Day 25 World Of Chocolate
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Day 25 World Of Chocolate

Grandma made this seperate because the instruction said to make copies of it for each child to have. Then when Grandma made a seperate blog she found there was special authors marked on it so I used that as the authors. This front page with "The Wonderful world of Chocolate " printed in big bold letters at the top and the rest has our instructions on it in half a candy bar with the Child's name on the bottom and a point scale on the right side with Goal Set and Grade achieved. This is what it says:
This unit on chocolate can be a great incentive for your students. Working toward a goal is a great motivator for students. Reproduce the following pages so that each child has his oor her own copy. Then let the fun begin!
This is also an appropriate time to stress nutrition facts concerning chocolate. It is important for students to understand that a little chocolate is terrific but an excess is not good for anyone. Explain that we should all be careful about the amount we consume.
Student Contract
In this unit, points are assigned to each project. Your project evaluation will be baseed on accuracy, thoroughness, neatness, spelling, language mechanics, and creativity. A total of 225 points are possible. You may set your own goals, with a minimum requirement of 100 points for a grade of s. Use  the grade ranges to determine which goal you wish to work toward. Good luck and have fun!
(I will do my best to give you instructions for the crossword puzzle and the word search. otherwize you will have to deduct the 5 off of each.) Use the squared math paper that is full of little squares for the crossword puzzle.
Chocolate Crossword Puzzle
Across                                                              Down                                            Down(con't.)
first row-                                                            first row-                                        2 black squares
1 a baked dessert(4 squares)                              5 white squares(with number 1        4 white squares
one black spot and a 3 down                               in the 1st square14,15,16 in the       (with 40 in the
square, then a black square                                last three squares)                           1st square,44
4. opposite of cold(3 squares)                             1. a chocolate powder                       in the 2nd
one black square                                               1 black square                               40.a liquid
6. name of a diet cola(3 squares)                         2 white squares( with 30 in the       added to
1 black square on the top row                              1st square)                                   chocolate
second row-                                                       30.She is as sweet___ chocolate.   fifteenth row-
1 white square with no number                             1 black square                              1 black square
1 black square                                                    1 white square( with 42 in it)           6 white squares
1 white square with no number                             1 black square                              (with13 in the
1 black square                                                    1 white square(with 46 in it)            1st square)
3 white squares(1st with an 8)                              second row-                         turn
8. They went to a store_____                               1 white square with no                     around
milk.(last square with 9 in it)                                 number in it                                  1 black square
2 black squares                                                   1 black square                              2 white squares
2 white squares(1st with 10)                                  5 white squares(with 15 in the       (with 41 in the
10.I have the ace___spades.                                 1st square)                                   1st square)
(11 in the second square)                                      15.opposite of before                    41.I have ___
1 black square                                                      2 black squares                           apple.
3 white squares(1st with 12)                                  1 white square with no                  1 black square
12.Candy is often molded into                                number in it.                                1 white square
this shape.                                                           1 black square                              with no number
(13 is in the 3rd or last square)                               1 white square with no                                   
third row-                                                               number in it.                             
7 white squares(14 in the 1st)                                 third row-
14.The last name of brothers                                  3 white squares(with 2
who were chocolate makers.                                  in the 1st one)
(15 is in the 2nd square)                                        2. a slang name for child
(16 is in the 4th square)                                         3 black squares
after the 7 white squares is                                    6 white squares(with 31
1 black square                                                      in the 1st square,33 the
4 white squares(17 in square                                  2nd)
1)                                                                         31.Chocolate gives us quick
17.Chocolate means____                                       _______.
water.1 black square                                             fourth row-
2 White last squares                                             1 white square with no
(18 is in the first square)                                         number in it.
18.opposite of yes                                                 1 black square
fourth row-                                                             4 white squares(with 16 in
2 white squares(the 1st                                          the 1st square, 20 in the
is number 19)                                                        2nd square)
19.United States___                                              16.Chocolate is made from
America                                                                the cacao______.
1 black square                                                      1 black square
5 white squares(1st being                                      1 white square with no
number 20)                                                           number in it.
20.opposite of exit                                                1 black square
(21 is in the last square)                                        1 white square with no
2 black squares                                                    number in it.
1 white with no number                                         1 black square
1 black square                                                     1 white square with no
3 white squares(22 is in                                         number in it.
the 1st square)                                                     fifth row-
22.abbreviation of Saturday                                    1 black square
fifth row-                                                               3 white squares(with 8
2 white squares(23 is in                                         in the 1st square)
the 1st)                                                                8. a good time
23.I was ___Jane's                                                3 black squares
house.                                                                 1 white square with no
1 black square                                                     number in it.
