Day 55
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Day 55

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Maple Leaf Rag Played by Scott Joplin
Maple leaft Rag, recorded on Pianola Roll actually played by Scott Joplin. Now playing in our home school in our Home Education Program of Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center.
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The Velveteen Rabbit
One of the most beloved family tales of all time comes to life in an enchanting combination of live-action drama and animated adventure. It's the story of a young boy named Toby who is sent by his bus...All as part of home schooling in our Home Education Program in Grandma's Place of Nathural Learning Center.
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The Secret Garden (1/9) Movie CLIP - There's Someone Crying (1993) HD
The Secret Garden Movie Clip - watch all clips to subscribe (Kate Maberly) makes a late-night excursion through the manor and overhears the at Grandma's Place of Natural Learning.
I hope you are all looking forward to a nice Thanksgiving.
Grandma is going to go into Book 1, but I want to make sure you have taken care of what you need to first. Then I still feel Childrobotics and creative dance should come next. Grandma is going to give you the part about feelings, Lesson 27, from the chart; Therefore the subject will be feelings and the helper will be movement words.
The author writes, "I'm going to say a feeling word, and I want you to show me a shape that expresses that word. The word is fear. What might make you afraid? (Answers have been:getting couaght in an elevator, getting lost, being alone in a haunted house.) First, show me a low level shape. Go. Amiddle level shape. Go. High level. Go.
Now I'm going to give you movement words. Show me fear wih wahtever word I say. With a twist. With a turn. With a sharp moves. With slow moves. Fast. And hold a shape. Good.
Now instead of my movement words, use your own. Move through the space with your movement words. Do as many moves as you can that show fear. Watch out for ghosts! Go.
When you are afraid, you really use your focus--your eyes--don't you? This time we'll use music. When it begins, start in your low shape, then move through your middle and high shapes, and then move across the room. Hold your focus and your concentration. Remember, everything in your body must say "I am afraid!" When the music stops, hold your shape. Ready, go. (Play music but only for a very short time.) This is a very short dance, but withing that short time you must show me all those moves. Don't waste time doing the same move over and over. Show me variety. How many defferent shapes and moves can your body do tor fear? Let's try it again. Remember, eyes on your own hands, or the space around you or the walls or ceiling or floor. Don't focus on another dancer and lose your concentration. Ready, go.( two other feelings in the pictures include surprise, happiness)
Next word: silliness! Show me the silliest shape you can. Make me see right away how silly you can be. Now a silly skip. A silly twist. A silly backward walk. A silly lift. A silly colapse. Now, on your own with the music. I'll play it only a very short time, so be prepared. Get all your silly moves in. Ready, go.
Next word: sadness. What might make you sad? Ready, shape, begin. Now that was very boring. It is dull to watsch you walk around with your head down. How else can you walk besides forward? Can you walk and change levels? Can you walk on your knees? Can your focus change? As dancers you must learn how to exaggerate. What does that mean? Yes, make it bigger. Does sadness have to be slow? Does the focus always have to be down? Let's try that again and see how many changes, how much variety, you can find. Ready, go.
For the next feeling, I don't know quite what word to tell you. Let's imagine that you are in Africa. It hasn't rained for nine months. I hasn't rained for nine months. The crops are dyingl the ground is bone dry. The whole village begins its rain dance ritual. This is a dance of deep concentration and belief. You must change the weather, and that takes strength of mind and body. Let me see if you can concentrate that hard. The god of rain is up there, and the dry ground is down here. Make that rain come!! Remember, don't look at me or anyone else. Just keep telling that weather god the rain must come! Ready, begin. (Use music with drums if possible.)
For our good-bye dance today, let's do this dance of deep desire and earnest prayer. We're not in Africa anymore. We are right here. Those of you who want it to be raining when you get outside, line up over here. Those who want sun, line up over here. (Or find two other diesires.) I'll watch to see which group is dancing with the strongest desire. And maybe when we go outside we'll see a change in the weather! Ready, go.
(Music is an additional helper in this lesson, so it is best to choose feelings for which you have appropriate music; you don't have to use these same feelings.)
Goals for evaluation: Watch whether the children dance with conviction."
