Day 36
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Day 36

Good Morning! Two more days until the end of October. I want to cover Cental America so the children can learn about the Panama Canal before I go into Mexico because I have a lot of material to cover for Mexico before we can finish the American History and go into other contries. I also want to give you a lesson from Book (57) on Pizza since October is also Pizza month and we might as well have the one about spaghetti with it.
Before we go into Lessons, Grandma's routine is to get your chores, responsibilities, and tasks done before we start. Then if you say prayers here it is a good time to say them. ( a Little notes to parents, Grandma is sorry if there is typing errors in my work. I have wanted and had the idea of giving lessons to home schooling parents ever since I went to school 15-20 years ago. I have had many things stand in my way and I will do all I can to get these out to you I just wish you had all the material with it. I have practically lost the whole use of my legs these last few months and I have lots of responsibilities in my home because it is large, I have three animals of my Granddaughters I take care of and clean-up of her mother and her since they left to a friends house because of a misunderstanding and my church takes a lot of my time. I am trying to keep up with the facebook people because I am trying to post the network empower network to help our site run. Therefore, I must play and stay friends with people I brought in. Sometimes those take a little longer than expected. Than I am trying to help two boys from overseas. I am trying to keep and get connection with my family. Then it takes about 4-8 hours to type. I have some trouble with my machine because it is old and the spelling does not always work. Therefore, I want to apologize if I do not always catch my mistakes. Sometimes, I am very tired and have to start late, so please bear with me and if you see a problem, I do have voicemail on my phone. Please take care. For I do appreciate all of you to be following me. I will try to make connections with those interested in the real estate because I do have some connections to some exceptions that make a profit in the budget.)
For our bible lesson today we were to read up to Chapter 49. Chapter 49 is our only reading for today. Faith Alive will explain it in Did You Know? It asks and says, "How is Jacob's blessing of his sons special? Jacob's blessing is a prophecy as well as a prayer. It tells what will happen to each family and what will be special about each family many years later. The prophecy about Judah is most important. King David and Jesus came from this family group. Jesus is the one who will rule all nations.(Parents, another little not here:Grandma has covered Abraham pretty strong. However, the next Book will be about Moses and I will not go clear through it. I feel it is not necessary for the children. It is difficult to follow and should be up to parents to read. I will cover all the important parts in it and whatever could be necessary. If you want me to cover something extra in it , let me know.) Tomorrow we will read chapter 50 and possibly to the end of Genesis.
We now have Childrobotics and our dance lesson for the day. Today Grandma is giving you Lesson 17
The element is: tight and loose;   The helper is: spaghetti monsters
This is what the author says, " (Show the children a small package wriapped tightly with string, and then some loose string-- or any other examples of tight and loose.)  Tell me the difference between the string on the package and the other piece of string.Yes, one is tight and one is loose. One is straight, the other is curved. Can you make your body tight like the string that is tight on the package? Show me. What happens to your muscles? Can you move like that? Can you move your arms as if they were wrapping a package very tightly? It's a big package, and your arms wrap it very, very tightly. Can you keep those arms tight and stretch out away from your package? Can you make yourlegs move tightly like that? Your muscles are hard, and the movement is bound like the package. Can you change your level with tight muscles? Can you move your back like that? Skip? Jump?
Now this other piece of string: look how it flops, how loose it is. Can you make your body loose and floppy like that? Show me. Can you skip loosely and floppily? Jump? Hop? Can you change level? Can you move your back like that?
Who likes spaghetti? What is spaghetti like before it is cooked? Show me. Straight and hard. And then what happens when it is cooked? I gets loose and very floppy.
Once upon a time there were some pieces of spaghetti, and I thought to myself: "I think I'll have some spaghetti for supper. " So I put the long, straight pieces into the boiling water and watched. What happened? Look at those stiff bodies gradually become limp and loose!
Then, to my surprise, the spaghetti started to dance to the music of the boiling water--a loose, floppy dance, with jumps, and turns, and levels, and all parts of its body moving.
Just then a huge monster who loved spaghetti came in, with big, tight movements. He could twist, bend, stretch, but only in a tight, bound way--only with very tight muscles. He could move his back and his legs and change level and crawl, but only tight, tight, tight. Suddenly he saw the dancing spaghetti. What happened? (Let the children finish the story!)
