Day 69
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Day 69

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The Heart of Europe- Germany: Top 5 Cities
Top 5 Cities from Germany two years ago from the one a year ago just to add a little variation in Home Schooling.
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Top 5 Cities Of Germany
A Holiday to Europe should not end without a trip to Germany, a country rich in culture and history. Watch our list of the Top 5 Cities in Germany. For more exciting Top 5 Roundups log on and subs...Learning in our Home Education Program.
Grandma is still here! She wants to appologize for yesterday. I took the dog outside and she wanted me to walk her. I cannot walk her with my knees anymore. My granddaughter used to but now she is not here. Just broke my heart to the point I forgot my glasses had slipped off. Looked all day and my husband found them out the door. He said I am loosing my memory. I know my memory is just as good as ever.
I hope you found plenty to do. Grandma does not feel like doing a dance today. She wants to give lots of other things to you. Grandma is going to start with the calendar birthdays from Book (1).
She had missed a few days therefore she will catch it up.
Be sure to do your tasks for the day and if you wish to do some excersizes in Childrobotics and a dance that is ok.
On December 17 1760 Deborah Sampson, Revolutionary War soldier was born. She was 22 and wanted to support the cause. Women weren't allowed to serve in the army, so she cut her hair, dressed in men's clothesand enlisted as Robert Shurleff. An army doctor discovered her secret and she was given an honorable discharge and a military pension.
For the first time women were allowed to serve as combat soldiers for the first time during the Operation Desert Storm, the 1991 military campaign to oust Iraqi forces from Kuwait. Grandma has that one on tapes for ever how long they last.
In 1807 John GreenLeaf Whittier, American poet, was born. Then in 1907 Frances Hamerstrom, American wildlife biologist who helped save the greater prairie chicken from extinction, was born.
 Birthday's for December 18 begin with Paul Klee, Swiss artist, born in 1879. Book (1) says,"Paul Klee had the talent to be a professional musician or writer, but he decided on a career in art. Klee always thought children expressed themselves freely in their art. So he was flattered when people said that his work resembled children's paintings. Show your students some Klee paintings and see if they cn point out any childlike characteristics in them..In 1882 Zoltan Kodaly, Hungarian composer, was born. In 1886 Ty Cobb, American baseball player who has the highest life-time batting average (.367) in major-league history, was born. Then 1947, Steven Spielberg, American movie director, was born.
An event in 1787 happened in which by a vote of 38-0, New jersey ratified the U.S. Constitution. Book (1) has an activity of a graph. They say,"New Jersey officially became the third state when its representatives voted unanimously to ratify the Constitution. Have" the children "graph the ratification votes (for and against) of the original 13 states: Del., 30-0; Pa., 46-23; N.J., 38-0; Ga., 26-0; Conn., 128-40; Mass., 187-168; Md., 63-11; S.C., 149-73; N.H., 57-47; Va., 89-79; N.Y., 30-27; N.C., 194-77; R.I>, 34-32. December 18 is also International Clown Day. Color and draw clown pictures. My sister and her friend put on a clown act for us younger children of the neighborhood. It was lots of fun. Do any thing you can think of circus wise because there has been lots of circus stuff this month.
December 19 is today. The only Birthday on this day is of Eve Bunting, children's author, in 1928. However, there are 4 events: In 1732 Benjamin Franklin began publication of Poor Richard's Almanack. If you can get a copy to show the children, they might find it interesting. It "contained useful information about house-keeping and farming as well as weather forecasts and Franklin's pithy sayings, such as "Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."" The children could make an almanac for KIds with just information kids have interest in.
The next event was in 1776 when Thomas Paine published "The American Crisis," which included the words "These are the times that try men's souls." Then in 1777 George Washington and 11,000 troops established a Camp at Valley Forge, PA.
Then in 1787 Thomas Jefferson received a copy of the Constitution. He "was in France at the time of the Constitutional Convention. Although he approved of the Constitution, he was concerned because it didn't include protection for citizens' rights. He wrote letters urging convention representatives to include guarantees for such rights. As a result, James Madison introduced 12 amendments. Ten of these were adopted and became known as the Bill of Rights. Go over these rights if you can, then have them write a leter--as Jefferson did-- that explains the importance of one or more of these rights.
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Christmas time in Germany
It's that time of year again - Christmas time! But what exactly do Germans like about Christmas? Why do they put up burning pyramids in their flats? Why do they drink warm wine? And what's an Advent w...Home Schoolers learning all about it.