Let's go to work on the calendars. Be sure to mark the weather down since we are having more change in the temperature's and the weather in the south of our country becoming snowy and icy. Best it happen now and not on Thanksgiving.
Grandma is going to give parents calendar information up to the 30 in the next three days, so that we can start December fresh with December calendar since there will be a lot of material for that Monday to go with December stuff.
IN 1713, on November 24, Father Junipero Serra, Spanish Franciscan missionary who founded the first mission in California was born. In 1784 Zachary Taylor, 12th prisident of the United States. was born. Book 1 suggested the children see if the can name the 11 predecessors- in order.
Then in 1826 Carlo Lorenxini(pen name: Carlo Collodi), Italian writer, author of Pinocchio. Look up Pseudonym because that is what Carlo selected "Collodi" as(his pseudonym) because it was the name of the Italian town where his mother was born. In 1880 Carlo Lorenzini first published The Adventures of Pinocchio in a magazine. Grandma feels it would be a perfect entertainment for the Hollidays. If you do not have time this week during the Holiday to preform it. Make puppets for it and act it out to each other the following week or two. Acting the Thanksgiving out with puppets is enjoyable also. Another activity Book 1 suggests is for the children to pick a Location-based pseudonym for a day. Ask them each to explain why they selected their name. Then have them write about a toy, doll or stuffed animal that seemed almost real to them. Invite them to describe its qualities and personality. If possible, read the Velveteen Rabbit, another wornderful story about a toy that comes to life. Well Grandma got that video also.
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Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket - Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide!
The song from the original Pinocchio movie. "Give A Little Whistle" and "Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide" as they were told by the Blue Fairy. A little tiny part but a warm one too :)Th...Now showing on Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center
In 1849 Frances Hdgson Burnett, American writer, author of The Secret Garden. Grandma has the video on here of this movie. There was an earlier movie if you remember it better but I could not get it.
In 1864 Henri De Toulouse-lautrec, French artist, was born. You tube had a documentation on him but it definately was not appropriate for the children. Book 1 says he had keen powers of observation. . He frequently coppied from photographs to capture movements and getures in his paintings. Because he disliked painting professional models, he went to theaters, cirucses, and dance halls to paoint real performers in action. I am not saying anymore about him or what to do with him than that because his paintings were really revealing and I don't feel he is the best subject for the children. In 1868 Scott Joplin, American composer, known as "The King of Ragtime" was born and Grandma did bring a documentary about him on board. I think you will like it. That was Sunday's birthday's, now we will move to today's. Grandma will give the 26th and 27th on Tuesday and 28th, 29th, and 30th on Wednesday.
On November 25, in 1787 Franz Xavier Gruber, Austrian organist and composer of "Silent NIght" was born. Be sure to sing this with the children sometime today. In 1835, Andrew Carnegie, Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist was born. Look those up in the dictionary and the older children write it down. Book 1 says his "early work experience included stints as a cotton-factory bobbin boy, telegraph messenger boy, telegraph operator, and railroad clerk. A humble start for a man who became one of the world's richest people!"  Book 1 wants the children to form a time line of his jobs. If you do not have time or want to add it to the one you have make an outline of it Are any of these jobs available to young people today?
In 1846 Carry Nation, American temperance leader(another to look up) was born. Then in 1914 Joe Demaggio, baseball star was born. Book 1 says he, "had a lifetime batting average of .325. He also established one of the most remarkable records in the history of baseball: In 1941 he batted safely in 56 consecutive games. Take your family outside for a baseball or softball game. Back in the classroom, have the children use their calculators to compute their batting averages. (Divide the number of hits by the number of times at bat; carry it to three decimal places.) This is a little math for the day. The younger will have to be on bats and gloves or counting them.
In 1946 Marc Brown, children's author was born. In 1952 Crescent Dragonwagon, children's author , was born. Book 1 says, "Crescent  Dragonwagon is not the author's pen name. It is a name she gave herself before her professional career had begun. Crescent means "the growing," and she selected Drangonwagon because it was fun and completely frivolous. Let kids change their names for a day. Bring a few baby name books to your homeschool so they can find out the meanings and origins of these names. That is all for the calendar today.
