Day 53
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Day 53

A good Home Education Program is as wonderful as the sun coming through this sky above Israel.Grrandma's Place of Natural Learning Center should definately have a view as this.Great for Learning at Grandma'sPlace of Natural Learning Center.The architecture in this picture for parents to show their children they home school.Another map for our Home Education Program.Maybe this will help parents home schooling in our Home Education Program.Good Morning!
Remember your chores and prayers for the day.
We are going into the Book of Joshua. For you remember the leadership of the Israelites was given to Joshua by God. Faith Alive has some things to ask along with you:
"How...does Joshua show us God's love?
The book of Joshua shows God faithfully keeping his promise to his people. Against strong opposition, he enables them to enter and conquer their promised land. Joshua himself is an illustration of what Jesus would be like, leading us to our promised home. The name Joshua is even another form of the name Jesus.
Whom...did God inspire to write this book?
The author of Joshua is not named but probably was someone who witnessed the events described.
When...did this happen?
The Israelite conquest of Canaan happened about
1405 to 1390 BC.
Where...did this happen?
The events in this book happened in the land of Canaan. Today we call that land Israel or Palestine.
What...special messages does this book give us?
God is always faithful, and he calls his people to be faithful to him, too.
        ...action happens in this book?
Joshua becomes Israel's leader. God brings Israel into Canaan. Joshua leads Israel's armies to victory over the Canaanites. Joshua assigns land to Israel's twelve tribes.
        ...important people do we meet?
Joshua, the leader after Moses, is a key person in this book.
        ...are some of the stories in this book?
The Lord instructs Joshua.                                                     Joshua 1
Rahab protects the spies.                                                      Joshua 2
Israel crosses the Jordan.                                                      Joshua 3-4
Jericho's walls fall down.                                                        Joshua 6
Achan's sin brings defeat.                                                      Joshua 7
The Gibeonites fool Joshua.                                                   Joshua 9
Joshua says good-bye.                                                         Joshua 24
In Chapter 1 God tells Joshua to get the people readly to go because they will be moving out. Therefore, Joshua announces to the people to get ready to go. However, he tells the Reubenites, Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh that only the men who can fight will have to go with the other people because they had asked Moses if they could stay in the land they were in. Wives, their children and those that could not fight could stay along with their livestock.. Those that could fight were to help the rest of the tribes until God gave them leave. Then you may go back.
Then all the people told Joshua whatever he said they would obey and that they are trusting God is with him as he was with Moses.
Faith Alive teaches in "Life In Bible Times--Drying Flax- The houses of Canaan had flat roofs, and the rooftops were used for many things. Flax plants were piled on rooftops to dry. Stringy fibers taken from dried flax plants were woven to make linen cloth. In Jericho the Israelite spies hid under piles of drying flax plants."
Chapter 2 is about a woman who saves two spies, sent by Joshua, from the King of Jericho and his men. Faith Alive also tells about Chapter 2 and gives parents something the children can make in "Let's Live It!-Trust in God's Power--Rahab was a woman who believed in the God of Israel even though she lived in Jericho. Joshua 2:14-18 tells of the red cord Rahab put in her window in order to save her life and her family. You can make a "Rahab cord." Take nine pieces of red yarn, each about two feet long. Tie a knot at one end and divide the yarn into three groups with three strands of yarn in each group. Braid the strands together and tie the end or secure it with a rubber band. Hang the cord inside your window. Every time you look at it, remember that God also protects you. (See the special way God blessed Rahab: Matthew 1:1-5.)"
Chapter 3 is wher Joshua and God give the people some special instructions and they cross the Jordan. Then in chapter 4 Joshua is to pick twelve men-one from each tribe to go back and pick up twelve stones from the river-for they crossed it dry as you will have to read. The twelve stones are to piles together on Jericho's side as a memorial. Faith Alive explains a Memorial in "Life in Bible Times Joshua piled twelve stones from the Jordan river on its bank for a "memorial," or special reminder. One man from each of the twelve tribes carried a stone. The stones reminded God's people how God parted the waters and let the Israelites cross the river on dry ground."
