Day 28
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Day 28

Good Morning! I hope your day is fine.
Do your chores, responsibilities, or tasks. Parents remember to give the little children some attention with the finger songs. If you put them on a poster or large paper and they can see the words to the songs then they can be learning those words as they are doing the songs. Those songs carry all their first words to learn. I was told in my classes for teaching that the intellegent child comes from books read to them, so why not songs. Be sure to sing the ABC's everyday Kids never tire of it and it will always stick with them. Sing good Morning to You with the Happy Birthday tune. I believe the color they should look for is Blue because we are not going to have a blue sky much longer in the Northern states. It will cloud over here soon.
Today the Bible goes back to the story on Abraham. Before we cover the story of Abraham being tested by God There is a part in Chapter 21 at the end starting in verse 22 where Abraham is talking to the commander of his forces when he is staying in the Philistines. The commander asks Abraham to show him respect in the fact that he is letting Abraham stay there. Abraham said he alsway will and says he came to talk to him because his servants had seized a well of water. Abraham brought sheep and cattle and gave them Abimelech in which the two men made a treaty. Now this little story goes to tells why God chose Abraham above others to be named father of all nations. For there is ways men do business and there is way men do business. Abraham became a good example like all fathers should be. A good father gives a child someone as an example to follow in his way of doing things. If a father disrespects his wife the children learn to disrespect her. Later they may learn to treat women better but they have trouble respecting their mother. If a man acts like a baby, is selfish, unthoughtful, gets mad, wines all the time and shows these examples to his children they learn there father is not a very fair or trusting person to be around. If he faces whatever has been given him in life with courage and acceptance, his children learn endurance from him and they can face the world a similiar way wether they exceed him in pay or not. Anyone that thinks a fathers role is not important in a child's life they are wrong. However, if they go around leaning on their wives to pay the bills or make the money while they sit back and play games their will be problems. That does not mean I disrespect a man who chooses to carry out the responsibility of being a mom if she is making enough money to afford their living and he is the better person to be the caregiver of the children. I am talking about those men who are looking for an easy street out, Not interacting or taking care of the children or trying to fullfill the job. I am talking about those that don't pick things up, do dishes , cook insted of eating out a lot, leaving the wash to pile up all the time. Never caring to change the diaper or make things neat and clean.
God knew when he picked Abraham that he was a good example to follow.
Now maybe Abraham was smart enough to trust God with the child he made happen or something but when God tested his faith or trust in him with that son, Asking him to sacrifice his own son against his trust in God himself. For in Chapter 22 of Genesis, God actually asked Abraham to take this one sone waited on for so long from Sarah. He was to take this miracle child up to the top of the mountain and kill him. Abraham's trust , his faith in God had grown so strong, it was as if he knew God was going to stop him from doing this horrible thing. Yet Abraham knew God's strenghth so well he knew that there must be some reason that he would ask him to do such a thing. Abraham would have had to put himself into a stage of strong will, in order to carry out this task. Now maybe he knew in his heart that if he coward down to try to run from God that God would always know where he was and search him down. I can't even imagine holding a knife in the sky to come down upon my son for anything in the world. It saddens me that God would use such a tactic but we do not question God for he is the almighty. We just follow in obediance, the same as we should our mother and father. We as people seem to repel them all. However, this is the one part of the Bible that I begin to question God himself as my father. There must be every reason in the world that God has done things the way he has done them. They say it is his way of giving people a choice to follow the bad path or tree branch or do it the good way. It bothered me that there was such support of Sarah in giving Hagar to Abram in the begginning. Maybe as I have thought of many things, God cannot control everything that we do. That he knows people will make mistakes. He knew he could not make Sarah trust Hagar after her baby was born and felt the only comfort he could give her was to let her know her son would inherit as much. He just knew that he could not control the emotions that would come along with the situation, so he spoke the truth to her.
So let the younger children know that Abraham passed God's test and he sent his servant to get a wife for Isaac from people he trusted, bought a place to bury his wife when she died, and remarried to have more sons. All his sons prospered in land and in children. They just did not inherit the land that was promissed to Isaac whom God said would be his. Hagar's son did inherit a land close to Egypt's border and he and his children grew up hating everyone as sometimes happens. Grandma just does not like it
After the time for childrobotics, Grandma has Your Creative Dance Lesson to give to you. My professor would finally be pleased with me because I finally realized what I was suppose to do and how it works. I understand totally how it relates to good dancing now.
