Day 7
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Day 7

One note here before I start this blog. For those of you who make come in later or are just starting now.
 Just start with the basics of the first day and go to the day you start. You can catch the rest later or at the end or beginning of next year. What you started with can be changed at least in my state it can. I cover the basic history from beginning, always talking about things in the bible, go to United States(with colonial and then grow to the other states), Mexico, Central America, and Canada, Actic and Antartic. Then I go to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. I move the event dates from 1700's to 1800's, and then to 1900's as best I can. I usually use a book I call Book 1 but I have others for myself. It is hard to do all for others. I will do the best I can.
To begin our day we will again start with Childrobotics and Creative dancing. The childrobotics can be anything your family does for excersize. If they have a dance routine with leg lifts, regular running in place, jumps, stretches, lifts, bike rides, other machines, or swimming. Do that now and then spend time in the Creative dance. Have the children start with walking in a train style of each other and working into running. Then start jumping and leaping alternatively. Now put all four together alternating. Can rest at the end letting them know you will be doing the seven steps all week like that and then work into songs and routines.
Before you begin todays lessons maybe you better get you routine chores, responsibilities, or jobs done. Then mark the tpe of weather it is to be and do the little pretend acting of weather broadcasters or newscasters.
History, Reading , Social Studies, Language, Writing, and Art.
I may start jumping around for events from now on. Birthdays will probably stay with the days in order, but the events may change from one day to another. Anyway we will talk some about Today was Mexico's Independence day. I have been to a couple of them and one in Mexico that I was priviledged to see. The firemen worked a trampeze act out on their truck for that one. For many years I had watched movies about the Mexican Independence with my husband and never thought to look in Wikipedia or an encylopedia. The Library probably does have the information in it somewhere too. Tonight I was able to read about it I knew that the Mexican government and big plantation owners did not treat the peasants or village people very well. They not only belittleed them, but they easily killed some and did not care what happened to many of them. They were rarely paid and misunderstood. It got so bad that the people were really unhappy. Now a priest named Miguel Hidalgo, who had been a student at the prestigious San Nicola's Obispo School in Valladolid9now Morelia). He made to marks and become Rector of his old school, later a top theologian. When his older brother died in 1803 at the town of Dolores, Hidalgo took over his job. He and Costilla, member of a group educated ciolos, in Queretaro, talked with the people of the village. With Hidalgo and Costilla leading them the people all decided to gather together and go after the people treating them wrongly. Ignacio Allende was the military leader and they heard about the people coming but they were overcome. The people kept growing to more and more. The troops were held up in a place that was part of a village my husband was born in. The villages are so neat in that area. They need to be preserved but I don't know if society will eventually ruin them. Anyway the people grew to 300,000 and not so many troops until they held up in Mexico City and Hidalgo thought he would give the people of the city a chance to move out. The troups held on a bridge and overtook the people. They caught Hidalgo, Costilla, and one other in charge and were taken. Other leaders took over and it kept going on till they got what they wanted. I did not tell it all. You will have to read about it. Anyway, Mexico's Independence was started September 16, 2010 until September 1821 and a special happening on May 18 of 1822. When Hidalgo and Costilla started the adopted the standard of the Virgin of Guadalupe(Mother Mary) as their symbol and protector. Which there is a movie made about her in which the Spanish were settling in with the church behind them-each village in Mexico of at least the are of my husband's family has there own rodeo arena and churches and they have a big celebration around her in December. Now in this movie a man from the village travels from the Spanish settlement to the aztec natives and inbetween his travel Mother Mary stops to talk to him. He keeps telling the priest he has seen her. At the end of the movie during his travels Mother Mary imprints a picture of herself on his cape. That is why she is pictured everywhere. I have heard of other sightings of her there. A church my husband took me to the people were meeting at and one lady who spoke English told me of the rock they had in the altar and how it had a white imprint of Mother Mary on it. There has been other imprints in Mexico of her and Jesus found. People are very religious there.
From here I want to point out these events to be posted. And we will do the Birthdays and some activities all from Book 1. The first event to happen was September 17, 1787. The Constitutional Convention delegates completed and signed the new Constitution of the United States. Then in 1796 on that day President George Washington delivered his Farwell Address. September 18, 1793 President George Washington laid the cornerstone of the U. S. Capitol in Washington D,C. Now as part of the Constitutional Convention Book 1 states that "After the Constitution was drafted, George Washington wrote in his diary:"I... returned to meditate the momentous work..."" It says to have the students, your children react to these questions: "Why was the constitution "momentous work" to Washington? What changes came about as a result o the Constitution? Did it protect every American's rights? How about the rights of women, Native American's, and blacks?" The book goes on to tell you to compose a class constitution. "On a large piece of paper, draw a scroll, labeling it"our Constitution." Have the children brainstorm for the rights and responsibilities they want to include, and write them on the scroll. Then have them add their "John Hancock" to the class constitution, post it in a prominent place.Next as part of George Washington's farewell address it included this message:"Observe good faith and justice toward all nations.Cultivate peace and harmony with all..." What a powerful charge to the country!" Ask your children toto think about how today's leaders would react to these words." Discuss how your children could take these words to heart in your community  or school. Have the children write in essays or make posters reflect their thoughts and ideas. They may add any of this in their journals, yearbooks, and newspaper. It was also Citizenship Day```. I also forgot to record that the 15th was also Respect for the Aged day in Japan. I want your children to reflect and write about it . Also remember the 8th was also Grandparents day in September.
Now record these birthdays, September 17,1730 Baron Von Steuben, German soldier who helped the Americans in the Revolutionary War was born. Then in 1907 Warren Burger, U.S Supreme Court chief justice was born(parents may have to do some explaination in this instance). In 1916 on that day Mary Stewart, children's author was born. Another children's author, Harold Courlander was born September 18, 1908. An English lexicographer and critic who compiled the first dictionary of the English language. As an activity in Book one on that day they point out that "Lexicographers can never rest. They must continually work at finding appropriate terms and definitions to include in their dictionaries. Sometimes they even  include slang words and phrases that are generally not accepted as formal English." The children are to compile a list-with their own definitions-of current slang. Then have them look up the terms in their dictionaries. It asks if the can find all of the terms? Reflect all this stuff in their journals , yearbooks and newspapers. For Friday always test the children on what words they have learned, The older their vocabulary, the younger the alphabet. 
Math and Science 
As part of their math and science today count insects from outside or drawn on paper. Older students do heavier math. Look up and find about any sea or water animals that they know about. You can add any insects you can remember to your post cards.

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