A book to read is Knots on a Counting Rope by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault; Henry Holt, 1987 32 pp. Grandma's number (749) with the activities are in her number (6) book.
Under a starry canopy, a Native American grandfather recounts the story of his grandson's birth for the boy(who loves to hear the story again and again). Because the story represents a legacy of courage and strength the boy will need to remember even after the grandfather's death, Grandfather ties one knot on a counting rope with each telling. With his grandfather's love and legacy to carry in his heart, the boy will know the strength he needs to cross the darkest of mountains--his blindness.
Ask the children to tell if they have ever known or seen anyone who is blind. Ask them how it might feel to be blind. Ask if they think it will be happy or sad in the end of the book?
After Reading
Ask the children to tell how Boy-Strength-of-Blue-Horsees feels about being blind. If it is so diffucult being blind, why isn't Boy-Strength-of-Blue-Horses sad?
Memories:Boy_Strength-of-Blue-Horses loves listen to his Grandfather. Storytelling and a sense of heritage is important to Native Amricans. Ask the children to remember a time of their growing up that was important to them. Use pictures of theirs or elsewhere if necessary for them to write about that time and if they wish they can share it at Thanksgiving time.
Colorful"Feeling" Poems
Boy-Strength-of-Blue-Horses cannot see colors with his eyes, but his grandfather uses elements of nature like morning, sunrise, lambs' wool, etc. to help the boy understand the mood of the color blue. Invite students to compose such nature-based poems that might help the boy understand other colors. List some names of favorite colors. Brainstorm physical elements of nature that remind them of that color. "Remind children that they must limit elements to those that must be felt or touched to be experienced." Tell them to close their eyes and imagine what they might feel like.
Sunlight feels like the color____________________because______________________________.
Leaves feel like the color______________________because______________________________.
Think of more examples as Trees, Sky, water, flowers, berries, bushes, animals as a rabbit, horse, dog, cat, etc.
Super Srong"Keeping Cards"
Knots on a Counting Rope is a story of physical and emotional strength. Ask children to define what it is to be strong. Help the children to understand what the passages reveal about the types of strength Native Americans value(e.g., strength to overcome physical challenges, strength to face what frightens us, strength of family connection, strength of love, etc.) Use students' familiarity with the above-normal physical strength of Super heroes, professional wrestling stars, and sports figures. etc. to reflect on the characters in Knots On a Counting Rope, Have the children draw pictures of these characters and others or tape card on post cards of them to keep and enjoy whenever they feel helpless about something.
Other famous books or stories about their bravery could include Hiawatha, Pocohontis, and any you may know of. Another we will cover is The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses.
(Grandma is coming back in a little bit to give you more thins as some recipes and a book from the Bible.)
Grandma just spied a video from you tube on Bing about the Inca natives. I will add one I can get from Youtube later. But you can watch this one today.
Recipe's from our Colonial Cook Book
Brunswick County Stew
"A meat stew that can be preserved several days by keeping it slowly simmering at the back of the hearth has always found great favor with colonial cooks. Brunswick Stew is one of those delectable things that benefit from long, slow cooking. Its flavor improves if it is left to stand overnight and reheated.
Everyplace named Brunswick from Canada to the Carolinas tries to claim this stew as its own, but Brunswick County, Virginia has the best claim. It is a hearty meal and one of the principle attractions at political rallies, cockfights, tobacco-curings and all outdoor gatherings. With squirrels plentiful, this dish is of good economy.
Cut up two Squirrels and put in a large Pan with three quarts of water, one large sliced onion, one half pound of lean Ham cut in small pieces and simmer gently for two hours. Add three pints of tomatoes, one pint of lima beans, four large Irish potatoes diced, one pint corn, salt and pepper according to the palate and a small pod of red pepper. Cover and stew softly, till ready."
To Stew a Cod
"Cut ye cod in thin slices and lay them one by one in the bottom of the stewpan-put a pint of white wine, half a pound of butter, some oyster, and their liquor 2 or 3 blades of mace, a few crumbs of bread (or pounded bisquit) pepper and salt--let it stew till enough done Garnish with sliced lemon.
