Day 6
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Day 6

To start this new week again as always do the Childrobotics and Creative Dance.(30 minutes)
 The childrobotics of course was just a combination of well known jumps, running in place, twists, stretches, and various other excersizes you are familiar with or a use of equipment you may have. Maybe you have a dance routine you like or the children have one they like, leg lifts are a good one I have also learned. You can alter it with a brisk walk the family may like or a swim or bike ride.
When you go into the lessons on Creative dance review a little bit from Day 5 and then as you play the music start with just one element of step like walking. After a while add an alternative of running with it. Do these until you know they have control of each and can easily change from one to the other easily. Do not stop the music but for  instructions unless you give them all before you start. Then sit down with the children and maybe use a picture to color of someone dancing. Go on to explain to the children that you will be doing these different steps all week and then you begin working on songs and learning various movements to different music at a slow pace of one movement at a time and them put them all together for performance. Let them know they can plan their own creative dance to do during the year and you each can keep forming your own throughout. Be sure to tape or at least get pictures. You can make costumes if you wish. You can use different instruments, ect. for the routines.
Everyone will carry out their tasks of the day and take care of what you need to maintain your home school of our home education program. Next again you will look at the calendars and time tables.(15-20 minutes)
Birthdays, Health, Science, History, Social Studies, Reading, Languages, Writing, Math, and Art.
Birthdays is actually a part of History and yet it ties to Social Studies as well as Health, Reading, and Language. If there is any special birthday in the family be sure and try to celebrate it because it has been written in a magazine article I read that celebrations inspite of our differences are good for families to do , somethings get cleared in the air. It gets people away from the monotony of the day. It is like the fact they have found that men that are married have lived longer than men that are single. It seems to release the stress. Maybe for some men we as women and children may become their scrapgoats, but maybe they are able to release stress through us. Maybe vice versa, I don't know. I just know it is a fact and they say celebrations are good for us so have plenty. Do things together and try to make a night for just each other.
Before we start marking birthdays and doing activities you may want to look at the weather and record what kind of day it will be. The children can give their pretend weather reports or news reports at this time.(15 minutes)
 I am going to go into the Birthdays of September 14th and 15th before the 16th from Book 1 first but I will give the events of the 16th first because they give more emphasis on what we are studing right now and the 14th and 15th will add in. Therefore, on September 14th, a German scientist was born in 1769. His name was Alexander Von Humboldt, after whom a Pacific current was named. Talk to the children about science a little bit. Talk about how Scientists usually have theorys and they must do experiments to prove those theories. Tell them that you will be doing many things people have done as experiments to prove these theories. Talk about how your older children may be learning about physics and that involves a lot of chemistry. I have a son who mastered in that subject and his major is in Metal. So talk about what kind of things that could involve. Then talk about the word that we use to describe the questions we ask in science of Who, What Where, When, Why, and How. I have books about each of these questions in my science stuff. I do not know if you have any or can get some but they are fun and beneficial. Record them on your word lists. Talk about God and what his plan must have been when he created man and what he was trying to do or prove. Discuss if you feel his actions were magical or not and if he had a plan in mind and what it may have been.(30 minutes-1hour)
 Next on the calender Mark down the birthday of William H. Armstrong, children's author, born in 1914. In Book 1, it says that his book Sounder, received the Newbery Medal in 1970. You may be able to get it at the library. Talk to the children about the library a little bit and how you get your stories or books to read. September is also Library Card Sign-up Month also. It might be a good time to do this if you do not have a card already. Talk about the Newbery Medal and what it means, if one of the older students can talk about it do let them have the floor.(30 minutes to 1 hour)
 Another author to put on your calendar is that of John Steptoe, children's author born in 1950. If you know anthing about him let the students know. Next we will record the birthday's of those famous people born on September 15. A James Fenimore Cooper, was born in 1789. He was an American novelist. Book 1 says upon retiring from the navy, James Fenimore Cooper began writing novels. Many of his books, including The Deerslayer, The Last of the Mohicans, and The Pathfinder, are classics. One of the lessons you were to do last week was to list some of the classics in our history. These books may be added to it if you do not already have it listed. Some of the classics I can remember for you are: Treasure Island, Heidi, Black Beauty, Robinson Crusoe, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Mythology, Tale for Two Cities, The Great Gatspy, The War of the Worlds, Anne of Avonlea, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Gullivers Travels, Between the Worlds and the Snowblind Moon, The Celebrated Jumping Frog, Boulder Dam, Walden, Louis Jolliet Explorers of Rivers, Romeo and Juliet, The Three Mucketeers, Kim, Moby Dick, and The Sea Wolf.(5 minutes)
