Oct. 1 Additions
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Oct. 1 Additions

In opening the News today I realized I need to get an additional assignment out to paretns Therefore I came up with this.
In addition to today's lessons Parents need to take into account that our governement has come to an official shut down, giving additional lessons to your children. As we are in the process of learning about the beginning of our government and how it all came about, Therefore this is a great opportunity to open the doors to the children's learning of what a shut down will mean to the people financially and supportingly.
Be sure to explain to the children parts of government now as it was then. How the financial support has grown to the whole world in aide and support of help to other countries, our competition with Russia , China, and the like compared to what we stand for and what this will mean for us as a country. If we will be as strong as before. What our government is made up of and how we are different than others and if we will always be that strong in peace and giving as well as independence and what it stands for. Explain the differences in Democrats and Republicans. Grandma has a big book on it from college and will do my best. She is probably up with it better than she ever has been. If anyone can add anything in the blogs it would be greatly appreciated. What giving the freedom to others means to people living here and what we stand for.
Add here anything you can come up with yourselves. Government is not Grandma's best subject in life, it is really very hard for her? She does her best in keeping up.
2nd note
The lessons Grandma has given you the last few days have been pretty intense and may take some days to do. Some lessons here on may be hard to get books and do. Just do your best to cover them as we go along and fill in the best you can. Some books Grandma was able to get at my library, some your library may have Grandma's doesn't.
3rd note
Grandma wanted to put the Muslim Months in the lesson last night and it was so late that she forgot. They are as follows:                                    Muharram                            Rajab
                                               Safar                                   Sha Ban
                                               Rabi I                                  Ramadan
                                               Rabi II                                 Shawwal
                                               Jumada I                             Dhu Al-Qa Dah
                                               Jumada II                            Dhu Al-Hijjah
She has been working with someone on an Inexpensive Network we will be offering to parents soon on our website to help you with costs of your home school in our Home Education Program. He is from Morracco next to Spain which now I think I understand why the two of them are seperated. For he is of the Muslim religion and he has been great support to Grandma the last few weeks. Therefore, if you have any questions Grandma thinks he will be glad to answer them. Please take care today and I will have another lesson ready for tomorrow.

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