To CureTainted Fish
Tainted fish may be much restored to its proper flavor by mixing a quantity of vinegar and salt in the water in which the fish is to be boiled.
For Dressing Codfish
Put the fish first into cold water, and wash it, then hang it over the fire and soak it six hours in scalding water, then shift it into clean warm water, and let it scald for one hour. It will be much better than to boil.
From Benjamin Franklin-"Being becalm'd off Block Island, our people se about catching cod, and hauled up a great many. Htherto I had stuck to my resolution of not eating animal food and on this occasion I consider'd the taking of every fish as a kind of unprovoked murder... But I had formerly been a great lover of fish, and when this came hot out of the frying pan, it smelt admirably well. I balanc'd some time between principle and inclination, till I recollected that, when the fish were opened, I saw small fish taken out of their stomach's, then thoughtI, 'If you eat one another, I don't see why we mayn't eat you.' So I din'd upon cod very heartily....So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for every thing one has a mind to do.
The Virtues of Clams
The claim is made, and I shall repeat it her, of the special virtues of soft clams, or "Man of Noses" as those in Carolina call them. An English visitor to the colony says:
They are valued for increasing vigour in men, and making barren Women fruitful, but I think they have no need of that Fish; for the Women in Carolina are fruitful enough without their Helps.
To Dress a Pike Carpe Tub or Large Trout
Take you fish and scale it & slyt it alive & wash it with white wine, & take the blood & as much white wine as will cover it, putting a fish plate in the bottom of your kettle, & some large mace with a bundle of sweet hearbs, as time parsley & sweet margerum, let it have one boyle then take it of and let stew leasurely, then bone 5 anchovis & put into the liquor, then take 3 quarters of a pound of good fresh butter, & let them stew together a little while, then take up your fish 7 shake up your butter anchovis & broth altogether & poure it on your fish & dish it up with sippets.
To recover Venison when it stinks
Take as much cold water in a tub as will cover it a handful over, and put in good store of salt, and let it lie three or four hours. Then take your venison out, and let it lie in as much hot water and salt, and let it lie as long as before. Then have your crust in readiness, and take it out and dry it very well, and season it with pepper and salt pretty high, and put it in your pastry. Do not use the bones of your venison for gravy, but get fresh beef or other bones.
To make Best Bacon
to each ham put one ounce salt-petre, one pint bay salt, one pint molasses, shake together six or eight weeks, or when a large quantity is together, baste them with the liquor every day. When taken out to dry, smoke three weeks with cobs of malt fumes.
Of menus and Dining Etiquette
Always remember, elegance can be achieved without extravagance. For those who have the nicest Taste, a crowd of rich Things are apter to satiate, than to please the Palate and a few good Ingredients make the best Dishes.
Dinner being the grand solid meal of the day, is a matter of considerable importance: and a well-served table is a strinking index of human resource.
Even the most careful supervision and effort is not always rewarded with gracious compliments. You may also experience the frustrations Col. Landon Carter has written on:
I never knew the like of my family for finding fault. At the same time they will not mend things when they might if they could. Every (one) speak well of my table but they who constantly live at it. If the meat is very fine, it is not done says one, altho Perhaps nobody eat hartier of it... If the sallad is fine, the melted butter it is mixed up with is rank altho every mouthfull of sallad is devoured... and so the good folk go on disparaging and devouring.
As they said the Salmon along the eastern seaboard begin to run in late June and are readily available for Independence Day. Along with the first new potatoes,and early peas, this is the traditional New England fourth of July dinner.
                                                  Turtle Soup
Broiled Salmon Steaks(Grandma actually prefers the fried before sauce) or New England Poached Salmon with Egg sauce
Green Peas                           Small boiled New potatoes in Jackets
           Indian Pudding or Apple Pandowdy
Coffee   Tea   Cyder
Juliana Smith of New England wrote this letter to me during the Revolution.
"All the baking of pies & cakes was done at our house & we had the big oven heated & fille twice each day for three days before it was all done. Of course we could have no Roast Beef. None of us have tasted Beef this three years back as it all must go to the Army, & too little they get, poor fellows."
