Day 37
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Day 37

Hello home school parents! I have a recipe from Canada that Carol Tucker had. It is called
                                             "Real Canandian Butter Tart"
(She says not to overbake it on the second baking, then it will not boil over) I have never had the briveldge yet to bake them. However, they really looked good. The Pastry dough is off of pie dough. She said she used lard(but she uses a special brand she likes), she said to chill it before rolling it and roll it a little thicker than pie dough and use a little extra flour. The other ingredients for the inside include
1 cup of butter, melted                         3 Tbls. vinegar               4 eggs, lightly beaten
4 cups brown sugar                             2 tsp. vanilla                 1/2 cup raisins(optional)
Line the tart tins with pastry. Sprinkle 6-8 raisins in it. Let butter cool to room temperature. Add other ingredients to the butter; stir until smooth. Spoon into unbaked tart shells, filling about 2/3 full. Bake starting at 200 degree F for 15 minutes. Then turn the oven to 350 degrees and Bake another 10-15 minutes(this is where you do not want to bake them too long or hot to overboil)/ However, let them brown and then they are done.
I hope you enjoy it. I am sure going to try it even if I have to eat them alone.
The bible lesson today is a little disturbing to Grandma because Faith Alive interpets what Jacob tells the twelve sons he proclaims as the leader of the twelve tribes of Isreal. To me Jacob points out the good points of each and what their failings will be. However, to my sight and thought I feel he gives very strong blessing to his Joseph. He puts him in high honor and strength as well as leadership. He tells them that is blessing along with the God father himself is so very very strong for Joseph. He said he will be over the top of all of them. He also states that Benjamin will recieve a lot but he will give a lot also. Therefore when Faith Alive asks why Isn't Joseph the name of one oth the twelve tribes of Israel?.in Did You Know? Maybe you may disagree with me but Grandma feels they are wrong because starting in 49:22 Joseph is stated very clearly and in Jacobs feelings he is above them all in what Jacob says in the next verses up to 49:28 that Joseph has very high blessings as a person and will be placed above everyone else. In verse 28 Jacob states that in chapter 49 he has given the twelve tribes of Isreal each the blessing appropriate to him. Faith Alive may be right about Jacob adopting Joseph's two sons Phraim and Manasseh as his own, but that may have been because they may have loved him so and Joseph had feelings for his lose of Joseph him self when he was young. Well enough knowing the love my granddaughter has for me I can understand a young man's love for his grandfather.
The last chapter (50) and verses were all about the burial of Jacob and the ending life of Joseph and his family. In Capter 50:23 it says that Joseph got to live long enough to see his great grandchildren  of Ephraim's and the two babies of his grandson Makir, son of Manasseh, before he died. The brothers were worried what Joseph might do to them after their father died and since Joseph thought it was all a blessing by God that he was taken to save his family from famine in the land he was not angry.Let's Live It! in Faith Alive says Why Not Get Even? even though Faith Alive knows why. It says, "Now Joseph had his chance! He was a ruler in Egypt, and his father wasn't around anymore to keep the peace. At last he could get even with his brothers for selling him into slavery!
But no. He wouldn't do it. Why not? ...Joseph forgave his brothers instead of looking for revenge because he knew God gave his brothers instead of looking for revenge because he knew God had used even their sin to accomplish his good.
God is always looking out for us-- and forgiving us our sins! If someone has hurt you, you're not really behind, are you, because God is taking care of you. No need to get even.
Maybe that someone who hurt you is hurting with guilt. To whom can you speak a kind word of forgiveness today?
Now that Grandma has given the bible lesson for the day, she wants to make sure you have done your chores for the day. Grandma is sure praying today that she can keep this lesson on track. The holiday seems to have her all in the jitters.
Do some Childrobotics and I will give you a lesson from Creative Dance. By the way parents, Grandma just realized you do not have the name of this book nor the author. It is the second edition of First Steps in Teaching Creative Dance to Children by Mary Joyce; Mayfield Publishing Co. 1980.
Grandma is giving lesson 12 tonight and she hopes that is the first one she skipped because it looks like it is from what she checked out. The element: rise and collapse; helper:TV act. The author says,
"Stretch your right arm high above your head. Really stretch, feel the tension in the muscles. When I say go, I want you to let your arm collapse. Go. What do you know that collapses like that? What does that word mean? This time, let your head and torso rise, then collapse until you are on the floor. Go.
What is the difference between a collapse and a bend? A collapse is a letting go, letting the air out, relaxing, dropping, giving in to gravity. This time I want you to collapse without bending through space, Try not to bend forward or backward or sideward. Just let your body sink from inside. You might feel tired, or you might think of letting your skin wrinkle at your waist. Remember, a collapse always goes straight downward. Try it. Go.
