Day 44
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Day 44

Thanks for being behind me through this tough time. I have some fun activities for today's lessons, but first Grandma has a Bible lesson and a dance for you. I hope you did your chores, duties ect for today. Now upon the death of the firstborns the Paraoh did release the Israelites. They also took Joseph's bones with them as Joseph asked them to when they were released from bondage.
God then told Moses and the Israelites that they must Consecrate-meaning preserve or set aside every firstborn of their children and all animals alike for God's usage. No more had the Israelites left and the Pharaoh realized they would be lost with out them to do their labor. However, it was too late. The Israelites were prepared for war but God took them towards the Red sea because God was about to preform another miracle. As the egyptians approached the Israelites cried to Moses and Moses turned to God as Gos told him to raise his staff again. As Moses did the Red Sea opened up and the people were told to pass through. The did as they were told. Then as the Egyptians and their carriages began to follow God released the water upon them and they were killed in the water.
Faith Alive has a game made up concerning this scene. people are divided up upon the beginning of the game of being group 1-Israelites and group 2-Egyptians. All Israelites(group 1) are in the middle and no one is to runn, everyone must walk. A time limit or timer is set or a number of counts. The Egyptians(group 2) must walk into the middle and try to capture group 1. If captured they are out of the game. When the first time is up any Israelites not captured are safe. Any Egyptians left in the middle at the end of the time are drowned and out. This keeps going on until one or the other team is all out.
Faith Alive wants the children to think about the fact that all the Israelites were saved and all the Egyptians were killed. The story of Moses, the Pharaoh, and God all have many lessons for people to learn. Grandma does believe that is why God did it the way he did it. He has left many a message to man considering they can be as strong headed or hardened as the PHaraoh. He also is trying to point out is that you do not lean on another person to do what you can't do alone. God has much more to teach in this lesson. Upon the deliverance of the Israelites by God through Moses, they put their trust in him. Moses and Miriam make a song to sing to the Lord for his work in Chapter 15. Then Moses leads the people away from the sea into the Desert of Shur, only to find there was only bad water. The people complain again and Moses turns to God. God throws the bark of a tree into the water and it is sweetend and the people drank. God tested them there and told them that if they listeded to him and opeyed what he comanded they would suffer no diseases of the Egyptians, God said," For I am the Lord, who heals you. Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve springs and seventy Palm trees.
I hope you did some prayers and some Childrobotics today for tonight Grandma will give you a dance lesson 24 with the element: pattern; helper leaving out, filling in
All these instructions are from the author (Choose a piece of music that is rhythmically simple and clear and divided into phrases of eight beats--two measuresof 4/4, or four measures of 2/4. Folk-dance music is good.)
Everyone clap to this music with me(Turn down the volume without removing the needle while you speak; then turn up the volume again for participation.) Now let me have a turn clapping by myself for eight beats, then it will be your turn. Here we go with the music. My turn. Your turn. My turn. Your turn.(Point to them at their turn. If you can count aloud at the same time, good.)
This time listen to how I clap. I shall leave out some numbers. One, --, --, four, five, --, seven, eight. You can leave out any numbers you wish. Ready, here we go. My turn, Your turn. My turn. Your turn.(Etc.)
Next I'm going to fill in between the regular beats. Listenl ONe, and two, and a three, and a four a, and a five a, and six, and seven, and eight. (Do whatever feels good to you.) Now you fill in however you would like to. Ready, my turn. Your turn. (Etc)
This time, instead of just clapping, stand up and be free to turn and move, so that you can clap in a different spot in space each time, as if you're catching mosquitoes. Fill in and leave out wherever you wish. My turn first, for eight beats, Then you turn. Here we go.
This time imagine the floor is your drum, and make the rhythm with you feet. You can run, stamp, hop, jump--whatever feels good. Clap at the same time if you wish. No more turns for me --it's all yours now. Ready, go.
Let's do this again. See if you can change your level. Remember: keep clapping or making rhythm with your feet. Leave out more beats; the stops are interesting. Then put in lots of fast ones. You'll be making patterns in rhythm. Ready, go.
Now I'll change the music. This time see if you can make your own rhythm pattern to the music. Start in a shape. Ready, begin when you hear the music.
Shall we try some slow music? This may be harder. See if you can still make rhythm patterns. Use your hands, your feet, yourwhole body this time. Make your body moves uneven--sometimes long like a whole note, sometimes short. Make patterns in time.
