Day 66
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Day 66

Hi Folks!
If you did not catch yesterday's lesson because I zonked out and did not wake up till late, be sure to go back and get it because it has lots of lovely video's and things to do.
 I hope everyone is finished working chores this morning so they can hear a story. I hope you are still working of your yearbook, journals, and newspapers especially.
Do your childrobotics and dancing. I will start the dancing lessons again next week. Grandma was just not up to it this week.
I hope You have as nice a weekend as Grandma will have!
I tried to get this one story on Youtube and could not. I could not even get the story elsewhere. If you go to the Library, they probably have it. It is called The Three Brothers and the Singing Toad. It is a folk tale and is retold by Betsy Franco in Grandma's book (676) Literature Based Multicultural Unit by Betsy Gransco, illustrated by Jo Supanoich, 1993 Evan-Moar Corp.The other book Grandma said was Book (1024) because I did not know I had it listed as Book (675) Hands on Heritage; Mexico Activity Book, writtten by Mary Jo Keller as she designed the cover; Illustrated by Barb Lorseyed; edited by Kathy Roger; Designed by Linda Milliken; consultant Franciso Tapia 1996 Edupress.
Other books to get at this time are Hill of Fire by Thomas E. Lewis, The Gift of the Sacred Dog by Paul Goble, Three Names by Patricia MacLachlan, Death of the Iron Horse by Paul Goble,Sarah, Plain & Tall, Stone Fox, The Bear on the Moon by Joanne Ruder, The Moon of the Alligators, The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain, Bound for Freedom, The Runaway Slave by Ann McGovern, Heidi by Johanna Sypri, Very Last Very First Time by Jan Andrews or Very Last First Time, Mike's Toads, Frog and Toad by Lobel, and anything you can get on the Natives-preferably the Plains, Crazy Horse, General Custer, Daniel Boone, The Borning Room is a good pioneer book, anything you can find on the pioneers would be good., My Daniel, Nessa's Fish, Sing, Pierrot, Sing, The Silver Whistle is Mexican that we will cover on Monday and Nine Days to Christmas, SuperGrandpa, Amoko and Efua Bear, Amazing Grace, Ben's Trumpet, Beyond the Ridge, Cornrows, Everett Anderson's Goodbye, Flossie and the Fox, Follow the Drinking Gourd, Me and Nessie, Peter's Chair, Tar Beach, Uncle Remes stories would be good to read, The Quilt Story, Matzoh Mouse is Jewish-American, The Keeping Quilt, The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses is a good Native American story I know I was able to get.
Now Grandma will give you the story of The Three Brothers and the Singing Toad Retold by Betsy Franco.
These are to be Mayan pheasants of a village. The woman is dressed in a traditional A-line white embroidered cotton long dress with a slip under it. The shawl worn by the women are called Rebozo(reh-boh'-soh) The women from my husband's family ranch wear these shawl's and they usually wear a long gray or black dress. Often they wear a more modern dress. The men are dressed in traditional white pants and shirt with a poncho over the top and straw hats. In the story they are wearing sandals. In my husband's village they wear heavier shoes. His mom wore slip on slippers. People really are not allowed guns in Mexico and if police find people with them they are taken. There is check-points for them everywhere. A man in village of my husband's family did have one and was robbing people occasionally. The people could not ask the police of the main town to watch for him because it was not their area to watch, but I am sure someone stopped him or something. We only heard about him.
Facts about the Mayan house. They are made of thick, white-washed adobe walls and straw roofs.(The same as my husbands parents house that was probably his grandparents at one time, unless they lived where his one brother lives. Adobe is a mud brick. Pioneers started out in this type of home also. The thick walls kept the house cool. There was a doorway, but often no door. The beds could be hammocks, slept in crossways. A fire in the center of the dirt floor killed the insects and sealed the roof. However, most of the houses I have seen have normal beds or floor bedding. Some men are used to the outside if necessary. There is more brick houses being built as the modern homes. Some homes are very beautiful. Some people start out in just any wood they can find laying around till their home is built.