The author of the book has this as Lesson 5 giving:
The element; as the muscles and
The helper: as th living sculpture
She goes on to say,
"Everyone sit in exactly the same shape as I am(Sit on the floor hugging your knees.) Now no matter what I say or what you do, the one thing you must not do is change your shape.
I am going to count to seven. While I count, you are going to make your muscles tighter and tighter. By the time I get to seven, you will feel that every muscle is as tight as possible. You will feel your stomach, your back, your shoulders, your cheeks, your fingers, your thighs, your toes--everything. Are you ready? Can you change your shape while you do this? No! After I count to seven, then I'll count back down to one, and you'll gradually get looser and limper. Ready? Sit now in the shape aslimply as you can, just barely hold on, and here we go, geting tighter and tighter. One(countthrough), seven. Seven(count through), one.
Tell me: what parts of your body did you feel? Now let's do it once more and try to feel all of your body, not just some parts. Be sure to tighten your stomach and your thighs. Those two places are most important. Ready, shape. One(count through), seven. Seven(count through), one. Did you feel your stomach and thighs?
Now we are going to use these muscles to make us do things we never thought possible. Get into a shape from which you can rise easily. I'll play some muscle music(percussive or electronic music is good for this study), and you rise, slow motion, with every muscle tight. Remember, especially your thigh and stomach muscles. As you rise, you can twist and bed and stretch and try holding your balance on one leg. Try holding your balance in fantastic shapes. You'll be able to do it because you are using your muscles. If you lose your balance, ctch yourself with your muscles and start again.Never get limp or loose.
Ready? We'll rise and come down, that's all---no going through space. Tighton those muscles and make all the shapes you can as you rise in slow motion. When the music stops, hold your shape.
(Play music. While the children dance, comment.) Slower. Now slower. Make that body hold on to the shapes. Try something harder: try standing on one leg, and see how many slow--motion shapes you can find. How can you go back down, still using muscles? Go down some different ways, using your thighs to control your slow movement. (Stop the music) What did that feel like? Were you aware of your muscles? Which ones?
Now we are going to do the same thing---rise once and descend once---but you are going to be living sculpture. Do you know what a sculpture is? I am going to unveil all these new works of art, and we shall watch the latest masterpieces of living sculpture. Take a low shape now, and imagine yourself covered with a black velvet cloth. As the music starts, imagine yourself covered with a black velvet cloth. As the music starts, imagine I am unveiling you for the first time, and bein to slowly with muscles up through space. When you have moved to high level, then slowly return to low level. Do as many movements as you can between high and low. Then hold your low shape until everyone finishes. I';; wait for everyone, so don't hurry. Ready. Start the music. When music stops, comment.) Oh, I saw some good slow-motion shapes, some beautiful twisting ones, and strong use of thigh muscles."
Then she goes on to divide them to watch each other.
Then she tells the them, "For a good-bye dance today, let's move our muscles through space. Let's do monster muscles: you must be the most frightening monster I have ever seen, and I must see some jumps and some low level shapes.(Play music or the drum.)"
Goals for evaluation: Look for attempts to make new moves and find balances that are different.
Now we can finally Get grandma to quit writing and we can get into our Calendars, Birthdays, Events, schedules, weather etc. I do not want to get too far into the history without picking up certain books that go along with the history we are reading. I have been trying to think of good books for older children to read. Those really advanced children like Stephen King books and others upon your aproval.There is one recomended book some children might like to read that I cannot find right now but maybe later when I do not have to finght sleep so hard. Moby Dick is a great classic
Book 1 for October 17 does not have much today. In 1912 Pope John P I(Albino Luciani), head of the Roman Catholic church for only 34 days. In 1938 Evel Knievel, Motorcyle dare-devil was born.
