Day 60
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Day 60

Well Grandma is doing much better. She just has to be carefull what she eat now so she doesn't have another bad day. She is doing much better. She has another dance lesson to give you. I decided the stuff in book (57) about Washington DC is a copy of what we just covered but it has information about the buildings which I will tell you when I get it back with the day I got the pictures because it would be better that way. First I am going to cover the two Kings Books in the Bible, then if Grandma can do it she will lead you back to the pictures of Washington DC and give you some information about them to copy.
Once you have your tasks for day done and the Childrobotics done we can do our dancing. Lesson 30 is next from the chart with the subject: sights along with the helper: designs.
Mary Joyce writes, "(Make  designs out of colored construction paper. Use your own ideas.)"(She shows a design that looks like three layers of land) "I am going to show you a design. I don't want you to say anything out loud. I'll ask you some questions, and you answer to yourself. Here is the first design. (Show design 1.) Is the level low or high? Are the lines sharp or smooth? In what direction do the lines go? Now spread out on the floor and do this design in movement. Ready, starting shape, begin. Hold your shape when you think you are finished. I'll wait for everyone.
Now describe this design aloud: low level, smooth lines, continuous, flowing from side to side. Thos are movement words, too, aren't they? Everyone do it again with your bodies. When you have painted this design in space with your movement, hold your shape. Ready, go.
Let's watch half the class. Notice how many different ways people can do this design. No two shapes are alike. Go. Now the other half. Go."
(the next two pictures she has are of 1.  A large strip of dark across the lighter page. 2. Little dark islands on a lighter colored paper.)
"Notice how some people do the design quickly: others see it as slow. We all see things differently.
Now look at this design(show desgn 2.) Is it possible to do this in movement? How will you do this? Think of color, force, shape, lines, direction, use of space. How do these colors make you feel? Ready, go.
Sometimes a design can produce a feeling state. Look at this one. (Show design 3.) I want you to dance it and get every little blob and dot into your movement. The way you do your blobs will show bme how this design makes you feel. Ready, go.
Now each one sit near his or her favorite design, and we'll watch each design group. First, design 1. Let's see how many different ways people thought of doing this. End whenever you feel you have brought this design to life. Next design 2. Now design 3.
Let's get into groups of three or four or five people. This next design I want you to do as a group. This is design 4. (Show the design-see the photograph on page 185." (It shows kind of a plant tree stump)
"This time instead of each of you individually doing the design your own way, you must do it as a whole group. Take a few minutes to figure out first your starting shapes, then your movements, and then your ending shapes. Pratice, and then we'll watch. (Continue with real paintings, sculptures, scenes, the room-any sight can be transferred to dance.)
Goals for evaluation: Watch to see whether the children are involved in their own movement. They should be moving with conviction, and should not change their moves to look like someone else.
Before we head into the Bible we must look over our calendars and schedules. Be sure to keep track of the weather. Birthday's for December 4 include Wassily Kandinsky, Russian artist considered the first abstract painter, born in 1866. Book (1) says "After seeing an exhibit of Claude Monet's paintings, Wassily Kandinsky gave up his law career to study art. He paointed bright designs with no recognizable objects--the first abstract paintings. Kandinsky thought colors had meanings of their own. For example, red was hot and powerful; green was calm and peaceful. Have your students suggest meanings for some of their favorite colors. Then challenge them to use geometric shapes in these colors to create their own abstract pictures.
Another person born on this day was Munro Leaf, Children's author and creator of Ferdinand the Bull. He was born in 1905. Do you know many people like Ferdinand the bull and do not want to fight. I actually know lots. In fact I don't know anybody who actually would rather fight Maybe many of us have that defensive fight like a bull that we are not aware of. I don't usually do much with anyone showing violence.
Book (1) also says Miles , "Sesame Street " character was born that day also.