 Another important person to add to the calendar will be Agatha Christie, English detective novelist born in 1890 on Septeber 15. One activity Book 1 presented is for groups, but I adapted it for just a few in which someone can load two to four objects in a paper bag that are related in some way. Then write a set of clues to help others figure out the contents of the bag.(15 minutes)
 The other two authors to add to your calendar include Robert McCloskey, children's author born in 1914 and Tomie Depaola born in 1934. I know I seen some books in our library to read from Tomie Depaola. I can't remember if I found any from the other guy.(15 minutes)
 Before I give you the next birthday and some events I want you and the children to review and make a list or look for one you may have, maybe on the computer. How our country began with President Washington and how he may have been as a president then talk about our president now and your feelings about him. Then I want you to put down William Howard Taft, the 27th President, born in 1857 born on September 15 and talk about him as a president. Next I want you to record the event of Teodore Roosevelt becoming the 26th president of the United States September 14, 1901. Book 1 talked about how "in 1902 President Teddy Roosevelt took a 5-day bear-hunting trip. Newspapers made fun of Roosevelt when he refused to shoot a small cub. But a candy-store owner in Brooklyn, N.Y. admired the president's decision. IN Roosevelt's honor he sewed a plush toy bear, which he called a "Teddy Bear," and placed it in his window display. Read the First Teddy Bear by Helen Kay. Then have a teddy bear picnic- with your studnts' favorite furry friends as guests of honor. Some students may want to dress as a bear for their favorite storybook character." Compare these presidents to the rulers as Kings and Queens to see which is better to have. (30 minutes)
 Next we will go on to September 16, 1875 J. C. Penney, American merchant and founder of the J. C. Penney Co. was born. In celebrating his birthday an activity to do is in which the students will look at a J. C. Penny catalog if you have one (if not use ads from various stores from the newspaper or prices of things you have on a wish list from a know store you shop at), record and name a number of things the family wants to buy in 20 minutes. Keep track of the item, price, and the page number if you have the catalog. Then take a calculator and let older ones capable of using it add up the items and compare calculations. The computer if you have one may have it also. This will be the math for the day. Littler children can add the items, presidents, books, people, days, events, insects, teddy bears, monkeys, ect.(30 minutes)
 The last birthday to record will be that of H. A. Rey, children's author born in 1898 September 16. He wrote the Curious George books. Read one if you can and talk about how it has grown to a cartoon on TV now and if you feel the children are learning from it. Talk about how he gets into trouble and how he gets out. He will be the last birthday on our calendar.(15 minutes)
 Next we will talk about and do some activities with some of the events in Book 1. On September 16 ,1492 Columbus, and his men first saw patches of seaweed in midocean on their first voyage to America. Read about this event Talk about how this was such a trecherous trip and where he actually landed. Then talk about the Vikings and read anything you can find about them for the children and keep in mind they believed they were the first settlers that landed in the Islands northeast of us off of Canada called Ireland. However, earlier in this month or last they discovered some findings of another type of people who landed on one of the Islands between that and The Britain Islands. I read it on the computer but can't tell you where from right now. you might look it up and find it. Share my video's from Youtube in which he is wearing a camera on his chest and Juggling through Ireland. There is parts on there at the end that tell you much more about Ireland, women and such. Very informative! I love the music on it and it is in the Social Study part of the blogs. It is also entertaining for the children which makes them interested.(1 hour) 
The next event listed in Book 1 is of 1620 when The Pilgrims left Plymouth, England, on the Mayflower. Explain to the children how there were many other explorers around the time of Columbus trying to find different routes and how some happen to land on America also. Talk about some of the other explorers that traveled into Asia after the Vikings attacks and before Columbus. The Mormans book that John Smith was supposedly to have translated was about a family that had traveled from Isreal and landed in North America and what their visions were. You can look at various ships, work at drawing them, and make a Viking ship. You can even make these comics or comical. I will give you a list of some of the explorers later.(1hour)