Corn is considered the gift of life. It was thought that the serpent feathered god [Kulkulkan(Kool-kool-khan') to the Maya and Quetzalcoatl(keht-zehl-koh-ahtl') to the Aztec] gave the people corn. I have seen my husband's sister cook the big pot of corn at night, drain it two or three times and run it through a grinding machine that makes it into dough. She said they had to grind it by hand before they were able to get the machine. The dough is taken to his one brothers house rolled into balls, and flattened with an old wooden press of his mother's. I have also seen half flour and corn maize made into a rolled out dough. The straight corn dough must have a press though. They have metal ones also. I have a pattern for a wooden one, but we usually buy ours made at the factories. I have made flour ones though. My husband can eat about 10 of the corn tortilla's a day and only a few flour ones. 
One of my favorite recipe's are Cheese enchilada's. They are not like the normal beef or chicken ones.They are relatively easy. Homemade chili sauce for them would just be a heated ancho chili soaked in boiling water a little, then put in a blender with tomato sauce. The onions are sated which I love. I can not eat raw ones, they upset my stomach and I do not like them. sated ones do not bother me, but they must be browned for my taste. In about 1/4 inch of oil or grease add a little of the chili sauce to the oil. Heat it a little and add the flour tortilla until bubbly. Pull it out with tongs and put some of the sated onion and cheese you like in the middle. Fold the sides over and serve with relishes if you wish. I can eat 2 to three of these. Many times the restaurants add a sauce and I do not like their sauces. Many of them do not fry it in the chili and oil, they just dip it in the sauce after it is dry cooked or fried and it is not the same taste. Grandma does not like it. 
Spanish words in the Story are:
               cenote(seh-noh'-teh)--a deep natural limestone well
               atole(ah-toh'-leh)--drink made from corn(Grandma has had this drink quite often and it can be made with Cornstarch in water and heated, then add sugar and chocolate and cinnimman if you wish.)
               siesta(see-ehs'-tah)--afternoon nap
"There was an old farmer with three sons who took great pride in his large and well-kept cornfield. He was terribly unhappy one day when he realized that a large, mysterious animal was stealing his corn.
The farmer called his three sons to his side, "A thieving animal is destroying my corn. I will give my cornfield and everything I own to whichever of you can bring the animal back--dead or alive.""
The oldest son set out first. "All I need to complete this deed, father, is a good horse, a gun, and some atole. I will be back soon enough," he boasted.
When he had ridden nearly half the distance to the cornfield, he came to a deep Cenote where he could rest and water his horse. Beside the cenote sat a small toad singing happily. The toad said,
                                          "I'm just a small brown singing toad,
                                            but listen carefully,
                                            To catch the tricky cornfield thief,
                                            you'll need a gift from me."
The oldest son, feeling tired and hot, snapped back, "Why should I listen to a small toad?"
Then he picked up the brown toad, flung it into the deep cenote and continued on to the cornfield. Once there he sat through the hot afternoon and on into the dark and lonely night, until his eyelids were drooping with tiredness. But the thieving animal never appeared.
When the oldest son returned home, he entered the house with his head down. His father, who could see that he had failed, said, "Since you have not completed the task, you cannot claim my cornfield and all that I own. Now it is your brother's turn."
The second son jumped up, ready to go. "all I need is a gun and some atole, and I should be back by dusk."
When the second son reached the cenote, the toad was still there, singing his happy song. The toad said,
                                           "I'm just a small brown singing toad,
                                            but listen carefully,
                                            To catch the tricky cornfield thief,
                                             you'll need a gift from me."
"Keep quiet, simple toad, I'm trying to rest. I do not need the help of a toad, and I never will," said the second son.