This will be our good-bye dance. Which was your favorite record? All right, one at a time across the floor. Dance with the rhythm of your whole body.
Goals for evaluation: Look for the ability to let go, to let the rhythmic body take over."
Has everyone looked at the calendars  and have you marked the weather. There should be plenty of work on your schedules and are you keeping up with your time lines. Today is November 8 and tomorrow is November 9. We do have three weeks before Thanksgiving. For Book 1 the first birthday on November 8 is of Edmund Halley, English astronomer and mathematician in 1656. This reminds me that Junior high students should be doing all kinds of work as weather evaluations and Geography, They should be learning basic measuring on the scales find about the insides of things, calculating measurements of things for grams etc., and basic chemicals. They should be learning instrument bands or more about singing. They should be learning specific sports, dancing etc., They will be learning to do sewing and crafts, woodworking etc.They should learn as many skills as you possibly can give them and teach them. The should also be cooking and baking, writing, and acting. They should be working with younger children if they wish and you should give them all you can from here untill the become graduates. Now as far as the calendar goes, Milton Bradley, American games manufacturer was born in 1836. When the game maker Milton Bradley opened his own print shop, his first big job was for thousands of Lithographs of Abraham Lincoln. But the president grew a beard, making the lithographs outdated and impossible to sell, and Bradley faced financial ruin. So he decided to try something different: He developed a board game called The Checkered Game of Life. Today, the Milton Bradley Company is the largest games manufacturer in the country, making such favorites as Life, Statego, Battleship, and Cadyland. Oh and don't forget Monopoly! Discuss your favorite board games and why.
In 1847 Bram Stroker, English-Irish author of Dracula was born. (so close to Halloween also). in 1900 Margaret Mitchell, American novelist who write Gone with the Wind. That makes Grandma remember we are moving in to learn about the Civil War very soon. In 1922, Christiaan Barnard( and that is not a type0 mistake); that is the way his name is spelled andhe was the South African surgeon who performed the first successful human heart transplant. Then in 1949 Bonnie Raitt, American singer was born. There are two events for November 8. In 1783 The first Circulating Library in America was founded in Philadelphia was begun.. Then in 1793 The Louvre Museum in Paris was opened. It is also Aid and Abet Punsters Day. Celebrate it by asking your childrento define the term pun. See if they can come up with some examples. Book 1 gave "a sketch of an inviting bed-and breakfast establishment, with the sign 'Dewdrop Inn." Or a picture of an unhappy chef who's telling his friends that he'd start a bakery if he could raise some dough." Encourage the children to think about homophones and words with multiple meanings when they're creating puns. Collect them into a notebook, folder, or wall collection or a book.
It is also Dunce Day and Grandma does not care to have anything to do with that because she does not believe in dunces at all.
November 9th only has two birthdays and that is it.In 1731 Benjamin Banneker,, African-American astronomer and mathematician(right before the Revolution War) was born. Then in 1871 Florence Sabin, American physician and teacher. She thought science should have no gender identification. She said, "The important thing is the progress of knowledge and not which individual is the relay runner who for a brief span carried the torch." Discuss what you think this means and how you feel about it.
Now get ready for some stories and I will do the best to explain them and get you ready for what you need to present them.
"Witch Willora's Magic Scissors- A Halloween Cut-as-You-Tell Story by Flora Joy
Note: prior to telling this story, find a 9"x12" piece of black construction Paper and a apir of scissors. Fold the paper in half. During the story cut the paper accordng to" Grandma's instructions. consider practicing a time or two beefore using the story with an audience. Those who are not confident can draw faint lines for guidelines during the cutting. An older child could cut while you read or vice versa. After the story the children can try to tell the story and cut the cat and kettle. Now I just told you a tail for the cat will be cut first it will fit in a slit at the end of the paper,. Then you will cut out an upside down cooking kettle as if the tail was a lid for the pot. These pieces will be cut from the raw edges of the folded paper, not the folded side. one side of the upside down pot is the cat's head. The big piece of paper left over is the cat's body. Grandma just decided the other side of the paper not used could be a cooking pot with the other lid or tail piece if folded as the pot holder. Now here is the story:
"At the edge of Wims Forest lived a witch named Willora. Unlike her three mean, ghastly sisters who lived deeper in the forest, Willora was very nice and kind to all who met her. She especially liked all the little children to visit her for treats on Halloween. Her sisters, however, played shameful pranks on all children, and they became jealous of Willora when the children delighted in visiting her. One day her sisters decided to play an ugly prank on her. On Halloween Eve, after Willora was sound asleep, they stole her kettle in which she always made her special Halloween brew, and they stole her black cat.
