Day 40
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Day 40

Good Morning to November folks!
I have a little extra piece to add to your Social Studies and the calendars.
On Bing today they showed the Diwali celebration of India. They draw diyas everywhere and light everything up including fireworks. The place "rangolis", which I think are lanterns outside the shops and put flowers out. It is all in celebration from 1620 when in ridding India of a bad leader or vanquishing the demon-king Ravana and the return of an exiled special good leader Lord Rama to the city of Avodhia.
Many go to the Golden Temple all lit up and other temples in India. People exchange gifts and share sweets as well. This year the mark of 2013 a special happening called bonhomie also happened in the celebration: Border officials of Pakistani and Indian people exchanged sweets. It was a big thing and very beautiful so make a note of it.
Now I hope you have your rutine down of tasks, responsibilities, or jobs. You can always change them around but make sure the children can handle it and not overwhelm them. Talk to them about it first. If you say prayers be sure to say your prayers today. Always keep the cartoons, newspapers, book reports, vocabulary and word study going along with the yearbooks and journals. Don't forget about research papers you may have. Keep notations and plant growing kept up with.
In the bible today God talks to Moses. Different religions and Bibles may differ with Moses of when he talked to Moses. Faith Alive is a New International Version written in the United States and edited by Rev. Carl C Fickenscher II; published by Concordia Publishing House 1995. It says in this book that Moses wrote his own story. So who took it off his writing is the question.This Bible says, (in chapter 3 of Exodus)
"Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in law, the priest of Midian, and he led the flock to the far side of the desert and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. 2There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. 3So Moses thought, "I will go over and see this strange sight--why the bush does not burn up.""
Now in some religions I thought I remember it said that the Pharoah took Moses out of the land and left him in the desert to die before he met Jethro and his daughters. I remember it told that he was revived by God and told he was to stay in the desert until called upon to do great things for the Lord and would return to his people and free them from bondage. Now whether he gave Moses the powers of the staff and other things at the time or if Grandma was totally screwed up she is not sure. She has some people to ask to see. For now use whatever Bible you have from what religion you are in and follow what it says. Just remember that God told Moses at sometime in here that he was to go to Egypt and talk to the Pharoah about releasing his people. Now whether he just appeared to Moses in the beginning of leaving Egypt and Moses did not see the bush till later, that is Grandma's other confusion. However, either way Moses was unsure of himself facing the Pharoah and his people. Manly becuase they did not listen to him before. Moses was afraid he would thumble with words and God told him his brother Aaron would be there to help him and speak for him. He specifically told him to take the powerful staff and the other powers given him though to show the Pharoah that he meant business and had power with him. These were called the "Signs of Moses" in Faith Alive. Faith Alive brings out some points in Let's Live It! about Exodus 3:1-15 in which God tells Moses "I Am With You"  For many young people say, "God was always around in those days." Faith Alive and faith leaders want us all to know as "moses was scared about being a leader. But God was with him God is also with this people today. In Exodus 3:14 God calls himself I Am(meaning I am The Lord, the God of your fathers)-- the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, and also the God of Joseph. He told Moses to tell the He is sent by the I AM. He told Moses that the elders of the Israelites would remember him. Therefore, he told Moses to meet with the elders together and tell them that "The Lord, the God of your fathers-- the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob--appeared before me(Moses) and said: I have watched over you and have seen what has been done to you in Egypt. 17And I have promised to bring you up out of your misery in Egypt into the land of Canaanities, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites-- a land flowing with milk and honey. " The elders of israel will listen to you. Then you and the  elders are to go to the king of Egypt and say to  him "The Lord, the God of the Hebrews, has met with us. Let us take a three-day journey into the desert and offer sacrifices to th Lord our God." He said the Pharoah will resist them going and God said he will preform miraculous happenings to make the Pharoah and his people release your people. He told Moses to let his people know to prepare themselves to go. Moses is hesitant  when God releases the staff to him and other powers he gives him. He said Aaron his brother will meet him there to help him.
Therefore, Faith Alive points out in Words to Remember 4:12 "I will help you speak and will teach you what to say."
