Day 23
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Day 23

Hello! hello! Grandma hopes everyone is fine today.

Grandma hopes everyone is doing their tasks and responsibilities for the day. Grandma hopes you're getting ready for a prayer. 

For those Bible studiers Grandma is offering some questions to review out of Faith Alive This student Bible asks, " How did Noah show his faith? "
"Noah, "a preacher of righteousness" (2 Peter 2:5), put his faith into action by building the ark in obedience to God. When the ark was ready. God punished the wicked but saved Noah and his family."
Then this Bible asks, "How long was the world covered with water?"
"Noah left the ark a little over a year after he had entered. When Noah came out he built an altar. He sacrificed animals there to thank God for saving his family. Then under Let's Live it! Genesis 8:20-22;9;12-17 it says, "Thank God after Noah and his family were safely out of the ark God sent a rainbow as a sign that he would never send such a flood again. Whenever you see a rainbow, why not pause to thank God silently for something special he's given you? Grandma asks if you can remember or answer why he made the rainbow? and you must read to get that answer. 
Then this Bible goes into the part about the Tower of Babel; It goes on to say, "The tower of Babel was probably a ziggurat(Zig-ger-at). A ziggurat was a tall structure, like a pyramid, with stairs on the outside. These towers often had a temple on top, where people tried to reach heaven with prayers to false gods.
Grandma's question is what did he do to solve the problem of the people building this Tower? Then The lord said "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them." Now Grandma's question is what was God scared of them being able to do. Did he want people to stay simple for some reason until now that we have built a world to destroy what he made? Is our world today what he was afraid of happening too soon? Tomorrow we will talk about Abram.

Today after you have done some Childrobotics Grandma will only give a small and simple Creative dance lesson.In starting Book 57 about popcorn last night Grandma noticed they had a Creative Movement dealing with the very thing we are learning. It says to have the children pretend to be unpopped popcorn kernels by curling their bodies up tightly in a sitting position on the floor. Tell them to use their imaginations and move as they think the water molecules in the kernel do as you slowly describe the popping process. Also remind them as the author of Creative Dance that they are to move as feeling that process, not just the act itself.
Now Grandma has just thought up to have them move as if showing the feeling of being a marshmallow in the recipe and melting all over. For we will be covering information about marshmallows also.

Calendars-History, Science, Social studies, Reading, language, Math, Art, Health

Look at the calendar for your weather and mark it appropriately talk about anything necessary. Grandma has two extra projects having to do with the fall for today. These are from the book called Prime Time Together With Kids by Donna Erickson, illustrated by David LaRochelle through Discovery Toys, Inc.1989. Grandma will call this book 1002. The one project is Ironing Colorful Leaves between two pieces of wax paper as you probably remember maybe doing as a child. Be sure to put some newspapers between the ironing board and the wax paper and then Newspaper between the Iron and the wax paper so that wax does not stick to either surface for the best results. 
The other project is taking leaves and taping them on a window and dabbing paint with a sponge onto it outlining the leaves with the paint. Then when you remove the leaves you have the outline you can either draw veins in or Grandma would say to paint them. Grandma feels this could be done on paper also. If you are in an area where the leaves may not change, Grandma feels you could cut some out of paper and then she seen in the magazine Family Fun for October 2013 some leaves they either had or cut and then they decorated them with a paste of either frosting, unless they were a mold. You could use shirt paints that squeeze from a tube that you buy at a hobby shop to paint shirts or material with. ok grandma found the page. They took real leaves and pressed them open and dried them between a heavy book for 10 days and then they decorated them with metallic paint markers. Then for more shine they finished them with Mod Podge. It also gave them strength.
Ok, for our birthdays in Book 1 October 9 Johanna Hurwitz, children's author was born in 1937. John Lennon of the Beatles band, English musician, singer, songwriter was born in 1940. He would have been 73 this year. You may want to play some of their music and look up what happened to him.
Be sure to look over your own birthdays and checkout your schedule for school work to be done.
In going through the alphabet today Grandma will let you know it is also Alphabet Day(Korea).
Then in the Events from Book 1 Columbus promised his Captions that he'd turn back if land wasn't spotted within 3 days October 9, 1492.
We will now move onto information and activities from Book 57. The first thing Grandma will talk about out of this book says,"Is Popcorn Good For You?" The children may enjoy comparing popcorn to other snack foods in terms of nutrients, calories, ect. They will find that popcorn contains more food energy than most other foods. It is low in fat and calories, contains no sugar, and has more nutrients than most other snack foods. Popcorn has more protein than any cereal grain, more iron than eggs or roast beef, more phosphorus and fiber than pretzels or crackers, and lots of calcium to help build strong teeth.
Book 57 suggested a poster to display its values. I suggest fliers that can be handed out with this information on it. It gave me an idea of business cards stating you as an expert on health when we finish this year.
 This reminded me to tell you about a couple of things I seen in those Family Fun magazines for September and October of this year. One was to make breakfast like a smorgesborge with different fruits and ideas to put with cereal for breakfast. They had cereal with whipped cream and fruits also. Then they showed an idea of having waffles of an egg batter rather than the waffle batter. They said to just whip eggs a little maybe with a drop of milk like scrapped eggs and then drop them onto a hot waffle griddle until they were solid then put them on the plate sprinkle with salt and pepper(which reminds Grandma some children and people like herself do not like pepper on eggs-it was not till she was much older that she realized that) However, Grandma does love pepper on potatoes. Following her husband Grandma can eat them that way without even any butter, which Grandma loves butter on potatoes-lots of it. 
Next Grandma will talk to you some more about different popcorn and recipes Then she will go into poems. If she has time she will cover some things about marshmallows. There is a couple of things she wants to add in with the popcorn information. One type of special popcorn people love is Cracker Jack.
"There are many kinds of sweetened popcorn treats on the market today, but the most popular is still Cracker Jack! In 1893, two German brothers created a sticky popcorn, peanut, and molasses candy for sale at the Chicago World Columbian Exposition. It was a hit! It wasn't until 1896; however, that this new treat was given its well-known name. A salesman tasted the sweet and said, "That's a crackajack!"(Crackajack was a slang expression for a winner.) Today Cracker Jack is sold in 53 countries and the Cracker Jack Company buys more popcorn than any other in the world! In 1919, Cracker Jack began putting the little sailor boy and his dog on the box. Can you find out their names?(Jack and Bingo)"

