Day 38
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Day 38

Today is Halloween and Grandma's lesson should be real short because of the day. Grandma spent the last hour trying to type something from the Bing News under David KNight, Spiegel news in which two scientists Christopher Benzmuller and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo claim to have proven that God does exist. They did it through asimple number-crunching program in a personal computer. The purpose was of the excersize to illustrate how computers have evolved to solve our most complicated problems.
A Matmetician Kurt Godel who worked with Einstein. He was a German Die Welt renouned Austrian. He died in 1978 but he left this model of logic written through Types, Tableaus and Godel's Gad by Melvin Fitting. It was all based on this Theory known as Godel's ontological proof-"God, by definition, is that for which no greater can be concieved. God exists in the understanding. If God exists in the understanding, we could imagine Him to be greater by existing in reality. Therefore, God must exist."
 It was all funded I believe by an American mathematicial  person named Doran Zeilberger using the name Shalosh B Ekhad since the 1980's in what they called the Simons Foundation-pseudonym for computers he uses to prove theorems in seconds rather than page after page of mathematical reasoning.
Now Grandma does not trust her own interpretation of these high vocabulary words, but she tried to take it word for word from the article as best she could. Check it out yourself. Grandma did look up Kurt Godel and was able to get these pictures that were shared. Most were in black in white but they must have had a few redone in color. I saved just these two; however, I must check with Vistaprint to see if they are ok to put on here. I will add them later otherwise just look them up if you wish.
I hope you got your chores and stuff done. Next is a time for Childrobotics and I will give you Lesson 13 from the Creative Dance Book. Its elements : swing, sway, circle; the helper: moving playground.
The author says,  "We've worked on stretching, bending, twisting, shaking, lifting, and collapsing. Today I want to see a swinging movement. What is a swinging motion? Swing your arms, back an forward. From side to side. Swing them using a large amount of space, a big swing. Now show me a small swing. What other parts of your body can swing? Your hand. Your leg. Your head? Yes, if you drop it forward. Your trunk? Yes, if you drop that forward too. Why must you drop your head or your trunk? Because a swing is like a pendulum or a playground swing. It's the bottom part of a circle; the fulcrum--the center or fastening--is at the top of the swinging bone, at the joint.
Make a full circle with your arms. The shoulder joint is in the middle of that circle. Make a full circle with your hand. Your head. Your ribs. Your hips. Your leg. Your lower leg. Your foot. Now do a swing again. A swing, remember, is the bottom part of a circle.
What else is characteristic about a swing? Swing your arms again. Let them swing freely, with no tension. What do you notice? There is a hesitation at the top of each side before the movement falls again. Now find another shape, perhaps low level, or turn yourself upside down, and see what part of your body can swing. Because of the letting go, a swing is a little bit like acollpase isn't it? But in a swing, the momentum in the movement creates a lift again, and the movement becomes continuous.
Now try moving through space. Swing and let the swing pull you through space, or let it turn you. Try it with your arms. Head. Leg.
Come back to your spot on the floor, and do one swing with your arms. Now draw the top part of that circle with your arms. Go. Keep drawing the top part of that circle back and forth, back and forth. What kind of movement are you doing? Yes swaying. What do you know that sways? What other parts of your body can sway? Sway with your head. Your whole body. Your legs. Change level and shape; now what can sway? Try moving through space, walking and swaying. Let the sway turn you. Feel the sway as part of horizontal circle. Can you feel the difference between swinging and swaying? Sway is back and forth; swing feels more like up and down.
All come over and sit by me. Let's take the idea of a playground--a moving playground. Everything on this playground must swing or sway or circle. What is the first thing you could put on this playground? Swings. Can you make your body swing through space like a real swing? Good. What else? Trees; they sway. A seesaw sways. A badeball pitcher; his arm circles, he pitches underhand and throws overhand--lots of swings and sways there! What else? Wind sways and circles. A tether ball swings and circles. What else?
Now decide what part of this moving playground you want to be. If you can't decide, be yourself and experiment with the movement plenty of room for people on this playground. Ready, show me your starting shape, go. And hold your ending shape. Now let's watch each other"(performance and comments.)
Goals for evaluation: Look for total body movement and free use of open space.
I know I do not have to remind anyone about Halloween safety. Just be sure that if it is not from someone you know and could be something special that you make sure it has been sealed in a wrapper. I am sure you have all checked your calendars. You could record the weather especially for it being this day. It is also National Magic Day  and National Unicef Day, I also read somewhere that it is National Cat Day so honor your cat today. A fun game to entertain yourselves with could be Hot and Cold where you hide something and the others have to find it while you tell them if they are Hot if they are close to it, Cold if they are too far away. The birthday's today are of John Keats, English poet born in 1795. Then in 1860 Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the American Girl Scouts was born. In 1931 Dan Rather, American TV journalist was born. In 1932 Katherine Paterson, author of Bridge to Terabithia was born.
