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Do your daily tasks, routines, jobs for the day and your prayers.
Now before we go any further. I think we better get something done. Since we are going to be traveling a lot into other countries and other continents everybody should have a passport. Without a passport you can't even get out of Mexico. Used to be you could travel there on a birth certificate but now they require a passport. Now these will be just pretend ones but they will do. Take a dark piece of colored paper and fold into fourths. Use one fourth if you have four or more people. Use just a half if only two people. Do the same with about four sheets of plain white or pastel paper. Staple or glue the light color sheets to the dark one in the middle. Leave the cover and first layer with nothing on them. The next layer state that this is a passport to travel in other countries with Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center in a Home Education Program Home schooling. Then have them sign that page at the bottom. Then they can put a picture of themselves in the next page with information about themselves with a pretend code number giving things like their birthday, height(which could me marked with a line somewhere to watch it, weight, hair color, eyes color, nationality, city where they live, and anything else personel you can think to put there. On the next page could be a picture of an Eagle letting them know it is the bird of the United States. You could go into the discussion how all countries have them and how each state has a bird and a flower. You could go into the discussion how each country and state has a flag also that represents them. Talk about how tribes even had feather ect. flags on the stakes during wars. Let them know when the people wanted or want to talk peace they hold up a white peice of material like a flag. How even truck carring load hanging outside of a truck must put a red flag on it to protect motorists and the truck drivers. You can also put a flag of the United States on it. Each country we visit you can put a flag, picture of a doll from there, something representing that country. You could even put a pretend ink stamp on it as an official stamp.
Now the reason I want you to do this before we do our dances and excersize because something I am going to share for dancing about Mexico. If you decide to wait till then maybe it could be a lead into the passport. Do it either way you wish. So now do your childrobotics. I picked up my Creative dance book today to see what I could find for class and low and behold the author was talking about different shapes in space as low level, middle level, and high level as in using a hulu hoop; low, in the middle, and up high. Then she goes into talking about how a child might me doing a dance of an animal which is imitative. Now their first reaction to imitating and acting out a story as an animal might be to get down on the floor on all fours. You can tell them they can do it in a High postion of if they want in a middle position but they do not have to do it in a low position. Therefore, they can pick an animal to imitate today. Their dance with it should give them the feel of it not the simply the imitation of it. The author goes on to explain how the ""great deer dance" of Mexico is a wonderful example of an animal dance." She went on to say, "In watching it, we feel the presence of a deer-its quick, light, rhythmicstep, its bounding freedom, its sharp stops of alertness, and finally its vulnerability and death." Then she says "The dancer is expressing feelings shared with the deer, not just imitating the action of the animal.
The author went on writing about where a teacher told the children to do a dance as if they were cowboys and bucking broncos. She said in all there wild galloping and laughing she didn't think they thought they were dancing but playing. She said in knowing the seven steps of walking, running, skipping, hopping, jumping, leaping, and sliding the teacher could slow them down by having them go in slow motion as in movies ect. She said, ""freedom does not help creativity: discipline and structure do." It could be true we create usually off of something we are already familiar with and want something different. She said in using the elements of dance forces, but I say helps, the children to change and add variety. She also said dance is a craft; however, I look at the elements as tools to help them form their bodies into dances instead of just wild movement. For each move they make they can call it a name. If a person slide or glides in one direction low, middle or high. If they jump as in the pony or hop. If they walk a step fast or slow. It all gives them guidance and direction. That is what teaching is all about.
Do your birthdays, weather, look at schedules for assignments ect., pretend broadcasts. Teens could start working on drama and speaches also. Book 1's birtdays for today are as follows:
September 27, 1722 Samuel Adams, American revolutionary patriot, was born. If you can find any information about him on the computer or books read about it. I looked in my history book and didn't find anything. Well the next one is Thomas Nast was born that day in 1840. He was an American political cartoonisht who popularized the Democratic donkey and Republican elephant symbols. It is a good time to talk about it and if they think it is right to make fun of others. To me that is what it seems like. The next birthday is of Bernard Waber,children's author in 1924. Then the children's author and creator of Waldo, Martin Handford was born in 1956. He is only 2 years older than Grandma. The only event for the day is that Lancaster, PA.,  became the capital of the United Sstates for a day.
History, Reading, Social Studies, Science, Math, Language, Art, Health
They had a recipe on facebook tonight with Cornbread I felt would go with our lessons. It was with brocalli and Cheese. It called for:
1 1/2 cups of chopped up brocalli
1 container of light garlic-herb cheese spread- she said she uses Alouette
4 large eggs(with my husband diabetic I might use only whites
1 stick of butter
Some onion(I have to have mine fried or my stomach doesn't like it- some children hate it, therefore use your judgement)
2 cups shredded sharp white chedder divided, but I think this can be varied
1 box of Jiffy cornbread, but I think you can use your own judgement there also
It calls for 1/2 tsp of garlic powder and 1/4 tsp of onion powder
I would add a little more sugar if the cornbread is not the sweet kind too
I like a little sugar in my cornbread
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Put the cornbread, powders, sugar in a bowl and mix it, then add the eggs mixing it with them and melt 1 stick of butter and put it in and mix it. Then put it in a 7 x 11 inch baking dish -put the brocalli onions, cheese in the middle and bake 30-35 minutes. When done cut in 12-15 pieces.
