Day 45
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Day 45

Moses with the staff God gave him(for Grandma finally got it parents)Well Grandma is sorry I had another emergengy and I am typing again at the last minute. If she had found she could have put lessons on here earlier she would have. I am sorry. Maybe tomorrow I can get an early start in the mid afternoon and have it read by evenng. Grandma will do her best.
Is everyone getting there work for the day done. Remember your prayers.
We are starting on chapter 16 of Exodus. The people were led out into the desert from the Red Sea and they are constantly mumbling and grumbling. Therefore, Moses turned to the Lord, and the Lord said ok I will raid down bread from the heavens and they had meat to eat and then were to collect this special bread called Manna. Faith Alive said in , "Life In Bible Times...Manna was a special food that God gave the Israelites the entire time they were in the desert. The people collected the manna from the ground every day except the Sabbath. The Hebrew meaning for the word manna was probably "What is it?" The Israelites didn't know exactly what manna was when they first saw it, but they soon realized it was a delicious and norishing food given to them by God." The were to gather an omer(about 2 quarts which is also about 2 liters) for each person in their tent. They were told they must eat for as they found out it would not keep by morning. Moses was angry at the people because it filled of maggots and smelled if they left it. They were to gather it in the morning and have meat at night for the quail came at night and in the morning there was dew on the branches of the bushes and rocks. They had to learn what that was too. As time went on they began to take double what they needed for on the sixth day the Lord commanded them and Moses told them Sunday would be a sabbath day and there would be no manna to collect for that day. He said they must bake or boil all that they want for the two days so that it would keep. And then when some went out on Sabath trying to collect some more; Moses questioned them when were they going to obey him and listen. Under "Let's Live It!" of Faith Alive. "Daily Bread-The manna which God gave Israel six days a week provided food for perhaps two million Israelites for forty years!" They said in reading Exodus 16:13-30
1. What happened when people took more manna than they could eat in one day?"
2. What happened when they took extra on the sixth day?
Faith Alive says, "The Lord could have given his people enough manna for the whole week on one day. But God wanted his people to trust him every day and to be satisfied with each day's food."
Assess how long the food in your refrigerator will last (Grab a snack if parents allow) How do you know there will be more when it's gone? Is God providing for you as well as he did for Israel?
In the first part of Exodus 17 the people were testing God again and about to stone Moses because they are led into the desert to a place called Rephidim where there was not water. Moses again cried to the Lord. God told him to walk ahead and take the elders with him in which the Lord appeared before them and Moses was to hold his staff and strike the Rock at Horeb. Water came out of the rock for the people to drink. Moses called this place Massah meaning "testing against the throne of Lord" and Meribah means "quarreling."
This kind of reminds Grandma, and maybe she is wrong here, of the Gentiles of our Land, know to be the land of Promise and yet the people were arguing over standing up to the British and now they even question God and the freedoms our country God gave to us. Here were Godly men we chose as George Washington and others to lead our country and the people grumbled and grouched over being taxed to pay for people of another country for the King and other leaders to use for their power and yet they did not want to perservere for God's sake and they wanted to give up when God got them that far. People today do not want to persevere for the betterment of mankind in an areas of need.
After Childrobotics, we are going to become instruments in dance.Tomorrow have some scarves ready to do the last dance out of the chart. Why is it so important that you do some Childrobotics because sometimes when people begin a workout with out some stretches they can harm themselves because they are putting strain on a tendon that is not worked in to work. That is why it is important to do some moving first.
This particular lesson is 15 and the element: sharp and smooth; the helper: instruments
As the author goes on she says, "Today we're going to get into our racing cars and onto the racetrack. As I beat the drum, you go around the room as fast as you can. When I stop, put on your brakes and stop as suddenly as you can. Ready, go. Stop. Let's try that again. No slowing down, just a sudden stop. Ready. go. Stop!
Tell me: what does your body have to do to stop?(answers have been: jump into the floor, pull back, bend your knees, tighten your muscles. Try eas method, and see whether each helps.)
Now I want you to move and stop on every beat. You'll have no time to move through space, so just stay right on your spot and move sharply. Ready stop, stop, stop, stop. Think only of the sudden stop. Stop as soon as you start. Try your head alone. G. Sharp, sharp, sharp, sharp. Now your shoulders. Now your back. Move, move, move, move. Don't let it get smooth. Now your arms. now try your whole body at once. Stop, stop, stop, stop. You are moving sharply.