1 white square with no                                           1 black square
number in it                                                           1 white square with no
1 black square                                                       number in it.
1 white sqaure with no                                            2 black squares
number in it                                                          sixthe row-
1 black square                                                      6 white squares(with 3
2 white squares( number                                        in the 1st square,27 in
24 in the first and 25 in the                                     the last 6th square)
second)                                                               3. an explorer who introduced
24.opposite of down                                              chocolate to Spain
1 black square                                                     1 black square
5 white squares(with 26                                         5 white squares(with 34
in the first square)                                                 in the 1st square, 47 in
26.leading nation in growning                                 the last square)
cacao                                                                  34.Chocolate tastes______.
sixth row-                                                             seventh row-
1 black square                                                      1 black square
1 empty white square                                            3 white squares(with 9
1 black square                                                      in the 1st square)
1 empty shite square                                             9. a type of grain or bread
1 black square                                                      1 black square
4 white square(number 27                                      3 white squares(with 28
in the 1st square)                                                  in the 1st square) 
27.a specified area                                                28.single
or                                                                        1 black square                                                     
space                                                                  1 white square with no
(Number 28 is in the 2nd                                        number in it.
square.)                                                               1 black square
1 black square                                                      1 white square with no
1 white square nothing in it                                     number in it.
1 black square                                                      eighth row-
3 white squares(with number                                  1 white square(with 4 in
(29 in the 1st square_                                             it)
29.a_______of butter.                                             2 black squares
seventh row-                                                          3 white squares(with 21
3 white squares(30 in the                                        in the 1st square, 24 in
1 square)(31 in the third                                          the 2nd square)
square)                                                                 21.opposite of walk
30.How old ___you?                                               2 black squares
3 black squares                                                     1 white square(with 38
1 white with no number                                           in it
in it                                                                       1 black square
1 black square                                                       2 white squares(with 45
1 whate square with no                                            in the 1st square)
number in it                                                           45.a plural pronoun meaning
2 black squares                                                     everyone
1 whate square( with 32                                          ninth row-
in it)                                                                      1 white square with no
2 black squares                                                      number in it.
1 white square with no                                            1 black square
number in it                                                           1 white square(with 17
eighth row-                                                             in it)
1 white square( with no                                           1 black square
number in it)                                                           6 white squares(with 25
1 black square                                                        in the 1st square,35 in the
5 white squares(33 in                                               4th square, 43 in the last
the 1st square, 34 in                                                or 6th square)
the 4th square)                                              erasable writing tool
33.opposite of silence                                             1 black square
1 black square                                                       1 white square with no
5 white squares(35 in                                              numbers in it.
the 1st square, 36 in                                               tenth row-
the middle 3rd square,                                            3 white squares(with 5 in
37 in the last 5th square)                                         the 1st square,10 in the
35."chocolate"tree                                                  second square)
2 black squares                                                     5. means also
ninth row-                                                              4 black squares
2 black squares                                                     1 white square with no
1 white square with                                                 number in it.
no number in it                                                       1 black square
2 black squares                                                     1 white square with no
1 white square with                                                 number in it.
no number in it                                                       1 black square
1 black square                                                       1 white square with no
2 white squares(with38                                            number in it.
in the 1st square)                                                   eleventh row-
38.means hello                                                      1 black square
1 black square                                                       5 white squares(with 11
5 white squares(with 39                                           in the 1st square,26 in
in the 1st square,40,41                                           the 4th square)
in the last two squares                                           11.a creamy, chewy chocolate
tenth row-                                                              candy
7 white squares(with 42                                          1 black square
in the 1st square)                                                   4 white squares(with 36 in the
42.Milton S. _________                                          1st square, 39 in the 2nd)
1 black square                                                       36.raw sugar _______
4 white squares(with 43                                          1 black square
in the 1st square)                                                   twelfth row-
43.A___of the chain is                                            1 white square(with 6 in it)
broken.                                                                 1 black square
1 black square                                                       1 white square with no
2 white squares(with 44                                           number in it.
in the 1st square)                                                   1 black square
44.He walked___the room.                                      1 white square with no
eleventh row-                                                          number in it.
2 black squares                                                     1 black square
1 white square with no                                            4 white squares(with 32 in
number in it                                                           the 1st square)
2 black squares                                                     32.opposite of light
1 white square with no                                            1 black square
number in it                                                           1 white square(with 48 in
1 black square                                                       it.)
