Day 12
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Day 12

Today is easy yet a little harder for Creative dance. Do your Childrobotics. Then as part of the Creative Dance you can repeat the Seven steps if you wish but let the children know at the end as you have them stand in one place that whatever movement in whatever direction with their feet and/or their arms is part of the beat of the music. Talk about the different movents our arms and body can Make and name them( as sway or sweep, keep a record on paper.Talk to them about music a little and how it can be fast and/or a beat of 8 counts as in rock-in roll, or pop(hip hop). I am not sure what rap is. Alternative is different, good for you with that. Jazz I believe has a 6 count but in 123, 123. Waltz is slow 123. country can be a 4 count, 8 if county rock, or 123. Blues is different and good luck with that one. I am only good at 4 counts and 3 counts. Children songs. Cheers in cheer leading has beats also like Raw! Raw,!Raw! of 3 counts. Let them know you will be teaching them songs of movement, which for every song you teach them you must make a move for ever count in the song. Usually movement of the arms in different or the same directions as the legs or leg. You must make movements thought out first and write them down. Then you must teach them those movements a little bit at a time. Divide the song in sections once the get the steps of part then move on to next part. It is best to have something to introduce the song with that draws the interest of the child to the song to help them concept what it is about. Like a picture or an item. Do a few songs throughout the year maybe different kinds of music.Then give them a chance to start forming entrance steps into you as a family. Then they can learn to work as dancing their own movements to their own choice of songs. You can also use various instruments at times. Like drums at one time and grow from there. I will try to intruduce some homemade instruments. Little recorders are cheap and work well with music.
Go through your calendar and Birthdays ect. Also don't forget prayers and your responsibilites, chores, or tasks.
Be sure to mark your calendar with the weather and play weather and news broadcasts.
History, Social Studies, Reading, Language
September is aslo National Courtesy Month so think about how courteous we might me to others and maybe think of something courteous you can do for someone or others. Maybe make a list of courteous things to do. We only have one day of Birthdays today starting with that of John Marshall, fourth Supreme Court chief justice born September 24, 1755; Then in 1913 Wilson Rawls, children's author was born. In 1936 Jim Henson, American puppeteer and creator of the Muppets was born and believe he just died a few years ago. Talk about him and what he did and what it has become.
The only event for the dayis when Congress established the Supreme Court and the office of attorney general in 1789. Try to explain this to the children the best you can. Look in the computer or a government book.
Now for our time Line strips. You can copy and paste it to a folder and print it out then cut the strips out to hang them as you read them.
The World is formedby God along with the Sun, other planets, and the Stars.
God makes the animals.
God makes man, Adam.
God forms woman, Eve.
Adam and Eve eat of the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge.
Adam and Eve are questioned and sentenced by God to be ridden from the Garden of Eden and women are to be beneath man and suffer pain in childbirth as well as be afraid of serpents on the ground.
God talks to Noah and has him build a big ship for the survival of his family and the animals.
People are separated into many lands by God upon building the tower of Babel.
Jonah was ordered to talk to the people of Nineveh. Upon taking a ship to Tarshish, it was stormed upon. Jonah was tossed over and swallowed by a fish.
Joseph wore a coat of many colors and became King of Egypt
The walls of Jerico were brought down..
Moses was born.
There may be stories in between these and I will have to get the rest of the bible for you.Tomorrow.
Next are things that happened before 1700 and then I will list the things I have from book 1 of which things happened in 1700's
300 A.D.  Africans begin the Empire of Ghana.
300 A.D.  The Maya begin their empire in Central America.
1200  Africans build the great Empire of Mali
1271 Marco Polo begins his travels to Asia.
1455 Gutenberg invents the printing press.
1492 Columbus reaches the Americas.
1497  Da Gama sails around Africa to Asia.
1521 Cortes conquers the Aztec Empire..
1522 Magellan's crew completes a voyage around the world.
1540 Coronado searches for the Seven Cities.of Gold.1588 The English defeat the Spanish Armada.
1607 The English settle in Jamestown, VA.
1619 Africans are brought to Jamestown as indentured servants.
1620 The Pilgrims settle in Plymouth, MA.
1651 England passes the first navigation Act.
1664 The English win New Netherlands from the Dutch.
1680 The Pueblos led by  Pope revolt against the Spanish.
1689 William and Mary sign the English Bill of Rights.
1707 England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland for Great Britain.
1732 Oglethorpe starts the colony of Georgia.
1754 The French and Indian war began.
1763  The French and Indian War ends.
1765  The British pass the stamp act.
1770 Five colonists are killed in the Boston Massacre.
1773 Sons of Liberty have the Boston Tea Party.
1774 First Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia.
1775 The American Revolution begins at Lexington and Concord.
1775 The Second Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia.
1776 The Declaration of Independence is signed.
1777 The Americans win the battle of Saratoga.
1781 The British Army surrenders at Yorktown.
1783 United States and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Paris.
1787 The Constitution is written.
1788 The constitution is ratified.
1789  George Washington becomes first President.
1791 the Bill of Rights is ratified.
1791 Bank of the United States begins.
I will cover this maybe starting tomorrow out of Book 1004.
I hope you are doing the Abc's with the younger children.
You can start them with words to go with the letters as A for apple, aligator, a, an, and, at, after, all;
  B is for Boy, bat be, bee,bend, beet, beef, but, been, bye, boo; C is for cat, can, care, courtesy, cold, could, call, child; D is for Dog do do not,(don't)dig, down;
Some children and those older can work on sounds as cat, bat, rat, mat, sat,nap, rap, hat;
met, let,net, bet, yes, tent,rent, sent, bent, bench,wrench; with, hit, bit, mit, sit, lit, did, bid, knit;
moth, blog, dog, mop, rot, dot; but, rut, mud, bud
Look for stories with these beginning words in them. Be sure to read with young children and when they can let them read as much as possible. Try not to correct them or do most the reading..
Keep working on your animals, insects, writing in yearbooks, journals, and newspapers.

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