Day 26
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Day 26

Grandma hopes people enjoyed her little bit of chocolate this weedend. I found some more things in my
 book 57 with balloons. However, I am going to save it for another time I am planning on to be special. I
will also be coving Pizza, spagetti, and peanuts from that book. Then there is a section on Canada and
one on Mexico to be given soon. However we need to cover some more basics first. There is a section
on Washington DC, I was not sure we could cover without the pictures. I will see. However, there is lots
 more in that book for us.
Your jobs, tasks, and responsibilities are at hand. I now want to give you another lesson from the bible.
 I hope you are following. I am used to following the young children because my lesson began with a
Sunday School Class I taught for three years. Therefore, it is a challenge for me to teach any further
than the simple stories givien to little children even though I have some very good resources. I have
 some beautiful materials I have accumlated to use eventually for the basic lessons young children
 learn. I will be saving many of my materials to be shared with my granddaughter's children that is if I
never get a chance to use them also before that. For most things I use I fix them for repeative use in
coping and other methods of preserving. If she goes with the misguidance of her mother never to return
 to her grandmother's coveneth with her, I will need to find a place for their usage. Till the time comes, I
will give you the knowlege that I can through whatever I can. I just wish people had the usage of what I
 have. I hope you were able to give some fun things through the story of Noah; children love that story
 so much.
I usually like to cover the bible in a story tale manner from the beginning to the end. However, It is to
my desire to slip from the story to cover something that ties to what we are learning. I hope that we can
 keep the children from becoming confused as I do this. The story of Abram or Abraham comes right
 after Noah because it happen on the time table in that pattern. However, we have been studing about
 the whales, water, the ocean, and ships(boats) in our lessons. However, the story of Jonah and the
whale happens shortly before the time that Jesus was born. Because, Abraham must be taught to the
 younger children also. I have decided to present it to you for teaching today and then give Jonah and
 the whale to you tomorrow with some other lesssons that tie into each other. However make sure that
everyone understands that we must finish Abraham after that and go on with the times of the bible from
 there. Make sure everyone understands that Grandma has pulled it out to have it with the other
lessons at hand.
So today let the little children know that Abram was from the land of Iraq where we went to war for the
 betterment of Asia and God brought Abram to the far edge of Egypt on the far Northeast corner of
Africa. Let the children know that God made a coveneth with Abraham in which he said he was to be
 called. Make sure the children understand what a coveneth is. Let them know that God made this
coveneth with Abraham because Abraham could not understand why God brought him to Egypt to
bring forth descendents as much as the stars are in the sky when he and Sarah, his wife, had had no
 children. God told Abraham he would have a son of Sarah and would have many descendents as the
 stars. As part of that promise men were to be circumsised which we do as babies now to carry on
 that promise well enough it is more healthy. Abraham did trust the lord even though Sarah had him
 marry her slave to assure he had children anyway. Her slave Hagar did bear a son of Abraham; but
Sarah did bear a son also and both these babies were promised many descendents and large
 kingdoms; even though the slave with Abraham's other child was sent into another land. These two
babies were 13 years apart from each other. The bible says we are all descendents of Abraham. Then
 God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of the evil people living there. It was part of the
 land Lot, Abraham's nephew, was given when they had to part for suvival. Lot was told to leave and not
 to look back or they would die. Lot took his daughters and his wife up to the mountains as God told
 him to. However, his wife looked back and was turned to stone. Before this happened Abraham talked
 to God about it and made god promise he would not destroy it if there were even 10 people who were
 good. God respected Abraham for his concern and knew this is why he felt Abraham deserved his
heritage to be carried on. However, he knew it was necessary to destroy the two towns. One question
 presented to us about this story is in Genesis 19:28. It is answered there in my daughter's Faith Alive
 book 1002. It says there that the ruins of these cities most likely lie under shallow water at the south
end of the Dead Sea. God probably used an earthquake and an explosion of underground gases to
 destroy these cities. Today wells pump oil near where Sodom and Gomorrah once stood. These are
some very intense lesson for children and you will have to teach them the best that you can. When it
comes to the part of Hagar you will have to let the children know that 2nd marriages have been in
 history a lot and God had put respect on them. You will have to let them know that we as a nation
and a people had decided in the 1800's not to accept it as part of our living. Let them know that later
 in the bible during the time of Moses as we will study God put it in the commandments not to allow
anybody have a baby making relationship with anyone he is not married to. Let them know that this is
 very confusing to our culture and we just believe God meant for man to only have one wife. That even
 in the time of Abraham it was embarrassing to him to pass his heritage to  a slave. Yet Abram before
had given his wife, Sarai, to an Egypt prince to save their lives. This is actually a very hard sacrifice for
 a man to do. Maybe, that is why God favored his so. He knew it took a lot to give up that pride for their
 survival. Maybe God saw his the goodness in Abraham we do not know Abraham knew God had
brought them to this land and he was led to do whatever, he had to do to carry on the promise to God.