Book (1) put a special German festival called Klopfelnachte(it takes place on the three Thursdays before Christmas.) "During "Knocking Nights,(Klopfelnachte)" ...many German children dress up in masks and go from house to house chanting rhymes that begin with the word knock. To drive away evil spirits, they also crack whips, ring cowbells, and rattle dishes. The children are rewarded with fruit, candy, or money." Have the children make up rhymes beginning with the word knock. 
From a little pop-up book called Christmas Around the World was published by Troll Associates illustrated by Pat Paris 1990 Compass Productions it has a little more information about Germany's Christmas. It says, "In the land where the Christmas tree originated, children wait for Christkindl, an angel helper, to bring gifts on Christmas Eve. Families gather everywhere for carols, presents, tree lightings, apples and gingerbread treats." One book I have somewhere it talks of something hidden in the Christmas tree to be found. In viewing Books (2) and (5) of multicultural learning It talks about Germany being the place of where many fairy tales and writers began. As Grimm brothers(Jakob and Wilhelm), Hans Christian Andersen, Sir James M. Barrie, and Charles Perrault.
Book (5) says, "Many cuckoo clocks are made by the people who live in the Black Forest, a mountain region of Germany. This region, through which the Danube River flows, is covered with forests of dark fir and spruce strees. Toys, musical instruments, and radios are also made here. The Black Forest is also the setting for many familiar German fairy tales." "Many of their ideas came from places that really exist in central Germany. Most of these places can be seen on a route which is popular with tourists and is called the Fairy Tale Road. Grandma cound not get a map so easy so you will have to pull one up or use one you might have at home. Following are some instructions for making one:
1. Title the map at the top.
2. Draw a compass rose in the top right corner.
3. Label the southernmost town on the map hanau, where the brothers Grimm were born.
4. Measure 10 kilometers north of Hanau and draw a red apple. This is where the castle of the witch who poisoned Snow White is located.
5. Measure 20 kilometers north of the castle and draw the woods described in Hansel and Gretel.
6. Measure 10 kilometers farther north of the forest and draw a crown. This is the palace of Snow White's prince.
7. Measure north another 10 kilometers and label the town, Alsfeld, where Little Red Riding Hood lived.
8. Measure 30 more kilometers north and draw the tower where Rapunzel was kept.
9. 40 kilometers farther north, draw Sleeping Beauty's castle.
10.The town on the map that is the farthest north is Hamelm, where the Pied Piper chased the rats away. Label the town and draw a rat next to it.
Now that Germany is united, New problems have arisen. Though all German, the East and the West Germans had totally different lifestyles for more than 40 years. East Germans had lived with a government system that planned and controlled the whole economy.
A September 1991 issue of National Geographic told a story of the lives of two families who live only 30 miles apart, yet whose lives are worlds apart. Prtend that they are the two families that laura visited. The article pictured Eva celebrating her 11th birthday with friends in the finished basement of their house. The mother has time for sewing, batik and a class in jazz dancing. Sometimes Eva's father will pick up chicken, butter, milk and vegetables as he returns from work at a printing company.
In contrast, the Rabe family in the East has few frills in life though Gunther, the father, has formed his own electrical business. The teenage son of the family was depicted cutting kindling for the coal furnace that heats their house. For them, raising pigs and chickens and growing a garden is a necessity. Under Communism, they had their jobs, a home and food but they could not speak freely and they were shut in. It may take time, but the families in the East and the West both hope democracy works."
Following are instructions for a poem to write about Germany:
There are seven lines in this type of poem.
-Line 1 is made up of one noun which tells the subject of the poem.
-Line 2 has 2 adjectives describing that noun.
-Line 3 has 3 verbs ending in "ing" that tell what the subject does.
-Next, think of a word that is opposite of or contrasts to line 1. This is line 7.
-Line 6 has 2 adjectives that describe line 7.
-Line 5 usually has 3 verbs ending in "ing" that tell what the word in line 7 does.
-Line 4 has 4 words relating to lines 1 and 7. These are usually nouns.
Grandma already gave you a list of the famous composers from Germany. However, one of the customs mentioned is that of a large paper cone full of sweets children take with them their first day of primary school.(first through fourth grade.)
The map of Germany is three equal stripes; the top is black, the middle red, and the bottom is gold.
Grandma only got a few video from you tube but they had many of beautiful cities and wonderful singers. You may want to check it out.
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Hitler - Germany vs USA
Yeah, about that guy! Please comment about your take on satire involving Hitler in popular culture! - - - - - - - - - - - SUBSCRIBE to Germany vs USA on YouTube:'t we glad its different now than when he ruled. Home Schooling can have it all.
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How Germany Became Europe's Richest Country
As European debt crisis negotiations approach the 11th hour on yet another bailout for Greece, Margaret Warner reports on some of the people behind the economic success of Germany -- Europe's richest ...Now we at Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center learn about it all.
