Day 10
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Day 10

Say a prayer
Do your daily responsibilities or tasks assigned and get ready to carry out activities to show what you are learning about the Explorers that came to our Continent around the time of Columbus.
Before we start I want to make sure you do your childrobotics and carry out the tasks of Creative Dancing. Do the Childrobotics in which you do a daily routine of excersizes, stretches or activity as a walk or bike ride ect. Then go into your Creative Dance lessons in which you turn on some music and following each other in a train style walk then run a little, then do it again. Then do some leaps and jumps; alternating it with the walks and running. Then do some skips and hops alternating them with walks, running, leaps and jumps. Lastly do some gallops and some slides alternating these with all the rest.Anyone that is just joining us can go back in the past days and catch all the information about Creative dance that is necessary. For Monday we will cover everything we have learned so far and move on to something further in Creative Dance.
History and Social Studies, Math, Science, Art, Reading, Language
I want to clarify something. When I asked you to make little ships and use a map or globe and pretend to move the ships along in different directions of the play. Have the children tell if they are moving North, South, East, or West. Maybe pretend they are looking for a treasure.
Before I start today I want to give you the timeline tabs given in the book I got the history from, Book 1004: In 300 A.D. The Maya began their empire in Central America; also in 300 A.D. Africans began the Empire of Ghana. ; In 1200 Africans build the great Empire of Mali; In 1271 Marco Polo begins his travels to Asia; 1455 Gutenberg invents the printing press; 1492 Columbus reaches America; 1497 Da Gama sails around Africa to Asia; 1521 Cortes conquers the Aztec Empire; 1522 Magellan's crew completes a voyage around the world; 1540 Coronado searches for the Seven Cities of Gold; 1588 The English defeat the Spanish Armada; 1607 The English settle in Jamestown, Virginia; 1619 Africans are brought to Jamestown as indentured servants; 1620 The Pilgrims settle in Plymouth, Massachusetts;
1664 The English win New Netherlands from the Dutch; 1680 The Pueblos led by Pope revolt against the Spanish, 1732 Oglethorpe starts the colony of Georgia  
As part of yesterday's lessons I have some questions and activities for the children to do. You are suppose to observe their answers and what they are discribing to you in directions of the boat to make sure they are getting the information for them to learn.
First off I want the students to draw a Compass rose which is used to show directions on a map. Draw one line across another line so one is going straight vertically and the other through its middle going Horisontally so you have four lines with one pointing North, another South, another East, and the last going West. These are the Four main directions they call the cardinal. Have the children write these directions down on them or use N,E, S, W. Now there are four in-between directions called the intermediate directions. They are northeast-NE, southeast-SE, northwes-NW, and southwest-SW. Draw two smaller lines through the connecting point of the two longer lines centered so they go right inbetween each of the other two lines at a time. Mark the intermediate directions down.
Using a map can you and the children find New France, Florida, the Dutch settlements, The Great Lakes, and Mississippi River.
Next I want you to use a map of our world or one that does not have any names of things on it. I have them if you need them. You can take a transparency paper or paper that you can trace on and trace only the continents on it. You can color them different colors if you wish. If you make copies they can be written on or a clear plastic shelving paper over it to use washable markers that can be washed off and they can reuse it. Have them tell or mark a direction mane on it. Just so they know which is North, South, West, and East on the map. Next they are either to write or name all the Oceans on it and where they are:
Pacific Ocean     Atlantic Ocean    Indian Ocean    Arctic Ocean
Then have them write or say the different Continents and where they are:
Asia   North America   Antarctica   Australia    Africa    South America    Europe
Now talk about how these may have all been connected together at one time and only the dinosaurs lived on the one big body of land. Scientists believe it was that way. They believe the Earth has expanded and grew breaking them up in time with faults they have found in the Oceans. Talk about this see if you can find any material about it. We accumulated a 3 hour movie about it my grandaughter loved to play.
Ask the children these questions:
1. Which ocean is located between Africa and South America?
2. Which ocean is located between Africa and Australia?
3. Which continent is connected to South America?
4. Which continent is connected to Europe?
5. Which continent is also one country?
Next concerning Columbus's Journeys answer these questions:
1. How did Columbus know he was near land?
2 How did Columbus describe the native people that he met?
3. Why did Columbus believe these people were peaceful?
4. What did Columbus want to do with the Indians?
5. How did Columbus expect to find gold?
These following questions are for Review and to Apply. They can be posted somewhere.
-New technology led Europeans to explore at the end of the 1400s.
-The Portuguese were the first Europeans to search for a water route around Africa to Asia.
-Christopher Columbus made four trips to America. He thought he had reached Asia.
-Columbus called the Taino who lived on the island that he explored Indians because he always thought he was in India.
-America was named for the explorer Amerigo Vespucci.
-Ferdinand Magellan's crew was the first to circumnavigate the world.
-John Cabot explored parts of Canada for England.
-Jacques Cartier explored the St. Lawrence River for France.
-Rene-Robert Cavalier, also known as La Salle, explored the Mississippi River and claimed it for France. He named the region Louisianna for King Louis XIV of France.