Come over to me. Tell me: what is a sharp movement?(Answers have been: angular, fast, short, tight, pointed, direct, hard. Have the children try to do the opposite of each answer sharply to discover what really makes sharp movement. I stress that the stopping is the most important aspect.)
I am going to play a sound that has no stop. Move with this sound as long as you can hear it. (Play triangle, gong, or cymbals.) This is a lasting, smooth sound. It has no sharp stops in it. Try it again, and see if you can move continuously. Sustain the movement. Try changing your level, rolling and standing and moving through space with a free-flowing movement, and never stopping. Keep your movement smooth--no change in force and no stops. Ready, go. Move until the sound dies away, and when you can hear it no longer hold your final shape.
Let's sit in a circle now, and take turns playing the triangle. You can get sharp sounds that stop by deadening the vibration with your hand. You get a smooth ongoing sound by hanging it from a string or rubber band. As each person plays, dance with part of your body right here in the circle. We'll move the way they play, either sharply or smoothly. (Continue with other instruments, if available, such as claves, woodblocks, giros, gongs, or cymbals, a crystal glass could work or a wire string.)
It is possible to do steps smoothly and sharply? Try skips. Do four smooth and four sharp. Go. Smooth, smooth, smooth, smooth, sharp, sharp, sharp, sharp. Do gallops, jumps, hops, walks, leaps.
Now move across the floor any way you wish, but doing four counts smooth and four counts sharp. Go. Show me contrast.
Get a partner. One of you be Mr. or Ms. Smooth, and one of you be Mr. or Ms. Sharp. Get a starting shape. Make sure I can see a smooth shape and a sharp shape.  What makes a smooth shape? We talked about movements, but not about shapes. What makes a sharp shape? Now do some movements. Make an ending shape. Practice and we'll watch them in two minutes. Go. (Watch and comment with the children. Comments are drawn from this lesson and all previous lessons.)
Goals for evaluation:: Look for good use of crossovers and variety. Look for sharp movements that are large and explosive, for smooth moves that reach into space."
As a take off from this discuss various instruments, prepare yourselves to make homemade ones, and talk about if there are various ones you can learn to play. If you can learn to sing or want to, if there are cetain song your family wants to sing for the holidays. Sing any you might like to sing now. Do what you can do for this assignment. If you can and the family wants to plan out a time and what you want to work on. Perform for the holidays if you want to.Another Idea might be singing or playing some of the patriotic songs. 
Now let's work on our calendars for the birthday's schedules, time lines, and weather. I hope you got a chance to go for a walk and collect some various things to explore and do things with that we discussed last week.
Our first birthday of famous people is on November 10 which was Sunday. Marin Lther, German theologian and religious reformer( as you can talk about these things.) He was born in 1483. Then in 1879 Vachel lindsay, American poet, was born on November 10. An event for 1700's was that of The U.S. Marine Corps was established in 1775 and of course these were out of Book 1 and this is home schooling for parents with Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center in our home education program.
Then today, November 11 a birthday for George Patton, U.S. general. He was born in 1885 so look him up and see just what he was famous for. This is a good time to announce that it is Veterans Day and you should make a note if anyone you know or a family member has been in any of the armed forces or is in any of them. Pleamse commemorate them. Maybe you are planning on attending a parade this afternoon or something. It is supose to be pretty cold here in Omaha for the parade. I hope everyone will be dressed warm. Another idea in Book 1 was to do something special for a facility in your area(like spend a day, playing an instrument-my mom had me do that for an old folks home and it was rewarding, nutcups or cards could be made. A cake, cookies taken somewhere, Even singing a patriotic song.
The only event from Book 1 before the 1800's was that of Massachusetts passing the First Compusory School Law in America in 1647.
For tomorrow look for books by Marjorie Sharmat- Nate the Great was only one.