Talking of the vegetables... "one which I do not believe you have yet seen. Uncle simeon had imported the Seede from England just before the War began & only this Year was there enough for Table use. It is called Sellery & you eat it without cooking.
We did not rise from the Table until it was quite dark, & then when the dishes had been cleared away we all got round the fire as close as we could, & cracked nuts, & sang songs & told stories. At least some told & others listened...You know nodbody can exceed the two Grandmothers at telling tales of all the things they have seen themselves, & repeating those of the early years in New England.(Grandma had a cousin that told good ghost stories we all listened to as children.)
Thanksgiving Dinner
Haunch of Venison                               Roast Chine of Pork
Roast Turkey                          Pigeon Pasties                     Roast Goose
Onions in Cream                              Cauliflower                       Squash
                  Potatoes                          Raw Cellery
Mincemeat Pie                      Pumpkin PIe                        Apple Pie
               Indian Pudding                          Plum pudding
(There will be more of this book later.)
Grandma is covering the Book of Judges today and maybe Ruth. Following are the questions asked in Faith Alive:
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? We do not know for certain, who wrote this book. Many people think Samuel is the author.
How...does Judges show us God's love? Perhaps as clearly as any Old Testament book, Judges shows how forgiving God is in spite of his people's continual sins. Over and over, Israel deserts God to owrship idols. But every time they cry out to him, he is ready to send them a deliverer judge. In this way, the judges remind us of Jesus, the one God sent to deliver us from our sins.
When...did this happen? The events in this book happened between 1390 and 1050 BC.
Where...did this happen? The events of this book happened in various parts of Canaan (today known as Israel and Palestine).
What...special messages does this book give us? Judges shows what happened when the Israelites abandoned God to worship idols. But it also shows how eager God is to forgive.
       ...action happens in this book? A cycle is repeated: 1. God's people sin. 2. God lets Israel's enemies defeat them. 3. When the Israelites suffer, they turn to God. 4. Then God sends a "judge" to defeat the enemy and lead Israel. But soon the cycle begins again.
       ...important people do we meet?Judges is filled with colorful characters. Among them are Deborah, Gideon, Jephthah, and Samson.
       ...are some of the stories in this book?
                          Deborah leads Israel.                                            Judges 4-5
                   Gideon asks God for a sign.                                         Judges 6
           Gideon defeats the Midianites.                                              Judges 7
      Jephthah defeats the Ammonites.                                          Judges 11-12
                  Samson and the Philistines.                                      Judges 13-16
Grandma is not going to repeat the Headings of the Chapters and go through them because we would be here all week. You can read right along with Grandma. In chapter 2 the Angel of the Lord asks in place of God why they disobeyed him by making a convenant with the enemies they were suppose to break down the house of. The Israelites wept aloud and called the place Bokim meaning weepers. There they offered sacrifices to the Lord. Also in chapter 2 The Bible tells about how the people went up into the land given to them and lived to serve God under Joshua untill another generation is born. They become corupt and begin to follow their enemies and do bad things. Faith Alive show a Canaanite war chariot in "LIfe in Bible Times saying The Canaanites fought from heavy chariots covered with iron. These chariots were the tanks of ancient armies. War chariots could only be used on flat ground, not on rocky hill sides. The Israelites had no iron chariots."
Because the people became corrupt The Lord put great punishment on them by not helping them for a spell. Then he brought them Judges, who saved them out of the hands of these raiders. For this next generation did not follow the ways of their fathers, but walked the way of obedience to the Lord's commands.Faith Alive points out some things in "Let's Live It!-The Fourth Commandment--"Honor your father and your mother"(Exodos 20:12) In the days of the judges, "Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit" (Judges 17:6) That's no way to live! God has placed authorities over each of us. Martin Luther writes, "We should fear and love God so that we do not despise or anger our parents and other authorities, but honor them, serve and obey them, love and cherish them."
Besides parets, what other authoriteies has God given us? What is our attitude and response, as God's redeemed and renewed people, toward those in authority? Read 1 Timothy 2:1-6."