They all celebrated that night and camped at the edge of Jericho of which they called Gilgal. Gilgal is where they laid the twelve stones as a memorial. They ate manna for the last time that night because there was plenty of produce in Canaan.
This was also the night of Passover and God also exalted Joshua in the sight of the Israelites. In which now they revered him as they did Moses all those years.
Then because the young men had never been circumcised they went through the ceremony and process that night also.
The Amorite kings west of the Jordanand all the Canaanite kings along the coast heard how the Lord had dried up the Jordan for the Israelites until they crossed over. The hearts of these soldiers melted and they no longer had the courage to face the Israelites.
Right before they moved in to take Jericho a commander of the Lord came before Joshua. Joshua was told to remove his sandals because he was in holy land. Joshua did as told. Then the story goes into chapter 6. Chapter 6 tells how the people of Jericho locked themselves in and no one went out. Joshua was told for the people to March around the city of Jericho seven days and they did as told. On the seventh day the trumpets were to give a loud blast and the people were to shout. Jericho did all as they were told and on that seventh day after marching around it seven times the horns were blasted long  and they shouted. At the same time the thick walls of Jericho came down. Men were sent ahead to get Rahab and her family; for they as written before lived within these thick walls. Then the Israelites moved ito the city and destroyed it. Gold silver and stuff of value was confiscated for God's usage later. At the end Joshua placed a curse on the spot. Faith Alive says in "Life in Bible Times-Jericho's Wall--Jericho was not a huge city, but it sat high up on a mound. Its walls were high and thick--so thick people built their houses in them (see Joshua 2:15)! The Israelite soldiers probably looked at Jericho and wondered how they would ever be able to scramble up that hill and then go over such huge walls. But God had an answer for the high walls of Jericho. You can read about it in Joshua 6. "
Then Faith Alive also makes comment about Joshua 6:1-21 in "Let's Live It!-A Dumb Thing To Do?--When armies attacked walled cities, they piled dirt against the walls until they could climb over them. Read Joshua 6:1-15. What do you suppose the people in Jericho thought when the Israelites just walked around their walls? They probably yelled at the Israelites to tease or scare them. The Israelites themselves may have felt a little foolish. But they obeyed God and won! See Joshua^:16-21.
God doesn't always tell us why he does what he does or why we should do what he asks us to do. (Just like you may not always understand Mom and Dad on certain things.) But God's plan is always best. Read Romans 11:33-36."(A little note here from Grandma-parents this might be a good time for some role play, the kids will love it. They may not be so tempted to have said too bad of things because remember they were very fearful of God and went to hide.)
The problem was that Achan became gready and stole some things in taking Jericho down. When the Israelites came to the next place to destroy; It was so small Joshua felt only a few men would be needed, but God was angry with the thief and let these men be attacked by the King of Ai, the town and about thirty were killed. When Joshua approached God about it and found out God was angry about the theif, Joshua seeked out the theif and he and his family were stoned and buried.
Then in Chapter 8 that town of Ai is destroyed. At the end of Chapter 8 Joshua Built on Mount Ebal an altar to the Lord, as Moses ordered. Half of the people stood before Mount Gerizim and the other in front of Mount Ebal.Joshua read the Book of the law to the people renewing their Covenant with the Lord.
Now Chapter 9 is called the Gibeonite Deception; Faith Alive says in "Let's Live It!-Acting OUt--God had told Joshua to drive all the different peoples out of Canaan. But one people, the Gibeonites, tricked Joshua and the Israelites. Read Joshua 9:3-27 to find out how.
This is a good story to act out. With friends or such. You'll need several Gibeonites, Israelites, and a Joshua. For props you'll need moldy bread, stale drink(frizzless soda?), tattered clothes, and old shoes. In your dialog, see how smooth and persuasive the Gibeonites can be.
Now talk about the situation. Why did the Gibieonites resort to trickery? what important factor did joshua forget? How did the israelites feel when they realized they'd been fooled?
Actually, though they should have been honest, the Gibeonites were probably acting out of respect for the God of Israel. They knew he had given Israel victories over other people. They knew they could not fight him. Instead, they begged for his mercy." (Grandma thought of an idea; instead of acting it out make charcter's-either dolls, puppets, cartoons or just pictures of the men and some Israelites on paper or make a book of the story.)