There are two events for December 4. One was in 1776 when Benjamin Franklin left for France to seek support for the American Revolution. Then in 1783 George Washington had a farewell dinner with his officers at Fraunces Tavern in New York City. Book (1) states, "Costs of conflicts- Flags and relics of the Revolutionary War are still on display at Fraunces Tavern in New York City. General George Washington's accounts show that $160,074.00 was spent on the war. Have your students investigate how this compares with monetary costs of more recent wars."
The author of the Colonial Cookbook did not say what was served at this last dinner to his officers but she did say,"The  author has not had the honour of having Christmas Dinner at Mount Vernon, but reports of various guest's suggest this might be the menu.
                                         An Onion Soup Call'd the King's Soup
     Oysters on Half Shell              Broiled Salt Roe Herring                  Boiled Rockfish
             Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding                  Mutton Chops
          Roast Suckling Pig              Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing
                 Round of Cold Boiled Beef with Horse-radish Sauce
                                       Cold Virginia Baked Ham
  Lima Beans          Baked Acorn Squash                    Baked Cellery with slivered Almonds
                               Hominy Pudding           Candied Sweet Potatoes
           Cantaloupe Piickle           Spiced Peaches in Brandy          Spiced Cranberries
               Mincemeat Pie                  Apple Pie             Cherry Pie             Chess Tarts
          Blancmange        Plums in Wine Jelly             Snowballs            Indian Pudding
                           Great Cake           Ice Cream             Plum PUdding
                                   Fruits                  Nuts                    Raisins
                                         Port                  Madeira
How to Make a Great Cake
Take forty eggs and divide the whites from the yolks, and beat them to a froth.
Then work four pounds of butter to a cream, and put the whites of the eggs to it, a tablespoonful at a time, until it is well worked.
Then put four pounds of sugar, finely podered, to it in the same manner.
Then put in the yolks of eggs and five pounds of flour and five poinds of fruit.
Two hours will bake it
Add to it on-half an ounce of mace, one nutmeg, one-half pint of wine and some French brandy.
This was made by Martha Custis for her grandmama.
To Ice a Great Cake
Take  the whites of twenty-four eggs, and a pound of double-refined sugar beat and sfted fine: mix both together in a deep earthen pan, and with a whisk whisk it well for two or three hours, till it looks white and thick; then with a thin broad board or bunch of feathers, spread it all over the top and sides of the cake; set it at a proper distance before a good clear fir, and keep turning it continually for fear of its changing colour; but a cool oven is best, and an hour will harden it. You may perfume the icing with what perfume you please."
These next two books in the Bible might go faster than some of the others. We will see. Of course Faith Alive covers questions in the beginning for you as:
"Whom...did God inspire to write this book? We do not know who was the author of 1 Kings.
When...did this happen? The stories in this book took place between 970 and 853 BC.
Where...did this happen? The events happened in Israel and Judah.
How...does 1 Kings show us God's love? God shows his love by steadfastly keeping his promise to the royal line of David. God puts David's son Solomon on the throne. Then when Solomon sins, God does not take the entire kingdom from him but allows his descendants to continue to rule Judah. In this way, the family line to Jesus is kept alive.
What...special messages does this book give us? Leaders and governments change, but God is the one who always remains in power and guides the welfare of his people. It is God's will that his people remain faithful to him.
       ...action happens in this book? Solomon rules for forty years. When he dies his kingdom is divided between two lines of kings. The northern ten tribes are called Israel. The southern two tries are called Judah.
       ...important people do we meet? In this book we meet Solomon, Elijah, and evil King Ahab of Israel.
      ...are some of the stories in this book?