OK for today I promised you some more stories. This next one is (A Halloween Story/Poem for Correlating Scinece/Health with Language Arts.) It is called ""Twas the Night Before Halloween"
For Granma's Place of Natural Learning Center skeleton story.The Purpose: of it "is to provide a rhythmical story which can be used in the affective domain of learning (enjoyment) and in the cognitive domain (via the knowledge base in science/health involving the introduction of the names of the skeletal bones). Al though it is not essential that very young learners be able to identify the names of all the bones of the body, they still can enjoy a poetic story in which these bones are named. An additional cognitive correlation may occur in the language arts areas. (See later explanation.) A secondary goal is for listeners to discuss possible outcomes of fighting with the wrong person for the wrong reason."(Grandma tells me that in Mexico they celebrate the Day of the Dead-Dia De Los Muertos in Spanish- with lots of little skelton heads made of sugar, hot chocolate or atole made with corn starch, candles, flowers, fruit, and the special foods they liked. Special breads  made into shapes with Lemon juice colored sugar and confectioners' sugar on top are made and the one given in a book of Grandma's she will call 1024 called Mexico Activity Book by Mary Jo Keller Edupress 1996; They are all placed on an altar to invite the angelitos, or spirits of deceased children and adults, to come back for a visit. Candles are lit and fireworks are set off to signal the spirits are on their way. For the next 24 hours the church bells will ring continuously. November 2nd marks the last day of the celebration with a trip to the cemetery to bring flowers, enjoya picnic and visit. Papel picado, or paper cutting dated back to pre-Columbian times traditional art done on delicate paper used in special celebrations like this. Patterns are cut in them and sometimes they are so intricate that a special paper chisel is used. Big ofrendas, or banquet tables are set up. There is lots of food and celebrationThe following day is a day of visiting and feasting. The special papers are hung about the room or put around a fancy food table, cabinets, etc.)
Prior Preparation: Any bone pattern you can find will work. I cannot provide one unfortunately at this time. However, they can be done as felt, heavy paper for a desktop arrangement into a human figure. The author also says that a black light is a very special visual effect and that any bone pieces can be enlarged and they can be attached to dark garments with Velcro. "
Midset:A  variety of introductory remarks might be made for this story. The following sample may be adapted as needed. These ar the words the teller/reader/teacher might use for any group.
Would each of you please raise your right patella?(The teachr observes, showing disappointment.) No,no. I said your PATELLA. Your patella is your kneecap! Now would each of you please touch your fibula with your humerus?(Teacher once again observes the listeners goof up.) Perhaps we just don't know the names of our bones. However, you never know when this information might come in handy. Well, if you don't know the names of your bones, I wonder what you DO know. Hm-m-m-m. I've got it! Halloween. I'll bet you know lots about Halloween. Tell me, what always happens on the night before Halloween? Tell me what always happens on the night before Halloween? You don't know? Well, I'll tell you. On the night before Halloween, usually around midnight, (Mythical mystery among the pheasants of old times believed all the folks buried in the graveyards come up out of their graves. They walk around and talk to each other for awhile. (Although many a young person has walked the graveyards on Halloween night and nothing happened) However, after they have lain around rotting in those graves year in and year out, just their bones are left. Only their skeletons can be seen. Therefore, they must be able to recognize each other by their skeletons--their Bones, in other words. So you see, in order to be able to carry on a good conversation after you're dead, you had just better learn the names of all those bones right now while you are alive. Let's see what happened to one feller on a Halloween Eve.
The lights dim, and the first skeleton is shown. At a later appropriate time the second skeleton is shown. When the "fight" begins, Freeed's bones are ripped from his body (or costume or felt board) and they fall to the ground (or floor or tabletop) on by one. Only the skull remains as Fred is saying his last words. That skull slowly falls atop the pile of his other bones.
Comprehension of Content:Immediately after reading this poem ask how many listeners figured out the misunderstanding between the two skeletons. When needed,, explain that "On Earth" Fred had been killed by someone named Clyde. Upon hearing that the other skeleton was named Clyde, Fred flew into a rage before determining whether or not it was the same Clyde who had killed him. Too late he learned that Clyde Jones was the other skeleton, but it was Clyde Smith who had killed him. Do we sometimes  jump to the wrong conclusions before we stop and think? Does this ever cause a problem? discuss as necessary. (List of Bones from the had down: Skull, Neck Vertebrae, Humerus, radius,Ulna, Ribs,Phalanges Hipbone, Femur, Tibia, Fibula, Metatarsals)
Language Arts Academic Follow-up: 
A variety of language arts activities may follow this story. An example is to have the students view this bone arrangement and create additional stories or poems which involve the bones. These compositions may be very brief(such as a haiku example), or they may be longer selections such as the one provided). Classroom brainstorming might occur prior to the students' selecting a well-known poem or song which they might use as a model.
