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Home Educaton Program

Day 18

Well yesterday was the beginning of October with a government shutdown to boot!
This is the 18th day of opening Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center online. Grandma is so glad to be here and a part of this Home Education Program of home schooling for parents and families.
As a note I sent in the middle of yesterday pointed out our government had to go to an official shutdown yesterday as part of the budget negotiations. If you have not read about it yet, it would be a good time to and make notes about it. Some investigations and questions were in my note the best I could give. Please use it to your advantage. Today we must put some of the history lesson aside and work on the social end of things. The history is all there too.
(skip this if you do not want to read Grandma's story)
As we usually start out as a family you must carry out your tasks for the day. Grandma has hers also. She has three animals in her house to care for. She has a wild cat Eva gave love to and adopted us as a family the last few years but she likes to rule the upstairs. She has a very spoiled Siamese, Eva's mom, Andrea saved one day from the cold in February on the horse ranch of her friend. He is very scared to be left outside to this day and rolls only on the cement a few minutes and runs inside or begs at the door to go in. They both are very affectionate, but Grandpa and the Siamese, Cookie went round one day, and he is very scared of Grandpa. The dog outside is a toss between us all because Grandpa is the one who gave her a bone outside as a puppy that made her want to stay and Grandma waited for callers through the humane society to keep her as well as feed her, sit with her as delivered the nine puppies from a rat terrior we loved too and she is a big lab so I think she loved him also. However, Eva is the one that has taken her for walks and spent some time with her and she slept on the floor of till she started chewing her toys. Then Andrea is the one who has gone out and taught her more tricks with treats and really tried to make her a house dog. She hates the thunder as much as Eva. Grandma had Eva on her lap and the dog at her feet through all those storms that year. Grandma does need a helper since they both decided she wasn't good enough to be with. Grandma also has Grandpa to keep in line and that is a handful in itself. She has a very big house to clean on her own now andfix her lunch , dishes, washing , and supper to fix. Her other duties are still at her also that she does not care to go into. Say your prayers expecially for Grandma at this time because she really can use some with knees that do not work as well anymore and she must walk with a cane because it is very hard for her to get around. Without Blackie the dog to guard her she probably would not be able to work at night as she does. 
Family is very important people in our lives. Grandma is so glad now to be able to talk to hers on internet as well as the phone. Grandma lost contact with them by phone because Andrea left and the phone numbers were lost. Her one eldest son just remarried and has become a big family all at once. My one grandson shows an interest and Grandma hopes she can give the interest back. Great Grandma before could only seem to feel she had to be in the middle. Now since Grandma had cancer cured last year she feels it is definately there job to call me since one has been angry over things in the past and the other older boy that just remarried has had his own struggles. He is a good manager and has graduated from college with high scores. He tried to tell his last store owner he had to advertise to get customers for him to fix their computers. He also had to give up management of a place in Omaha that refills ink cartridges to the new owner after he ran it for 5-10 years. I am very proud of him and he sells Medicare plans to retired people through Mutual of Omaha and one other company Grandma can't think of right now. He is very independent and his oldest son Johnathan is going into the Navy to learn to read dials for nuclear ships. I might get to see him again away from his mother before he goes.His youngest is the one into mischief lately like his father was when he was that young, but in a very good way. Grandma was pregnant with the second boy and raising them alone when Steve, the eldest loved to talk to the rabbits down the alley a ways and scare Grandma as she was gardening.
The girl they picture on facebook with the funny hairdo is her girl and so much I wish to be close to her but it is all hard for Grandma partly because I don't seem to be of any need or want..
  The other Son just finished Physics as a major in college, He had to teach at all three colleges here to get through. Creighton has been an especially good college to him. They would like to see him get a little more college and teach at the high school. Grandma would like to see it also. He has been doing various lab work at the college this last year and has a new baby girl born last month, he finally decided to share with her , which the eldest and Andrea had already told her about. He is the one that seems to be so angry all the time. He called last night to tell me and that he had gotten a job as a computer analyst, I feel maybe includes some science. Grandma forgot to ask him that. He said he has another paper going out, for he majors in metal. Grandma told him she has two inventions in mind she wished he could help design, never know. Eva helped me figure out the one. I just need to find someone who will do the funding. I am working on that also. Maybe some of you can share your families story with me.