Todaywe read about the beginning of the African Slavery in the United States. The Chapet is called "Africans in America. The People you will read about are:
Muslims, Mansa Musa, Africans, English, Olaudah Equiano
The places will be : Ghana, North Africa, Mali, Timbuku, Songhai, West Indies, Barbados, Philadelphia
The vocabulary is: Muslims, converted, Islam, rum, Middle Passage, Indentured servants, fare, contracts, prejudice
The Focus on Main Ideas  are:
1. Which empires did Africans build in western Africa?
2. Why did Europeans start the slave trade?
3. What were the five steps in the slave trade?
4. Why was the Middle Passage so difficult for Africans?
5. What was slavery like in the Spanish and English colonies?
Introductory(A little note here, Grandma is being given the priviledge to do some business with someone from Ghana that is trying to help his people for work and looking for investors and producers to help him. His name is Gabriel Awunyo. It is a priviledge working with him.)
Millions of Africans were chained up and forced to come to America. They were forced to come not because they wanted to.White people of those times had no respect for Natives. Slave trade lasted almost 400 years. During that time almost 10 million Africans were forced into slavery.
Empires in West Africa
Hundred of years before Europe even thought of exploring Asia and America, Africans had built empires in West Africa. Their developed cultures were rich in music, dance, and storytelling. Their people created beautiful art work made from wood and metals. Their tools and weapons were made of stron iron.
The first empire in West Africa was the Ghana Empire. It was from 300 AD to 1200 AD. It was rich in gold, so they traded with North Africa for salt, cloth, and horses.
(Grandma  is also doing business with an associate who lives in Moracco, Africa and he is a Muslin and a very nice person to know.)Muslims conquered Ghana and built the Empire of Mali that lasted from 1200 to 1400. Mali had a powerful leader named Mansa Musa. Mali used his army to make himself larger and he captured the valuable salt mines that made him richer. He converted to the Islam and became a Muslim..Then Islam became very popular in the region. The largest city Timbuktu was built and a large University was put there with study of History, law and Islam. Mansa Musa died and Mali began to loose power.
It was replaced the the Songhai Empire until about 1600. Trade, farming and Islam. Timbuktu was still important.
Today Africa is becoming a strong tourist area and much industry and development  of businesses is opening up. Strong musical Gospel and entertainment is growing from their culture.
The Beginning of the European Slave Trade
Slavery did existed in West Africa before the European's captured them, but it was different. A person captured in war could become a slave. However they were treated like part of the family. A slave could marry the master's son or daughter. Children of the slaves were not considered slaves. They could earn their freedom through hard labor. After winning their freedom, slaves could get important jobs and even become leaders of their tribes.
Then Portugal captured 10 Africans as slaves. That was in 1442. Those slaves became workers in Portugal. Then when Portugal took Brazil they took African slaves to that colony. They were the first African slaves in America. Some African slaves sailed on the ships with many of the Explorers as in the case of Christopher Columbus in 1492. In 1501 the Spanish King passed a law that said Africans could be used as slaves in the Americas. Before long they were bringing 10,000 a year to their colonies. By the year 1600, there were almost 1 million African slaves a year in the Spanish colonies. Slave trade began from Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, and England. The goal began to earn profits from the sale of them off of the ships. They were treated worse than cattle but even imigrants from Russia were treated with poor conditions. Africans were captured and walked out of Africa in chains before they even got on the ships. They were packed in the ships like sardines. Many died before they even got to the ships. Many were sold forguns, bullets, rum and other products from the Africans. In other words this was done in a five step process as the history book puts it. Step one-captured or sold from African tribes. Second-Marched long distances out of Africa with Iron collars and many dying on the way. Third-prisoned in caimps till ships arrived on the coast. The fourth step was the long trip in the ships to America called the Middle Passage. Many got sick and died. Then once they arrived they were sold like cattle even when they were treated worse on the way here.
Many were sold to the plantation owners in Mexico and the Southern Colonies. The natives there had done the same work till they became sick and they found the African Natives to be stronger workers. They were forced to work the tobacco and sugar cane plantations in Mexico and then they were put to work in the islands. Many escaped with the help from the Natives hired to find them when they ran away. The Catholic Church helped them as families and being able to marry them. They were not allowed to take the children away and sell them. Many of the slaves in the southern colonies treated the slaves as family and taught them schooling. However some southern Spanish areas were not as nice to them and they often ran away. The Spanish and French were a crued bunch.