1 white square with 45 in it                                     thirteenth row-
2 black squares                                                     2 white squares(with 12
1 white square with no                                            in the 2nd square)
number in it                                                           1 black square
2 black square                                                      3 white squares( with 22 in                             
1 white square with no                                           the 1st square, 29 in the
number in it                                                          3rd square)
1 black square                                                      22.Liquid found in a tree is
twelfth row-                                                           called_____.
4 white squares(46 in the                                       1 black square
1st square)                                                           2 white squares(with 37 in
46.a toy on a string                                                the 1st square)
1 black square                                                      37.James Bond is___7.
5 white squares(with 47                                         2 black squares
in the 1st square)                                                  1 white square with no
47.a Halloween______                                           number in it
1 black square                                                      fourteenth row-
4 white squares(48 in the                                       six white squares(with 7
1st square)                                                           in the 1st square, 18 in
48.__the cake aat 350                                           3rd square)
degrees                                                               7.  a yellow fruit
Chocolate Activities with points:
The crossword puzzle above is part of it If you can do it.
Hidden Word Search is part of it but I will have to see if iI can set it up also(5 each)
3. Chocolate -Covered Vocabulary--List as many words as you can using only the letters
C H O C O L A T E.Each letter may be used only as many times as it appears in this delicious word. Proper nouns, abbreviations, and foreign words are not allowed. Each word you maake should be a legitimate word that can be verified, if necessary, with the dictionary..  (10 points)
4. Calling all chocolate sleuths! From which language or group of people did the words cacao and chocolate originate? And what were their meanings?(10 points)
5. Who's who in chocolate? Find out any information you can on these people and the significant roles they played in the history of chocolate.(5 points each)
  Richard and Geaorge Cadbury                                 Milton Hershey
   Henri Nestle                                                          Francis Louis Caller
   Daniel Peter                                                          Walter Baker
6. Are you another Mr. Willy Wonka? Design your own chocolate treat. Be original! Also include a brief description of its scruptious ingredients.(10 points)
7. Write a advertisement for your new product (see #6)that could be used on TV or radio. You may even want to include an advertising jingle. Schedule a time with your parents to share your creation.
                                                                                                                       (10 points)
8. Using library books, encyclopedias, or other resource materials available to you, research and write in your own words "The History of Chocolate." Be sure to cite as many important people, dates, inventions, and products as you can.                                               (25 points)
9. What is the cacao tree? Be a detective and find out all you can about the cacao tree. Then write a factual report disclosing your research and findings. An illustration of the cacao would be a helpful addition to your report.                                                                    (15 points)
10.Make a chocolate mobile showing the many forms in which chocolate appears--solid(bar), powder (cocoa), liquid(syrup). Also include the various kinds of chocolate such as a semi-sweet, dark, and milk.You may want to include some examples.                                      ( 15 points)
11. Design a chart or poster of "The Life of a Cacao Bean" from its beginning on a tree to its final destiny as some prescious chocolate products about to be eaten! Some of the pamphlets and charts at the learning center will be of great help to you as well as information found in the encyclopedias. Be able to discuss your chart with your family.                                             (20 points)
12. "Super Chocolate Whammy!" Create a story about a super chocolate treat, such as a chocolate sundae, cookie, candy,cake, fudge, brownie, ect. Your special treat contains mysterious super powers for anyone who eats it. Write an exciting episocde involving your Super Chocolate Whammy!
                                                                                                            (15 points)
13. Pretend you are a concerned parent trying to determine whether or not the consumption of chocolate and/or chocolate products by members of your family will be allowed. Make a chart listing the pros and cons of chocolate. Some areas to consider might be economics, nutrition, and the emotional/physical consequences of eating chocolate. Then write a letter to your family sharing your decision or plan regarding chocolate in your household.                           (15 points)
14. Draw a map of the world illustrating"The Cocoa Belt," regions of the world capable of growing  cacao crops. On your map also note some of the leading countries producing large crops of cacao and some of the areas in which chocolate is manufactured.                           (15 points)
15. Take a survey of another to find out favorite candy bars. Create a graph showing the results.
                                                                                                         (15 points)
16. Cut out the nutrition information panels from three or four different chocolate candy bars. Based on the information given, determine which you feel has the most nutritional value. Prepare a written statement announcing your selection and justifying or validating your decision. (20 points)
17. Be a chocolate chef! Bake a delicious chocolate dessert for your family. After each person has sampled your chocolate delight, have him or her critique your dessert and your culinary talents.