Now as part of October's lessons it is Family History Awareness Month which means you as parents are to direct the children in your home school of our Home Education Program into finding out about the family history the best they can. They are to find out about their heritages and talk to other family members to find out where their nationality is from. Then you can have a big celebration to enjoy it. Grandma's history is a little interesting to her because as Great Grandma has told her we have a few important people come from our family. She has told her and she has  collected material from her for a college class Grandma went through. My children not only gained that but some interesting connections through their father. Then Eva has even a more interesting background. It all began with the last Queen of Henry the VIII. Apparently we carry the name Parr which was of course her last name. Grandma has not been able to find where we aquired it in her family but it must be there somewhere because she never had any of Henry the VIII's children and after he died she married the Prince Grandma believes, of Spain, she must check her records again. She know he was of a high rank because the Queen traveled there often for clothing. However, after having his baby she died of childbirth. The baby lived but became sick young in life and died. From there both Grandma's mom and dad's families came here to United States and fought in the revelution war. The family of her mom has records of the minuteman who fought in the war and a group only the ancestors of them can belong to. Maybe soon! The family came on the Oregon trails and one carried the name of Parr. They settled in Western Nebraska which is a very hard place to live and raise cattle. For some reason they felt the land was fertile there. Her great grandfather and grandmather played for the churches. He played fiddle and did designs on leather. She played piano. When Grandma's grandfather fought in WWI or her father served in WWII some of the water on her aunts ranches were destroyed from the men practicing. However, she and her husband's family raised many a cattle there and the one boy holds the part of the land and cares for his mother's that is ill to die eventually. When Grandma's grandfather married a woman who's father was born on a ship coming to New Orleans and lost his parents and was adopted. He met with a man from the Midwest and he started a horse ranch training horses. He took them horses on a train and traveled to the town of Grandma's grandfather in which she was born of Alliance, Nebraska. However, at the onset of the depression he lost her after his two girls were born which one was Great grandma now 84,to Phylibitis a blood clot disease that carries in the family. He had lost her, the baby she was carring and his farm all in one day. The two girls were raised by their grandparents and later cooked and took care of their grandmother; until later when Grandma's grandfather went to work for the railroad in Alliance. He had traveled from ranch to ranch helping people out to eat and stay for a long time. At the same time he met a woman who bore his son. She fed the men from the railroad with help from Great grandma, washed and ironed their shirts in which Great grandma after walking 2 miles to school, working at the jewelers and babysitting would come home to do dishes while her step mom was still ironing. Later the men wanted her to run a cafe at the airport built there and with Great grandma's help she did with the little money they had left at the door. She raised enough money to buy Grandma's grandfather a new piece of land. It grows wheat on it to this day and is kept in the family. She died shortly after Grandma sister was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Later in life Great grandma and Grandma's dad went to help her father who met a woman from Denver, Colorado that was from England and worked as a telephone operator raising a girl. She came to Alliance with Grandma's grandfather while he helped Great grandma build a home in Alliance as she was pregnant with Grandma, carrying roofing up to him on the ladder. She loved work with him on her homes for many years and he knew how to the leather work also till someone stole his tools. But he built a few simple things the family has before he died. All this history runs in her family. She and her daughter love working on the home along with her sister who developed the phylibiis bad but is saved by medicine. However for Great grandma she had to give up that home and take me to a specialist in Denver, Colorado for an operation because Grandma had a blockage causing infections and problems. Her dad's family were from the Pennsylvania Dutch and so that gives us the German and the English part. Then both families were from the Scotch Irish Clans. her dad's family settled in Kansas before they gave up the farm there and came to Denver. Her dad's dad worked as a traveling salesman for a while and wrote some, he helped with a motel in Denver and liked to make little scenes made in his apartment until he died of heart failure. They had seven children and she lived to be 90 as well as her mother. Great grandmother raised Grandma, her older sister, and younger brother who has horses and they are all very christian and like to spread the word of God. Great grandma finally at 40 went to school for nursing and worked in some of the old folks homes in which she met her second husband she did a lot for. She had broke her hip in a fall at 50, regained the use, nursed helped raise grandchildren, took in all of them to her home at times along with the eldest Great grandchild. and helped with the other great grandchildren. Grandma's children also hold the heritage of a strong German name of settlers in Harrison Nebraska where a lot of the pioneer heritage is displayed at Pioneer Village. Her grandmother was also of an Irish heritage that settled in Alliance, Nebraska. Little Eva carries all this in her little strong heart and the heritage of the Spanish and Native American mixture of Mexico. This all facinating to Grandma because married a man from Mexico that has the Aztec heritage and who's family fought in the revolution there to gain farmland from his grandfather on his mother's side in which at the age of 10 ran the plow with the ox to plant the corn followed by his brother planting it to feed his 10 to 11 brothers and sisters until his father returned and he handed the responsibility back to him to travel to San Luis Rio Colorado and raise three children not his and an adopted grandson and have two of his own all to follow him here to Nebraska from California. He now works to help Grandma as we helped raise Eva, work with the step-grandson's to help raise their families and brought the daughter to live her also as she raises the two little girls. Eva should be very proud, she comes from a strong line of people.