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World War Two: Germany invades Russia 1941
Discovery.Channel.World.War.II.In.HD.Colour. .Hitler.Strikes.East-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Cop...Homeschooling requires the history.
This takes into our study of Europe. Even  though it may not be as intense as North America they are still very much tied together. Grandma will give you an overview of all the countries, but her main concentration will be on Germany today. Germany is only one country in Europe; however, I have heard it is worth seeing. Other Independent countries of Europe are as follows:
Albania                                                                                            Italy
Andorra                                                                                           Latvia
Austria                                                                                             Liechtenstein
Belgium                                                                                           Lithuania
Bosnia-Herzegovina                                                                      Luxembourg
Bulgaria                                                                                           Malta
*Commonwealth of                                                                         Monaco
Independent States (European):                                                   Netherlands
     Armenia                                                                                      Norway
     Azerbaijan                                                                                  Poland
     Belarus                                                                                       Portugal
     Moldova                                                                                      Romania
     Russia                                                                                         San Marino
     Ukraine                                                                                       Slovenia
Croatia                                                                                             Spain
Czech and Slovak Federal Republic                                            Sweden
Denmark                                                                                          Switzerland
Estonia                                                                                             Turkey(Europeon)
Finland                                                                                              Vatican City
France                                                                                           **Yugoslavia
Great Britain                                                                                    Dependent
Greece                                                                                             Azores
Hungry                                                                                              Channel Islands
Iceland                                                                                              Faeroe Islands
Ireland                                                                                               Gibraltar
                                                                                                           Isle of Man
*Each member of the Commonwealth is recognized as an independent nation.
**The Republic of Macedonia considers itself to be an independent nation from
   Yugoslavia; however, its independence has been recognized officially only by
   the nation of Bulgaria.
These were given from book (2). It also says in Book (2):
"Europe, a highly industrialized world region, is the second-smallest continent. As the birthplace of western civilization, Europe holds a prominent place in world history and present-day affairs. It is the most densely populated continent. Approximately 50 languages are spoken here by more than 150 ethnic groups. Sightseers from all areas of the world travel to this continent to visit its historical landmarks and enjoy the natural beauty of the land.
Northern Europe, or the norden region, is the coolest part of the continent. The winters are long and the summers are short. This region includes the Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden, as well as Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and the northern regions of Russia. The land consists of plateaus, highlands, and the rugged Northwestern Mountains. It is the most sparsely populated region of Europe. Although the land is good for grazing, most of it is unproductive. Fishing, shipbuilding, forestry, and dairy farming are the main occupations.
Western Europe is a heavily populated, mostly industrial region. It is a center for world trade because of its location on major waterways. The landscape of the area has fertile plains and picturesque mountains. The world's most fertile farmland lies in the North European Plain. Crops of grapes, potatoes, barley, and wheat are grown. This rich land extends from southeast England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, through northwest France, Germany, and into the western European countries of Poland, Belarus, and Russia. The polders of the Netherlands, the Black Forest of Germany, and the Swiss Alps are located in this region. Tourism is also a major source of income.
Eastern Europe is sandwiched between the Baltic Sea on the north and the Adriatic and Black seas on the south. The agricultural crops of this region include rye, potatoes, wheat, and corn. Livestock is also raised.
The land of most southern European countries is hilly and mountainous with poor soil. Spain and portugal are located on the Iberian peninsula on a large, high, and dry plateau. The people grow crops of grapes and olives. Bullfights are a popular attraction. Italy, a boot-shaped country, Vatican City, and San Marino are the countries that occupy the Italian peninsula. Grapes are Italy's most valuable crop. Shoes rank as a leading manufactured product. Italy was the center of the ancient Roman Empire. The country of Greece, home of the ancient Greek civilization, is found on the Ballcan peninsula.
Cotton and tobacco crops are grown in this region. Greece is a leading producer of lemons, raisins, and olives. Although this is one of the poorest parts of Europe, the coastlines of this country are popular with tourists.
One activity to carry out for Europe is to take Paper the size of a small box that two holes can be made to place a dowel in each hole. On each square of the paper draw a different picture starting with Germany. You can draw as many pictures as you wish. Tape them together with a little strip of paper dividing them. For each country visited from here you can draw pictures to add to it. We may be doing some jumping back and forth between continents so if you just want to make it Europe; you will have to do only those pictures of Europe.
This is all Grandma is giving today. I will have more for Friday.
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Germany Under Pressure - Poverty is Rising (BBC 7Sep13)
BBC ContentPoliticians are being forced to confront some unwelcome truths about Europe's richest country. Seen from the outside as phenomenally successful, life inside German is not quite so gloss...All in the learning.

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