Science Academic Follow-up: One suggested science activity involves student experiences with the arrangement of the human skeletal structure by using the bones drawn for this story.(Note that the word phalaaaanges is used in this story only in reference to the hands. However, this term also applies to the bones in the feet. The "fibs" ar the fibulaaae.)
Skeleton Information: For the instructor's information, a skeleton model is provided in the column at the right. Later pages showing patterns of bones may be used as cutouts for individual students to arrange according to the human skeletal structure. Note that this provided model is slightly disproportional for an enhanced visual effect. Also, only the names of the bones used in this story are labeled on this model. Other names may be added for a continued experience in science/health or for additional writing experiences.(Parents--Grandma was finaly able to get Moses's picture on her and I figured out I could get the skeleton. you will have to enlarge it though. I also firgured out we hard underlines all the while)
Just a fun cartoon picture to go with the skeleton story below as part of our Home education program.
Now for the story:
                                       "'Twas the Night Before Halloween
Twas the night before Halloween when all through the town
     Some horrible creatures were stalking around.
From inside a grave in the land of the dead
     Out stepped the bones of a man once named Fred
His soul had been wild since the day he had died
     For he had been murdered by someone named Clyde.
He stomped on the soil with such vengeance and wath.
     Taht he nearly destroyed everything in his path.
And then from the opposite side of the land
     Came another old skeleton, bouncy and grand.
Fred turned to that creature to loudly exclaim,
     "Before you come near me, you must state your name."
That skeleton stopped and politely replied,
     "When I roamed the earth, my friends called me Clyde."
Then all of a sudden Fred's fury was fueled
     From the thoughts of that trigger which Clyde had once pulled.
He took a step forward, then said to his foe,
     "Come closer, dear Clyde, for I must say Hello."
With curled-up phalanges all drawn up in rage
     Fred landed two blows on his murderer's rib cage.
But to his surprise and his utter alarm
     He watched as each hand broke apart from his arm.
They snapped and they popped, then they sailed through the air,
     While Fred stood aghast in a state of despair.
But that didn't halt his malicious intent,
     His anger increased and his fury was bent.
He lifted each uln9with each radius, too)
     And flailed them at Clyde like a wild caribou.
But just as they struck his opponent's faint heart,
     They too came loose and therefore fell apart.
But there was no stopping these bones from this game.
     Fred whistled and shouted and called them by name.
The humerus, metatarsals, tibia and "fibs,"
     The femur,the hipbone, with vertebrae and ribs.
And each as he named them sailed briskly toward Clyde,
     But as each one struck, it was bone suicide.
And then with a pause Fred looked all around
     And saw his whole body sprawled over the ground.
II don't understand this," he said with a roar.
     "It surely was my turn to even the score.
I'll admit that on Earth I deserved what I got.
     My whole life was quite foul; I was such a big shot.
My goal was revenge when I saw you tonight,
     But I've fallen apart, so I'll give up the fight."
And with his last breath as he lay on the floor,
     He said, "Clyde Smith, you've destroyed me once more."
But then a calm voice told that big pile of bones,
     "You've made a mistake--my name is Clyde Jones."
Then I heard him exclaim as he vanished from sight,
     "Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good fright!""
                                                   -Flora Joy
(For this last story Grandma will try to explain the picture's as they happen since we have no way to transport these ones)
"Dedicated to all boys and girls who are afraid to explore haunted houses.--However, because old boards and stuff could colapse under you.
                                             "The Ghosts in Jason's Attic
Jason's family had just moved into an old house. (It looks a little rickty with the shingles of the house shriveling up.) (Next page shows three boys talking)
One day Jason was playing with some neighbors. "Someone told me your house is haunted," said Mike.
"I,ve heard that too," said Bob. "Daddy says that's the reason that nobody has ever lived there very long."
"Six different ghosts live in your attick, "Kevin explained with a shiver. "At night they moan and howl! Sometimes they walk around and knock and howl! Sometimes they walk around and knock things over. I can hear them from across the street!"
