Day 8
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Day 8

Well it looks like I will be late again tonight. However, I don't believe I will be loosing anymore lessons.
I hope some people were able to use what I sent out.
 Today we are going to focus on the earth and Explorers with another book to follow. we will do the childrobotics and dance routine. continue working on insects, breakfasts, birthdays, journals, yearbook, newspapers, insect cards, categorizing animals and water animals, we will still be working on our town or cities and maps. Be sure and work on these things at the end of the day.
Ok so start the day off with your childrobotics. For those not folowing before, This can be any routine you have figured out to start your day with even if it is just a bunch of stretches, twists, or "Jumping Jacks."  after you are loosened up and ready to go you can have the children you home school in my home education program begin doing the elements of step with walking to music that you play, next you have them run; then alternate walk and run again. Next you will add in leaps and jumps. alternating all four for awhile. Next you will hop and then skip to the music. Last you will alternate all six of these steps a few times. For those who joined us today, go over Creative dancing for the last few days and fill in for the children.
Say Your prayers. One finger activity you probably already do  with your younger children is called
                          "The Church" from a book I call 1000 and goes like this:
                            (laced fingers)         Here is the church
                             (Index fingers         And here is the Steeple
                             together at tips)
                            ( then spreading      Open the Door
                              the thumps open
                              like a door)
                              (open the hands)    And see all the people
                               (Index fingers        Here is the Parson
                               making a walk
                                motion)               Going up the Stairs
                                                           And here he is
                             (Fold hand in prayer)Saying his prayers
In one of my teacher guide books for the first days; called Super Start the School Year Book by Meish Golgish:illus. by joe Chicko and Jane McCreary;1991 by Scholastic, Inc.called book14 and another book called book18 named Instant Schoolday Starters and Fillers by Ava Drutman; Joe and Terri Chicko and Jane MCCreary;1991 by Scholastic, inc.- Looking at pages 6, 32, 33, 8, 18,  30 of book 14 and 8 and 5 of book 18 there was all kinds of ideas on volunteers which was part of June 1 in book 1; also helpers weekly celebrations, student leaders, help aides, lists, categorizing, allowing questions questions on the door and ideas and suggestions assignment chart, lost and found. It is also given in book 1 that the 1st week of June is International Volunteer Week . In doing your duties and responsibilies for the day keep these in mind to see if it can help you any.
Science and Art
Today I will go a little backwords. Now in remembering Noah and his Journey the Lord demanded think about all the animals that had to be categorized by two's of seven stated in the bible. Amazing that God Could get them all to come to Noah's Ark. And how the big whale was told by God just where Jonah would be found. Go over these happenings with the children letting the older read them and if you have any little books about it let the younger children look at and read them. See about children prayer books you may find. If you have any pitures of the bible scenes color one of it or stickers, ect. If not draw your own.
Remember the story about President Roosevelt and the "Teddy Bear". If you know the Teddy Bear picnic song or have the music to play enjoy it. Talk about the bears and aunts. Read anything about them that you can. Right now there is bills going through  the Congress people are trying to keep from going through to save our earth and our animals. The Bees are dying and the Monarch butterflies depleateing and many feel it is because of the Monsanto fields that the president had signed a bill to allow them to keep going. Many people across our Nation are angry about it and trying to get things changed. There is also a lesson of eating with the ants. I have a glue together real like looking ants to color and cut out. Maybe you can draw some of your own and cut them out. Look at all the work you have done and if you have time you can talk about endangered species and any good materials about wolves. Read them and talk about it .Else do it tomorrow. Today I will go a little backword. Do your weather calendar or chart and the little broadcast skits to pretend.
One thing I want to cover for Science today is the Earth. I have a book that opens up into the middle of the Earth pictured in it with cut outs in the right way and I cannot find it on my list of books or in my past outlines. I will give you the name when I find it. Anyway talk to the children how the Earth is made of Land, Water, and Air. How they are significant to us and what it means to have them.
Look at the breakfast project and work on it some. Decide what might be best to eat in the mornings and plan on it for a morning.