The only other things I have for you today are a couple of lessons on Central America.
They will fall into the categories of History, Social Studies, reading, writing , language, math(games), art, Science
Imagine you are taking a trip from New York City, New York; to San Francisco, California; by Boat. There are two routes that you can take. One is around the southern tip of South America, the other runs through the Panama Canal, one of the greatest engineering achievements in the world.
How many miles is the trip from New York to San Francisco through the Panama Canal?
How many miles is the trip from New York to San Francisco around South America?
Choose one of these routes for your trip. Give three reasons why you believe this would be the better route to take.
2. ______________________________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________________________
These were from Grandma's Book (2) and a Captain with a ship's stiring Wheel was what they had drawn with it. The other activity page they had in Book (2) about the Panama Canal is as follows:
The Panama Canal
Two types of boats are too large to travel through the canal. Can you name them?
Design a boat on which you could travel through the canal.
As you pass through the canal region, you may see large plantations where Panama's chief cash crops are grown. What are cash crops?
Name two types of cash crops grown in Panama.
1. _______________________________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________________________
Bananas can be drawn on this page or a picture from a magazine.
Visiting Costa Rica(I hope you have not lost your passports. They should have been stamped or marked for Canada but you can do that now. Then mark or stamp them for Central America.
Costa Rica is "located between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America. It has a unique window on the world. Christopher Columbus was the first European to see and explore the region on his second voyage in 1502. He and the Spaniards who came after him called it Costa Rica, "rich coast." Costa Rica's fertile soil is its chief natural resource. Coffee, bananas, sugar, chocolate, and meat are its leading exports.
Costa Rica is a small, mountainous region. Its coasts have some of the best beaches north of the equator. San Jose, established in 1737, is the capital and the country's environmental, artistic, educational and cultural center. Laura was quite impressed with the Parque Bolivar(a zoo) and La Guacima de Alajuela(a butterfly farm).
The other places that laura particularly enjoyed were Barva Volcano in Brauliao Carrilo National Park, Barra de Matina Beach site of a leatherback turtle sanctuary, and Bosque Eterno de los Ninos, the Children's Eternal Forest. This forest is partly the result of the efforts of schoolchildren around the world who have donated time and money to save this precious rain forest.
Use 10 words from the information above to make a wordsearch on the Costa Rican flag. Write the words on the lines below. Then, lightly color the flag as follows: the top and bottom stripe blue, the center stripe red and the other two stripes white
______________________________________        _________________________________________
______________________________________        _________________________________________
______________________________________        _________________________________________
______________________________________         ________________________________________
______________________________________         ________________________________________
______________________________________         ________________________________________
Using a map consider the following things to do
The land connecting North and South America is called Central America. This is where Costa Rica is located. It contains six other countries. Each grows or mines a special product. Follow the directions below to label them.
1. Belize. grows cotton. Its's the northernmost country. (they wanted you to put a cotton plant on it)
2. Guatemala borders Belize It grows cotton too and they wanted you to draw a cotton plant on it also.
3. El Salvador is southeast of Guatemala, but they grow coffee beans. (They wanted you to draw a cup of coffee on it.
4. Silver is mined in Honduras, North of El Salvador. (they wanted your to color this country silver.
5. Nicaragua has some gold mines. (They wanted you to color in gold.
6. Columbus explored the eastern border of Costa Rica in 1502s. They wanted you to draw his ship in this country which borders Nicaragua.
7. Children from Costa Rica love the bananas grown there. (They wanted you to draw bananas there also)
8. Panama fishermen catch many shrimp. (They wanted you to draw some shrimp in this southernmost country.
9. If you look closely, you will see a break in the land through which ships can pass. This the Panama Canal. (they wanted you to label it.)
10. The U.S. helped clear the land that was once where the canal is now. Why do you think they wanted to help? Write your answer on the back of this paper.
Most Costa Rican cities use a block system with avenidas(avenues), calles (streets) and plazas (squares).
Costa Rica became the first Central American country to grow coffee beans. Today, it is one of the largest producrs of coffee.
Play the game below using coffee beans.
Materials Needed:
4" X 4" square of graph paper
20 coffee beans per player
1 paper cup (for the beans) per person
1. Color all the squares on your graph paper if you wish.
2. Place your colored paper on a desk or table.
3. Shake out your coffee beans onto the graph paper, but don't move them.
4. Graph the colors left uncovered. Estimate from most to least. Use a pie graph to record them. (a pie graph is just a drawn circle)

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