At that , he picked up the toad by one leg and tossed it headfirst into the deep cenote. After a siesta to refresh himself, the second son hiked over to the cornfield. To his surprise, he spotted a large bird with beautiful white wings amidst the corn. As the bird took flight, the second son raised his gun and shot at it. Two large, milk-white tail feathers floated down from the sky, but the bird escaped. The sendon son collected the feathers and trudged home. On the way, he made a plan.
"I have found and killed the thieving animal," the second son boasted to his father and brothers. "I present you with its tail feathers."
But his father and two brothers were not fooled.
"You have only the feathers of the bird. You have not finished the task," said the father. "Now it is your brother's turn."
"All I need is a gun and some atole, please father," said the youngest son. "I will bring back the whole bird."
When the youngest son reached the cenote, the toad was singing his song cheerily. He said,
                                            "I'm just a small brown singing toad,
                                             but listen carefully,
                                            To catch the tricky cornfield thief,
                                             you'll need a gift from me."
The youngest son was pleased to see the toad and he replied, "Oh, thank you, small toad, for offering your help. Here, take some of my food. If you help me find the thief, I will keep you with me forever."
The toad was delighted.
"At the bottom of the cenote is a magic stone," he said, "It will grant you any wish."
"I would only wish for a kind and lovely wife and a way to catch the thieving animal that is stealing my father's corn," said the youngest son.
"Your wish will be granted this very day," said the small toad. "Not only that, but you will have a spacious home to live in with your new bride. Come with me now to the cornfield."
As they approached the cornfield a large graceful bird appeared from behind a tree. The youngest son took aim, but the toad jumped at his leg to stop him. Just then, the bird spoke, "Please do not shoot me. I am not really a bird, but a girl! An evel witch did this to me when I refused to marry her son. If you shoot me, you will be killing your own bride. You must believe me."
The youngest son was most surprised. But then he realized that his wish was coming true!
"Come with me, white bird, and I will take you home to my father and my brothers. With the toad's help and the promise of the magic stone, you will surely become a woman again, and you will be my bride."
The farmer and his other sons were shocked to see the youngest son entering the doorway of the house with a large white bird and a small brown toad.
"I have brought you the thieving animal you asked for , father. But it is really a woman who was cruelly bewitched. Wit the toad's help and the stone's promise, she will be changed before your eyes."
The toad sang his song heartily. The room became silent except for the toad's singing. Before their eyes, the white bird changed into a lovely young woman. Out the window, all could see a spacious home where none had been before.
You have found the thief, my son, as well as a lovely bride. You shall receive my cornfield and all that I own in return," said the farmer.
The youngest son married the young woman, and they lived in the spacious home with the farmer, who was very happy in his old age. The two older brothers, who were jealous and disgusted, ran off and were never seen again. The small brown toad sat every day on the patio of the house and sang his cheerful song."
Activities: There is a lot that can be done with this story
 1. Discuss the behavior lesson's to learn from this story as well as what the dress and show in the story can tell you about a more simpler lifestyle.
 2. Talk about the chant of the frog and see if the children like it or could change it.
 3. Talk about the rhyming in it and see if they could come up with different words that would rhyme. See if it can be sung.
 4. Talk about the ing on sing. See if they see any other words with ing and come up with other words ending with ing. List them on a chart.
 5. Talk about the contractions in the story as I'm and you'll in the chant; Think of other contractions as he's , she's, don't, and can't.
 6. A play can be made of the story with drawn out figures to be taped on toilet tubes or stand up folded strips of cardboard, empty boxes cut up works well.
 7. This could easily be made into a play by the family to or role played.
Grandma has at least one video to enjoy with it. Following she will cover the calendar and Messages from Faith Alive.
You need Flash Player in order to view this.
The Singing Frog Part 1
A man thinks he has struck it rich when he discovers a singing and dancing frog to enjoy at Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center.
