminating. Unless a person fits the Plain Jane form of rules, they are always set up for judgement. Unless people can learn to remove that judgement in society it is always going to considered snobby by some people as well as unfair which bad people can be that is why there is a common quote meaning it harder for a rich man to get to heaven.   If only one could express in words exactly how beautiful a flower as this one is

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