Day 39
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Day 39

It's November folks, All Saints Day and I believe we have made it there! We are also going into the Book of Exodus in which Moses is born and redeems the Israelites from Egypt. Here are some questions to test yourselves to see what you do know. They are from Faith Alive.
Whom dod God inspire to write this book?
   Moses wrote Exodus, his second book of the Bible.
When did this happen?
      The Israelites left Egypt about 1446 BC. The Law was given later at Sinai.
Where did this happen?
       Exodus 1-12 took place in Egypt Most other events took place at Mount Sinai.
How does Exodus show us God's love?
       By his love alone--not because they deserve it--God takes the people of Israel to be his. He rescues them from Egypt, he makes them special by giving them the Ten Commandments, and he calls them to be his witnesses to the world.
What special Messages does this book give us?
       Exodus tells how God used his mighty power to set apart the nation through which someday the Savior would be born.
What action happens in this book?
   God brings ten terrible plagues on Egypt. He forces Pharaoh to let God's people go and miraculously brings them through the Red Sea. God gives the Israelites the Ten Commandments and other laws by which to live.
What important people do we meet?
      Important people in this book include Moses, Aaron, and Miriam.
What are some of the stories in this Book?
                  Baby Moses                                                    Exodus 2
                  A burning bush                                                 Exodus 3
                  The ten plagues                                                Exodus 7-11
                  The Passover.                                                  Exodus 12
                   Crossing the Red Sea                                      Exodus 14
                   The Ten Commandments                                  Exodus 20
                   Building the tabernacle                                     Exodus  25-27
                   The golden calf                                                Exodus 32
So you see the first part of this book tells what happened to Joseph and his family and how the Israelites became slaves and why the Pharoah was killing the babies. Chapter two tells how Moses mother was able to save him by hiding him for three months. Then she makes a little basket made of the same material as the boats of dried papyrus(pu-PIE-rus) reeds and covered it in tar and pitch and had her daughter put it in the nile and follow it as it floated till it reached the Pharaoh's daughter who saved it for her own. Then the Egyptian's  daughter assigned Moses's own mother, as she did not know it was his mother, to be given the priviledge to nurse him.
Then Moses having grown up knows what the Pharaoh has done is wrong and defies him to the point he kills an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. Moses was scared of Pharaoh and the Pharaoh tries to kill Moses but Moses leaves the land to live in Midian.
He meets and helps some daughters of a priest in Midian. The 7 daughters are sent back to offer him to come eat with them. Moses goes to work for the priest tending the herd and the priest gives Moses his daughter Zipporah in marriage and she has his son they name Gershom, meaning "I have become an alien in a foreighn land." In the meantime the King of Egypt dies.
Grandma guesses you will have to draw your own picture of Baby moses for the children to color because I can't get it on the blog as I wanted to.
I hope you are done with chores, responsibilities or tasks for the day and said a prayer if you do. Next do something for Childrobotics and Grandma will send you a Creative dance lesson. It is Lesson 16 from the chart. The Element: fast and slow, the Helper: paint with your body
The author writes, " When I say go, I want you to move your whole body as fast as you can and stop when I say stop. Ready, go, stop. (wait only a second between the two instructions; most of the children will hardly have begun.)Do it again. Ready, go, stop. This time move not just your feet, but every part of yur body: your hands, head, eyelashes, nose, shoulders, hips, back, legs. Ready, go. Stop.
Next, I want you to move as slowly as it is possible for a person to move. Ready, shape, go. Move so that it barely shows, but so that it doesn't stop. How slowly can you move? Can you change your level? How slowly can you roll? Crawl? Walk? Gallop? Skip? Run? Collapse? Shake?