Gourmet Popcorn
Children interested in farming might enjoy researching how popcorn is harvested or how breeders produce hybrids like Orville Redenbacher's gourmet popcorn. If there is a popcorn grower in your area, perhaps a field trip might be arranged. Maybe you even grow it yourself and have a story to tell.

Stories and Poems

"Popcorn Myths--Native Americans didn't know why popcorn popped so they invented stories to try to explain this unusual occurrence. According to one myth, there was a tiny spirit who livedin each popcorn kernel. As long as he was left alone, he was quiet. However, when the kernel was heated the little spirit inside became very angry. H'd shake around and puff out the walls of the kernel in his struggle to escape. The hotter it got, the angrier the spirit became and the more violent his struggle to escape became. Finally he would explode through the walls and disappear in the steam. He'd leave behind the fluffy white inside of his former home.Write your own myth explaining why popcorn pops."

Poems A-Poppin"---In the early part of 1900, popcorn was so popular that people wrote poems and sons about it. To help the children get in the mood to write their own poems and songs about popcorn, have a popcorn sharing experience first. This might be a good habit to make for every poem you may write about of other food and things. Maybe not to go through the senses again of each but take the time together with some popcorn, apples, dessert, or other form of something to eat.For this time being they are to use their senses to experience the popcorn. While the popcorn is popping, have them write down any words that come to mind relating to the sound, smell, and sight of popping corn. When the corn is popped, distribute a small amount to each child so he or she can look at it more closely and experience the taste. Then have the children share their word lists and you write them down on a chart or board or poster they all can see. This provides a larger word bank from which children can draw when writing their poems or songs. Plus this gives them a worm feeling together as a family.
You might want to share some poems or songs about popcorn with the children before they begin writing. Encourage them to use comparisons and words that appeal to the senses when writing. In one popcorn song, the composer compares the unpopped kernel to "bottle brown men" and the popcorn to "little fleecy white" who skip and dance.

Marshmallow Poetry
Have the children create cinquain poems about marshmallows or something that is made with marshmallows. They may want to wait till they hear some things about marshmallows tomorrow. However, they could do the same thing with the senses as the popcorn when the desserts are made in the oven or such. Remind the students that each poem should contain:
                                2 adjectives
                                3 -ing verbs
                                a short phrase
                                a synonym of the first noun
For littler children you will not worry about the special poem part and accept whatever they can write and have them draw pictures even for recipes. This activity showed a picture of a marshmallow animal put together with tooth picks.

Poppin" Up 1,000 Years Later---Do you remember Grandma telling you about the 1,000-year-old unpopped  popcorn that still popped. Well the archaeologists found that in a cave in southwestern Utah? Pretend that you are that 1,000-year-old popcorn puff. Write a story telling about you life in Utah 1,000 years ago and how you ended up in the cave, or write a story telling about your reaction to the twentieth century(It must seem pretty strange to you!)

Popcorn People--Creat a cartoon strip using popcorn people. Have your popcorn people talk and react to situations like:
                           -Meeting Columbus in 1492
                           -popcorn's role in the first Thanksgiving
                           -life in an Incan tomb
                           -first ride in a popcorn wagon
                           -the movie Star Wars or Return of the Jedi or anything else popcorn might know                                     about

Life in the Popper--Pretend you are a kernel of popcorn about to be tossed into a popcorn popper or be popped.  Write your life story from kernel to popcorn puff. Tel how you feel throughout your popping experience. 

Popcorn Tales--Oldtimers in the midwestern popcorn-growing states used to tell tall tales. They told of one summer when the weather was so hot that the popcorn in the fields started popping right off the cob! The local livestock, thinking it was a snow blizzard, froze to death. It was probably this local tale that gave rise to the Paul Bunyan tale "The popcorn Blizzard." Kids of any age would enjoy reading or hearing this tall tale.

This will have to be all for today. Be sure to do work in your yearbook newspapers or any other journal writing they may want to work on. 

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