Day 54
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Day 54

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Thanksgiving Songs for Children - Little Pilgrim - Kids Song by The Learning Station
"Little Pilgrim" From, "Children's Favorite Autumn Songs & Fingerplays" Download CD: The Learnin...Grandma reminds parents to let the children know the other main dish was deer.
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Boris Karloff Documentary
Biography of actor Boris Karloff. How much more could Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center get it.
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Billy The Kid - Documentary
Documentary on Old Wild West Outlaw - Billy The Kid.William H. Bonney (born William Henry McCarty, Jr. c. November 23, 1859 -- c. July 14, 1881), better known as Billy the Kid but also known as He...Natural Learning Center doesn't deserve to be so lucky.
Good Morning to YOU! Grandma did some changes in the first pages of our site, You may not notice them, but Grandma feel better about them.
Grandma is going to do the lessons a little backwards today. Let me know if you like it. You do not have to follow any of my lessons the way they are presented. I just try to present them in a way that parents will feel comfortable with them. Starting next week Grandma will start with the rest of the Creative dance book. I hope you are looking over the videos I presented to you and enjoying some things out of them. There could be more in Youtube to use also. Grandma wishes she would have been able to have access to them a few years ago.
Next week Grandma will start on the book again. Grandma  is going to go into the Bible at the end of the other lessons today. If Grandma likes it that way she may keep giving it that way.Things can change a little after Thanksgiving because we will be going into a different age frame for our time line. However, there are things in various subjects as sports and inventions that Grandma wants to get a little closer to than following the time table. However, these things will be added to the time table also.
Book 1 gives us some things for both today November 22 and Saturday, November 23. On November 22, 1643 Sieur De La Salle, French explorer was born. You may want to review about him. Then in 1744 Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams and mother of President John Quincy Adams was born. In 1943, Billie Jean King, American tennis star was born.
This Next full week is Latin America Week which ties in great with our Social Study lessons we have had on Central America and what we will learn about Mexico this week. You may want to look overy some of Central America and Mexico on the computer also. I want to do some study with the natives for Thanksgiving if I can obtain more information about them. I mainly want to cover those of that area at that time and go into the plains later. I hope you do some research also with the children. Natives from Maine is interesting, but I want us to look into Plymouth, Massachusetts.
On November 23, Franklin Pierce, 14th president of the United States was born. In 1859 Billy the Kid(real name: William H Bonney), American outlaw. A movie was made about him showing some of the misunderstandings. In 1887 Boris Karloff, British star of horror movies was born. He was a famous actor and his talents really showed. He just had a special carisma. One of his most famous ones was on Like channel and could not even take time to watch it. Maybe I will be able to on internet eventually. Then in 1893, Harpo Marx of the Marx brothers was born. They were famous American comedians. Book 1 says to explain to the children about the Marx Brothers. See if you can get a sample somewhere for them to see. Explain that Harpo's humor was almost entirely visual and provided a counterpoint to Groucho's verbal humor. Then discuss different types of visual and verbal humor, such as slapstick, exaggeration, sarcasm, irony, putdown, surprise, and misunderstanding. Have the children give examples of these types of humor--from TV shows, movies, books, magazines, or personal experience.
Monday is what Switzerland calls Zibelemarit(Onion Festival) Grandma looked it up and they design art designs with various onions. Maybe you would like to try it. However, I will warn you do not leave them for the Holiday if you are entertaining. Onions leave a very definate sent when they are cut that is not pleasing to most. Either cook them up afterwards in oil and put on the Green beans. Make sure they get rolled in bread and dried in the oven or you might try the microwave. I have fixed them that way and they do taste like the boughten ones as long as they get dried.
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Berner Zwiebelmarkt 2012 ( Zibelemärit ) Onion Market in Bern Switzerland
Der Zwiebelmarkt (Zibelemärit) findet jährlich am vierten Montag im November in der schweizer Haubtstadt Bern statt,auch bekannt für seinen Bärengraben und dem mechanischen Glockenspiel das stündlich ...Grandma from our Home Education Program feels really good to be able to find this and share it with you.
Well Grandma went into Youtube and found some videos, Lets hope she can get them on this blog. As you can she she did and She feels her work for the day is done.
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The Unknown Marx Brothers (1993)
Leslie Nielsen hosts this retrospective of the Marx Brothers, from their early career on stage to their post-film career in television.Their children and co-workers are interviewed, and numerous c...Grandma's Place is to so lucky in building a good Home Education Program.
Even though Grandma obtain the information about the deer and a few other things from other sources. It is nice we have a true historical artifact about it.
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The Truth About Thanksgiving
An historic analysis of the tradition of Thanksgiving, documenting the only written document that describes the original feast.Grandma does know what is important to have in our Home Education Program and why it is important to have good learning.

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