Let me see you do a fast-slow dance now. I won't beat for you this time because you will decide when you will move fast and when you will move slowly. Don't worry about what the other people are doing. If they are moving fast, you might be moving slowly. In fact, try to be different from those around you. Feel the contrast between you and others. Change whenever you want to . No one must move at medium tempo--only very fast or very slow. Move in the extremes of slow and fast. Ready, go
Now we are going to paint the air with our bodies. Think of big, slow strokes of paint through the space and fast splashes too. Think of big, slow strokes of paint through the space and fast splashes too. Think of spurts and dashes as well as fine, thin, slow, careful lines. Imagine using different colors, and paint a beautiful, exciting, massive picture in this room. Ready, go. Remember, your whole body is the paintbrush, so you can lead the movement with different parts of your body. Paint with yourhead, your knee, your back, your elbows. Paint with your whole self. Paint with red, blue, black, yellow. Make wide strokes fast and wide strokes slowly. Cover the space slowly, then fast. Throw darts of color into different directions. How many ways can you think of to spread color in this room? And make an ending shape.
Now let's talk about acceleration and retardation--speeding up and slowing down. Let's do just what the words say: we'll speed up and slow down. Start low level and go up as you make your movements faster. Then when you are as high as you can hold, gradually slow down and lower the level. Ready. go. Start very slowly so you can increase your speed. Hold your shape at the end. I'll wait for everyone.
Now let's move across the floor. Accelerate. Ready, go. Retard. Ready, go.
Get partners for a fast--slow dance. You can be a couple of characters or a thing or yourselves or you can paint the space. Whatever you do, it must be a fast--slow dance. Make the change of tempo the most interesting thing about your duet. How many ways can you show contrast between fast and slow? Get a beginning shape and practice. Beginning shape, movements, ending shape. When you are ready, come sit by me, and we'll watch. (Performance and comments.)
Goals for evaluation: Stress doing large, fast moves; they are hard to do and take energy!
Today's calendar pages in Book 1 are emphasising the broadcasting work Grandma had come up with, that routine can be used anytime the children have a free minute and want to express themselves . Sometimes they really have fun doing this. It is like playing or pretending school to them.Today is November already and Grandma has not been able to find her Monthly Activities books for all the months yet. You may not get them till next year. I hope you stay with me through that time.
The project for the Month is called "Doll Days"; for November is Doll Collection Month among other things as given in Book (1). You and your children brainstorm all the kinds of dolls, making a list, and categorizing them. Thinking of all the things you can do with them. I hopefully can get you started sewing together and make some doll clothes. I may do this next week. You could make your own museum, doll factory, or just a collection. As an extender Book (1) asks: How do your children feel about the following questions: Should boys play with dolls? Grandma has heard it makes them better dads. If no Why no. If yes, what kind and up to what age? When should girls stop playing with dolls?
Following are the Observances for November.
Monthlong Observances
Aviation History Month
Child Safety and Protection Month
Doll Collection Month
Good Nutrition Month
International Drum Month
Model Railroad Month
National Diabetes Month
National Epilepsy Month
National Ice Skating month
What's in the News Month
Weeklong Events
Cat Week (first full week)
Children's Book Weel (third full week)
American Education Week(first full week preceding the fourth Thursday)
Farm-City Week(wwk ending with Thanksgiving
National Geography Awareness Week(third full week)
National Family Week
(Thanksgiving week)
Latin America Week(last full week)
Special Days and Celebrations
Election Day (first Tuesday)
World community Day (first Friday)
Veterans day(November 11)
Sadie Hawkins Day(first Saturday after November 11)
Great American Smokeout(third Thursday)
Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday)
Birthday's for today are James Renwick, American architect who designed the Smitsonian Institution, born in 1818. Then in 1871 Stephen Crane, American author who wrote The Red Badge of Courage. Birthdays for Saturday November 2 include Daniel Boone, Americanpioneer, born 1734, Then in 1755, Marie Antoinette, queen of France was born. In 1795, James K. Polk, 11th president of the United States was born. In 1865 Warren G Harding, 29th president of the United States was born. It is also Cookie Monster's birthday so I hope you have some cookie baking planned.