 Faith Alive brings up the question in "Did You KNow? Who were people sent by God to lead israel in war and guide them in peacetime. Because they had been disobedient to God he said he would no longer drive the enemies out from the land as a test to the Israelites.
In chapter 3 the Israelites had disobeyed and God placed them in the hands of the enemy till they cried out to God and God gave the Othniel to lead them out of there, until he died. Then the Israelites started to become corrupt again and God let the fall to the Eglon king of Moab so then Ehud was sent in and he killed the king and sent the Israelites to take over the Moab land which they did. Following Ehud came Shamgar , son of Anath, who struck down six hundred philistines with an oxgoad and saved Israel.
In chapter 4 after Ehud died , the Israelites did evil again in the eyes of the Lord. and as he made the suffer. They cried forgiveness again and he sent Deborah to help them. Faith Alive says in "Let's Live It! (Judges 4:1-10) A Woman of Faith--The world judge in this Bible book means "leader." Deborah was a prophetess who spoke the word of God. Deborah was a judge, too, and led the Israelites. The people counted on Deborah so much that General Barak, the head of the army, said he would not fight the enemy unless Deborah went with him!
Women are important in the church today, too. While God calls only men to be pastors, women serve in many ways. Talk to a woman leader in your church. Ask how she and other women serve God. Think about how you will be able to serve the Lord when you grow up. Think about how you can serve the Lord right now."
Faith Alive tells in "Life In Bible Times about Skin Bottles-In Bible times liquids were often kept in containers made of goat skin. The skin was sewed up with the air on the outside. Milk was put into these skin bottles to make yogurt. Water and wine were put into skin bottles to be carried from place to place.
After all the battle was won in chapter 4 Deborah and Barak sing a song written in chapter 5. Then it says "the land had peace forty years."
Chapter 6 tells how the Israelites did evil again and the Lord put them under the hands of the Midianites for seven years in which their crops were destroyed each year. Then God sent an angle to visit Gideon. Faith Alive asks in "Did You Know? Who was Gidean? Gidean was a young man whom God used to save the Israelites from an enamy, The Midianites. He was a quiet farmer who became a warrior. Although Gideon was often afraid. God gave him courage to do great things."
Faith Alive tells in "Life In Bible Times-Baal and Asherah--Baal was the chief Canaanite god in Old Testament times. Asherah was the chief goddess. Her symbol was a tall wodden pole, Gideon destroyed the altar of Baal and cut down the Asherah pole. Then he built a "proper kind of altar"(Judges 6:26; as God had told him to.) to use in worshiping the Lord." In chapter 7 he defeats the Midianites.
Faith Alive talks about Judges 7:1-21 in "Let's Live it! perfect odds--135,000 to 300. Those were the odds against Gideon. Gideon had just 300 men; the Midianites covered the valley. "thick as locusts. Ther camels could no more be counted than the sands on the seashore"
Just how bad are those odds? To get an idea, take a large sheet of poster paper and some old magazines. Start cutting out tiny pictures of people and pasting them(close together) in one area of the poster. Keep going until you have 450 of them! Then cut out one more and paste it off by itself. That's how badly Gideon was outnumbered! Actually, these were perfect odds for Gideon, because God was on his side. Read about the battle in JUdges 7:1-21.
Do you ever feel like the one lonely person on the poster? Put a picture of yourself over the lone figure on the poster. Then paste a picture of Jesus next to yours to remind you that the odds are just right! Then Gideon had Zebah and Zalmunna to face in chapter 8. Gideon's Ephod is talked about in chapter 8 Judges 8:27. Faith Alive says in "Did You Know? What was an ephod? An ephaod was a vest-type garment that priests wore when they led worship. The ephad Gideon made was not used by priests. Latter some israelites began to worship Gidean's ephod.
In chapter 9 a very bad man who tried to make himself King of Israel.Faith Alive answers in "Did you Know? Was Abimelech a judge? No, abimelech was a son of Gideon who tried to make himself king. He killed his brothers. and later he himself was killed in battle. The story of Abimelech shows God punishing wickedness.
Chapter 10 tells of Tola who led Israel twenty-three years and then died. Next Jair of Gilead led Israel twenty-two yearswho had 30 sons, who rode thirty donkeys and controlled 30 towns which to this day are called Havvoth Jair.