Willora arose early Halloween morning and began to round up the ingredients for her special brew. But she couldn't find her kettle. As she began looking for it, she also noticed that her cat was missing. Poor Willora! How could she have an exciting Halloween without either her cat or her kettle? She began to look for them, first in her yard, then in the forest. She walked deeper and deeper in the forest, calling for her cat and looking for her kettle. But she found neither. Exhausted, she sat on a log and began to cry. Suddenly a forest fairy appeared and asked why she was crying. Willora told him her story while he listened quietly.
Then he said, "I do not have a cat or a kettle to give you. But I can give you a pair of magic scissors.They will help ease your pain."
Willora did not want a pair of scissors. She wanted her cat and her kettle. But, being the nice witch that she was, she thanked the forest fairy and began walking home. She was sad bec ause she would barely have time to get there for the early trick or treaters.
Suddenly the magic scissors began cutting the underbrush that slowed her down, and she was home in two blinks of a gnat's wing. When she walked inside her house, she looked for her cat and her kettle. But they were not there.
She decided to try the magic scissors. On her table was a piece of paper." She began cutting the paper and out fell two smaller pieces. Set them aside on the table.
She cut into the paper again. Only this time it cut two pieces looking like upside down cooking kettles. How exciting!
She folded the one small piece in half, slit it and set the pot in it pretending to make a brew. She had a pot, but her cat was still missing. She took the remaining piece of paper and stood it up like as if on legs. The sissors cut a slit to fit the kettle in it like a head and a slit a the back end to put the likd of the pot or small piece of paper. Like magic Willora had a cat! That year her and the children of Wims Forest had the best Halloween ever!
( The author says Thanks to Betsy Cooper for her input with this story.)`
This second story Grandma asked you draw a picture of a Man in a Bed. He is wide awake and his mouth open with his feet sticking out of the sheet. Both his head and his feet are big. The ragged Ghost should be green and the letters should be F, B, C, R, D, H, E,  and a Ywith one side that swings on a hinge pin so it can form an I. If they are made of felt you need a felt board. If you do a magnet board you need little magnets to go on the back of the picture, the ghost, and each letter. Oh and I forgot you must  have some flames to go on the bed in the one scene. You also need the man out of bed turned all green.
Following the Presentation of the story, the children may discuss vocabulary and spelling skills, particularly the homophones die and dye. See if you can come up with any more. Following is the story:
The "Spell" of the Green Ghost by Flora Joy
Lawrence arrived at the old mansion shortly before midnight. He had refused to believe the stories about a green ghost who made the lives of folks miserable who had tried to live there. He did not listen to idle gossip, and nothing was going to scare him away.
The journey to the mansion had exhausted Lawrence,and within minutes he had located a musty old bed and was sound asleep.
Before long, a mysterious and strange fluorescent form floated into the room near his bed. Its light cast a strange glow that could awaken even the soundest sleeper. Lawrence sat up quickly in amazement.(This is where the ghost is placed above the bed.)
Soon it began to shake and shimmer until it no longer looked like a ghost. It began floating into the air until it became...a word:H-I.(Remove ghost and replace with those letters.)
Lawrence was shaking with fright. Nothing had prepared him for such a vision. He trembled in fear as the message came dloser to him. With a quivering voice, Lawrence responded faintly in return:"Hi." Then he said it even louder:"Hi."
Seeming satisfied with Lawrence's response, the vision slowly faded. (remove letters)
Lawrence lay in utter dismay. What did this mean? He had heard of ghosts that lived in old dwellings, but at no time had he ever heard of a green ghost. Nor had he ever heard of such a figure changing itself into a word!
Little did Lawrence realize what was in store for him. He did not know that after this first greeting, any word spelled by the green ghost would always tell what would soon happen to him.
Shortly thereafter, Lawrence convinced himself that he had only imagined the vision. Soon he was asleep once again.
Not long after his first snore, however, the green ghost reaappeared. Once again Lawrence awakened in fear. (Of course the ghost is put above the bed) (Then switch it to the letters C-R-Y)
He watched in horror as the ghost silently dissolved into a word: C-R-Y.
Suddenly Lawrence began gasping with uncontollable sobs and wails. He made loud weeping and screaming noises. And only after the sobs were loud enough to please the green ghost, it gradually faded away.(Remove letters)
By now Lawreence was very frightened. His anxiety rose as the seconds ticked away. He did not want to see that ghost again! So he decided that if he just stayed awake, the ghost might not return.