November 1 is National Authors Day, which there are at least three things I have thought about that we can do with, It is also Worldwide Peace Day, which would be nice if  would participate in  this year.I do not see that happening. Book (1) is also elaborating on  the Doll Collection Month by have children draw each other on big pieces of paper and dressing the dolls Historically. I feel they could also and might be better on regular size all purpose plain paper. Maybe make a booklet of them. The events for the day is that in 1755 an Earthquake destroyed Lisbon, Portugal, killing 50, 000. Grandma would like to use this for a discussion and project on disasters. Then in 1765 The Stamp Act went into effect in the American colonies, provoking widespread resistance. Which I have two revoluction books for you to read.
One little Book Grandma has  called Love the Earth! with Activities and Patterns for an Ecology Unit by Annalisa Suid, Illustrated Marilynn G Barr:Monday Morning Books, Inc. 1993 has the Cactus time line and other fun activities in it. Grandma calls this Book (170).
It teaches the children to respect the earth and our environment on it. Let them know that their yards can have all kinds of adventurous things in it as leaves, grass, plants, insects, garden snakes-sometimes worse. Teach them what things they can come near and how to collect items in a jar to let loose later. Teach them various things about the plants also. Like eating foods nutricianal for them as health drinks ground up in special blender machines. I read last night how our food processing is taking magnesium out of our food and that it is a very important nutrient in our diet along with Vitamin B6. That  helps our metabolism, blood pressure(how stress destroyes it also), and our cardiovascular system.
From Book(57) Ferocious Natural Forces by Teddy Meister
The Force Itself
When the remendous strain on a portion of the earth suddenly changes, a shaking of the ground occurs, producing an earthquake. This strain can build up over a period of time as short as a year or as long as many centuries. Movements of portions of the earth's crust known as faulting. Pressure causes great blocks within the earth to slip or push up (tectonic movement). The amount of slippage can range from a few inches in a very small quake to as much as fifty feet in larger ones.
Earthquakes are usually classified by their depth. A shallow quake may be thirty miles in depth, an intermediate-sized quake 30 to 180 miles. and a deep quake 180 to 450 miles in depth.
The Force at Work
The San Francisco Earthquake
While the majority of people slept peacefully at 5:12 on the morning of April 18, 1906, the earth suddenly began shifting and trembling violently. The massive San Andreas fault had slipped over a segment of 270 miles in length, causing the worst earthquake in the history of California.
The length of this quake extended from San Juan in Benito County to upper Mattole in Humboldt County. From there it stretched outward under the sea for an unknown distance. The effects of this quake, registering 7.9 on the Richter Scale, were felt from Los Angeles, in southern California, to Coos Bay, Oregon, in the north. Destruction was most severe in San Francisco, where raging fires started by the quake caused over $400 million in damage. Loss of life was estimated to be around 700 people Homeless residents in the thousands fled to safety, camping on the dunes west of the city and in outlying towns
Within a short time, relief shipments of food and clothing as well as financial aid were sent from American and European neighbors. The long task of rebuilding the city lay ahead, with a new commitment to build it "earthquake proof" and fire resistant. In 1915, proud of their long, hard efforts, San Francisco invited the world to view its achievement at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.
The Alaskan Earthquake
The state of Alaska was struck by a devastating earthquake on March 27, 1964. Ranked by some experts as more severe (9.2 on the Richter Scale) than the San Francisco quake, It was among the largest ever recorded.
The center of the earthquake was placed near the shore of Prince Willam Sound, about 100 miles east of Anchorage, between Anchorage and Valdez. The extensive damage (in the hundreds of millions of dollars) destroyed much of the downtown district of Anchorage. Water, gas, sewer, and electrical lines were broken. Streets, roads, and airport runways were crumpled. Severe damage was also suffered in seward, Valdez, and Kodiak. Kodiak Island was recipient of a tsunami(tidal wave) that was generated by the force of the quake, wrecking docks, canneries, and other waterfront properties important to the economy. Ten-foot waves resulting from this tsunami were felt as far away as Crescent City, California!