Next in Chapter 11 Jephthah led the people against the Ammonites because the people did evil again and God turned away from them. But they were saved by Jephthah. Faith Alive asks in "Did You Know? Who was Jephthah? Jephthah was a person who was hated and rejected by his family. But God enabled him to overcome all that and used him as a judge and leader of his tribe. Faith Alive shoes a picture of an Old Testament House saying "Houses in the time of the judges were usually made of stone, with straw or brush roofs. Most had only four or five small rooms. Usually six to eight people lived in a house. The ceilings of these houses were less htan six feet high inside. Of course, the people of those times were much shorter than people are today. In chapter 12 men of Ephraim came after Jephthah but he found a way to overcome them. After Jephthah died three other leaders with many sons and daughters ran the country.
Chapter 13 through 16 were all about Samson. Faith Alive says in "Let's Live It! Judges 13:1-14. Dedicated to God--A "Nazirite" was a person set apart by God by a special promise. Samson's mother and father learned from the angel that God had set apart their son in this way.
In Baptism, you too are set apart to the Lord. Through Baptism God's Holy Spirit puts faith into human hearts so that even tiny babies can believe in Jesus as their Savior and receive his gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation.
When Martin Luther was troubled or afraid, he would often remind himself, "But I have been baptized!" That can be a reminder to us, too, that God will always be there to forgive and help us and that we are special people to the ruler of the universe."
Then Faith Alive says in "Let's Live It! Judges 15:1-20 Super Hero?--How do you picture Samson? Six feet four, 312 pounds, the perfect nose tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers? O maybe a Saturday morning super hero? Huge shoulders and biceps? And, of course, long, magic hair?
Well, maybe some of that. Maybe not. One thing we know: Samson didn't get his strength from pumping iron. There was no majic in his hair, either, Where did he get it? Check Judges 15:14,18-19. Truth is, Samson may have looked just like a regular guy. God was his muscle, Good thing, too. Human strength can take a person only so far. But with God, all things are possible. See what St. Paul says about this in Phiippians 4:13. So much the better for the rest of us ordinary people."
Then Faith Alive says in "Let's Live It! Judges 16:1-21 No Role Model--Do you have posters of super models or NBA or NFL stars up in your bedroom? "Wanna be just like "em?
A lot of famous movie and sports stars fall short of being good examples for us. Not every Bible personality would be a great role model for us either. For example, take Samson. He was very unwise in the friends he chose. Also he stayed with a woman he hadn't married. That was sinful, and it led to Samson's death.
But the Bible does give us the perfect role model, "let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God" (Hebrews 12:2). Jesus led a perfect life of love. Then he died to forgive (even times we have followed a bad example) and rose so we may live. Why not hang a picture--even a big poster--of Jesus with your other room decorations so you can fix your eyes on your Savior."
Faith Alive also tells us in the question,"Did you Know? How did Samson die? Samson was killed when he pulled down a Phillistine temple. Samson was strong, but he was not always wise. He killed many PHillistines, the enemies of Israel. But because he did not always obey God, he was unable to free Israel from the Philistines.(Chapter 16:30)
Chapter 17 and 18 is the story of a man named Micah and the Danites that did him wrong and paid the penalty. Chapter 19 is about a Levite and His concubine. Faith Alive asks in "Did You Know? What was a concubine? though God never intended it, some men had more than one wife at the same time. The first wife had special rights. Other wives were often called concubines. The Levite gave his concubine in place of himself to some bad men and she died. When the Levite sends parts of her out to Israelites as a message of what these men had done, The gathered together and decided to go after the Men of Gilead but the Benjamites would not release them to the crowd. Faith Alive asks, "Did You Know? Who were the Benjamites? The Benjamites were one of the Israelite tribes--large family groups descended from the twelve sons of Jacob (Israel). (Joseph's descendants were represented in two tribes named for his sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.)" In chapter 20 they went to battle against the Benjamites who used what they call a Sling to battle and killed many of the Israelites. Faith Alive describes the sling in "Life In Bible Times two cards tied to a small pad. A smooth stone was put into the pad and swong around and around. When one string was released, the stone flew very fast toward its target. Shepherds used slings to protect their flocks. Many armies had units of men whose main weapon was the sling. David was the world's most famous user of a sling. You can read about him in 1 Samuel 17." The Israelites finally won over the Benjamites but destroyed all their homes and families leaving them with no wives. Chapter 21 is how they came up with wives for the Benjamites so that they tribe would not be wiped out. That is the last chapter of Judges.