Lastly I will give you the Birthdays to record and the events to put on the line then I will give you some information about the Explorers. On September 19,1894 Rachel Field, children's author and poet was born. In 1967 Jim Abbott, one-handed baseball pitcher was born; an activity from Book 1 about this is called "All Star." It says, "He was one of the few baseball players to go straight from college to the major Leagues...despite having only one hand. The book wants you to draw a line on paper around one of your hands on the paper. On each finger you are to write a personal quality that they think helps others overcome a disability. Then I want you to take another piece of paper and draw around the other hand and write down your weakness or weaknesses and each finger write what will help you overcome them. The last birthday to record for that day is that of "Slimey the Worm" from "Sesame Street." Talk about worms a little bit  and this very special worm. Next I want you to record the September 20 birthdays starting with that of Ellizabeth Kenny, Australian nurse who developed a special method of treating polio. She was born in 1886. Talk a little bit about where Australia is at and polio. Do research if necessary. The next birthday is of Donald Hall, poet and children's author born in 1928. The last birthday for today is of Andrew Davies, children's author. He was born in 1936.
Now we will go over the events of those two days that happened in the 1700's. September 19, 1783 Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier selected a rooster, a duck and a sheep as the first passengers for their hot-air balloon. Well a mishap of the sheep stepping on the rooster and breaking it's leg happened. Talk about hot air baloons, draw, look at some and color any you can. Ask the children you home school in our home education program if they have read about the flight in Two Montgolfiers Launched a Balloon, patterned after Old MacDonald Had a Farm. You can sing that song.
On September 20, 1797 The USS Constitution("Old Ironsides") was launched at Boston. The one Event I want us to be concerned about is that of when Ferdinand Magellan set sail from Spain for the first trip around the world in 1519 on September 20. Now in the  activity of this event  it is stated the Magellan's voyage around the world began in Spain but with 241 men and fiive ships it ended with only 18 men and one ship. It was a 50,000 mile voyage and it took 3 years. Magellan himself was one of the casualties. The book wants the children to make a list of risks involved with travel today. I want them to list the risks then.
Now I am going to give you the names of various Explorers given in a 5th grade American History book I accumulated by someone leaving it here. This book will be called book 1005. It is called America's History, Land of Liberty by Vivian Bernstein with consultants Dr. James E Davis, Richard Jankowski, and Karen Tindel Wiggins, published by Steck-Vaughn a Harcourt Company;1987, 1997. Now as I discussed the other day, they may have found a type of people who sailed to an Island off of North America not quite as far as Iceland. The Vikings sailed across in about 1000, Columbus almost 500 years later. However, there is also Marco Polo, Queen Isabella, Tainos, Amerigo Vespucci, Ferdinand Magellan, La Salle, Estevanico, Zuni, and the Latter-day Saints believe the people of Nephi and the Lamanites; they were recorded in the book of Ether as the people of Jared. They were apparently 600 years before Christ but prophets of his forthcoming. Vocabulary involved in this book about the explorers Include Technology, compass astrolabe, monarchs, mainland, colonies, circumnavigate, tributaries, log. Talk about any of these that you can. Marco Polo had left Italy in 1271 and had spent 24 years traveling in central Asia and China. He had returned to Europe with beautiful silks and jewels. He had written a book about his travels that made other people want to trade with Asia. They also wanted their fresh spices of that area. They wanted an easy water route so they did not have to travel the dangers of the land. By 1400 technology had improved ocean travel. Europeans were ready to start exploring for new ways to reach Asia. They had learned to build ships with better sails that could sail against the wind, They had learned to use the compass. The astrolabe, helped sailors know how far they were from the equator. There were also great interest in learning new ideas at this time. Johannes Gttenberg invented a printing press in 1455, and many new books were printed. Through books people could spread ideas and information about travel and exploration. The kings and queens known as monarchs wanted more power. They felt being able to explor or send explorers would make them more powerful by controlling trade with Asia. I will send more information tomorrow. Have a good night and say your prayers.

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