Activities: Understanding the Force
1. Globally, there are approximately 50,000 earthquakes each year. Of this number, 100 are large enough to cause severe damage if they occur near heavily-populated areas. What plan could you develop that would interest different world nations to join together to help prevent loss of life? Write your plan, using an outline form. Make suggestions to different world leaders.
2. The Imperial Htel in Tokyo was one of the first "earthquake-proof" buildings designed and built. Frank LLoyd Wright was the architect. Do some research about the hotel and designer. Present a five-minute talk to the class about what you have learned.
3. What is the relationship between the Richter Scale and seismology? Look these terms up and explain in a diagram or series of pictures how the two are related.
4. Locate on a world map active earthquake areas. Draw an outline of the map and color in the major areas. Label each section.
5. Explain the meanings of the following terms: epicenter, foreshocks, aftershocks. Collect other "earthquake" words and start a vocabulary collection.
6. The "floating continent" theory is one that is generally accepted now by many scientists. Find out about this theory and make a clay model of what it means. Use different colors of clay to show each main section, or "continent."
7. In 1899, Yakutat, Alaska, experienced an earthquake whose vertical slip was forty-seven feet deep. Find out about this event and write a diary about what it might have been like to live through this terrible natural disaster.
8. A Moho is an area where seismic waves speed up suddenly. The term is named after the discoverer of this unusual occurrence,  Andrija Mohorovicic, a Yugoslav seismologist who made the discovery in 1909. Start a fact file about scientists who study natural disasters, beginning with Mohorovicic. What can you find out about the discoveries of these scientists? About their lives and work? Summarize your findings on 3"x 5" cards for your file.
9. The amount of energy released by earthquakes, even the smallest ones, is enormous. This energy can range from a few millionths of a kilowatt to 280,000,000,000 kilowatts! Invent a machine that might harness this energy into a form that could replace our use of gas and oil. Label the special parts of your invention and explain how it works."
One book to get for the use of the time frame it fits into is Can't You Make them Behave King George? by Jean Fritz taken from Grandma's Book (3).
Some vocabulary for this book is as follows:
sedan chair                          abdication                         proclamation
tutor                                    Westminster Abbey           traitor
harpsichord                          ermine                              Archbishop
tiara                                     coronation                        rebellious
Answers you may want to log are as follows:
"_Pretend you are king for a day. Explain your activities.
-What might be some disadvantages of being a king? (Give at least three.)
-Explain what the author meant by "Can't You Make Them Behave George?"
The last illustrated page in the book shows King George giving the Americans a bloody nose to teach them a lesson. This is called a poliitical cartoon. Locate other political cartoons in your daily newspaper.
Create your own political cartoon to illustrate an issue at home, a school you may have , in your city, or in your state. The US Government is having some contridiction right now as it is.
Language arts
The author used onomatopoeias(00000h, Whoa, and UGH) to emphasize the characters' reactions. Brainstorm a list of sound-words. Draw facial expressions to illustrate each word.
 Create a word search puzzle using the vocabulary words from this story. (Use graph paper.)
England is one of the countries in the United Kingdom. Locate and label the other countries and their capital cities.
How many years ago did America declare its independence?
After reading this story determine the number of years that George III reigned as king.
The English people were known for their formal balls and banquets during this period of time. Ask a music specialist to help you locate music that was played at these formal occasions.
What is the most important character trait for a country's leader to possess? Work with a group to choose five traits. Draw a ladder, listing on the steps of the ladder the traits in order of their importance. Explain your choices
Poster Idea
"Political Thoughts" and display the political cartoons that the students created in the art section."
The other Book to find is Why Don't you Get a Horse, Sam Adams?by Jean Fritz, Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman 1974 Coward-McCann, Inc.
We will save the activities for it till next week. It is out of Grandma's Book (8) America and the Americans Written by Linda Ward Beech, Tara McCarthy, and Eleanor Ripp, illustrated by Claude Martinot, cover illustrated by Jane Conteh-morgan; Newbridge Educational  Programs1992

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