We will be covering the 12 and the 13 of December today. The first birthday is of John Jay, first chief justice of the United States, in 1745, December 12                                             
Book (1) says, "As a member of the Continental Congress, John Jay opposed the colonies' independence from England, but he wasn't present during the final vote. Once ties were formally servered, however, he became an ardent supporter of independence. Ask your students why they think Jay changed his position. Next, have them write a story in which the main character changes his plans. Tell them to make sure the character's motivation is clear." 
In 1915 Frank Sinatra, American singer, was born. Then in 1932 Barbara Emberly, children's author, was born.
There is two events that happened before 1800 on December 12, but Grandma is actually going to give you two more because they are significant for the times. First: in 1787 Pennsylvania became the second state to be ratified as part of the United States. Second: in 1792 Ludwig Van Beethoven, age 22, paid 19 cents for his first music lesson with Franz Joseph Haydn. Book (1) tells us that as a musical master "at the age of 29, Ludwig van Beethoven began to realize he was losing his hearing. Seventeen years later, he was completely deaf and had to communicate by writing on notepads. Ninth Symphony is part of his famous work. He was completely deaf when he composed it. Many children learn to play on music he wrote. I know my boys were learning it."
The two events in the 1800 are number one: in 1800 Congress voted to establish Washington, DC, as the nation's Permanent Capital. Then in 1851 Dr. Joel Robert Poinsett, an American diplomat for whom the Poinsettia was named, died. This is why this day is named Poinsettia. Poinsettia's are one of my theme flowers in my home even though Grandma did not buy them for the reason they are from Mexico; for she did not find out till later after she bought them. She has just always liked them as well as roses as many women do. Following is the story behind them as Book (1) gives it:
After serving as ambassador to Mexico, Dr. Joel Poinsett returned to his South Carolina home with a colorful plant called "Flame Leaf" or "Flower of the Holy Land." The plant was renamed "poinsettia" in his honor. Challenge your students to research the people for whom these plants were named: zinnia(Johann Gottfried Zinn), begonia(Michel Begon), dahlia(Anders Dahl), fuchsia(Leonhard Fuchs), and Lewisia(Meriwether Lewis).[This is not the full story of it. maybe some research is at hand and Grandma is too tired for it tonight.
Many other words in our language honor people. Have your class investigate the etymology of the following: silhouette, sandwich, saxophone, braille, Douglas fir, maverick, zeppelin, volt, and guppy. "
December 13 is St. Lucia's Day in Sweden and some of the other countries so check it out at this domain: because they may have other things of interest also.
It is also the day to Tell Someone they're doing a Good Job Week.
Birthday's include that of May Todd Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln, born in 1818. Then in 1835 Phillips Brooks, Episcopal bishop who composed the song"O Little Town of Bethlehem". The events include that of 1466 in which the Italian sculptor Donatello died. In 1577 Sir Francis Drake left England to sail around the world. An activity suggested by Book (1) would be to plan a trip like Sir Francis Drake did. Let them decide where they would want to go, order material sent, and let them plan it.
Then in 1642 The Dutch navigator Abel Janszoon Tasman discovered New Zealand; but Grandma wants to study it with Australia in March and April. however, Book (1) says, "On a two-ship expedition to the seaas south of Australia, Dutch navigator Abel Tasman became the first European to see New Zealand, but he decided not to land there because of the natives' hostile behavior. Have your students study a map of Polynesia and find locations that bear tasman's name (the Tasman Sea and Tasmania, for example). Can they name some animals named after this adventurer?(The Tasmanian devil and Tasmanian tiger.)"
Grandma is going to give what Faith Alive tells us in Psalm and Proverbs and then we will cover the about Jesus birth next week on Tuesday at the latest. Then we will go back and finish the Old testament. We will also be going into the 1800's next week. I will start with the total time line up to 1950's at least.
The introductory questions for psalm is as follows:
How...does Psalms show us God's love? Some psalms foretell Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. Many psalms show that God provided what David and other writers needed for their lives.