Today in your good-bye dance I want to see two things. What do you suppose those two elements are? Yes, tight and loose: tight, bound movements and loose, floppy movements. (Play music. Percussion music is good because it suits both tight and loose movements.)
Goals for evaluation: See whether the children can dance such a silly story and still use their energy clearly. Energy must be used in the extreme to be clear."
Calendars for the day should include information on their for your own plans and organizing marterials. Mine is just there for an extra advantage. On October 29, 1740 James Boswell, Scottish writer whose Life of Samuel Johnson is considered a masterpiece of biography was born. Then in 1884 Bela Lugosi, actor noted for his roles in horror films was born. Book (1) says, "In honor of Bela Lugosi's birthday, have the children create masks depicting themselves in a rotten mood. On the back, they should write how they feel when this "monster mood" comes out. Maybe they're embarrassed and lonely, not just grumpy! Discuss the different feelings that might bring on a "monster mood."
Well I thought it over and decided it was going to have to be Spagetti and Pizza night because we did the spagetti dance. Grandma will wait on Panama and Central America till Thursday since I reviewed
the day for tomorrow and found out there is something there that will bring us into another revolution lesson before the other. Expect November to be exciting because it will be and so will December. I probably have some more word lessons to give also and we will go into some other things pretty strong so be prepared.
Book (57) calls this Spaghetti Box Learning and it is by Nancy Silva. They say," There's plenty of good eating to be done when you open a box of spaghetti, but don't overlook the feast of learning that will take place when you and your class begin reading the utside of the spaghetti box. Your children will welcome the challenge and excitement of the activities that are served up on the following pages."
Therefore, the first part is called Good Eating and Good Reading-Reading a box of Spaghetti
Do you always read labels on boxes and cans? Grandma does, ever since they came out with a lot of things, well enough grandma was suppose to watch salt ever since she was told when she was young that she swells up with it. Therefore, Wait! as the book says. Before you enjoy eating spaghetti, there's a lot of good reading to be done. Use a box of spaghetti to answer the following questions. Many times Grandma buys the wheat spaghetti which is a little more nutricious than the other ones.
1. What is the brand name on your box of spaghetti?
2. What are the cooking directions?
3. Where is the spaghetti made?
4. How many different ingredients are listed? What are they?
5. How nutricious is this spaghetti?
6. What are some serving suggestions?
Next section is: Spaghetti Box Number Hunt
"Are you ready to go on a challenging number hunt? Then grab you spaghetti box and begin! Race against a friend, or the clock, as you search for numbers used in a variety of different ways. Happy number hunting! Can you find...
1. A zip code?
2. The wight of the package in ounces?
3. The wight of the package in grams?
4. The number of minutes it will take the spaghetti to cook?
5. The number of servings in the package?
6. The weight of one serving of dry spaghetti?
7. The number of grams of protein in one serving?
9. The percent of U.S. RDA of thiamine in one serving?
10.The percent of U.S. RDA of iron in one serving?
11. The UPC code?
12.The price of the box?
13. A measurement in cups?
14. A meaaasurement in tablespoons?
15. A fraction?
16. A measurement in teaspoons?"
The next section: Spaghetti Fun has activities with both uncooked and cooked spaghetti.
Following will be  a page to fill out with the process of measuring with uncooked spaghetti.
Shorter, Longer, or the Same? Measureing with Uncooked Spaghetti
Take one strand of uncooked spaghetti. Make sure that it is not broken.
"1. Measure your strand of spaghetti using an inch ruler. How long is it? ____________inches
2. Measure your strand of spaghetti using a centimeter ruler. How long is it? _________centimeters"
3. Find two things in your home that are shorter than your strand of spaghetti:
______________________________________         _______________________________________
4. Find two things in your home that are longer than your strand of spaghetti
______________________________________         _______________________________________
5. Find two things in your home that are about the same size as your strand of spaghetti.
______________________________________          ______________________________________
6. Try to find something in your classroom that is the same length as:
1/2 of a strand:_______________________________
2 strands:___________________________________
3 strands:___________________________________
4 strands:___________________________________
You can draw pictures of things you found on and on the back of this page.
 (Always be sure to lay newspapers down to work on or plastic or both before you use anything that could ruin something as paint, dye, glue, cutting, even some markers. Aprons or old shirts worn backwards might save some clothes.