          Solomon asks for wisdom.                                              1 Kings   3
       Solomon builds the temple.                                                1 Kings   6
   Solomon dedicates the temple.                                               1 Kings  8
           The kingdon is split.                                                       1 Kings 12
         Elijah is fed by ravens.                                                      1 Kings 17
        Elijah on Mount Carmel                                                      1 Kings 18
                 Elijah runs away..                                                     1 Kings 19
         Ahab steals a vineyard.                                                     1 Kings 21
           Ahab dies in battle.                                                         1 Kings 22
In the first part of 1 Kings chapter 1 King David is no longer well or can keep warm so the send Abishag, a virgin to care for him. She cared for him but they had no intimate relations. During this time his son, Adonijah, set himself up as king, without his father knowing. David had promised the position to Bathsheba of her son Solomon. Adonijah was son of Haggith, born next after Absalom. Adonijah planned a big sacrificial dinner with many guests but not Bathsheba and her son Solomon. When she learned of what was happening she went to King David and it was set right. Adonijah asked for forgiveness from Solomon and bowed down to him in the end.
Faith Alive says, "Did You Know? 1:5 Who was Adonijah? Adonijah was a son of David. He tried to have himself crowned king. However, David decided to make his son Solomon King instead.
In chapter 2 King David talks to Solomon of what is expected of him.
Faith Alive says, "Let's Live It! 1 Kings 2:1-4 What A Father Wants His Child to Remember-- When David grew old he gave his son Solomon a charge. "Charge" means advice. David told Solomon the really important things he wanted him to remember. Read 1 Kings 2:1-4 and write down things David wanted Solomon to remember.
Ask mom or dad to give you a "charge," like David gave Solomon, so you will know what they want you to remember all your life."
 Then Adonijah, is taking another stab at the throne by asking for the hand of Abishag and Solomon catches on when his mother comes to ask of it for Adonijah. Somehow, the priest Abiathar and Joab are part of it. Adonijah is ordered to be killed in which he is and Joab goes to pray at the ark but is ordered to be killed and Abiathar is relieved of duty and sent away.
 Faith Alive i goes on to say, "Did You Know? 2:17 What did Adonijah's request to marry Abishag mean? Abishag was a girl who had taken care of King David. The man who married her would have a claim to the throne of Israel. Adonijah's request showed that he would try to steal the throne that God had given to Solomon." King Solomon put Benaiah son of Jehoiada overth army in Joab's position and replaced Abiathar the priest with Zadok. Then somebody named Shimei did not obey and he was put to death.
 Faith Alive says, "Did You Know? 2:36 Who was Shimei? Shimei was a man who had cursed David as he ran from Jerusssalem when Absalom rebelled. David had not punished Shimei, but Solomon did. Solomon ordered Shimei to say in Jerusalem. 1 Kings 2 tells what happened when Shimei disobeyed King Solomon."
In chapter 3 Solomon goes to Egypt and makes an alliance with the Pharaoh in marrying his daughter. He brought her to the City of David until he finished building his palace and the temple of the Lord, and the wall around Jerusalem. People were still sacrificing in high places; therefore, Solomon goes to Gibeon where the Lord appears before him. Because Solomon asked for wisdom and not riches or other unimportant items, God was pleased with him and granted him his wish. He gave him strong wisdom and it showed.
Faith Alive says, " Let's Live it! 1 Kings 3:4-15 A Laundry List of Prayers?-- "Ask for whatever you want," God said to Solomon in a dream (1 Kings 3:5). What an invitation! God invites us to ask, and as our dear Father, he listens!(That doesn't mean, of course, that he always says yes.)
Soloman's request to God was a wise one, and it brought still greater wisdom. Read about it in 1 Kings 3:6-15. How about our prayers?
 1. do they include spiritual things (forgiveness, faith, eternal life), not just on earthly "laundry list" ("Lord, give me all A's, give me a new jacket, give me a winning team, etc.")?
 2. Are they for other people as well as for ourselves?
 3. Will the things we're asking glorify God, or are they selfish?
God will always give us what's best for us, no matter what we ask, so we can always pray fearlessly. And when we don't even know what to pray for. God's blessings continue, Read about a special prayer blessing in Romans 8:26-27."