Chapter 10 is where the rest of cities decide they will gang together and battle the Israelites together. Joshua hears of it and he attacks them all and then he asks the Lord to hold the night off so they cannot escape into the night. The lord holds it for almost a day longer and they win. Faith Alive asks in "Did You Know? Which day in history was longer than any other? God enabled the Israelites to win a great victory over five Canaanite kings of Gibeon. But joshua knew the routed enemy would escape when darkness fell. So he asked God to keep the sun high in the sky until the victory was complete. This one day in history, God did just that! For about the length of a full additional day, the sun did not set!" Then he took the south end.
Next in Chapter 11 cities again formed together and Joshua took his army through the middle and took half of them and then took the other half. Faith Alive explains it this way in "Did You Know? How did Joshua conquer canaan? Joshua's army drove into the center of Canaan and divided it. Joshua first defeated the kings of the south cities. Then he turned and defeated the kings of the north. Officers in military schools still study the strategy Joshua used."
Chapter 12 is a List of the Defeated Kings
Chapter 13 says there is still lands to be taken Faith Alive explains in "Did You Know?Were all the Canaanites killed by Joshua? No the Canaanite armies were defeated, but many Canaanites still lived in the land. Each Israelite tribe was supposed to fight the Canaanites that remained in the land assigned to them." then in verse 8 it starts with the Divisions in the Bible clear up to Chapter 23.
Faith Alive talks about one man in "Did You Know? Who was Caleb? Caleb was one of the spies Moses sent to scout Canaan when the Israelites first came out of Egypt. Only Caleb and Joshua wanted to obey God and attack Canaan at that time. As a blessing, God let Caleb live when the other Israelite adults died in the wilderness." His story is in chapter 14.; 14:6.
Faith Alive  also says in "Life In Bible Times-The Land Divided--When the Israelites entered the promised land, Joshua divided the land up. He gave each tribe an area in which to live. The only tribe not assigned an area was the trie of Levi. They were assigned forty-eight towns and the land that was around them. These towns were inside the areas given to the other tribes and were located so that some Levites lived with each tribe of Israel."
Then in 23 and 24 he gathers the people together and tells them he is getting old and reviews  everthing with them and as Faith Alive says in "Words to Remember 24:15 As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. " the people begin talk of serving the Lord and Joshua has to set it straight with them. Then Joshua dies and is buried in the end. Faith Alive talks about Joshua 24:14-27 in "Let's Live It! Me and My Household--Joshua left no doubt about where his family stood:"As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."
If your parents and other relatives such as grandparents, uncles, and God means to your family Gather family pictures. Then ask ask each relative to write you a letter about his or her life and what God has meant to him or her. Put the pictures and letters in a scrapbook or photo album. Then you will never forget what God has done for your own family."
Grandma is holding a day of the Creative Dance again. Be sure to do some Childrobotics.
There is three birthday's and three events for today, November 21. In 1785 william Beaumont, American surgeon and pioneer in research on digestion was born. IN 1908 Eizabeth George Speare, children's author. Book 1 says to  tell your children about her books The Witch of Blackbird Pond and The Bronze Bow. See if you can get them from the library and read some oth the jacket information to the children. Think if there is any other Newbery Award winners you may have read or would like to .
a baseball star, Stan Musial was born in 1920.
 Of the events The Pilgrims signed the Mayflower compact before disembarking near Provincetown, Mass. in 1620. In 1789 North Carolina became the 12th state to enter the Union. In 1783 The First manned Balloon Flight was made by two Frenchmen. Book 1 talks about it. During the first manned balloon flight, Frenchmen Pilatre de Rozzzzier and Marquis Francois d'Arlandes drifted 8 kilometers over Paris before landing. The trip lasted 25 minutes. Parisians got so excited by the news of this event that 300,000 people--half the population of the entire city--showed up 10 days later to watch the second flight. Have your students figure out how many school buses it would take to transport a crowd of that size. See if any of you can remember being in a big crowd. What kind of event was it? Did they like the experience?
(Grandma is stopping here because I think you have enough materials for one day.                        

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