"Well, I've never seen a ghost," Jason said. "Besides, my mom says there really isn't any such thing as a ghost."
"Why don't  we all go over to Jason's and see for our selves?" Jerry asked.
"Let's do!" they all shouted.
Five boys raced to Jason's attic.(It shows them all on the stair looking up into the attic.
The next picture shows them all running  from some lit up outlines looking like creatures.
Five boys raced from Jason's house (they are hollering and looking scared.
On their way home they met Bull, the neighborhood bruiser. Bull laughed and laughed. "There really isn't any such thing as a ghost, "he sneered.
"But we all say them, Bull, exclaimed Kevin. "We can't all be wrong!"
"I'll just go prove it to you scaredy-cats," said Bull, making sure he had his flashlight with him.
Six boys raced to Jason's attic. Bull held his flashlight on an object. All could learly see that it was just a dusty old coat with a missing button. The worn and raggeed trim seemed to glow in the dark.
Bullmoved the light past the coat. Two holes in a tattered window shade peered through likes eyes. A dangling cord gaped like an open mouth. Next was an old armchair which was covered with a sheet to protect it from dust. He moved the light to a rotting jack-o-lantern. A mop had fallen on its head. Bull finally flashed his light on a pair of lamps. The shades were missing, but the two bulbs seemed to glow. "See there, you scaredly cats, you yellow-bellied chickens," boasted Bull as he turned the light on his own face. "I told you there really isn't any such thing as a ghost."
"Look behind you!" screamed Bob. Bull twirled around.
A Terrifying Flying Ghost raced toward Bull! (One can see it has a cat at the bottom and the wire hook make you think it is a rack with a blanket on it.)
(here is kinds of things said of:)
It's Got me!; No-o-o-o!!!!; Jiminy Creeps!; Help!!; Yipes!; Oh, NO!; I'm Dead!; Let's Get Out of Here; H-H-H-Help!!!
Six boys raced from Jason's house. They didn't stop running for hours. They were afraid of other terrifying things that might be in Jason's attic. (t shows all kinds of creepy character's as a big spider, dragon, skeleton, snake, cricket,  and a ghost.)
Then the cat crawled out from beneath the mess she had created.(She is on barbells, the coatrack has the blanket hanging from it, a hat had fallen down.) She had spied a mouse running under some old barbells. As she chased it, the barbells began to roll, taking with it a coatrack which held an old fisherman's hat and some old curtains. They all had made quite a frightening scene. The mouse got away.So the cat left also (The picture shows her coming slowly down the stairs leaving her paw prints. )
Jason's attic returned to normal. (The pictureshows the things the boys thought were ghosts.)
Grandma has some riddles to put on some note cards tto add other Holiday card to as we go.
1. What do you call a witch's pet after it has eaten several bags of Halloween candy?
                     Answer:A fat cat
2, What do scary ghosts drink?
                     Answer: Boo brew
3. What might you get if you play in poison Ivy on Halloween night?
                    Answer; Witch itch
4. What do you call a small flying Halloween mammal after he was run over by a truck?
                    Answer: A flat bat
5. What sound do you hear coming from a skeleton?
                    Answer: a bone groan
6. What do spooks put their jam on at breadfast?
                    Answer:Ghost toast
7. What do you call a ghost who is riding his bicycle for the first time?
                    Answer: A wobbling goblin
8. What do you call the exhaust coming from a witch's vehicle?
                    Answer: Broom fumes
9. What might a stingy old skeleton feed his dog?
                    Answer: A lone bone
10. Who calls strikes at Halloween baseball games?
                    Answer: THe vampire umpire
11. What do you call a ghost who fell off his bicycle?
                    Answer: A hobbling goblin
12. What do you call the shore of a haunted island?
                    Answer: The ghost coast
13. What kitchen object does a Halloween monster use to thurn his pancakes?
                    Answer:A Dracula Spatula
14. What is an orange ointment used when Halloween monsters cut their skin?
                    Answer: Frankenstiein Iodine
15. What do you call a country jack-o'-lantern?
                    Answer:A bumpkin pumpkin
16. What do you call the magic of ghosts?
                    Answer:Boo Doo

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