It sounded good to me maybe you will like it. I am using that same Book 855 I used last night because of the cool stuff in it.
The next page it has in is to help with Research Outline saying that writing a report can seem like a difficult talk unless they break it down into simple steps and they give an outline to help.
1 Topic- get their topic figured out first.
2. Five things they want to learn about the topic
3. Resources that can help them find information about the topic
Books, Magazines, Periodicals
   Title and the author(in college they want the publisher and copywrite also)
Resource Persons
   Name and Address
4. Make on 3X5 inch card for each resource above. Write notes from each resource on each card. Make sure that their notes tell about what they wanted to learn in step 2
The next page is on creative writing and I am a little unfamiliar with it but it has a Word Bank box and in it you are suppose to brainstorm a list of words that describe a topic like how an apple tastes, looks, feels, smells and sounds and then make a title about your words and then make different pictures to go with it.
Next book 855 goes into some learning about Canada. It has a map of Canada. which if you can find one trace it on white paper or tracing paper with a direction compass on it. Then the children can fill in the different provinces or just have them point them out as you read them. British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec. It says that Alberta and Saskatchewan were established  September 1, 1905. The next page is of a Canadian Maple Leaf. You could get one from outside and make dots around it to make a dot to dot of it. Then you could trace around other leaves and draw the lines inside for the children to color. Draw an acorn if you have room with them. An old activity is making leaf rubbings by running a crayon across paper layed on leaves. Another one is to iron them between two wax papers and make a picture to frame that way. Next page is a fill in words about Labor day which maybe you can use next year or in August I will try to remember to put it in there. It has the information first as follows:
"Labor day is a special day on which we honor working people. It was firts observed in New York City on September 5, 1882. Now it is celebrated on the first monday in September and has come to symbolize the end of summer. In the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, Labor Day is a national holiday but many other countries have a special day to honor working people, too. New Zealand's Labour Day is celebrated in October. Australia's Labour Day or Eight-Hour Day is celebrated on different dates in the various states. People have picnics, go to parades, and attend special events on  Labor Day but perhaps the most popular way of celebrating the day is by "taking it easy!" The fill in sentences are as follows:
!. Labor Day is a national holiday in the U.S., Canada, and ___________________________________.
2. Australia's Labour Day is also known as ________________________________________________.
3.Labor Day was celebrated first in the city________________________________________________.
4. Labor Day is a special day se aside to honor____________________________________________.
5. Labor Day symbolizes the end of___________________________________.
6. ___________________________________celebrated Labour Day in October.
7. Labor Day was first observed on__________________________________________, 1882.
8. People celebrate Labor Day by going to ______________________________________, having
   ____________________________________________attending special events or
The next page is a word search which is too hard for me.
The next page is a flag of Mexico that maybe you have or can get. This is one to color. You can trace one out for the children if you find a picture and trace the Mexico map on paper for them to color.
The next page gives some more spanish words and the children are to color pictures to show them. They are as follows: Verde=green; rojo=red; cafe with a dash on the e = brown; azul=blue; La manzana= apple; la blusa=blouse; lasuvas=grapes; los zapatos=shoes;
Maybe you and the children know or can find Spanish for yellow;black; white; orange; purple; pants;socks;dress;
Next Book 855 goes into things about Native Americans
The first page has pictures for sybols and wants the children to decipher some phrases with the pictures.
The first symbol si two vertical lines for rest(period), lake is two wavy lines next to a hot dog on stick; the next is  a ffish with the line starting like the side of its tail and coming foward shaping a tear drop on its side then crossing of the line in the back to form the other side of the back fin; Mountains with mountains on a horizontal line under the mountains as if they are sitting on it. Next is a stick man pointing to himself for my; then a stick man pointing outward for your.; eat is a stick man eating a ball with a bowl beside him; sing is a face with a curl from its mouth; we is to stick people standing with each othe but not touching but friends the two are touching hands as if holding; swim is a stickmans top body on top of three wavy lines; bring is two stick people carrying a bucket of water together; come is a stick man with his arm up and curled on the end; house is a tepee; plenty of food is two y sticks holding a stick and meat hanging from it; See if you can form words with the symbols.
Next is an Indian Drum with construction paper over a coffee can after it is colored on.