Let me see you rise and collapse and then stretch out to a prone position on the floor. Go. Let me see you rise and collapse and then stretch backward so that you end up lying on your back. Can you do that? Go.
Now try those directional falls by bending your body to get there. No collapsing this time. Ready, front fall. How can you do it? Side fall. Back fall. Is it possible to reach the floor without bending? How would you do it? Try it.
Show me any kind of fall--collapse, bend, or stretch--but use a turn on the way down. Go.
Now I'll count to three. On three, rise to the highest stretch you can hold. Then imagine you're on TV. You're an actor who has to do a slow-motion death scene in a western. You've seen that, haven't you?Whoever falls with the slowest, most dramatic collapsed movement gets the part. Ready, one, two, three. Really let go. I must see the letting go in the center of your body. It's not the same as bending. Try it again. Don't think or plan what you';; do. Just let it happen. Turns and good shapes will happen if your mind is truly on the collapse. One, two, three.
Get back up from your spot, and this time take a walk, a run, a leap, or a skip to the high rise. Hold it just a second, and then collapse. I'll give you a crash on the drum just before your collapse. Ready, go.
Let's watch these collapses one(or "a few") at a time, and see who will get the TV part. Remember, you want t make this a slow, beautiful, collapsed, death scene. Use only enough tension to hold back the speed so that it is slow motion. It's hard to collapse in slow motion and keep it a collapse. Here we go. (Continue until all have had a turn.)
Goals for evaluation: Look for a dramatic flair, as well as for an understanding of collapse.
Well now we can go into our calendar work, social studines, reading etc.
Today is October 30 and we are going to do some things about England and the revolution war I hope you have all your calendar work done. I found out tonight anyone that want blogs from more than 6 days past they have to get them from the internet because they are archived there as a website. From Book 1 there are two birthdays. On is in 1735 in which John Adams, second president of the United States was born. It says under Vice presidents then and now, "John Adams served as vice president during George Washington's administration. In those days, the candidate with the greatest number of votes became president, and the runner-up became vice president." Now vice presidents are chosen by the president canidate running up even before the election. Book 1 wants to know how the children feel about the old method of selection? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What are the responsibilities of the Vice president and the president now and then?
In 1893 Charles Atlas, self-described "97 pound weakling" who became a famous body builder was born.
The event for the day is what is going to count here; for in 14485 King Henry VII of England started a group of royal attendants, called Yeomen of the Guard. They later became known as the Beefeaters. Book (1) points out that they are an honored group-serving as official bodyguards to the king or queen of Great Britain for formal occasions. They are not trained fighters, however. Rather they are chosen for this honorary position because they are honest, hardworking, and considerate. A son of one is married to my niece and this young man must have been taught well because he definately fits that picture. Discuss these qualities with your children and find out what their opinion is. They can pretend to compete for that position in your home and see if find them to fit that part as Yeomen of the Home.
Today they showed a picture of the new baby's baptismal day. He is eyeing his mother as she is playing and smiling with him. Prince Charles looks almost jealous. This was exciting to me as they show the baby all dressed in a lace gown with him mothers off white dress almost matching in color. It really was quite beautiful.
This first book Anno's Britain by Mitsumasa Anno has only pictures in it showing the way people live. Book (13) Using literature to Learn About Children Around the World by Judith Cochran, Incentive Publications, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee 1993 Grandma is taking this information out of for study.
A book you were to try to get is called People by Peter Spiers, Doubleday & Co., Inc. 1980 38pp.
. It is also just a picture book but it shows all kinds of people from various nationalities, just gathered together and standing as a group and seperate groups. Book (13) describes it as a celebration of humanity's similarities and differences. ( a springboard to multicultural awareness in the classroom.) 
Book (13) used a classroom of children to point out differences. However, I feel we will even do better to use our own knowledge by looking at the different people in the book and that of Anno's Britain the children can discover differences in other children and families from them and their family. Chart them under Similarities and Differences.
For Anno's Britain pay close attention to the types of buildings people live in and the things they do. Discuss and write them down. Draw a piture about something people in Britain do and Finish the sentance as they write it on the paper or a board "In Britain they___________________________."