Africans in the English Colonies
At first the English tried using indentured servants as their plantation workers. Which were people who wanted to come to America but did not have enough money to pay the fare. So they signed contracts agreeing to work three to seven years for the people who paid their fares. However it was not enough to work the plantations. Therefore, the first Africans who came on the ships in 1619 came as indentured servants. After their working period ended they were free to leave their masters and live where they wanted to. Many of them were schooled. Some very famous Africans came from those schooled.
However, as plantations grew so did the population of the African slave. By 1700's most Africans in the colonies were slaves. Slave owners could take the children and sell them. They were thought of as property instead of people, like dogs. Free African Americans faced Prejudice. They could not get good jobs, vote, or hold government jobs. This carried on long into the 1800's. Many people from the North did not like the treatment of the African slaves and tried to help them escape. We in Nebraska had one man just a few miles south of our city that used his house to hid the slaves underneath in caves to escape. Africans tried to preserve their cultures the best they could by holding on to their traditions, music, dances, and folk tales. Now much of that culture has slowly become part of America's culture.
Olaudah Equiano 1745-1801(?). He was a frighten boy of 11 years old who was captured along the coast of Africa. He only knew his native language. He was on a Dutch slave ship that went to Barbados in the West Indies. He was bought and sold three times. and his name was changed to Gustavus Vessa. One of his owners let him learn to read and write. His last owner in Philadelphia let him work to earn money. He earned enough money to buy his own freedom. He settled in England where there was no slavery and published his autobiography in 1789. He died around 1801.
As part of your classes the children could write a paper about Olaudah Equiano's experiance as a slave and his work to end it.
Based on these facts:
-Between 300 AD and 1600AD, Africans built great empires in West Africa.
-The slave trade involved capturing epople in Africa, bringing them to the Americas in slave ships, and selling them as slaves for a large profit.
-The slave trade lasted almost 400 years, during which time about 10 million Africans were brought to America.
-The trip to America on slave ships was clled the Middle Passage. Many Africans died during this long journey.
-England, Spain, Portugal, France, and the Netherlands took part in the slave trade.
-The English and the Spanish used African slaves for plantation work in their colonies.
Do the Vocabulary by finding the meaning and writing the word or phase that best completes each sentence.
1. People who believe in the religion of Islam are______________________________.
        Muslims                    Christians                       Jews
2. The money paid to ride in a ship, bus, or plane is the _________________________.
       colony                        fare                    mound
3. The trip to bring slaves from Africa to America was the _____________________________.
    First Passage              Northwest Passage             Middle Passage
4. Unfair beliefs about another group of people are called_____________________________.
                    culture                       contracts              prejudice
5. A person who agreed to work for someone else for a number of years in order to come to America was a(n)_______________________________________________.
       slave                              indentured servant              viceroy
Comprehension Check
Write the answer---Write one or more sentences to answer each queation.
1. About how many Africans were brought to America as slaves?__________________________
2. How did Mansa Musa help the Empire of Mali?_______________________________________
3. How was African slavery different from European slavery?_______________________________
4. Why did many Africans die during the MIddle Passage?________________________________
5. Why did the English settlers want slaves instead of indentured servants?____________________
Critical Thinking
Cause and Effect--a cause is something that makes something else happen. What happens is called the effect.
Example             Cause:                                               Effect:
                         The tornado struck the town.                  Many homes were destroyed.
Choose a cause or an effect in Group B to complete each sentence in Group A.
Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank. Groups B has one more answer than you need.
                            Group A                                              Group B
_________1. Mali's ruler, Mansa Musa,                  A. The population of the West Indies
                  became a Muslim, so______.                  became 90 percent African
________2. _______, so they brought                    B. Islam became an important religion in West
                 collars and chains on the                         Africa
                                                                          C. The first African Americans in the English
________3. _______, so they brought                        colonies were indentured servants.
                 African slaves to America.
                                                                          D. African chiefs did not want their captured
________4. _______, so they were free                      slaves to escape as they marched to the
                 people  when their working                        coast.
                 period ended.
                                                                          E. Europeans needed many workers for
                                                                              their colonies in the Americas
As an extra bonus the children could do a paper on either the great empires there or on the Slavery from there.
Be sure to keep up with all your other assignments and papers.

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