Next is a Rain Dance to use with the drum. It says:
"Some Indian tribes held special dances in which they danced and prayed for rain." The children are to :
1. Stand quietly in a circle.
2, Begin by rubbing their thumb and two fingers back and forth to made the mist.They pass it on to the person on their right and that person does the same untill everyone has done it.
4. Then they pass these things to each other the same way:
    Lightning:   Right arm makes a zigzag motion.
    Thunder:    Clap hands above head and at knees
    Drizzle      Rub palms back and forth.
    Rain:         Pat thighs.
    Downpour:  Stomp feet.
5. End the storm by reversing the process until the leader alone is making mist.
The next page is about The Jewish New Year-giving information first of
"Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year celebration. It is a very important religious holiday and is also known as the Day of Remembrance. During this holiday, Jews think about how they have lived during the past year. They express sorrow for any wrongs they have done.
In synagogues, prayers are said and a shofar, a trumpet made from a ram's horn, is blown to remind people to do good. Families celebrate with a festive New Year's dinner. Apples served with honey are a popular treat; they stand for a "sweet year." The traditional challah or egg bread is baked in a circle shape rather than a braid to symbolize the cyle of the year.
These are the Sentences, then the children give the word from the discription.
1. Trumpet made from a ram's horn.                               ________________________
2. This fruit sweetened with honey stands for a "sweet year."      _____________________
3. The Jewish New Year celebration.                 ________________  ____________________________
4. Egg bread                                                      ______________________
5. A place where prayers are said.                         _________________________________
6. Rosh Hashanah is an important________holiday.  ______________________________________
7. Another name for Rosh Hashanah.                         _____________        ____________
Next page matches Famous People to their occomplishments with drawn pictures to go with. Column A is the person, Column B is the occomplishment.
   Column A                                                              Column B
1. Sister Elizabeth Kenny                                Famous short story writer
2. Vasco Nunez de Balboa                               Inventor of a sewing machine
3. O. Henry                                                      Famous architect
4. Francis Scott Key                                         Developed a method of treating polio
5. Louis H. Sullivan                                            Produced first "talking" cartoon
6. Elias Howe                                                    Musical composer
7. Lydia Kamekeha Liliuokalani                           Issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862
8. George Gershwin                                           Discovered the Pacific Ocean
9. Abraham Lincoln                                            Wrote The Star-Spangled Banner
10. Walt Disney                                                  Queen of Hawaii
The next activity or paper to do is "How to Be an Inventor"
"An inventor is able to look at ordinary things in special ways. An inventor can also devise new uses for familiar items. Be an inventor and list different uses for each of the items below. You may want to brainstorm ideas with a partner to create even more uses. Then, ask your parents to name five things that have been invented since you were born. List them on the back of this sheet".
           Milk Carton                                 Pair of scissors                               Paper cup
Then it says to Draw a picture of an invention you would like to make and name it.
This is a good time to talk about recycling and why it is important and go over some things you could recycle in your home that the town or city does not
Some of mine are Newspapers for the fireplace, milk cartoons, plastic containers and laundry containers, boxes, cereal boxes, bottles for water in the frigerator and leftovers, plastic containers, meat trays to feed the animals and boats, clothes, jeans and curtains
Book 855 gives an interest Inventory inside an apple of:
Tv Show
Article of Clothing
Movie star
Then they are to draw a picuture of themselves.
Next is Books They Have Read
for Fiction, give the Title, Autor, Main character(s), Caracter they liked best, Description of character;
for Non-Fiction give the Title, Author, Four new words from the story and what they mean
for a Biography give the Title, Author, The (circling) funnniest, saddest, most exciting part of the book
                                                                           and Another part of the book they liked
for a Mystery give the Title, Author, Who:, What:, Where:, When:, Why:, How;,
Another form of a book report is given with a knights or explorers armor with a metal straight ribbon like on its bottom. It says, "A coat of arms is traditionally composed of symbols and descriptions of a family Surname. Have some fun  with this coat of arms shield adn use it to describe a book you have just read" On one side of the armour. On one side of the armour at the top of it the children are to "Tell about the funniest or saddest part:    On the left side It says to name a charcter from the story:: And it f wants some ways that your child is like or unlike this characer: They are to put or draw a picture of themselves in the bottow of the armor. The ribbon on the bottom holds the Title and Author For more ideas. have children write descriptive phrases about the different characters. 2. Let the children make a list of new wrords from the story in which the word appears. Underline the word, hell its meaning.
Last from Book 855 there is patterns for book marks. The bookmarks are made of a hard tagboard or o cereal boxcut out a large T to go in a book. Draw pictues on apple, Teepee; and Mexican Sombraro. Color the pictures and cut them out and glue them to the  T shape cardbourd.
Next week we will start reading some books with lessons to go with and much more. Have a nice weekend!

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