Chapter 4 is his Governors and all about his wisdom. Faith Alive says, "Did You Know? 4;34 How wise was Solomon? Solomon was very wise. He wrote the book of Ecclesiastes and many of the sayings found in Proverbs. He studied plants and animals, built great buildings, and kept Israel at peace all forty years of his rule. Solomon's greatest "pearl of wisdom," though , is that honoring and trusting God is what real wisdom is about (Proverbs 9:10)." Which brings us to the fact Grandma feels we can begin to read the Proverbs also along with the Psalms.
Chapters 6,7, and 8 are all about his temple and palace and furnishings including the Ark. Faith Alive states, "Life in Bible Times-Solomon's Temple Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem and it was a beautiful structure. He used stone, carved wood, and a lot of gold. Because it was the house of God, all hammering and chiseling were done away from the temple site. No noisy Iron tools were used there (see 1 Kings 6:7), God promised to live among the Israelites if Solomon would obey and build the temple as God told him to."
 Faith Alive also writes this"Word to Remember 8;20 The Lord has kept the Promise he made." Chapter 8 knot only includes the Ark being brought to the Temple but the Prayer of Dedication by Solomon and the Dedication.
Faith Alive says, "Let's Live It! 1 KIngs 8:27-30 Presence of God--Have you ever visited the place where your mom or dad works? Did you happen to find a familiar smiling face--your own? Lots of parents like to keep pictures of their kids on their desks or in their lockers or even in their wallets or purses. Why? Your parents love you. Having your picture makes them feel as if you're always there with them.
God is everywhere, but he knew his people needed reminders he was with them. That's why he had Solomon build the temple. There God promised to be present with his people in a special way.
When Jesus came to earth, he became God's temple among us. We don't need a temple building anymore, because Christ himself proves that God is always with his people."
The Lord comes to visit Solomon in chapter 9 and it tells of how he tries to pay Hiriam for his goods put kind of fails there. It tells of all his other buildings and doings. In chapter 10 Queen of Sheba comes to visit this great leader.
 Faith Alive talks about Camels in Lfe In Bible Times "Camels were the trucks of Bible times. A camel could carry four hundred pounds and travel up to ten miles an hour. Camels carried spices and other goods along trade routes thousands of years before Christ was born. Because camels could hold five gallons of water in each of their three stomachs, they could go without drnking for three days. Fat, not water is stored in the hump. Camel milk was used to make cheese, and camel hair was woven into tent cloth and used to make rope."
As stated in chapter 10, Solomon brought in many riches including horses and ships as Faith Alive presents in "Life In Bible Times- Solomon's Ships; King Solomon had a fleet of trading ships that brought many interesting and valuable items back to Israel. Each voyage lasted three years! According to Ezekiel 27 these ships of Tyre were beautifully made, with embroidered sails and inlaid ivory decks and awnings of blue and purple."
However, as riches get to the rich, Solomon forgot about God and married many women God forbade them not to marry and he was taken astray in chapter 11. Faith Alive talks about it in "Did You Know? 11:1 Why did Solomon marry so many women? Teaties with other nations were often sealed by marrying one ruler's daughter to the other country's king. Many of Solomon's wives came from such treaty marriages. But God had told the Israelites not to marry foreign women.."
Therefore,  God told Solomon that part of the kingdom would be taken from his son and land would be divided. He brought two adversaries to Solomon. Hadad the Edomite from the royal line of Edom is one and the other is Jeroboam.
 Faith Alive writes this "Did You Know? 11:26 Who was Jeroboam? Jeroboam was one of Solomon's officials. A prophet told Jeroboam that he would become king of ten of Israel's tribes. When Solomon heard this he tried to kill Jeroboam. The prophet's words came true after Solomon had died."
Chapter 12 is where Israel rebels against Rehoboam and fall under Jeroboam. But Jeroboam became scared of the Israel going back to Rehoboam that he built two bad altars for prayer.
Faith Alive points out in "Did You Know? 12:33 What evel thing did King Jeroboam do? Jeroboam set up a false religion for his kingdom. He put up golden calves for israel to worship. He restablished new religious, holidays in place of the ones God's law had established. For the next two hundred years, every king of the ten tribes of Israel led people to worship God in this false and evil way."