God told Moses he must carry the staff with him and must show the Pharoah all the powers he had given him. He told Moses that he God would harden the Pharoah (for some reason Grandma never understands that one or if it was because God wanted to destroy him and his country. There is a part in there Exodus 4:22 that I think Moses was trying to back out again and have God send his son Israel. Then God wanted to kill his son for the resistance and lack of faith in him but Zipporah the boy's mother, Moses's wife circumcised her son and threw the foreskin at Moses feet saying you see you did not keep the promise of you forefathers so God did not want to honor our son. What she did saved her son and Moses did go forth as God told him to and met up with Aaron his brother at the edge of the desert. This is all some pretty heavy reading and understanding. You will just have to use your own judgement upon what your bible has.
Do some Childrobotics, and then we will do Lesson 18 from the chart given to us in which eht element: Heavy and light; helper: no Noise
The author gives the following instructions: "Pound on the floor as hard as you want to with your fist once. Go. Now do it again, but don't touch the flloor;  just feel the strength in your movement, without the noise.Do it sharply. Go. Remember, sharp means with a sudden stop. Try it again. Go. Now do it smoothly, but with just as much weight behind it. Go. Keep that weight moving evenly. Do it again with the other hand. Press downward heavily. Go.
Now with either hand, let your fist float ligtly down to the floor. Your other hand. Lightly to the floor. Keep the shape of the fist if you can, so that we are not making strong and light shapes, only strong and light movements. Ready, go. Lightly. Can you do that movement sharply but lightly? Try it.
Now lift something upward above your head with strong force.. Imagine a very heavy weight. Lift it with your arms. Lift it with your legs. Left it with your back. Lift it with your shoulders.
Now just the opposite. Lift something light as air above your head. Lift it slowly but lightly. Lift it quickly. Lift it with your arms. Your legs. Your shoulders. Your back.
Push something heavy away from you. Push it with your back. Your arms. Your whole body. Now flick something lightly away fom you. Use a small amount of space and press. Use a large amount of space and press. Pull something of great weight. Do that very same motion very lightly.
Now do all the strong movements you can think of. Think of strong movement as movement with weight behind it or weight in front of it. Your body is heavy and the air is heavy. Go. Make me feel the weight and see the strength it takes to move it. Do some skips and jumps and leaps with strength and weight. Try changing leel. Keep the feeling of strength. Remember to hold back the weight so that no noise happens.
Now do just the opposite: lightness. Skipping. Jumping. N noise! Galloping. Everyone listen, and let's see who can gallop the most quietly.
For the good-by dance, let me see all lightness. Lots of quick darts and dodges, leaps, skips, jumps, turns, and gallops. Then, suddenly at the end, just before your ending shape, do a great strong movement ending with a great strong shape.(Play music)
Goals for evaluation: Look for the ability to change from light to heavy and keep the shapes and steps varied."
Grandma is ready to give you some Book (1) birthdays for Sunday and Monday so look your calendars ove. Discuss the weather and what has been going on with the trees outside the last week or so. Grandma was able to get out a little today and saw how beautiful the fall leaves on the trees are looking. A very beautiful sight today even though the wind was blowng like crazy. On november 3, 1718 John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, cridited with invention of the sandwich for eating at the gaming table. In honor of the earl of Sandwich's birthday, brainstorm for titles of nability(king, queen, duke, duchess, earl, lady, baron, baroness, and so on.) Have your children consult an encyclopediat to put their list in order fom lowest rank to the highest. Then invite the children to reate cartoon characters that combine nobility and food--such as the duke of Pizza or Qeen Candy Bar.