 Somehow, some reason God had to go with the flow. We as people of God should know to respect
all types, nations, and ways of people. He cares about all people including Hagar and the other son
 of Abraham. He gives them the same advantage it is just that he had to assure Hagar that she
 would be taken care of  done well by, that there was no reason to give up and not survive for her
 son to become strong.
Therefore, Hagar is talked about in the bible after the covenant with God and Abraham. Faith Alive
asks "Who was Hagar?" and this is what it answers," Hagar was Sarah's slave. Because Sarah was
childless, she gave her slave Hagar to Abraham to be his wife also. This was common in Bible times,
 though God never approved it, If the slave had a child(which Hagar did), the child could inherit the
father's estate. Then Faith Alive asks,"What does the name Abraham mean?" and it answers,
"Abram means father. Abraham means father of many. Because Abraham believed God, this childless
 old man became the ancestor of millions of people. Abraham, his sons, and all his people were
circumcised as Abraham promised God. At the time the three visitors came and Abraham and God
 talked about Sodom and Gamorah he told Abraham he would return in a year and Sarah will have a
son. Both Sarah this time and Abraham before had laughed at God because they were past the age
 of bearing children. God asked why she should laugh because as he said, "Is anything too hard for
the Lord?" What amazes me throughout this part is that God had them name the baby Isaac which
means he laughs.
After your childrobotics, which would propably be inside today here in Omaha because it is raining
a lot today and the ground will be wet. The author in Creative dance is giving the third lesson from the
 chart I listed for you a few days ago. I hope you made a copy of it to refer to.
The element is: place
the helper is: fifteen counts
She says to the children, "Each person stand on one spot in the room --any spot. Now look where
you are and memorize that spot. Look for marks on the floor. Look where you are in relation to the
 door, the windows, and" any thing elseyou the parent can find in the room. She goes on to say,"Now
 I'm going to give you fifteen counts. I'll beat fifteen times on my drum(if you do not have a drum use
anything that makes noise or clap your hands) I'll count out loud. You may go anywhere at all in the
 room, but you must be on your very same spot on count fifteen. Ready. go. One, two ...fifteen."
Since it did not work so easy that time she cut it down to twelve. She did the same thing counting up
 to twelve.
Then she said, "Much better. Now let's see how much you can do in those twelve counts. How much
 space can you cover? How much air in this room can you touch and still be back by twelve? Let's
see. One...twelve.
Wonderful. I saw people reaching and bending and changing directions and touching all parts of the
 space in this room, and no one touched anyone else. Let me see what you can do in twenty counts.
 This time, I want to see you move in interesting shapes, moving sometimes on the floor, sometimes
 at wlaking level, and sometimes in the air. Show me what you can do. This time let's start in a shape
 and end in a shape. Ready, one...,twenty."
The next time through the author divided her class to watch the others but I don't feel that is necessary
 for us. She wanted to go with the fifteen counts this time. She also wanted to see if there was a
 difference in how each group did. She did the fifteen counts.
Then she said, "Now I want to see how much you can do in fifteen counts without moving off your
spot! Think of all the parts of the body you can think of changing levels, think of bending, stretching,
 twisting, turning, sometimes moving fast, sometimes very, very slowly. Ready, go (count)
Then she wanted them to partner up and stand on the spots next to each other. "Decide who is
 number 1 and who is number 2. The first time I play fifteen counts number 1 will move through
space, while number 2 moves on the spot. End with a shape. Then number 2 will dance through
space, and number 1 will move on the spot. Leet's try it. Ready. go. (count) Now change. (count)"
Then she took the other half through the process.
"Goals for evaluation: Look for variety of moves and the ability to estimate time and space."
Do not get too discouraged parents because the other day I thought how many dances and skating
 programs I had watched in my lifetime. I thought how they all started in certain positions and ended
 in positions. Even when my daughter took ballet and baton. Everything was in a starting position and
 ending in a position. It is just different what they do in between.
