Day 62
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Day 62

Good Monday Morning! Doctor said Grandma is doing fine and my system was fighting a flue not the Gall bladder. She is doing some testing on the swelling but I think if I just get on to my dance tape I will be ok there too. I am just going to have to make these knees work if they hurt or not.
I left some things on day 56 and 57 that are together with the Washington DC buildings. They are worth reading about and seeing. There is more, it was late and I was so tired I could not think. One just has to go on the internet and they are there under free pictures of Washington DC.An excersize from Book (57) is as follows:"The Bill of Rights-Students commonly hear discussions about constitutional rights, either on the evening news or in adult conversations, but they don't often understand the origin of these rights. Discuss with your students how the following freedoms resulted from the colonists' relationship with Great Britain, then have them write a short essay explaining how--more than 200 years later--these freedoms are still exercised every day.
Freedom of religion
The right to a speedy and public trial
Freedom of the press
Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure
Freedom of speech
Freedom to peacefully assemble
The right to counsel
I want to give you Faith Alive's messages from 2 Kings. Tomorrow I will work into the Chronicles
First it asks the questons:
How...does 2 Kings show us God's love?
God is very patient. Afain and again both Israel and Judah desert him to worship idols. God then sends a prophet to call them back. Stern warnings accompany the prophet's call for repentance. God desires that the people remain faithful and continue to receive the forgiveness he freely provides.
Whom...did God inspire to write this book?
We do not know who wrote 2 Kings. The same person wrote 1 Kings, which originally was combined with 2 Kings as one book.
When...did this happen? The events in this book happened between 853 and 586 BC
Where did this happen? These stories happened in Israel and Judah.
What...special messages does this book give us? The book of 2 Kings shows why God finally destroyed Israel and exiled Judah from the promised land.
       ...action happens in this book? The stories of many kings of Judah and Israel are told in this book
      ....Important people do we meet? The important people in this book include Elisha, Joash, Hezekiah, and Josiah.
       ...are some of the stories in this book?
Elijah goes up to heaven.                                         2 Kings  2
Naaman is healed of leprosy.                                   2 Kings  5
Jehu kills Ahab's family.                                          2 Kings  9-10
Joash repairs the temple.                                        2 Kings  12
Israel is destroyed.                                                 2 Kings  17
Jerusalem is threatened.                                         2 Kings  18
Jerusalem is saved.                                                2 Kings  19
Josiah reads God's book.                                        2 Kings  22
Judah is exiled to Babylon.                                     2 Kings  25
The first thing that Faith Alive asks is "Did You Know? 2;2 How many people have gon directly to heaven without dying first? The Bible mentions two people who went to heaven without dying: Enoch(Henesis 5:24) and Elijah (2 KIngs 2.)"
Next it asks "Did You Know? 2:9 What does "a double portion of your spirit" mean?
When a father died, his oldest son inherited two times as much as any other son. Elisha wanted to be Elijah's heir. He wanted to inherit all of Elijah's abilities as a prophet, times two! God gave Elisha what he wanted. Elisha performed twice as many miracles (14) as Elijah did (7)! You can rad about Elisha's miracles in 2 Kings 1-7."
These are not the Israel kings crown because it has the jewel and points. Joash's crown was where there were no jewels and the metal rounded across the top of the head but had the cloth attached as these. All here in our Home Education program of Grandma's place of Natural Learning Center.It writes in "Life in Bible Times- Pots and Jars--Pottery jars made of hardened clay were used everywhere during Bible times. Pottery making is one of the oldest cafts in Bible lands. By looking at the shape of pottery jars archaeologists, who study the past, can tell when and where they were made! Clay pots and jars were used for every type of storage as well as for eating and cooking. Some pots were very plain while others were beautifully decorated."
"In 2 Kings 5:1-14 Faith Alive makes comment, "Let's Live It!-Telling the Good News--Read in 2 kings 5:1-14 about a girl who was probably about your age. She was a slave for the wife of Naaman, the army commander. The girl in the Bible story helped just by telling what she knew about God. Write down five important things you know about God. Show the list to your Sunday school teacher or your mom or dad, and ask if you have left out anything important. Then tell a friend what you know about God and Jesus."
Then concerning 2 Kings 7:3-11 "Let's Live It!-Keep It To Yourself?--The Arameans were camped all around the city of Samaria. They were not letting anyone or anything go in or out of the city, so the people inside were starving. Read 2 Kings 7:3-11 to fnd out what four men with leprosy did.
Now read 2 Kings 7:9 again. Do you think Christians today sometimes do the same thing? Our Good News is that Jesus died to save us from sin so we can go to heaven. People who don't believe in Jesus will not go to heaven. If you don't tell people about the Good News, they may never hear it. Do you think God wants you to tell them?"
Then is says in "Did You KNow? 8:9-Who was Hazael? Hazael was a soldier who beame king of Aram (Syria). He became a powerful enemy of Israel and killed many Israelites."
Then out of the story about Jehu, 9:2 Faith Alive asks"Did You KNow? Who was Jehu? Jehu was a general who became king of Israel. He killed the family of evel King Ahab and all the priests of Baal. But he still did ot follow God with all his heart, and so continued Israel's line of wicked kings."
In reading chapter 11 Faith Alive writes "Life in Bible Times- Joash's Crown The kings of many ancient empires had heavy crowns made of silver and gold and somethimes covered with jewels. However, the kings of Israel had a different kind of crown. Their crown was a flat, thin plate of gold that was fastened to the king's soft cloth headdress."