He propped himself up in that old bed. But exhoustion finally overtook him and he nodded in sleep.
(This seems like Grandma lately trying to stay awake to do everything.)
Then just as before, the green ghost appeared. Lawrence sat up in fright.(put the ghost above the man again) (Then switch it to the letters F-R-Y)
And much to his dismay he soon saw the much dreaded word. This time it spelled F-R-Y..
Before he could move, he heard crackling noise beneath his bed. Flames shot in all directions.(Put the flames on the man's bed.) Lawrence felt heat more intense than any human could possibly bear. He screamed in agony and fear. When the screams were loud enough to please the green ghost, It gradually faded away.(Remove the letters and flames)
Lawrence sat numb from his experience with the flames. He looked at his body for scorched flesh and singed hair. He examined his bed coverings for ashes. But he saw nothing. He could only hear a faster and louder pounding of his own heart.
Then Lawrence knew that he could no longer stay in that old mansion. But as brave as he was, however, he couldn't leave in the middle of the night. What if he stepped outside the door and there were many other green ghosts, each with words spelling frightening things that would soon happen to him?
He decided that he must stay awake until morning came. So he read for awhile. He sang to himself. He recited every poem he knew. But the songs and the poems soon put him to sleep.
The green ghost was angry now! Never before had anyone dared to stay past two warnings. This man had endured three! How dare anyone not run for his life? It was time for the final blow! The green ghost stormed into the room!
When Lawrence awakened, his body trembled with horror as he stared at the angry apparition!
How could he have fallen asleep? He screamed when he saw the word: D-I-E.. (place the letters D-I-E on the board.
Lawrence didn't want to die. There were so many things he had not yet done. He wanted to live! But he knew that whatever word the gren ghost spelled would happen to him soon. He tried to get out of his bed to escape. However, he could not move. A force seemed to be binding him to the bed. He gulped begs for mercy. He cried out in fear! But the word moved closer and closer to him. Lawrence knew this was the end for him. His loud pleass would change nothing. He pulled the covers over his head to avoid facing his moment of departure from this earth. He uttered a last request to be spared.
But the pieces of the word suddenly thrust themselves upon Lawrence's body meekly protected by the covers. They pounded his flesh seeming to know he could not escape. They thrust their force on the body in the bed until it seemed unable to move. Such a beating no human had lived through. Finally the spirit seemed satisfied and soon faded away.(Remove letters)
Lawrence's motionless body lay on the bed. He had experienced the full degree of the hauntings of the green ghost. Its final job had been performed.
Then a quick jerk came from the bed. A leg appeared; An arm appeared; Another leg; Another arm. Then a whole body. It was lawrence! he was alive. He was smiling. He was laughing! he!
(change the bed sceene to a green man laughing on a plain piece of paper that could be placed over the bed scene.)
Lawrence danced with glee. Then he noticed that the word was once again behind him: D-I-E.(place the letters again on the paper with the man) The letters were shaking in confusion. What had happened?
Lawrence suddenly burst out laughing. He looked at his green body, then he turned and faced the trembling vision and shouted, "You Silly ghost! Didn't you learn anything in school? Oh, maybe ghosts don't even go to school. Maybe that's why you can't even spell! Here, let me help you!"
Lawrence stepped toward the vision and took the letter "I" in "DIE." he broke it into three pieces to form a "Y" and put it back in place.
"Now you have it right. D-Y-E! That's what you did to me! You dyed me! And I broke your spell! Ha! Ha! Ha-a-a!!!"Lawrence shouted with glee and continued his boisterous laughter. Never again would the spirit be able to frighten him. Lawrence could now live out his days in peace and solitude, for he truly had broken the "spell" of the green ghost. (Change the man back to the man in the Bed.)
As he turned to the spot where he had seen the dreadful words the previous evening, he noticed a faint and final message from the fading appariition: B-Y-E. Lawrence grinned, waved, and took a very long nap.
Another activity the children might do is figuring in their imagination how many people the ghost may have scared. Depending on the age of the children do the math in this manner: littler ones draw that number of people to cut out and pretend with. If they can add add people or letters. If they can subtract work with the same numbers only opposite each other. Four multiplication Take the people times three and the number of words and reverse it for division. You can also use left over candy in the same methods as well as pumpkin seeds for math

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