Next: Have the children play a game of "Pickup Sticks" using strands of uncooked spaghetti. This is an excellent activity to reinforce patience, good sportsmanship, and concentration.
Last:The children can create a design using strands of spaghetti. You may wish to dye the strands of spaghetti first using food coloring mixed with rubbing alcohol. The design may be glued to construction paper.
Now for the Cooked Activities:
Make a Pasta Mobile (a mobile is a set of articles hung together on one strand somewhere or something like a hanger or wire from somewhere.)using a variety of uncooked pasta. The pasta shapes are tied together with strands of cooked spaghetti. After the children have enjoyed looking at their creations, they can enjoy eating them. Just drop the mobiles into a pot of boiling water and cook. Serve with sauce.
Don't ever throw away leftover spaghetti. Use it to create. What you create is up to you. Try some of the suggestions listed below. Then use your imagination to create some designs and pictures of your very own. Cut the spaghetti if needed. List all the things that you did with your spagetti. Use your pencil to copy your favorite design or picture. Provide each child with a dark sheet of construction paper to use as a work space.
1. Curl it                      2. Twist it           3. Shape it            4. Write your name with it.
5. Make a number        6. Make a picture of yourself, someone else, an animal etc. 
Next is Critical Thinking: Planning an Unusual Feast
"Read Ann Turner's entertaining poem "Spaghetti for One Thousand" from the book Tickle a Pickle. Imagine that Ann has asked you to help out with the cooking for this unusual feast."(If you can not find this book maybe you will have to make up your own story and recipe. Think what it would take to feed that many and cut it to the size of your family. Use your heads as you answer the questions below. Ann and her guests will be grateful.
1. What ingredients will you need of each ingredient so you know what to shop for at the supermarket?
2. What type of container will you put all of the ingredients in?
3. What will you use to mix up all of the ingredients?
4. How will you form your giant meatball?
5. Where will you cook your meatball? How long will it take to cook?
Next is Serving up a Tasty Lesson
Poem by Jack Prelutsky
"Read "The Spaghetti Nut" by Jack Prelutsky. Your class will be nutty over this poem! After reading the poem orally to your children and allowing them time to read the poem silently, try some of the activities suggested below. The poem can be found in the book Sing a Song of Popcorn published by Scholastic, Inc.
activity-Let's Read the Poem Together
Divide the lines of the poem up into 1,2,1, 2, etc. If it is just you and one child: you can be one and them 2. If you have more than 1 child to home school then divide to two lines among each other. Read it with the 1 people reading the lines with 1 and the other people reading the number 2 lines.
Vocabulary dealing with the poem
court-to try to win the favor or love of a person
wed-to take a husband or wife; marry
cottage-a small house
vat-a large tank or container used for holding liquids
What do you think it means to be a spaghetti nut?(Someone who loves to eat spaghetti all the time.)
Do you think Eddie had good manners? (No, he "slurped spaghetti from a cup."
What two words were used to create spaghettiquette?(spaghetti, etiquette)
Look for.....
proper nouns-Eddie, Netti Cutt, Connecticut, Spaghettipet
nouns-nut, spaghetti, cottage, pot, cup, cat,vat
rhyming words-nut/Cutt, hot/pot, get/wet, up/cup, cat/vat...
contraction-I've(I have
Silverstein, Shel-Where the Sidewalk Ends, New York: Harper and Row, 1974
"Once your family has stopped laughing about Shel Silverstein's disastrous party, they'll enjoy pretending that they are on a popular game show." The family will be given the answers to some
questions. It will be each persons job to give the questions that correspond to the questions givein out. If they get the answer right they will score two points. Go till all the questions  have been found. See who has the highest score.
1. The title of the poem.
2. A contraction
3. The opposite of down.
4. The author of "Spaghetti"
5. Another word for couch.
6. Another word for gifts.
7. Part of the arm.
8. The opposite of nothing.
9. An adjective that ends with the letter y.
10. A compound word
11. A word that rhymes with place
12. A swinging bed that is hung between two trees or poles.
13. People who are at another's house for a meal or visit.
14. A word that rhymes with chairs.
15. People gathering to have a good time.
16. The opposite of right.
17. A word that rhymes with worried.
18. Shaped like a ball or globe.
19. A piece of furniture used for reading or writing.
20. An abbreviation for because.
21. A dirty or disorderly state; untidy group of things.
Another game is called "Amazing Spaghetti Trivia!"