 Then in 1630 The village of Shawmut, Mass., changed its name to Boston. Now ask the children you home school how they'd feel if the name of their town were changed. Talk about your town's or cities' name and what it means and how it got it's name. If it were to be renamed give alternative names they would suggest? Give the little town you are making a name. Then give the schools there a name. Select a school logo, letterhead, and flag for each. While we are talking about Flags you can record the 1814 event that happened on September 14 even though it runs past my 1700 limit it still has to do with the beginning of our country in which Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the British shelled Fort McHenry. You can sing that song together and say the pledge of allegiance if you wish. Talk about it and how that flag is so significant because it stands for the country we are and why many other countries honor our country as it began with that flag. Name any other buildings they may have and start naming streets also.(30 minutes)
Next talk about the other event that happened on September 16, 1787 in which the printers prepared 500 copies of the Constitution for the official signing ceremony. Have someone in the family read what you have written in your newspaper and talk about it, its significance. Figure out what you will write in it today and have someone do it. Next ad information piture's ect. to your yearbook. Take a few minutes or so to write in your journals.(1 hour) 
The next event to record on your line is that of September 15,1789 in which the Congress changed the name of the Department of Foreign Affairs to the Department of State. Do your best to discuss this one, maybe the computer can help us there. I don't know.(5-15 minutes)
On September 14, 1778 Benjamin Franklin was appointed American minister to France. Discuss that one. However the third Tuesday of the month is International Day of Peace. The week of September 17-23 is also Constitution Week.(5 minutes)  
The last event to record was that of George Frederick Handel, the German composer, finished the Messiah after 23 days of work. I do not know if you are aware that it is a very special piece of music and the presentation of it is preformed in a lot of places around X-mas. Discuss what it is written about. Maybe you can get a presentation of it for the children to plan a time to go see it preformed. It is not the play though. It is a song.(15 minutes)
The last things for you to talk to your children about is the monthly happenings some things are not listed in the front of the month in the list I gave you. I already mentioned a couple with the event of Benjamin Franklin.
 Native American Day --the fourth Friday is also a big part of our lessons we are working on.
September 14 is Snack-A-Pickle Time. I don't know about you but I love a bread and butter pickle or sweet pickle; others like dill pickles. However, I was reading some things given out by a lady named Jillee last night and one of those things were all the ways we can use the juice of the pickle so do not throw it away. I will get them later and I have asked this lady to link to our sight so that will be nice.
 Which brings us to food and health. The project for the month of September is a Breakast Book. Start by having your family compare breakfast favorites. What they like and do not like. Compare labels on cereal boxes and things you eat to see what sugars they use especially corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. Dr Atkins did give one he recommended but I have not been able to find it. Watch out for soy beans also. These could all be products of Monsanto with bad GMO's in them. I just read an article from a lady on facebook in which her sister became very sick from Diet Pop that was suppose to have Aspartemine in it. Although they were just able to market that and took off the shelf that with Sacrine. Apparently the aspartemine heated in the cans around 80 some degrees is making people very sick. I becomes arsenic a poisin. Anyway record what you eat in the mornings. find out if you eat a breakfast every morning, take vitamins, if it contains a bread, meat, fruits or vegetables. Is the weekend different than the week days? How long do you spend at the table? Record and talk about what you have learned. Then keep a record of what you find on the cereal boxes. Talk about a hot breakfast compared to a cold one. In Israel families enjoy sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, and olives for breakfast. I like kind of a little brunch which is a combination of breakfast and a lunch together so it is a variety of things. I have always had to have a variety of breakfasts for child care.  Next through the month cut out pictures of breakfast and paste them on paper to make a book. You can also add various recipes to use. I will give you some of those during the month also. At the end of the month you can look at your results of your book.(30 minutes a day) Some of this may have to start on Tomorrow.
As part of your science keep working on your insect collections and cards. Also keep recording and classifing different animals especially water animals. There was a spill of Molasses in Hawaii that killed many sea animals that was on the computer and few sea monters found including a giant squid. I have things about whales, sharks, ect. here at my house. I have color pictures of them to color ect.( I do want you to be aware that it is National Cat Health Month also and National Dog Week(last full week(30 minutes)
That is all I can do for today you have a good one. I will type more later.

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