The next book is called Ruth. It is only 4 chapters long, therefore, Grandma is going to cover it at this time because it is tied in with the Judges. Faith Alive asks these questions in the beginning:
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? We do not know who wrote the book of Ruth.
When...did this happen? The story of Ruth took place in the days of the judges, probably about 1100 BC.
Where...did this happen? Ruth and Naomi lived in Bethlehem, the city where David and Jesus were born.
How...does Ruth show us God's love? God loves not just a few people in one nation or family. He loves everyone. Ruth was not born into the nation of Israel, but she nevertheless became an ancestor of Jesus. Everyone who trusts in God is one of his people.
What...special messages does this book give us? The book of Ruth prepares us to meet David, the great king of Israel and the most famous ancestor of Christ. Also, when Boaz redeems Naomi's land and maries Ruth, it illustrates how Jesus bought us back for God.
       ...action happens in this book? Ruth, a young Moabite widow, travels to Israel with her Israelite mother-in-law and maries Boaz, a man who trusts in the Lord.
       ...important people do we meet? Important people in this book are Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz.
       ...are some of the stories in this book?
                      Ruth goes with Naomi.                                              Ruth 1
                              Ruth meets Boaz.                                             Ruth 2
                        Boaz marries Ruth.                                                 Ruth 4
Chapter 1 tells how Naomi and her husband come to live in Moah because of the famine. Naomi's sons marry to Moabite women, one is Ruth. Then Naomi's husband and sons die and all three ladies are left as widows. Naomi finds the famine is over and food is being provided by God. The younger want to go with Naomi but Naomi wants the to go back to their native land. However, Ruth refuses and insists on going with Naomi. Naomi is very depressed though. In Chapter 2 Ruth meets Boaz and he is very kind to her. Many are talking of how kind she is to her mother-in-law to come with her and taking care.
Faith Alive concerning Ruth 1:11-18 in "Let's Live It! Families Together--What brings families together? Think about yours. What do you share? Activities? The same taste in food? Interests you all enjoy? A house that keeps you bumping into each other? Talk about it together and make a list.
Read Ruth 1:16-17. What things did Ruth want to share with her mother-in-law? Which was most important?
Sharing our God really brings families together. God loved us so much that we have lots of love to share with everyone else."
In chapter 3 Naomi sends Ruth down to Boaz at the Threshing Floor to care for him. Boaz wants Naomi's land to be bought and the ladies to be taken care of. He actually hopes he might have a chance to marry Ruth but he knows one other has top priority, Therefore he goes to talk to them , and the other person passes up the offer and Boaz marries her in chapter 4. A deal is sealed with the sandal. Faith Alive points out in "Life In Bible Times-Taking Off a Sandal-Today people sign papers to show they have made an agreement. In the days of the judges a person showed that an agreement had been made by taking off a sandal(shoe) and handing it over. People who saw the sandal handed over could be witnesses in court if the agreement was broken." Ruth and Boaz were great-grandparents to David.
Faith Alive has one last message to share from Ruth 4:1-22 in "Let's Live It! A Happy Ending?--The book of Ruth is certainly a story with a happy ending isn't it! Naomi was sad when her husband and sons died, but now she has a new grandchild! Ruth came to a strange country without a single friend, but now her wedding is the talk of the town! What a great way to end!
But that isn't the end of the story. Ruth's son had a son, and that son had a son. That last one, Ruth's great-grandson, was David (King David). And that still isn't guite the end of the story. David had a son and a grandson and so on. And where did all this end up? Find out in Matthew 1:5-16.
The whole story leads to Jesus who came to give us a life that is perfect in happiness. Now there's the reason we can all have  a real happy ending. Well, that is, an ending that never ends."

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