Day 13
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Day 13

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America's Stone Age Explorers - PRE Clovis Europeans / Solutreans
This is a PBS NOVA episode with Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian. While they keep covering up the giant 7 - 12 feet skeletons found all over the nation, the Smithsonian has allowed their handled bo...Home Education Program learning.
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Native American Style Singing
What a treat to add to Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center Home Education Program.
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Guilford Courthouse: Revolutionary War Reenactment
I went to Greensboro to see a reenactment on the 231s anniversary of the battle of Guilfords Courthousefor Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center for parents in our Home Education Program.
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Greatest Christian Songs Of All Time! 2013 (in my opinion ) Acoustic Music
You can purchase this music on or on the mp3 downloader.Carry My Cross- Thid DayWarren Barfield- Love Is Not A FightLord Give Me A Sign- DMXHero- AbandonHere In...Felt it was the perfect choice for our Home Education Program of Home Schooling to dance by.
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NAMC Montessori Teacher Training Video Blog - Time Management
Montessori education focuses on observing and following children in their activity choices; giving students the freedom to explore their interests is one of many ways to encourage independence and a l...All learning in Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center is always full of different kinds of learning for parents in our Home Education Program
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Country Music All Star Concert - Real Country Music
Taylor Swift, George Strait, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Brooks & Dunn, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Sugarland, Martina McBride, LeAnn Rimes, Alan Jackson, Lee Ann Womack, Jamie John...Grandma at Grandma's Natural Learning Center loves county music therefore she can't help sharing this with her parents and children learning in their home school in our Home Education Program.
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Tips for Teaching Math by Scott Laidlaw, Ed.D
Our presenter is Scott Laidlaw, Ed.D., the co-founder and CEO of Imagine Education, and a pioneer of story-based math games and curricula. His award-winning Ko's Journey (he's the teacher in the video...Grandma in our Home Education Program is providing these to help parents in home schooling their children.
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ABC Animal Song for Kids Children will learn how to read the names of real animals from letters A through Z. Boys and girls can also sing the popular nursery rhyme ABC or Alphabet Song. In ...Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center for parents home schooling usage in our Home Education Program.
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The Animals On The Farm
Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center is providing parents home schooling in our Home Education Program usage of these songs.
As I am writing this I am going to try to add some more pictures and videos to my blogs. I am also going to try and contact some products you might enjoy for lessons and your family along with work to do online to help make money. I hope to work on Patricia"s activities also. I have quite a few of my own.
I hope you all enjoy the videos I happen to find. I may move them about later. Just enjoy them for now and use them. We are very fortunate to have them.
While you are working with the younger ones the older ones could be doing activities or papers about their math. I have one Christian book that has different young children activities in it where they begin counting things 1 to 20 in it. I am calling this book number 1002 it is called My Little Heavenly Helper by Brighter Child, School Specialty Publishing. You can use pictures from magazines to do this activity also. For number one they gave a sun, asked the child to draw a Moon. It has lined paper for writing the number and how to spell it. Number 2's page is the same only it has 2 clouds and they must draw water and a sky. Number three is the same with three trees on the land and they must draw 2 plants and a tree. Number 4 is the same with a picture of 4 stars and they are to draw the sun, moon, and 2 stars. Number 5 has five birds on a twig and they must draw 4 birds and a Fish unless you decide different. For 6 they show 6 different animals, the book wants them to draw Adam and Eve with 4 animals. 7 has 7 butterflies, it wants them to draw 7 things they are thankful  God has created. With 8 they have eight lions there, but in the children's drawing they also have eight lions but four are asleep and they want the child to subtract the four sleeping lions away from the others and tell how many are left awake. Then they have a picture of a big lion with his mane done with eight dots for them to connect. 9 has 9 crowns with jewels and for their drawing is a crown without jewels that they must put on there. 10 is ten tablets of writing like that of the ten commandments. In there drawing area they are to write the numbers 1 through 10. 11 has eleven disciples and I feel these could be 12 Egyptians. The child is suppose to draw Joseph in his coat of many colors. 12 has 12 disciples and the book wants the children to draw 12 cups for them all. 13 has 13 posts of clay. In the children's part there is 13 but one is broke. They are to do the math.14 is a picture of 14 flowers and the children are to draw one flower with 14 petals. 15 has 15 angels and the children must draw 15 stars. There is a dot to dot path for sheppards to reach thier sheep. 16 is 16 sheep and the children are to draw 16 sheep but color half white and half black. 17 is 17 frogs and the children are to draw 17 lily pads with pink flowers on them. 18 is 18 fish and the children can either draw one big fish, 18 of their own or you can draw one big fish and they must put dots on it or some kind of decoration. Then the book has a dot to dot fish of 18 dots. Then the book has 19 children for 19 and your child must draw themselves, I would say praying to God. number 20 has 20 different animals two by two. The children are to write the numbers 1-20. The book also has a picture of the ark with 20 dots to form it.
I have a book called Color Fun Express,All Aboard USA from the studio of artists Peppino Rizzuto and Krystyna Szczepanska,1989, Apix International. It has the differant states with pictures to go with them. For Pennsylvania it has the Liberty Bell of course with the crack in it stating the Declaration of Independence was adopted at Independence Hall, in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776. Maryland has  the Washington Monument, a 555 foot high marble abelisk-shaped memorial to George Washington. It says the capital of the United States is located on the east bank of the Potomac River in the state of Maryland. It does not have all the 13 states so maybe you and the children could make out your own pictures for each of the states. I could not find my other state books but maybe I will find them soon.