Then in "Let's Live It! 2 Kings 12:4-12 Special Offerings-- Because God had blessed him specially, Joash wanted to do something special: reair God's temple. A box was set out to receive special offerings of money.
It's best to put aside offerings to God regularly. But since God blesses us in special ways just any old time, It's not a bad idea to lay aside additional offerings whenever we think of it.
Use any kind of box or jar. Put it somewhere you'll see often. Let it remind you God blesses you every minute. Whenever you like, drop in some change. Once or twice a year take it to church to support a special project."
Next concerning 14:23 "Did You KNow? Who was Jeroboam II? Jeraboam II was an important king of Israel. In his time Israel became very powerful and rich. The Bible books of Jonah and Amos were written while Jeroboam II was king of Israel."
In "Let's Live It! 2 Kings 17:1-23 Last Resort--Israel's history was over. In 722 BC. , the ten northern tribes were carried away by Assyria, never to return. How cold this happento God's people?
Israel's destruction was God's last resort. Read the tragic summary of times do you see God reaching out to his sinful people? Consider, for example, verses 7, 12, 13, and 15. God did not wnat to destroy his people. However, they absolutely refused his pleas. Finally he sent a nation to crush them.
God loves us just as he loved Israel. That's why in his Word he warns us to repent of sins and why he always forgives us for Jesus' sake. Do we hear his warnings?"
Faith Alive writes in "Did You Know 18:1 Who was Hezekiah? Hezekiah was one of Judah's most godly kings. He ruled Judah when the Assyrians destroyed the kingdom of Israel. The assyrians tried to invade Judah too, but were unsuccessful because Judah depended on God for deliverance."
It says in "Let's Live It! 2 Kings 18:13-16;19:1-19, 35-37 Pray When Afraid-- Read how the terrible Assyrian army marched on Jerusalem in 2 Kings 18:12-16. Think how the people in Jerusalem must have felt as the enemy came nearer.
Before you read any more of the story, think about other kids your age. Make a list of things they and you are afraid of today.
Now read 2 Kings 19:1-19. What did king Hezekiah do when he was afraid? To find out what happened next, read 2 Kings 19:35-37
Pick out something on your list that makes you afraid. Write a prayer, as Hezekiah did, asking the Lord to protect you from the thing you fear.
What wonderful comfort for your fears do you see in God's answer to Hezekiah?."
Faith Alive leaves a message in "Let's Live It! 2 Kings 20: 1-11 Pray When Sick--Hezekiah prayed when he became sick and was about to die (2 Kings 20:1-11). God gave a wonderful sign to show that he would heal Hezekiah. God has given wonderful medical technology to heal us, but he is really still the Healer. That makes prayer the best medicine.
While Psalm 30:2 on an index card. Use a Band-Aid to hang it inside the door of your family medicine cabinet. Let that remind you how eager God is to hear your prayer when you or a family member gets sick."
Faith Alive says in "Let's Live it! 2 Kings 22:1-20 The Power Behind the Throne--Josiah was only eight years old when he became king over Judah. Read about him in 2 Kings 22:1-20. Josiah was only a young boy, but God was the power behind the throne. God spoke to Josiah In his Word, encouraged him, and guided him. Josiah became a great king.
How old are you? Can you imagine being a king right now? You don't have to rule a nation, but you do have tough jobs. What are they? God will be the power behind you as you do them."
Then concerning 23:2 "Did You KNow? What was the Bood of the Covenant? The Book of the Covenant was probably the book of deuteronomy. Covenant means "agreement," like in a treaty. Josiah and his people promised to do what God had commanded, and the Lord promised to bless Judah."
So in the last "Did You KNow? 24:20 What happened to the nation of Judah?
Judah's last kings were evel and led the people away from God. As a result, God let the Babylonians attack and destroy Jerusalem. Many of the people of Judah were either taken captive to Babylon or fled into Egypt."
To finish this very slow Monday Read Berreguita and the Coyote Retold by Verna Aardema(Allphred A Knopf, 1991.32 pp.
Before Reading
Tell the class that your are about to share a book set in Mexico and locate Mexico on a map so you are sure they know where it is at.. From the cover, can the children infer anything about the climate or terrain of Mexico? What do they notice about the colors the artist used on the cover? Have children study the cover of the book to see if they can discover any clues telling what the book is about. Record the children's guesses on a chalkboard or on a chart pad.
After Reading
Compare the children's storyline prdictions with the avtual story. Were students able to guess correctly what the story was about? Ask the class if it is always possible to judge a book by its cover.  Have the children locate books in your class library that do not have expecially revealing covers.
Spanish Language- Look up many of the Spanish words used in the story with a Spanish-English glossaryand pronunciation guide.Ad them on your chart pad with other words I have given you.
Sample some Mexican food: like Taco's with beef, pork, or chicken.
You can retell the story with puppets if you wish. All you need is a sheep and a Coyote.
Grandma is tired and going to bed. Have a wonderful day. I will try to start early tomorrow.

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Truly informative and very educational. Just like what you p0ronmised a very educational post for your wonderful blog. I would like to commend your consistency in posting articles that are filled with facts and information. Being able to produce these kinds of writing is a talent. I hope to meet you in person to have some intelligent and fruitful discussions with you. Today, the world needs more people like you who share their great insights, especially that we are in today's information era where every information is counted and it could even be a material convertible into monetary results.
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