History, Social Studies, Reading , Language, Art, Math
Now that you know Grandma's full story your children are to learn about theirs by first taking a Gingerbread figure and making lines on it and to fill in where their families came from and talk about it dig out pictures, any artifacts you may have; research and read things. You can make a tree now or later if you wish.
Other Monthlong Observances  for October include
Apple Month(which we did a lot of that out of my other September book)
Clock book(which we usually have a change in time during October-Grandma thinks)
Computer Learning Month(can do)
Dessert Month (I hope we have some fun with)
Kid's Fitness Month(doing)As an introduction You may want to skip the dance lessons and talk about what is important to children and for parents of the childrren to have good fitness and that is why the Childrobotics and dancing you do is important. Why eating good fresh food with out all the extras is good for children and staying away from prepared food as frozen meals and certain foods as well as some canned, milk and many other products as junk is not so good. Why it is important to pay attention to labels.
National Pizza Month(can)
National Stamp Month(can)
Popcorn Poppin' Month(have some things)
Pretzel Month(have some recipes)
Weeklong Events include:
Fire Prevention Week(first full week) and we have covered
National Metric Week(first full week) can do for Wednesday
National Newspaper Week(first full week)have already been covering some
National School Lunch Week(begins the second Sunday) can do
International Letter Writing Week(second week) will try to cover
National Pet Peeve Week(second week) will try to cover together
Dental Hygiene Week(third week) ok
Magic Week(Halloween week) you know we can do-some don't celebrate but we can do a harvest festival
National Cleaner Air Week(last full week) difinately will cover
Peace, Friendship, and Goodwill Week(last week) will tie in
Special Days and Celebrations
Child Health Day(first Monday)look at today some
Columbus Day(Oct 12) ties in
National Storytelling Festival(second weekend)try to do
The World Series- try
Great Teddy Bear Jamboree(third weekend)tie with the story we already have
Sweetest Day(third Saturday) have a lesson on marshmallows, chocolate, and lifesavers
Mother-in-Law's Day(fourth Sunday)boy do I need that one
Standard time resumes(last Sunday-maybe different now)
Halloween(oct 31)
Today is also Prevent -A-Litter month, Book 1 talks about Pet Care which talks about the situation. Grandma being a cat owner and had a cat that had a lot of kittens she had to clean and take to a pet store to sell and give away: she knows the responsibility it takes. Therefore, since her cats are fixed now and had one other that was makes a difference as her and Eva have read a story about also. Book one wants you to do a math calculation about the situation. It says to tell the children even a young cat at 6 months can start to have kittens and they can have up to four litters each year, with a possible litter up to 6 kittens, Siamese a lot less most don't survive, Have them calculate how many that would make. 10X6X4 equals what. The book Eva and I read dealt with a batch of wild cats they ran into and a community that didn't know what to do about it. The children came up with an idea of the vet a friend of theirs catching them and fixing all of them. They started the project only one girl very brave got bit by one and had to have shots . All through the story they were worried about one particular tame cat that they followed and couldn't find. In the end there was a wild attack almost happen by a worse wild animal and all ended well, but it was a good story.
Maybe your children or you have one of your own.
Before I go into the books, I think we better cover the Birthdays: October 2 in 1800 Nat Turner, slave insurrectionist was born; in 1869 Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian Independence movement was born. Book 1 wants you to do an activity in which he and Thurgood Marshall who became the first black justice on the U. S. Supreme Court in 1967 of that dayshared a lifelong coommitment to promoting feedom, ending discrimination, and helping the oppressed in their respective countries. The children are to investigate the lives of these two men, comparing and contrasting their family background and upbringing, education and professional training, involement in civil rights issues, and strategies for effecting change.