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? David wrote at least 73 of the 150 psalms. Several people, such as Solomon and Moses wrote the others.
When...were the psalms written? The psalms were probably written between about 1400 and 500 BC.
What...special messages does this book give us? The psalms were the "hymnal" God's Old Testament people used to talk to him and wroship him.
        ...kinds of psalms are there?
The psalms may be grouped in many ways. Some kinds of psalms are identified below:
 1. Psalms of praise like Psalms 33 and 103 help us thank God for who he is.
 2. Historical psalms like Psalms 68 and 106 tell what God has done for his people during their history.
 3. Psalms of friendship like Psalms 8 and 23 remind us that God loves us and tell us how we can show our love to him.
 4. Psalms of anger like Psalms 35 and 137 ask God to punish evil people.
 5. Psalms of confession like Psalms 32 and 51 show us how to talk to God about our sins.
 6. Psalms of the Messiah like Psalms 22 and 89 tell us about Jesus.
 7. Psalms of worship like Psalms 30 and 120 were used by groups of people on special religious holidays to worship God.
         ...kind of poetry is used in this book?
Hebrew poetry does not rhyme. It repeats ideas instead of repeating sounds.
         ...are some favorite psalms?
God's creation and Word.                   Psalm 19
Christ suffers for us.                           Psalm 22
God is our shepherd.                          Psalm 23
Confessing sin to God.                       Psalm 32
Amighty fortress is our God.                Psalm 46
God's great forgiveness.                      Psalm 51
"Come, let us sing."                            Psalm 95
How great God is.                               Psalm 104
Love God's Word.                                Psalm 119
Faith Alive gives the following:
"Life In Bible Times-What God is Like-Psalm 2:4 says God is like a king on heaven's throne. In Bible times a king sat on his throne to give orders and make decisions. To say God is a king on heaven's throne means that what he commands will happen."
"Let's Live It! Psalm 3:1-8 Safe At Night--David was running from an enemy army when he wrote this psalm. You can read the story in 2 Samel 15:10-14. Now read Psalm 3 Verses 1 and 2 tell how David felt. Verses 3 and 4 tell what David remembered aboutt God. Verses 5 and 6 tell how David was able to sleep, even when he was in danger. Verses 7 and 8 tell what David prayed.
Here's something to help you if you are afraid at night. Cut a shield from a piece of cardboard. Cover it with blue construction paper. Tape on two strips of aluminum foil in the shape of a cross. Put the shield under your pillow at night to remind you that God will guard you, just as he guarded King David."
"Life In Bible Times-What God Is Like-Psalm 7:10 says God is like a shield. A shield protected a soldier from the spears and arrows of the enemies. T call God a shield means God will protect the person who trusts him."
"Let's Live It! Psalm 8:1/5-Look at the Heavens--David often slept outside at night when he cared for his father's sheep. He watched the moon and the stars and thought about God. Read psalm 8 and see what David thought when he looked up.
Some summer night go outside and look at the stars. Without a telescope you can see just over one thousand stars. If you looked through the first telescope, made many years ago by Galileo, you could see over three thousand. With today's big telescopes you can see millions of stars in the sky! Our great God, who made all this, still knows you by name and cares for you!"
"Words to Remember 16:10 You will not abandon me to the grave."
"Life In Bible Times-What God Is Like-Psalm 17-13 says God is like a warrior who comes to our rescue. When others threaten us and we feel helpless. It is good to remember that God is on our side."
"Let's Live It! Psalm 19:1-6 In Control--Read Psalm 19:1-16. God placed the earth just far enough from the sun to give us light and warmth. He made the earth rotate so the wormth would be spread everywhere. He makes sure the sun rises and sets every day, just as it should. If you watch the sun do its work each day, it will show you that God is in control.