 Faith Alive answers the next question in "Did You Know? 13:34 Was Jeroboam ever punished for the evil he did? Yes God punished Jeroboam, God also punished the people of Israel, who let Jeroboam lead them away frm the Lord." Jeroboam's son ,Ahijah, dies as a cause. Rehoboam, King of Judah, Solomon's son is at battle with Jeroboam. He got into battle with Shishak king of Egypt also. The treasures of the temple were taken also and replaced with bronze. From here till the end of the book 1 Kings Different leaders  took over.
Faith Alive says in "Did You Know? 15:1,25 What were Israel and Judah? When Solomon died his kingdom was divided. The southern part of the kingdom became a separate nation called Judah. The northern part of the kingdom became a separate nation and was called Israel. The first king of Judah was Rehoboam. The first king of Israel was Jeroboam. In the rest of 1 Kings and in 2 Kings, Israel and Judah are the names of these two separate nations."
Then it writes "Did You Know? 16:25 How many good kings did Israel have? Not one king of Israel worshiped God. They all did "evel in the eyes of the Lord." Many evil kings of Israel are listed in 1 Kings 15-16. The worst king of all was Ahab, who was the enemy of Elijah the prophet."
Faith Alive also tells how Elijah is taken caren care of in "Let's Live It! 1 Kings 17:1-6 God's Care--Sometimes God uses unusual ways to take care of those he loves. Read 1 Kings 17:1-6. How did God take care of Elijah?
Usually God takes care of children through their parents. He gives their mom or dad a job so there is money for what the family needs. But not always. Sometimes God has the government help out a poor family. Sometimes one family can help out another family. There are many ways you could be used by God to help someone. If you have Christian magazines in your home, look in them for advertisements asking readers to help poor children. Perhaps your church or community has a food pantry to which you could donate some canned goods. Maybe you know a family in your church or twon who could use the clothes you have outgrown."
 Faith Alive also explains in "Did You Know? 17;1 Who was Elijah? Elijah was a very famous prophet. He lived when King Ahab and his evil wife Jezebel tried to get everyone in Israel to worship Baal instead of the Lord. God gave Elijah the power to do miracles to fight against Baal worship." 
 Faith Alive goes on to explain more in "Life In Bible Times Cutting themselves Some people in Bible times cut themselves with knives to show grief. But the prophets of the pagan god Baal cut themselves for a different reason. They thought Baal liked the smell of blood. The prophets of Baal cut themselves hoping to get their god's attention." In chapter 19 Elijah flees to Horeb.
FaithAlive says"Did you Know? 19;8 What is Horeb? Horeb is another name for Mount Sinaai, where God gave his people the Ten Commandments." and the Lord appears to Elijah. Elijah tells the lord how all the priests are being killed and that they are after him last. God shows his anger and then he tells Elijah what to do and how he has reserved seven thousand non followers of Baal. The rest of 19 through 22 in which the Lord begins to gain. Faith Alive says in "Life in Bible Times Grapevines Ahab thought Naboth's vineyard was worth stealing. Grapes were one of the most important crops of Paleestine. They were sqeezed for their juice or dried to make raisins."
 Faith Alive also states in "Let's Live It! The Seventh Commandment-- "You shall not steal"(Exodus 20:15). King Ahab wanted the vineyard. Naboth refused to sell. "no problem," Queen Jezebel told her husband. "I'll get it for you." And get it she did. Read about her plot in 1Kings 21:8-16.
Fraud, scheming to steal, is one way the Seventh Commandment is broken. Cheating on income tax, lying about your age to get into a movie at a cheaper rate, begging lunch money from friends when you really aren't broke--all are sins of stealing. Can you think of other examples?
Martin Luther explains the Seventh Commandment this way: "We should fear and love God so that we do not take our neighbor's money or possessions, or get them in any dishonest way, but help him to improve and protect his possessions and income.""

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