As beginning writers: Draw and write one or two things about Britain. older or Experienced Writers: Write a paragraph about Britain. Illustrate your work  when done. Remember you have your Newspaper and yearbook as well as your journal to record it in. Grandma's other book (3) A Literary Travel Log has another opinion of Anno's Britian. They say it is about a lone traveler who is found in every scene portrayed. It says he encounters characters from British children's books, works of Shakespeare, and Mother Goose rhymes. It also says, "He meets Sherlock Holmes, characters of the Robin Hood legend, and many other colorful representatives of British culture. It gives a list of things to look for:
Romeo and Juliet
King Lear
The Merchant of Venice
Doctor dolittle
Mary Poppins
Peter Pan
Robin Hood
Mother Goose characters
Sherlock Holmes
It says there is other Anno's Books to collect and look at.
 As part of your children's physical activity or Childrobotics they can learn and play "Cricket."
Play different kinds of music from Britain.
Book (3) has a not about the History of Britain "Historians throughout the years have been fascinated by British royalty. Research the power structure involved in the ruling of Britain. Our time line should include the succession of the thrown which I feel Book (1) covers some of that. If you find any extra be sure to add it. I did have a very in depth one I find later.
There is two different projects concerning Math in the two books (3)  and (13). In (3) it says to research about the English currency and how it compares to the United States and how it works.
The other Math project involves having math problems along the stripes and in the triangels of the Britian flag. You can do this by tracing a Flag of England and putting various math problems in at the level of each child home schooled. For another project-following are some British Words and what they mean in American English:
British                                                        American
biscuit                                                      cookie
crisps                                                       potato chips
chips                                                        French fries
chemist                                                    drugstore
holiday                                                     vacation
lift                                                            elevator
torch                                                        flashlight
petrol                                                       gas
football                                                     soccer
headmaster                                              school principal
See if you can think of any others and find any.
Looking at a map of Britain you will see that it is made up of four contries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Even though it is an Island nation, it is part of Europe. We will be looking at the other countries more on that Island through the year.
Britain's History from Book (13) it goes back thousands of years. Long before people knew how to read and write, giant stones were put in circles around Britain. The most famous of these is called Stonehenge. No one knows who put them there or why, but the circles seem to have astronomic alighnments with the sun and moon.
The Romans later conquered Britain, but they were unable to subdue the fierce tribes of the north in present day Scotland. They finally built Hadrian's Wall to keep the tribes' marauding bands at bay.
Britain was once ruled by kings and queens. Stories of King arthur and his knights of the round table have become British legend. In one story, Arthur pulled a sward out of a stone to become king. There is some archaeological evidence to support the fact that an ancient king united regional factions. As for the round table, no one knows.
Present-day britain was founded by William the Conqueror in A.D. 1066. The castle he built makes up part of the Tower of london. The "Bloody Tower," as it was later known, was turned into a prison and has housed many famous people. Ruins of many castles, manor houses, and churches are all over Britain. Anno's Britain includes illustrations of the ruins.
Britain still has a queen today. Her name is Elizabeth, but she does not run the country anymore. If you were to meet her, the boys would have to bow and the girls would have to curtsy. After Queen Elizabeth dies, her son Charles will become king. Then his son and then the new baby. During each new king or queen, the people will shout, "The queen or king is dead. Long live the new king or queen!"
Britain has produced many great writers like Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. Shakespeare wrote many plays, including Romeo and Juliet. Dickens wrote about Tiny Tim and Scrooge in  A Christmas Carol.
Tower of London
The Tower of London has a long history. It was built as a castle almost 1,000 years ago. Since then it has been used as a prison where many famous and infamous people were held. King Henry VIII had two of his wives imprisoned there. They were accused of witchcraft and executed by having their heads chopped off with an axe. Today the tower is a museum. It is where the crown jewels(all the jewelry and crowns made for the kings and queens of England) are kept. It is guarded by the Beefeaters who wear special uniforms.
The book gives a play castle and puppets to pretend with. However, you can design you own like I have been doing here for my granddaughters to play with. The boys like to play also especially if they are knights.
One last activity is one about tea. Find out about the different teas and what they do for you. My husband being from Mexico, he brings home different teas with different remedies. I have been told there is a difference in herbal tea in that it is from a plant not a leaf of a tree. There is all kinds of herbal teas on the market. Let the students open a bag of tea from the store or things as flowers etc to make brew tea with as different flowers. With tea many times the serve what they call finger sandwiches(cucumber, tomato and lettuce):They cut off the crusts which I wouldn't because that is the most vitamin. Put a little margarine on the bread slices and put cucumber, tomato, or lettuce in between cut diagonally into triangles. Now with the tarts from Canada and the finger sandwiches along with the tea your afternoon should be pretty good. 
There was two other books I was going to give you activities for but I think this was enough for one day and we will hold on to the other two for tomorrow.

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