Cut a circle in the center of a piece of blue construction paper. Over the hole tape a piece of red or brown cellophane or plastic wrap (the darker plastic that bread is wrapped in will work). Hang the paper in your bedroom window. Every day when the sun shines through the hole, let it remind you that God is in control and cares not only about the sun, but about you."
"Life in Bible Times-What God is like-Psalm 23 says God is like a shepherd. A shepherd loves and cares for his sheep. To say God is our shepherd means that he watches over us and will show us what is best for us."
 "Let's Live It! Psalm 23:1-6-God is my Shepherd--Read Psalm 23. God love you, just as a shepherd loves the sheep. God wants to take care of you and protect you, just as a shepherd cares for and protects the sheep.
On a large piece of poster board make a Psalm 23 mural. Use strips of green paper for grass, tin foil for the quiet water, and cotton balls for the sheep. Draw in a shepherd and put a twig in his hand for a shepherd's staff.
You could even make the mural together as a family project. When you are finished, ask a parent where to hang it so the whole family is reminded of God's care."
"Let's Live It! Psalm 30:4-5-Good Things Ahead--Ask your mom or dad about a time when one of them felt very sad. Why was he or she sad? How long before the sadness went away? Ask too about times your mom or dad felt very happy.
Then read Psalm 30:4-5. Sadness is like the night, when everything seems dark. But God says joy will come in the morning. There are good things ahead for all God's people."
"Let's Live It! Psalm 32:1-5-Good for the Soul--Everyone sins, even Bible heroes like David. Read Psalm 32:3-4. When David kept his sin inside, he felt awful! Know what he meant? Can you think of times you felt the same way? Now read Psalm 32:5. David admitted (confessed) his sin to God. That felt better! David knew God forgave him.
They say "confession is good for the soul." When we confess, we can remember again that God has forgiven us because of Jesus' death. David says it's a great blessing to have our sins covered. Try this. Next to your bed, set a hat. Every night before you sleep, confess your sins to God in prayer. Then lift up the hat, pretend to put your sins under it, and set it down again. Remember that your sins are covered because of Jesus."
"Words to Remember 37:3-4 Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."
"Life in Bible Times-What God is Like-Psalm 38 pictures God as an archer. His arrows wound a person who does wrong. But God hurts only to help us. When we feel bad about doing wrong, we confess our sins. God forgives and heals us."
"Words to Remember 39:7 My hope is in you."
"Life In Bible Times-What God is Like-Psalm 43:2 says God is like a stronghold. A stronghold was a walled city or fort where people went when an enemy army invaded the tland. To say God is a stronghold means he will keep us safe in times of danger."
"Did You Know? 46:1 What hymn comes from Psalm 46? Martin Luther based "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" on it!"
"Words to Remember 51:10 Create in me a pure heart, O God."
"Words to Remember 52:8 I trust in God's unfalling love for ever and ever."
"Words to Remember 55:16 I call to God and the Lord saves me."
"Life in Bible Times-What God is Like-Psalm 61:3 says God is like a strong tower. Strong towers were built inside walled cities. Even if the walls were broken down, the people of the city would be safe inside the tower."
"Let's Live it! Psalm 63:6-8 Lying Awake at Night--Do you have a hard time going to sleep sometimes? This psalm tells what David did when he couldn't get to sleep. Read Psalm 63:6-8 and see if you can find these things to do when he couldn't get to sleep. Read Psalm 63:6-8 and see if you can find these things to do when lying awake:
  1. Remember Bible stories and things God does for people.
  2. Quietly sing the songs about God that you can remember.
  3. Struggle down in your blankets, close your eyes, and as you feel the warmth rremember that God is close to you."
"Words to Remember 67:1 May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us."
"Life in Bible Times-What God Is Like-Psalm 71:3 says God is a rock of refuge. Some cities and forts were built on high rocky mountain cliffs. To call God a rock of refuge means we are safest when we trust in him."
"Words to Remember 73:24 You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory."
We will have to stop there for now. Have a nice weekend and take care.

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