                                                                                                   (15 points)
Chocolate Treat Critique Sheet
Chef's Name_____________________________________________
Name of Treat____________________________________________
Ratee the chef: Use the scale shown below to evaluate the chef's work and the flavor of the finished product:                                    5--Excellent
                                                3-- Average
                                                2--Needs improvement
___1. The "chef" made the necessary preparations in order to create his or her treat.
        (Gather the ingredients and round up the equipment, utensils, recipe and etc.)
___2. The "chef" followed his or her recipe's directions.
___3. The "chef" left the kitchen clean and ready to be used by others.
Flavor                             Signatures of Samplers   
____________              ___________________________________________________
____________               ___________________________________________________
_____________             ___________________________________________________  
                Chocolate Hidden Word Search
                   Find as many words as you can that are 'chocolate" related.
                   They may be up and down, sideways, dianonal or backwords.
                                       There are over 30 words!
           L     T     Z     N     M     C     A     F     F     E     I     N     E    C     A
           I      L     S     L      S     X     S     N     U     P    S    A     O    U     M
           Z     O     K    S     W    D     E     U     D     A     R   J      T     O     U
           A     O    L     R     I      N     F      Q    G     H     A    N     A    C     Z
           R     O     I     J      T     K    T       R     E     A     T    A     M    A    E
           B     K     M   W     Z     E    G     H      U     Y     R   V     Y     K    T
           B     I       T    T      E     R    J     U       I      C     E    S    H     E    N
           U     E     A    W    R     C     H    I        P     H     P    O    D    J     O
           T      S    S     Q    L      T     O    H      G      O    A    U    Z    H    M
           T      Y     T     X    A      N     U    L      S      C     A    R    E    E   M
           E      Z     Y     T    N      L     N    W    A      O     O    W   T    R    E
           R     C     A      N   D      Y     P    C     Z      L      C    A     R   S   X
           B     Y     R      U   B      D    A     C     T      A      O    T     O  H    I
           E     L     T      S     E     N     G    H     E     T       C     E    C   E   C
           B     R     O     W    N     I      E     S     C     E     M     R     O   Y   O
                                         WORD LIST
   AZTEC                                 CHOCOLATE                             KISS
   BITTERJUICE                       COCOA                                     MEXICO
   BRAZIL                                COOKIES                                  MILK
   BROWNIES                         CORTEZ                                    MONTEZUMA
   BUTTER                              CUPCAKE                                 NESTLE
   CACAO                               DARK                                        SOUR WATER
   CADBURY                           FUDGE                                     SUGAR
   CAFFEINE                          GHANA                                      SWEET
   CANDY                               HERSHEY                                  SWITZERLAND
   CHIP                                   HOT (2)                                      TREAT
More Class activity with The Wonderful World of Chocolate
1. To supplement the unit, read to your children or have them read to you one or both of the following:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factor and/or Chocolate Fever.
2. Practice business letter writing by having the children write to Hershey Foods Corp., Chocolate
World, Park Blvd., Hershey,PA17033 for information on chocolate. They may wish to request the
booklet entitled "The Story of Chocolate and Cocoa" and/or pamphlets concerning the nutritional
value of chocolate.
3. Show one or both of the following 16-mm films: "The Great American Chocolate Factory" and/or
"Chocolate! From the Bean to the Bar."
4. Have a Chocolate Challenge! Choose two different types or brands of chocolate. Allow the children
to sample each, choose their favorites, and graph the results. For extra fun, have the children present
 the challenge to other  children as well.
5. Read to the class or share information on chocolate from newspaer clippings, pamphlets,
encyclopedias, and books.
6. Using a world map or an atlas, Have the children determine the distance between their
hometowns and cities where chocolate is important, such as Hershey, PA , or Oakdale, CA
(Where chocolate is manufactured) or Mexico City(where chocolate had Its beginnings with
the Aztecs.)
7. Provide the family with chocolate chip cookies. As they munch, they are to count the number 
of chips eaten by the whole family as well as the average number of chips per cookie.
8. Make a display of serveral different candy bar wrappers or labels of other chocolate products.
Using that as a springboard, create a variety of math problems for the students to work, such as 
best buy, price per ounce, average cost, total cost of all the products listed, change needed from
$10 or $20, total number of calories or carbohydates, and so on.
9. Use recipes for chocolate desserts to provide your students with fraction practice. Have them
halve, quarter, double, or triple recipes. Then have them figure the number of servings the new 
recipe will yield.