Reading, Science, Social Studies 
A good book for reading would be Corn is Maize by Aliki Brandenberg born September 3.1929in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. In kindergarten as she grew up in Philadelphiashe drw a picture including Peter Rabbit because it was of her family but it included Peter Rabbit stating he was part of her family also. Aliki attended the Philadelphia Museum Colege of Arts, then went on to do freelance advertising art and to create displays for large department stores. She taught art and ceramics, and for a while she had her own greeting-card company. Her first book, The Story of William Tell (1960), wasinspired by a visit to Switzerland during which she researched her own Swiss heritage. Since then Aliki has illustrated more than forty books for children, many of which she also wrote. Aliki continued her work in ceramics and collage and enjoyed making dolls.
The book 185 I am taking this information from and giving you some more activities from is called Long Ago by H. E. Howard, Inc., 1981. It states that for thousands of years, maize in Spanish by the way, is corn and has been a staple food in Americas. Corn is Maize combines science and social studies to trace the development of the plant over time. A major theme in the story is the Indians' ingenuity in finding ways to grow better and stronger types of corn and to make us of all parts of the corn plant-including the silk, husks, and cobs-so that very little is wasted. It explains that from its first discovery in Mexico to its cultivation by Indian tribes, corn has proven to be a crop of continuing importance.
Activities of Science and lanuguage and Art
First get some corn on the cob and let the children examine and identify its various parts of pollen, husk, silk, tassel, stalk, guessing which part is planted to grow more corn. See if they can figure out any ways to use the parts. Show them the book. Show how many of the illustrations include captions and labels that expand upon or clarify the text. Read each of them and see if you could change any of them. i had to change many of mine on this site. Another idea might be to take another book that does not have them and add them to it. My husband had to till the ground his grandfather gave him and plant corn with his brother behind him to feed his mom and siblings while his father left to work on a ranch in the far southwest of Mexico. It was very hard at times. He s aid it must have both a female and a male in order to make corn.
Another activity could be to make cards in the shape of corn and put some vocabulaty words on them to study with. You could also make a seperate set with the language to learn on them.
Then you can write up different ways to cook corn and fix it. Talk about some of the things we want to watch for in our foods of corn is that some Cream corn is strong in salt and other things. Talk about Monsanto and how it is making bad Gmo's in our food with its soy beans and corn syrup. Those are the things to avoid. Many people are going back to growning their own food and using plenty of fresh food especially fruit and potatoes. I found the regular corn in a can is ok, frozen is even better. Other uses are corn cakes, musk, corn cereal or grits, popcorn, corn bread, steamed, and grilled. I learned a while back that if you take the corn and place it on the grill husk and all the husks and hair will just roll off of it. The book 185 tells how the natives helped the people in the ships from overseas survive by teaching them plants as corn to grow. Yesterday lesson had it as the three sisters. Book 185 want the children to act out that scene and then write why they like corn.
Another activity of book 185 is for the children to get a piece of burlap or big brown paper 16" x 16", oaktag, pencils, scissors, colored construction-paper scraps, markers or crayons, feathers, beads, feed corn(from feed stores) and design the paper with Native American drawing sybols. I feel it could be used as a tepee put they were thinking a poster. Either one!
Another activity is pretend shakers in which they fill a milk cartoon with some stones, decorate it and put a stick in it and do a rain dance with it taking turns. And/or they can do a dance with stop and go in different positions with the shakers.
One project is to have the children make Tableau Vivants which is a scene presented by actors who are "frozen" into position, like figures in a drawing or painting. Imitate people in the scene of the book and see if the rest can figure out which one it is.
Another activity is having a corn feast with different ways of cooking with corn. If you do not know already if you take the skin off the Jalepeno and cook it without the seeds it is not hot and very tasty. It can be cooked in many things.
Another activity would be to think of different names of places, things, in native american or spanish. The city of Omaha is named from a native american name.
As part of art talk about the pictures done in the book Corn is Maize. Let them know it is called cut-aways in which it shows the doing the corn but there is no ground, walls, mountains, or any background at all. Have them think of some pictures they could do like that and draw them. As part of writing and language, history, social studies Have them put the following steps in the book in order as 1, 2, 3, 4.
Over time ears of corn grew larger.
Farmers use machines to plant and harvest corn.
Natives showed the Pilgrims how to grow corn.
Cave people planted wild grass seeds.
Have the children answer how they will protect the plants, animals, insects in the future. Corn is already used as gasoline. How else might they come up with ideas for its usage.
Other Books You might be looking for would be The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses by Paul Goble; Why Don't you Get a House, Sam Adams? by Jean Fritz; The Erie Canal by peter Spier; Wagon Wheels by Barbara Brenner.; The The Little House; On the Day Peter Stuyvesant Sailed into Town; Ox-Cart Man; The Quilt story by Tony Johnston;Rip Van Winkle;The Gift of the Scared Dog by Paul Goble; Three Names by Patricia MacLachlan; I am the Ocean by Suzanna Marshak; Here Comes the Cat! by Frank Asch
Have the children be sure to do their weather and act as the broadcasters if they wish. Be sure to write in their journals, yearbooks, and newspapers if they wish. Book 1 birthdays include Alfred Vail, American inventor who helped develop Morse code. He was born in 1807 the 25th of September. Then Barabara Walters, American television newscaster and interviewer was born that day in 1931. It is also Emergency Care Month and you can talk about that tomorrow and some of the safety things we do today to avoid accidents. It also says that this is the day in 1493 that Christopher Columbus left Cadiz, Spain, on his second voyage to America. It states that in 1513 of this day Vasco Nunez De Balboa sighted the Pacific Ocean.. Then in 1690 on that day America's first Newspaper, Publick Occurrences was published. 

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