Day 61
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Day 61

Dear Folks
I do not mean to leave you hanging. I am faced with a couple of emergencies. My health is ok unless the doctor tomorrow tells me different. I was faced with our transmission going out on the way to the funeral and then we were faced with something else that may ruin my work, but I will let you know what is going to happen here. Hang in there and work on Christmas things as orgaments made of bieads, shaped ornaments decorated, decorated picure frames for the tree, and a Christmas cake to freeze, tarts, rolls that can be shaped, cresents with carmel in them, cookies. All these teach measurement and are considered math. Taco's, tomales, chili's,(there is plenty mild recipes, even jalapeno is mild if deseeded and fried, especially with cream cheese in the middle egg batter on the outside and fried(a popper). can all be part of Mexico lessons.
Read 2Kings and the Chronicles along with the Psalms, Proverbs. I wil give some Faith Alive lessons the weekend. when I know more what's going to go down.
The weather should be recorded with the changes in our country as far as the temperature could be a record low for this time of year and it getting cold indead well enough the storms going on.. On December 5 Martin Van Buren, eight president of the United States was born in 1782, George Armstrong Custer, American army officer defeated at the Battle of the Little Bighorn was born in 1839. Then "Rose Wilder Lane, daughter of author Laura INgalls Wilder, led an active, adventurous life. As a young woman, she flew over San Francisco Bay strapped to the wing of an airplane; at the age of 78, she flew in helicopters as a foreign correspondent during the Vietnam War. and it was Lane who first encouraged her mother to write the Little House books, then edited these books. What family members give your students behind-the-scenes support? Then in 1901 Walt Disney, American motion-picture animator and producer was born. Book (1) says, "A Disney tribute- In feature-length animated movies and short cartoons, Walt Disney brought a host of beloved characters to life: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Cinderella, Snow White, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, and Balloo the bear, to name a few.
Your students can create their own short animation. Cut scrap paper into 3X5 inch pieces, and staple together packs of about 30 pieces to form a bookletDistribute one booklet to each student. Next, have each child choose a simple theme that involves movement--changing expressions on a face, a dog wagging its tail and barking, or ashort segment of a dance or sporting event, for example. Starting with the first page of the booklet, the kids should draw their picture in pencil pressing hard enough to make an impression on the next page. (This will enable them to correctly position the image on the next page.) In each succeeding picture, they should change the position of whatever objects are supposed to be in motion. Remind them that antything more than a slight change on consecutive pages will create the appearance of jerky movement. After the kids have completed their drawings , have them exchange their booklets and view one another's work by fanning the edges of the pages with their thumb.
An event that happened December 5 was in 1791 The Austrian composer Wolfgang aaamaddeus Mozart died in poverty. December 6 Frederick Duesenber, American automobile manufacturer of course of the Duesenberg was born in 1876. Then Joyce Kilmer, American poet was born in 1886. An event of 1534 wand when the Spaniards founded the city of Quito, Ecuador. in 1790 Congress moved from New York City to Philadelphia. December 6 is actually the official St. Nicholas Day. You will have to look it up in the computer to learn which countries and what they do.. Maybe you can come up with some ideas to celbrate it.
There is more Creative Dance but Grandma will have to wait to give them to you starting the weekend.Please take care and drive safe in the weather. .

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