Now it is time for calendars, The weather here in Omaha is changing a lot from a very dry summer
again to storms now. We are going to work on different climates ect. about different countries than
our own very soon. Be sure to look at your won birthdays and schedules. Yesterday, October 13
Molly Pitcher(real name: Mary Ludwig Hays), Revolutionary War heroine was born in 1754; Horace
Hayden, founder of the first dental college was born that day in 1769. Then in 1925 Margaret Thatcher,
 prime minister of Great Britain was born, she would have been older than Grandma's mom who is 84
 now. Grandma believes she had retired and died some years back. It might be a good project to
 find out who is the prime minister now and what had happened to Margaret Thatcher.
However, because she was the first woman to become a prime minister of Britain. Therefore, Book 1
 wants to know if we think there will ever be a woman president of the United States? They are asking
 how you feel about that. They want you to discuss whether a woman chief executive might have a
different perspective on certain issues, such as education, war, drug abuse, Jobs, environmental
protection, medical insurance, protection, medical insurance, and homelessness. Which brings me to
the question: If Hillary Clinton had made office as president do feel it would have made things different?
If so, how? Book 1 wants us to discuss whether a woman chief executive might have a different perspective on certain issues, such as education, war, drug abuse, jobs, environmental protection, medical insurance, and homelessness. They want to know if we have uncovered any biases or prejudices during our discussion? They want the children to write an essay about having a woman as president.
On October 14Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th president of the United States was born in 1890. Then in 1893 Lois Lenski, children's author, was born. Then e.e. cummings(This is not a tying mistake either), American poet noted for unorthodex typography, was born in 1894. October 15 in 1608 Evangelista Torricelli, Italian mathematician and physicist who developed the barometer. Maybe you can look that one up. Then in 1942 Beatrice Gormley, children's author, was born. Tito Jackson, American singer, was born in 1953. He was only 1 year older than Grandma. Therefore when she watched them preform she was only around 13, 14 years of age; meaning he was preforming at the age of 14 or 15. I knew they were young yet at the time I never thought of it. Grandma does have a book on Michael Jackson, she will have to check how old they were.
Now for the events up to 1800 in this book. On October 15, 1789 George Wahington began a 29-day tour of the country. He traveled by coach throughout New England. In 1066 on October 14, William the Conguerer defeated the English at the Battle of Hastings. On October 13 in 1775 The Continental Congress ordered construction of a naval fleet, thereby launching the American Navy. Discuss today's navy compared to what it was at that time. Then in 1792 Construction began on the White House. Book 1 says James Hoban was the architect whose design was selected for the Executive Mansion, now called the White House. If any of your children had a desire for your house or any building they know of to be redone have them discuss each of their answers among each other and see what they come up with. I guess I will try to cover Washington DC from book 57 the best I can today. In the meantime, October 13 starts National School Lunch Week. Maybe you can plan out some lunches there at your home with your parents and start making a chart like they do at the public schools if you already do not do this. Then maybe the children can help and it will give you a chance to find out some foods they may like for lunch. Today is National Grouch Day so watch out you may have a few grouch's lurcking around. It is also White Cane Safety Day and I am not sure what that is, It is also World Poetry Day(in honor of the poet Virgil's birthday). I do not know who that is but it is perfect timing for you to share some of your own poetry and any books you may have found with poetry in them. There is one activity in Book 1 that I want the children to kind of do. It was with a later event, but since we have been doing a lot with balloons this month that this would be appropriate for what we are discussing and doing today. You are to pretend you have gone on a balloon ride and looking down. Some of the things the book mentioned I felt would not fit. However, I felt it would fit for the children to pretend they are going over their own town and they are to draw what they might see. This is a big challenge and do not get discouraged if no one can do it. However, if you can, I feel it would be lots of fun. In book 57 their is a section in the unit about Washington DC Grandma has decided to cover that is to have the children list all the ingredients for a well-planned city(examples: a school, park, city hall, museums, shopping centers, residential areas). Now it wants the children to design a city with all the components listed. In thinking about where you live and all these important components: examine to see if they are in your design or in the picture of the place you live. Examine to see if there is anything more you can add to the design you have.
There is a lot going on in our country right now and this might be the perfect time to discuss and learn about Washington DC. As I get into this unit I see that it is the history from the time of our independence untill now. Therefore it is important I cover the history from the explorers to the independence before we cover the history in book 57. I will give this history a little bit at a time as we are studing this week. Allow your self time to do writing on assignments, journals, yearbooks, and your newspapers. However, there is a few fun pages I can give you to work on before I start on the history so we can see what we do know. One page is called "Lesser-Known Presidents.