Grandma also wants you to discuss what things are in lunch meat  that may not be so good for a person. I want you to discuss some things that would be better to eat in a sandwich. The other birthday on that day November 3 is that of Stephen Austin, colonizer and leader in Texas's fight for independence from Mexico. He was born in 1793. There is a movie about him that is quite good. An event that happened November 3 is in 1679 when panic swept Europe as a comet approached. Put yourself in their spot at that time and what you would feel and do. Write a story, cartoon, or poem about it Which can bring you to the discussion of things in space and talk about the eclipse that happened. There was also a strange formation that will show up later that they had some information on the last few days and Grandma can't remember everything about it nor why she did not include that in the lessons I will try to find out what it was. Today there is no events to look at but there is four birthdays. The first one is James Fraser, American sculptor in 1876 of November 4th. He was so good he did the sculture on the American buffalo nickel--which featured a baffalo on one side and an American Native's head on the other--they were issued by the U.S. Treasury in 1913. The design commemorated the importance of the buffalo to the Plains Indians' way of life. Have your students design a coin that commemorates something from contemporary life. Tell your children that another famous piece by Fraser, the sculpture The End of the Trail, depicts an exhasted American Native at the end of the Trail of Tears, the forced relocation of about 17,000 Cherokees by the U. S. government in 1838. About on in four died during this journey from Georgia to the Indian Territory, west of the Mississippi River. This territory later became the state of Oklahoma. Have your children locate cities and towns in Oklahoma with names that reflect Native American culture. Lately I think the reprinting of this coin took place or one similiar. Grandma is not sure. One last mention for the two days is that November 4 is what they call Mischief Night in England,  Ausrallia, and New Zealand. What happens this night or if anything bad has ever happened. It might be researched or reported on.
Now to get into the book I wanted you to try to get for today. It is called "Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams? by Jean Fritz. There are some things You can do as meet the author before you and the children read the book.
                  Meet Jean Fritz: "Born on November 16, 1915. Jean Fritz spent her first 13 years in Hankow, China, where her American parents lived and worded. An only child, she spent much time reading books about faraway places, especially the United States. She longed to go there to do such "American things" as celebrating Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July. After graduating from Wheaton College and starting her own family. Fritz indulged her love of America and Americans by writing history and historical fiction for children. One of her first books. The Cabin Faced West (1958), was based on the life of Fritz's Great-great-grandmother, an early pioneer in Pennsylvania. Although she  has written other types of books, notably the Animals of Dr. Schweitzer (1958), Fritz's main focus continues to be on American roots, particularly the Revolutionary period. Her books about that era, such as George Washington's Breakfast(1969), are known for their precise historical details and their good humaor. ( this might be a good book to add to the breadfast work you did if you can find it. And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? was named in 1973 as an outstanding Book of the Year by the Times andNew York  as a Best Nook by the School Library Journal. Fritz  has also written articles for Horn Book, The New Yorker, Atlantic, and other magazines."
Met the artist: Trina Schart Humann--"Hyman was born on April 8, 1939, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in nearby farm contry. From the age of six on, she was determined to be an illustrator, and after graduating from high school, she studied at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art. Among her many illustrated works are Greedy Mariani by Dorothy Carter and Magic in the Mist by margaret kimmel, which were 1975 and 1976 entries in the Children's Book Council's Children's Book Showcase. In addition to her illustration work. Hyman has also served as art director for Cricket magazine. She lives on a farm in New Hampshire."
Story Summary--"Sam Adams is different. He doesn't wear fancy clothes like his friends; he is brave enough to speak out against the King of England, who rules the American colonies; and he refuses to learn how to ride a horse. While important people ride on horses. Sam Adams walks about the streets of Boston with his dog, planting thoughts about independence and planning and encouraging acts of rebellion against the British government and troops, such as the famous Boston Tea Party. When he serves as the Massachusetts representative to the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774. Sam reluctantly wears proper clothes. But he still refuses to ride a horse. By April of 1775., Adams is considered a traitor by the King for his views on American independence. With a price on his head, he flees the Redcoats when warned by Paul Revere. Finally, John Adams convinces his cousin that an American statesman could only do the new American nation proud if he would ride on a horse. After a painful riding lesson, Sam enters Philadelphia on horseback in October of 1775 to attend the Second Continental Congress, ready for his place in history."
