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Excersize and Creative Dance(30 minutes)
Begin with the morning stretches and Childorobics. Then work on Creative Dance somewhat in the same manner as Day 2. Playing the music and stopping it occasionally at which time they must freeze. Tell them in a day or two you will move to something different but for now they must understand everyone has their amount of space and what things can be done in it.
Next everyone will carry out the tasks and jobs given that are necessary for that time of Lessons. If it is feeding animals, trash, ect.(15 minutes)
Next go over the weather situation and give each time for a forcast. Later you can take turns with one person each day. Maybe another be able to give the news. In review yesterday's lessons on the waves across our country talk about the different directions on our maps and how are schools, cities houses buildings roads, ect. are all on them.Make it all fun but remember it is good for children to be able to express.(30 minutes)
Next Go to the Calendar
Discuss birthdays for the day. Book 1 birthdays for September 10 will be Arnold Palmer, an American golfer born in 1929 and Charles Kuralt, an American Broadcast Journalist born in 1934. I will have you add September 1 birthdays of Anna Botsford Comstock, American naturalist known as "the Mother of Nature Education" born in 1854; Engelbert Humperdinck, German composer noted for the opera Hansel and Gretel also born in 1854; and Edgar Rice Burroughs, American author and creator of Tarzan, born in 1875. September 11 O. Henry(William Sydney Porter), American short-story writer was born in 1862; Anthony Browne, childen's author was born in 1946.(15 minutes)
History and Social Studies Reading and Language and Writing(2 hour)
Events from Book 1 should include: IN 1623 A boatload of lumber and furs, the First Cargo from the Plymouth Colony, was shipped back to England. A good lesson for marketing.Read a book or something about Massachetts where Plymouth was at; September 1 in 1730 Benjamin Franklin married Deborah Read:in 1752 The Liberty Bell arrived in Philadelphia. Talk about Benjamin Franklin, who he was and what he did. Read if necessary about him. Look on internet if necessary.The last event that happened September 1 that you can use is that Henry VI was born in 1422. At 9 months of age he succeeded his father, Henry V, as king of England. In 1431, he succeeded his grandfather, Charles VI, as king of France. Quite a job-for a 10-year-old! Then mention the fact that at the time of our countries beginnings King Charles was rulling England. You can read about him also. Talk with the children about these rulers and get their thoughts about it. Talk about kings and queens in general. Talk about Charles and the new baby and the resemblance I seen between Dianna and Kate, you can read about in my facebook profile. Also talk about the King and Queen of Spain and letting Columbus said their ships.
September 10 is also Swap Ideas Day, see if you can discuss or use this in anyway. September 10 is also Japanese Festival of the Poets. Use this to discuss various poetry and some of the poets we have put birthdays down for. Look at various children's poetry books. Next I want you as parents in my Home Education Program to begin discussion of comics also. She which one's you and your children like. Discuss various ways they are done and used. You may also work on your newspapers, yearbook, or/and Journals.
Art(30 minutes)
For art I want you to be able to draw if possible any cartoon characters you can. Make some up if you wish. Tie them to the lessons if possible. Maybe draw some smurfs as king and queens or one of your other favorite characters.
Math(30 minutes)
For math use crowns and make up various math problems around castles, kings, knights, queens, ect.
Science and Health(1 hour)
Discuss anything about your selves and food that you can include exersize involving sports(dance). From that make a list of various sports and ways people help their health.
For science-out of another book I call Book 54 it gives lessons on categorizing the different animals. If the littler children are not involved work on it with the older students. If you have high school children at your home school learning about weather, chemistry, or physics. You must carry on in those subjects. However, this lesson should be part of Biology.
Have a good Day! If you had other lessons lined up for the year you may just substitute them with these. At least in my state you could.

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Comments RSS on Friday, June 22, 2018 12:45 AM
I consider that the parents especially mothers would give enough time for their kids in summer vacation. Also spend some quality time with their kids to learn the different things. It would be really great for the kids when they learn unique things from their parents.
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baber on Saturday, July 14, 2018 9:00 AM
Okay so these Review are amazing thank you so much for these but please do let me know about their price as well i mean i would like to do smart shopping here !!
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j on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 1:04 AM
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