                                    "Lesser-Known Presidents"
"All of us know about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln, but what do you
know about John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, and Rutherford B Hayes? Below are a list of twelve Presidents of the United States followed by a dozen phrases, one describing each of those men. Match the president with the phrase that pertains to him.
1.________Martin Van Buren(1837-1841)             7.__________James Buchanan(1857-1861)
2.________William Henry Harrison(1841)             8.__________Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881)
3.________John Yler (1841-1845)                        9.__________Chester Alan Arthur(1881-1885)
4. ________James K. Polk(1845-1849)               10.__________Grover Cleveland(1885-1889;
5._________Zachary Taylor (1849-1850)              11.__________Benjamin Harrison(1889-1893)
6._________Millard Fillmore(1850-1853)               12.__________Warren G. Harding(1921-1923)
A. The only bachelor President, he was in office when the first Southern states seceded from the Union.
B. He was the first President to die in office, only one month after he was inaugurated.
C. This President considered himself a political "outlaw" so he named his plantation Sherwood Forest.
D. The oldest of ten children, this President was in office when U.S. territory first reached from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
E. No President before him was born in the USA. He was the first President born after the Declaration of INdependence.
F. He was known as "Rough & Ready" and never held elective office before he became President.
G. The only newspaper editor ever elected President, he died in office in 1923.
H. He signed the Compromise of 1850, which delayed the Civil War for a decade, and he was the first President to exchange trade with Japan.
I. He was elected President by the narrowest electoral college margin in history--one vote.
J. His grandfather was President and his father was a Congressman.
K. The Washington Monument was dedicated by this President in 1885.
L. His real first name was Stephen. He was the only President to be married in the White House.
I will wait a few days to give you the answers to many of these pages so you do not see them before you have a chance to answer them with your child or the children.
"The Bill of Rights"
Children and some adults at that commonly hear discussions about constitutional rights, either on the evening news or in adult conversations, but they don't often understand the origin of these rights. Discuss with your child/children how the following freedoms resulted from the colonists' relationsip
with Great Britain, Then have them write a short essay explaining how--more than 200 years later--these freedoms are still exercised every day.
Freedom of religion
The right to a speedy and public trial
Freedom of the press
Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure
Freedom of speech
Freedome to peacefully assemble
The right to counsel
"Museum Search"
Given here are different Museums in Washington DC. Take the different items listed below and place them under the name of the museum They would belong in.
National Air and               National Museum                  National Museum               National Zoo
Space Museum               of American History               Of Natural History
Stuffed whales                                      Model of the first satellite                    Fossils
a dirigible                                             Live bat                                             Hippopotamus
Flamingos                                            Collection of seashells                       An 1890 typewriter
1947 Harley-Davidson motorcycle           Model of the Lunar Excursion Module
The dress worn by Barbara Bush on Inauguration Day
"Museum Benefactors"
Although James Smithson is not well-known among Americans, the museum he founded is. Have the children do more research about Smithson to learn more about him. Also, if there are museums in your community named after local citizens, have members of the class investigate those people and report back to your family. Perhaps this could be done in advance of a visit to the museum. Children often hear the names of such people and places., but seldom know the people after whom the museums are named and why.
"Design a Memorial"
Washington is a city filled with monuments and memorials. Have each student choose an American that they admire and design a memorial to him or her. While the monument can include a statue of the person, encourage the children to use other means of remembering their heroes.
"Washingtonians: Past and Present"
Washington is a very transient city; a lot of people move into and out of Washington every year. Many people come to the capital to work for a new President or a particular congressperson, and then leave again when that President or congressperson leaves office. Have your students match these famous Washingtonians with the phrase that relates to them.
1._____________Louisa May Alcott              a. Emancipated the slaves on January 1, 1863
2._____________Clara Barton                      b. The forty-first President, he was a former Navy pilot
                                                                     who was shot down during World War II.
3._____________George Bush                     c. Well-known poet who was a reporter in Washington
                                                                     during the Civil War.
4._____________Frederick Douglass            d. Before he made his first movie, he attended high
                                                                     school in suburban Washington.
5._____________F. Scott Fitzgerald             e. He never knew that the poem he had written would
                                                                     become the national anthem.
6._____________Dashiell Hammett               f. Ran for President in 1984 before he moved to
                                                                     Washington from Chicago.