You can use these like flash cards and test yourself or play with someone or a bunch. There is two questions on the cards with the name Amazing Spaghetti Trivia! on each card. The answers are put on the bottom or on the other side(Grandma feels). Here they are:
Q: According to the 1989 Guinness Book of World Records, who holds the world record for spaghetti eating?
A: Peter Dowdeswell
Q: According to the 1989 Guinness Book of World Records, how much spaghetti was eaten in 12:02 seconds?
A: 100 yards
Q: What early explorer has mistakenly been credited with bringing the idea of spaghetti back home to Italy?
A: Marco Polo
Q: What ancient people are known to have eaten a form of pasta?
A: The Ancient Greeks
Q: What is the Italian meaning of the word pasta?
A: Paste
Q: What country eats the greatest amount of pasta per person, per year?
A: Italy
Q: On the average, how much pasta is eaten, per year, by an Italian living in Italy?
A: About 50 pounds
Q: What country eats the second greatest amount of pasta per person, per year?
A: The United States
Q: How much pasta is the average American said to eat in one year?
A: About 5 pounds
Q: What type of flour is generally used to make spaghetti?
A: Durum wheat flour
Q: To be called spaghetti, what must the diameter of the strand be?
A: More than 1/16 inch and less than 1/9 inch
Q: What major pasta company lists its address as Spaghetti-ville?
A. The Prince Company, Inc.
                            "Hunting for Words"
Here is a challenge? Use a spaghetti box for this excersize. How many points do you think you can score?
Find a word that bigins with: (2 points each)
R_________________________   M__________________________  T_______________________
B_________________________   L__________________________   P_________________________
Find a word that begins with: (5 points each)
W________________________  V___________________________  Z__________________________
Find a word that has:(2 points each)
one syllables:_____________________________     two syllables:____________________________
Find a word that has:(10 points each)
three syllables:____________________________     four syllables____________________________
Find a word with these double letters:(5 points each)
OO_______________________ PP___________________________ LL_________________________
Find a :(10 points each)
noun:____________________  verb:_______________________ adjective:______________________
Total Score:__________________
                                    PIZZA, PLEASE!               by Teddy Meister in Book (57) of grandma's
It is introducing pizza with the fact it is packed with nutrition and vitamins no matter what shape or size it is. October is Pizza Month but I guess there is a National Pizza Week in January also. Anytime it is loads of good taste and fun. You may want to start this project and finish it when we study about Europe.
"Information, Please
Do some reading and research to find out the origins of pizza. Is it an American innovation? Did it start in Italy? Where was the first pizza made? How did it become popular? Use the resources at the library if necessary.
Tell it Like it is
Use the information you have gathered about pizza to prepare an outline. Start with the earliest pizza developments and end with its current popularity today. (You might need to look up outlining in a textbook so your work is correct according to form.) Think of dividing your research topic into three main sections with two or three subsections under it. Your outline should give a clear presentation of ideas. Ask for someone to read it if necessary. Does it make sense? Can the ideas be followed in a logical manner? Add some illustrations to make your outline look more creative.
Interview, Please
Interview a pizza chef. Find out how dough is measured, how much cooking time is required, oven temperature, etc. What other mathematical measurements are used in the preparation? How long has this person been making pizzas? How did he or she learn? What is the best part of the job?
Putting It Together
Prepare an article about pizza that might appear in an encyclopedia about food. Use the information you have learned from research and the interview. Make the article interesting so that other students will be able to learn about pizza.
All About Italy
Italy is a peninsula shaped like a large boot. It is about 116,800 square miles in size. Do some research and report on the major rivers, mountains, cities, products, and customs of Italy.
What Does Guinness Say?
The world's largest pizza, baked on3-31-84, was 86 feet 7 inches in diameter! check the current Guinness Book of World Records. Where was this done? Who baked it? How many portions could be served? Are there any new pizza records?
What is Round?
Brainstrorma list of round objects: wheels, planets, cookies, lenses, clock faces, doughnuts, etc. Can you name 25 objects? 30 objects? When the list is completed, set up columns to classify the braainstormed ideas.
Topping Off
Two main pizza toppings are cheese and tomato sauce or paste. Find out about one of these and show your information in a series of flash cards. You might want to explore the process it takes for one of these foods to get to a pizza from its origin. Create a new combination of toppings. Think of others that would blend together and write a slogan about your new pizza.