 The last two birthdays are that of Groucho Marx, comedian of some very old movies-one was an imitation of Hitler. He was born in 1890. The other is of Charlie Brown, cartoon character started in 1950
One book You can get is called Animals, Animals by Eric Carle. It comes out of an instructional book3 called A Literary Travel Log by Candy Ruckdahel; illustrated by L.K. Hill; 1993 b Incentive Publications, Inc.It is a Worldwide coverage of water animals. The vocabulary includes:
abundantly             Narwhal           octopus
flipperling               platypus           squalls
commissariat         hedgehop         lapped
orchestrate             tortoise             yak
barracuda               gnashing          gnat 
For a log entry in this instructional book 3 the children are to draw a picture asking:
If for a day you could be one of the animals in this book, what would you be and why?
Then for another art project Take a piece of paper(12"x18") if you have it, else I would just use an 8"x12", Fold it into 3 sections; one one section someone does a picture of the head of an animal they like, another section the body of an animal they like, and the third a section of the tail of an animal they like. This is more fun if you have two or three people to do it together. So you have parts of three different animals.
The book says Eric Carle used collage designs for his colorful gaphics. Using the same technique, create an animal  the same way or one you like.
Language Arts
The book said to take a piece of paper and draw the outline(you can trace from books)of an animal. Inside the shape crate a word search puzzle using the names of animals in the book.
Physical Education
The book suggest animal tag which can tie into our dance lessons. They used the example of crabwalk tag in which if tagged they must freeze in that position with all of them as crabs. Another version of that might be to become an animal they like upon being tagged and the others must guess what the child is.
The book is talking about constellations of the stars. How they are patterns observed worldwide since ancient times. Talk about how the profits and philosphers are mentioned in the bible and how they got many answers from the skies, how the night Christ was born a great star was seen in the sky. The book goes on to say how they have been named after mythical figures and objects they resemble, including animals. Yesterday Grandma typed about the Chinese calendar and how they believed in people as having animal characteristics based on their birth year.You can look at pictures of all these things and draw some if you wish.
For math of this book 3 covering the book Animals Animals
The book want you to look at something covering the 24 time zones in the world.label them if you have a map and give the time for different places. For instance If it's noon in Washington DC calculate the time for :
Portland, Oregan
Tokyo, Japan
London, England
which Grandma talk to two people in that same time zone overseas
New Delhi, India
If its's midnight in Paris, France, calculate what time it is in:
Phoenix, Arizona
Cape Town, South Africa
Melbourne, Australia
Quito, Ecuador
For a poster or Bulletin Board as part of this lesson you ca :
Create a display of the animals that were made in the art section. Title it "3-in-1 Animals."
You can keep a travel log for each of the book we in our Home education program of Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center read including what is in this book as given in this book. Down the page is a number for each of the books read and across the top in the first column write the book down, the second column is the Country Studied with it, charcter(s), what the child Learned or discovered in reading the book. This can be 1 of the books read. It also suggests for each book to Draw a favorite scene, character, or book cover from one or more and explain it in a sentence or paragraph.
To add to this book I have been telling you to categorize your animals, I found the book that helps in this area so we will see how you have done of if you need help to get started here are the hints you will need. I have a lesson book that has many things in it one part is on the start of animals. I call this book 57; It's name is The Best Good Apple Newspaper; edited by Carolen Williams, Good Apple 1995.
I will be using it a lot also. It says that the study of wildlife is called zoology. It involves knowing about all living creatures from the smallest to the largest on land and in the sea.. In order to organize information about wildlife, scientists, categoriz them by certain attributes or characteristics.Thes include:
Body Forms-vertebrate(having a spinal column); invertebrate(no spinal column)
Body temperatures-
        warm-blooded or homoiothermic(temp. remains constant)
        cold-blooded or poikilothermic(temp. adapts to environment-Only I don't think Grandma adapts
         too well, she seems to be cold when it is cold and hot when it is hot; others seem to adapt
Food sources
        herbivore(plant eaters)
        carnivore(meat eaters)
        omnivore(plant and meat eaters
The book suggests dividing  a sheet into seven categories using this to categorize the animals. I will try to give some I listed under these categories tomorrow.
It says yu can also be categorizing the Phylum or type, such as Mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and marsupials.
It also want you to list Unusual Animals from A to Z giving one for each.
There is also a section on Whales with too much information to give today. I will give it to you tomorrow also. I am going on 3 hours of sleep and have been typing since 10:30 this morning. I will get an early start tomorrow also. Have a good night. This will come early now.

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