7._____________Helen Hayes                      g. During the Civil War, she was a nurse in Washington
                                                                      and later wrote Little Women.
8._____________Mary Hart                           h. Ordered the United States Armed Forces to
                                                                      desegregate in 1947.
9._____________Jesse Jackson                   i.  Was the only President never to live in the White
10.____________Thomas Jefferson                j. Wrote The Maltese Falcon and is now buried at
                                                                      Arlington National Cemetery.
11.____________John F. Kennedy                 k. Famed Civil Rights leader who had been born a
12.____________Francis Scott Key                l. Lived in Washington as a young girl and grew to
                                                                       become one of the nation's greatest stage
13.____________Abraham Lincoln                     actresses.
                                                                  m. Born in Washington, today she is a nationally-known
14.____________Sandra Day O'Connor              entertainment reporter.
                                                                   n. His tombstone states that he was President of the
15.____________Franklin Roosevelt                   United States, founder of the University of Virginia,
                                                                       and signer of the Declaration of Independence.
16.____________Sylvester Stallone                o. Founder of the American Red Cross.
                                                                   p. This native Washingtonian earned an Oscar in1990
17.____________Harry Truman                          for his role in the movie "Glory."
                                                                   q. Wrote The Great Gatsby among other well-known
18.____________Denzel Washington                  books.
                                                                    r. Was the youngest man ever elected President.
19.____________George Washington             s. Is the first woman appointed to the United States
                                                                       Supreme Court.
20.____________Walt Whitman                      t. Served longer as President than any other person.
                                                                    u. Is the only President buried in the District of
21.____________Woodrow Wilson                      Columbia.
"Sights Around the Capital City"
Here is a list of sights in Washington that you can learn about on your own at the library or from the encyclopedia. Once you have read about them, see if you can complete the following crossword puzzle
questions and form the crossword puzzle. I will try to give directions.(Note: these are not the answers to the crossword puzzle questions)
Arlington National Cemetery                       Lincoln Memorial                       Library of Congress
Bureau of printing and engraving                  Marine Corps Memorial              Washington Monument
Dumbarton Oaks                                       Mount Vernon                            Jefferson Memorial
Federal Bureau of Investigation                    Vietnam Veterans Memorial        National Archives
Ford's Theater & Peterson House
across:                                                                           down:
  1. Arlington National Cemetery was established               1. This document can be seen each day
     on the grounds of Robert E. Lee's home during                  at the National Atchives.
     this conflict. (two words)                                              2. The President who founded the Library
  6. J Edgar Hoover was its first director.                                of Congress.
     (abbreviation)                                                              3. Before he was elected President,
  9. Another name for the Vietnam Veterans                           Thomas Jefferson was Secretary of
     Memorial.(two words)                                                       this federal department.
 11, An agreement to establish this organization                 4. George Washington's  home.
      was made at Dumbarton Oaks mansion, (two words)     5. The nation's captial was named in his
 12. Lincoln was practicing law in this state when he                honor.
      was elected President.                                                7. The island where the six marines shown
 13. This well-know  actor fled Ford's Theater on                       in the Marine Corps Memorial raised
      April 14, 1865.                                                                 the American flag.(two words)
 14, Some of the country's founders did not want to              8  What you'll see being printed at the
       call George Washington "Mr. President;" they                   Bureau of Printing and Engraving.
       wanted to call him__________________.                    10. Peterson House is where this
                                                                                            President died.
1(has eight squares across and twelve down
11 is in the eighth square down of it with 13 squares to fill.
7 down crosses the eleven at the third square and three above and two more squares below making a total of seven squares .
8 down crosses 11 at the fifth square with 3 above and 1 out the bottom making it a total downof five..
5 down crosses 11 at the seventh square with 5 squares above and four below making a total of 10
13 across crosses through that 5 at one above the last square with one to the left and 3 left making a
total of five squares
2 down attaches to 11 at the 11th square with one down from 11 and seven above it making a total of
9 for the answer
6 across comes out of 2 at the third square with two squares to the right making a total of 3
9 across crosses across the 2 squares at the 5 store with tow behind and 4 going to the right with a total of seven squares. across.
10 down attaches to nine the end of the nine and goes down 7 squares
12 across goes through the 10 at the sixth square with 2 on the left side of it and five to the right making a total of eight
4 down crosses12 at the fifth square with eight squared above and two below making a total of eleven squares
14 across runs 4 squares across starting below the corner of 13 and ending the corner of 10
3 down runs  the far right side 5 squares

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