10.Be critical thinkers! Watch for commercials or advertisements involving chocolate. Have
the children analyze them for misleading statements, inferences, etc. Example: Recently a
candy bar made the claim that it gave you 34% more than the leading chocolate bar; in
analysis, it did give you more, but not more chocolate. It was a bar with a malted cream inside
with only a chocolate covering, but it compared itself to the leading solid milk chocolate bar.
11.Have the children use the word chocolate or any chocolate product such as truffles or
turtles, to write an acrostic expressing their feelings about chocolate. Here is an example:
Hot and melting,
Crunchy, chocolate cups flow
Onto the counter
Luscious chocolate
Anxiously awaiting for
Tasting by
Eager children.
12.Provide chocolate recipes and recipe books including chocolate. Have children collect recipes
and create their own class chocolate recipe book. Have them illustrate each of the recipes with 
magazine pictures, clip art, original pen and ink drawings , or computer designs. Have them submit
these recipes and a cover for a class recipe book. This project might genera te funds for a school
or class project. The books make wonderful Christmas or Mother's day gifts.
13.Share information about how chocolate really came to be. Also share examples of myths and
legends that explain "How the Bear Got Its Short Tail" or "How the Turtle  Got its Shell" or "How 
Thunder Was Invented" Have the group brainstorm unusual explanations for how chocolate
came to be. Have them create a script for the best idea and act it out or with puppets even for the 
family or friends or a hospital, child care, old folks home, or nieghbor children.
14. Play a recording of, or provide a copy of the lyrics for "If All the Raindrops Were Lollipops and 
Gumdrops" (see "We'll Weather the Weather," Challenge Magazine, 1992, issue #51). Have the
children work cooperatively to brainstorm a list of unusual things that might occur if the raindrops
fell as chocolate drops!Have them select their best ideas and create a song. They might use the
melody of a popular song or create their own tune. Have them perform their creation and teach it to
15.Provide materials on chocolate and chocolate production. Have the students work cooperatively
to accumulate several chocolate facts. Have them create their own crossword puzzles, 
wordsearches, trivia games, cards, or board games to test others on their knowledge. Place 
examples of each type of game at a center so students can use them as models.
16.Include an example of a short mystery story and the popular "murder mystery" games.
Have the children design their own mystery game involving chocolate. Stress the fact that every
good mystery has: a crime, a victim, several suspects, a motive for each suspect, alibis for
all but one of the suspects, a criminal, and a weapon. After the children have written their
mystery, Have them work backward to provide clue cards for the mystery game. Invite them
to try out their game on others.
17.Have children examine several examples of diaries, journals, or letters. Some good examples
may be found in: Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh, Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary, I Want
to Go Home by Gordon Korman, and The Diary of Adrian Mole by S.E. Hinton. Have the children
imagine they are each a different kind of chocolate in the same box. Have each write about a day 
in the life of this chocolate. Have them write their experiences from the chocolate's point of view.
18.Locate materials about the growing of cacao. Have the students research details about the
major cacao-producing countries. Hav them create maps, charts and graphs to show:  type
of climate(which we will work on in the next two weeks), soil, rainfall, amount of land used for
growing this product, steps in chocolate production, and diversification of chocolate products. Have
the children prepare presentations to share with others.
19.Nestle'tm Turtles chocolates has its sophisticated turtle sporting a tuxedo, top hat , and cane. 
Planterstm has the famous Planter Peanut. have the children create a mascot or logo for the
chocolate product they would like to sell. (Now you are learning some more about marketing and
entrepreneur) Have each make a large poster of the mascot and create a slogan such as the
famous "Mmmm...I Love Turtles" phrase.
Final Activities
The purpose of the finale is to "showcase" the products of the students from the small group
activities. Assemblies, open house activities, and displays of student work are vehicles to
accomplish this.
The finale also provides the children with a "real life" opportunity to plan, make decisions, reach
compromises, and carry out their plans. Have the children plan a "Chocolate Day" for friends ,
neighbors, family. Have them create activities, center presentations, and challenges for the others.
An excellent follow-up to this unit is a discussion about the health hazards of too much chocolate.
Talk about enjoying such treats sparingly and providing "insurance for your body" with good,
nutritious foods, and proper brushing of teeth.
Malone, M.H. Milton Hershey:Chocolate King,1971    
Minifie B.W. Chocolate Cocoa and Confectionery, 1988
Nestle Canada, Inc. Box 7200, Willowdale, Ontario M2K 272
Rinzler, C. The Book of Chocolate, 1977.
Schwartz, M.E. Confections and Candy Technology.1981.  
Have a Nice Holiday!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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