(By the way this is in Grandma's Book (184); America and the Americans written by Linda Ward Beech, Tara McCarthy, and Eleanor Ripp, Text illustrated by Claude Martinot, Cover illustrated by Jane Conteh-Morgan; Newbridge Educational Programs 1992 Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams was published by Coward-McCann, Inc.1974
The before reading activity in Grandma's book suggest Seein the Past
"After reading every three or four pages, point to the illustrations and ask students to pick out details that show what colonial cities such as Boston wee like 200 years ago. Discuss with the children the richly detailed pictures that show cobblestone streets, British flags, shop signs of the times(using Ye instead of The), sailing ships, and colonial clothes, tools, furnishings, conveyances, and buildings. Encourage volunteers to compare the cities of Sam Adams's day with modern cities."
Page activities are as follows:
                                          What Are You Like, Sam Adams?
Pretend you are sam adams. Fill in the blanks on the form to tell about Sam. (there are several little pictures around the page that is done a scroll paper about Sam or the times. On the back the children could draw a picture of his horse-never expect perfection.)
1. Name:__________________________________________________________________
2. City and Colony Where you Live:____________________________,________________________
3. Favorite Way of Getting Around Town:________________________________________________
4. Favorite Topic: ____________________________________________________________________
5. Likes:___________________________________________________________________________
6. Dislikes:_________________________________________________________________________
7. Describe an interesting event in which you took part:_____________________________________
second page                                       In Other Words
Write the phrase from the words below that means the same thing as the words below each line or sentence.
                 drop in at                    fly for his life                                brains behind
             hold his tongue                      eyes                           sit still under his wig
1. Sam Adams and his dog_______________________________________shops and taverns.
2. Sam simply will not_________________________________________________about independence.
                                                           stop talking
3. When his cousin wants him to ride a horse, Sam just______________________________________
it suspiciously.                                                                                 looks at
4. At the first meeting in Philadelphia, Sam tries hard to______________________________________
keep his ideas to himself
5. When the Redcoats come looking for him, Sam feels it his duty to __________________________
                            get away safely
6. Sam and John Hancock are the_______________________________________________the Revolution.                                                           leaders of
On the back of this page write about a time when you had to hold your tongue and sit still under your wig.
third page                                        Revolutionary Talk
People have a lot to talk abut where Sam Adams lives. Read the sentences below. Then write them in the order they happen.
Sam Adams is in Philadelphia, and I hear he rode on a horse!
A band of men just dumped a load of tea into the harbor!
England is making us pay a tax on everthing that's printed!
The Redcoats are coming, and Paul Revere's spreading the alarm!
Write what you might have said during those times.
fourth page                               America Then and Now
Finish the chart below by filling out how the selected items were in the age of Sam Adam and how they would be now you can also use pictures if you wish.
                                                            In Sam Adams's Day                                 Now
Houses and other buildings
(how Ideas Get Around)
On the back you can tell or do pictures to tell what you might or would like to see if you visited Boston today or back then at the time of Sam Adams.
fifth and last page                                 A Dog's Tale
Suppose Sam Adam's dog Queue could talk and write. What would he say about Sam? Pretend you are Queue. Write a letter to a dog-friend to tell what spending a day with Sam is like.
                                                                           (Date)________________________, 17_____
                                                                                                    Your friend,
(this a good time to teach the children if they haven't learned yet of how a letter is set up)
On the back they can draw a picture of Queue and Sam together.
For scinece you can take various pictures of bad pollution in the oceans, lakes and rivers along with the animals living there and make a mobile for one side of a room. Then for another side of a room take pictures of forest and meadow animals that be in danger of human construction and make a mobile for them there.
You can start saving different seeds as pumpkin that have not been cooked or started to sprout in an old pumpkin and put them in a put to start to grow for the spring. Cantalope seeds grow real well and fast. tomatoe seeds, jalapeno seeds(skin can be cut from them and cooked-it makes them  real mild and good flavoring), herbs, beans are good for growning. If the stem is started on garlic they will grow so will onions. Avacodo seeds are fun. just put toothpicks part way down on them so the bottom is in water and the top is held up with the toothpicks.
For math today draw a bunch of horses to do math problems in, the dog, or/and pumpkins. All these are fun. Use stencils if you have them. Another is books or the colonial hats, anything else you can think of. An easy one would be cobblestone streets.
Have a good day!

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