It Pays to Advertise
Use the slogan about the new pizza you have just created in a commercial advertisement that might be used on radio. Prepare a brief script about the merits of the pizza. You might even want to write a song parody.
Future Orders
At some future time we might ask for a "diameter" of pizza instead of ordering a whole pizza What portion of the pie would you receive? How would you determine the size of the portion you order? Investigate other parts of a circle that might be used for future ordering such as an "arc" of pizza, a "radius," or "tangent." Define each segment and draw what a piece of it would look like.
Pizza Roll
Survey friends or family to find out their favorite kinds of pizza. Show the survey results on a bar graph and present ti to the people in charge of your home. Can they prepare the favorite of lunch? What costs are involved?
Pizza Poetry
Review alliteration in poetry. Write a poem about pizza using alliteration. You might also like to try writing a pizza limerick. "There once was a pizza from Palermo..."
Story time
Create an original story about pizzas that might be interesting for younger students at your home. When the story is finished, add some illustrations and get permission from your parent to read it to a younger group. Some titles to consider are: The Pizza that Rolled Away; Pizza Parlor Party; The Pizza That Lost its Cheese; The Pizza Spacecraft.
Commemorative Stamp
The postmaster General of the United States has asked you to design a new stamp honoring Pizza Month and National Pizza Week. Consider some of the information you have researched in forming a design. Think of symbols you could use to represent the pizza and its development. What colors would you use? How many should be issured? Will it be a collector's item?
Field Trip
Take a field trip to the local supermarket frozen food case. How many different types of frozen pizza are available? How do their prices compare for weight given? Which have the most ingredients for the price? Which packaging is designed to catch the attention of the shopper? Gather the information and write a "Pizza Review" for the home school newspaper.
Pizza Search
Create a word search using graph paper. List all the words that have to do with pizza, then write the on the paper forwards, backwards, diagonally, bottom to top and top to bottom. Place a clear plastic sheet over your pizza and ask someone to find all the words. (Be sure to fill up empty spaces on the grid with letters of the alphabet. This will "hide" the pizza words you are using!)!)
Mathematics Slices
Draw a large pizza on art paper. Divide it into eight or ten slices. On each section place a math problem with the answer on the back of the slice. Cut the pizza, and you have a set of math flash cards. Use the same idea to make glash cards for social studies or geography facts.
A  Pizza a Day
A pizza a day keeps the doctor away! Can you think of other proverbs in which to substitute pizza? Try writing some of your own. Compile them into a pizza proverb booklet to share with each other.
The Pizza Monster
"One day as I was eating a pizza, the cheese suddenly started to get thicker and thicker, until it was about five inches off the crust! Then to my amazement..." Can you complete the story? of think of one? What is the cheese turning into? Is it from another planet? Does domething emerge from it?
Imagine a continent shaped like a pizza. Pepperoni slices could represent island, cheese might be waterways, peppers could be mountains. Use your imagination. Draw a pizza with your favorite toppings that could be different types of geological land forms. Name the islands, waters, and so on. What would be a good name for this imaginary continent?
Design a game about pizza. Create it on a round "board" for playing. The game could include facts and information you have learned about pizza, Italy, and so on. Questions can be placed on round playing crds, with a bonus number of moves  if answered correctly. Include all directions for playing and scoring. Plan "traps" such as: There is no more dough, go back three spaces; Round pans are now all dirty--what will you do? A large order of artichokes has come in rather than tomatoes!
Perfectly Powerful Pizza
Using each letter in the word pizza, write at least five adjectives into a magazine or newspaper advertisement. "P" might stand for perfect pasty, powerful.
Pizza Pie
We have apple pie, pie a la mode, pizza pie--what other types of "pie" can you think of? Can you combine some of the "pie" ideas into an unusual new kind of pizza pie? Perhaps one that has a  crusty top? Or that would fit into a bowl? Or you could eat with a spoon?
Business as Usual
You have just been given the ownership of a new pizza restaurant! Create business cards, stationery, napkins, etc. for the restaurant!  What would be a good name for it? What kind of pizza will be your specialty? Consult with the art teacher for some ideas. You might want to take the finished product to a local pizza restaurant to share with the owner.
That does that! Have a good day.

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