Vocabulary Review:
Some are used in Analogies(Have the children look that up and learn what it is)These are the words used for this(tributary, log, technology, compass, mainland, circumnavigating):
1. Journal is to _______________________ as king is to monarch.
2. Branch is to tree as ___________________________ is to river.
3. North America is to _____________________________ as San Salvador is to island.
4. Scale is to weight as ______________________________ is to direction.
5. Cartier's expedition is to river exploration as Magellan's expedition is to
________________________________________ Earth.
I want the children to make a recording of all the vocabulary word I gave in the beginning of the history besides the ones used above.
Also in learning the vocabulary there is a Matching activity they can do.
Match Group A with Group B. One word does not have a match. Maybe you can describe it.
Group A                                                        Group B
A. revolt           _______ 1. This is the Spanish word for a person who conquered and explored
                                       an area.
B. mestizos     ________ 2, This disease killed many Natives.
C. peasant       ________ 3. This was a large farm where crops such as tobacco and
                                       sugar were grown.                                                          
D. conquistador ________ 4. This was a place where priests taught the Catholic religion to
E. mulattoes     ________  5. This was a person who was poor.
F. viceroy         _________ 6. This was a person who was poor. 
G. plantation     _________ 7.These people had Indian and Spanish.
H. smallpox      _________ 8. These people had African and Spanish or African and Indian parents.
I. mission
As part of Comprehension
Match Who Said it? Match Group A with Group B. One name will not be used. Maybe you can think of something they may have said.
Group A                                                   Group B
A. Francisco Pizarro         _________1. "I conquered the Aztec Empire in Mexico and destroyed
                                                         the city of Tenochtitlan." 
B. Henry Hudson              _________ 2. "I started missions in California where Natives were treated
C. Samuel de                   _________ 3. "In 1608 I started the city of Quebec for France."
D. Father Iunipero Serra    _________ 4. "I explored a river in New York for the Netherlands."
Critical Thinking
Fact or Opinion
A fact is a true statement. An opinion is a statement that tells what a person thinks about something.  
Write F on the blank next to each statement that is a fact. Write O on the blank if the statement is an
opinion. If the statement gives both a fact and an opinion, write FO on the blank. Then draw a line under the part of the sentence that is an opinion.
____________1. Moctezuma gave Cortes gifts, but he should have tried to capture Cortes.
____________ 2. The Spanish found gold and silver in the Inca Empire.
____________ 3. De Soto was a better explorer than Ponce de Leon was.
_____________ 4. The Spanish king chose viceroys to rule regions of the Americas, but the
                          viceroys were too strict.
_____________ 5. The French should have allowed peasants to own land in America.
Drawing  Conclusions
Put a check in front of the below statements of the conclusions that can be drawn by what we have read.
___________ 1. Because of Columbus, Spain would claim colonies in the Americas.
___________ 2. Brazil would become Portugal's colony.
___________ 3. Magellan's trip was very dangerous.
___________ 4. Magellan's trip proved it was possible to sail around the world.
___________ 5. America was named for Amerigo Vespucci.
Comprehension check
Create an Information Chart
         Explorers                     For which Country                            What did he do?
Christopher Columbus
      Pedro Cabral
  Amerigo Vespucci
 Ferdinand Magellan
        La Salle
     Marco Polllo
   Vasco da Gama 
     Prince Henry
    Henry Hudson
  Conquistadors                           What did they do?
Ponce de Leon
Hernan Cortes
Francisco Pizarro
Hernando de Soto
Francisco de Coronado
  Other People
 Queen Isabella
Father Junipero Serra
Bartolome de Las Casas
For extras or older children
Essay Writing-  There were three main reasons why Europeans began exploring in the 1400s. Write an essay that explains the reasons. Give one or two examples for each reason. Start your essay with a topic sentence and put it in an introductory paragraph.
(These are good excersizes to prepare the child for college essays)
Writing an Opinion- Many people believe the Spanish were cruel to the Natives. Write a paragraph that tells your opinion about the Spanish treatment of the Natives ending with the Topic Sentence. Give two or three reasons for your opinion.
Maybe the student has an idea to how people were different now than they were then and how it would have made a difference for the Natives. Again write a topic sentence and then the paragraph to go with it. Write about 3 differences and how it could have changed things.
It could be written how there are still some people in society just as cruel today and what characteristics they show that tells us that.
There will be no Birthday coverage today other than your own. You may work on the insect postcards and animal categorizing. You can either read your Newspapers today or Monday. Work on yearbooks and Journals. A few hints here- if you are having trouble with what to write.
 On Newspapers think about things that are written in other newspapers. World happenings, city or town happenings, neighborhood happenings or happenings in your house or with your families. Cartoons, weddings, engagements, music, songs, poems, opinions, ads, Steps in math, puzzles, games, movie or TV happenings. Sports(maybe something someone accomplished in the sport you may be working on and something someone did funny. Remember this next week will be Dog week and it is Nat'l Cat week. Maybe something another type of pet did. The weather could be recorded. You can make things up, write a story write recipes.
For the yearbooks record your first days of school in the book, your family, pictures as babies on up, comparisons to parents or gandparents. Each event of learning or funny things you have done learning, things you like and dislike, recipes. I can't think of anymore but I hope I have helped me. I wish parents would leave me a contact so I know I am helping people and we have some contact information between each other.
Anything can be written in journals.
Fall arrives this weekend and Tomorrow is World Gratitude Day.

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