Day 78a
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Day 78a

Dear Folks:
Grandma want to thank-you for staying with her through the problems. Grandma has had to come to stay with Great Grandma to help her which meant a move for the animals. Fortunately, they have been doing quite well at Great Grandma's; however, Grandma's car did not hold out quite as well, it has been quite sick and now Grandpa is sick from trying to get it fixed and the grandson's have took over that work to get the car well. Grandma has been trying to get the dropshipping; however, the companies want to charge. Therefore, Grandma must try as hard as I can. However, if I accept a $2 charge on each sale then a $20 commission would only come done to $18. Where they handle the shipment cost it helps.
All Grandma has for today is the events for the 1800's from August up to now. The Louisiana Purchase and other happening came before the civil war; however, Grandma wanted to cover the Civil War with Martin Luther King's birthday and Kawanza.
Grandma found one event from the history book that did not get in the events typed yesterday. It is as follows:
1865 Abraham Lincoln is assassinated.
The rest of these events are out of Book (1). These first ones have to do with the government history. They are as follows:
Nov. 1, 1800 President John Adams and his wife, Abigail became the First residents of the White House, which was still unfinished.
Dec 12, 1800 Congress voted to establish Washington DC as the nation's Permanent Capital.                     
Jan 2, 1800 The Free Black Community of Philadelphia petitioned Congress to Abolish slavery.
Dec. 20, 1803 The Louisiana Territory was formally trasferred from France to the United States,
which had purchased the territory for about $20 per square mile.
Dec. 2, 1804 Napolion Bonaparte crowned himself emperor of France.
Oct 21, 1805 Britain's Lord Horatio Nelson defeated the Franco-Spanish fleet at Trafalgar but was mortally wounded.
Sept. 23, 1806 The Lewis and Clark expedition came to an end as the explorers completed their homeward trip to St. louis. It took 2 years, 4 months, and 10 days.
Sept. 4, 1807 Robert Fulton began operating his 1st steamboat on the Hudson River.
Jan. 10, 1807 President Thomas Jefferson recieved the report of Lewis and Clark expedition.
Aug. 19, 1812 The U.S. frigate Constitution won the nickname "Old Ironsides" by defeating the British frigate Guerriere in a War of 1812 battle.
Aug. 24, 1814 British Soldiers invaded Washington and burned the Capitol and the White House.
Dec. 24, 1814 The War of 1812 ended.
Jan. 8, 1815 The Battle of New Orleans, the last engagement of the War of 1812 was fought, 2 weeks after a peace treaty had been signed.
Dec. 2, 1816 The Philadelphia Savings Fund Society, the First Mutual Savings Bank in the United States, opened for business.
Dec 11, 1816 Indiana became the 19th State.
Dec. 10, 1817 Mississippi became the 20th State.
Dec. 3, 1818 Illinois became the 21st State.
Dec. 14, 1819 Alabama became the 22nd State.
Dec. 20, 1820 missouri levied a $1 per year Tax on Bachelors between the ages of 20 and 50.
Aug. 10, 1821 Missouri became the 24th State.
Aug. 21, 1831 Nat Turner led a slave insurrection in Southampton County, VA.
Dec. 27, 1831 The HMS Beagle set sail from Davenport, England on a voyage to South America and certain Pacific Islands. On board was the naturalist Charles Darwin, whose observations from the 5-year trip formed the Basis of the Theory of Evolution.
Dec. 28, 1832 John C. Calhoun became the First Vice President to Resign from Office.
Aug. 5, 1833 Chicago was incorporated as a village with 43 houses and 200 people.
Aug. 1, 1834 The Emancipation Bill-outlawing slavery in the British Empire.
Aug. 29, 1835 The city of Melbourne, Australia was founded.
Dec. 8, 1840 Dr. David Livingstone set sail for Africa.
Aug. 11, 1841 Former slave Frederick Douglass spoke at his first antislavery conference.
Dec. 17, 1843 A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens was first published.
Dec. 26, 1845 Marthasville, GA, changed its name to Atlanta.
Dec. 29, 1845 Texas became the 28th State.
Dec 28, 1846 Iowa became the 29th State.
Jan. 10, 1845 The English poets Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning began corresponding.
Dec. 6, 1847 Abraham Lincoln took his seat in Congress as a representative from Illinois.
Dec. 22, 1847 Congressman Abraham Lincoln of Illinois made his first speech in the House of Representatives.
Jan. 3, 1847 The California pueblo of Yerba Buena was renamed San Francisco.
Dec. 5, 1848 President James K. Polk announced the Discovery of Gold in California.
Sept. 9, 1850 California became the 31st State.
Sept. 9, 1851 A weekly budget of $10.37 was proposed for the average working-class family of five.
Dec. 30, 1853 The Gadsden Purchase was signed, giving the United States 29,640 square miles of Mexican territory.
Sept. 11, 1857 Frederick Law Olmsted was appointed superintendent of Central Park in New York City.
Aug. 16, 1858 Queen Victoria of England and President James Buchanan of the U.S. exchanged greetings by means of the New Transatlantic Cable.
Oct. 16, 1859 The abolitionist John Brown raided Harpers Ferry, WV and seized the federal arsenal.
Jan. 4, 1859 The U.S. Senate held its Final Meeting in the Old Senate Chamber.
Oct. 19, 1860 An 11-year-old advised President Lincoln to grow a beard.
Dec. 20, 1860 South Caroline became the First State to Secede from the Union.
Aug. 5, 1861 U.S. Government Levied an income tax for the 1st time.
Aug. 16, 1861 The federal government prohibited trade between the States of the Union and the Confederacy.
Sept. 22, 1862 President Abraham Lincoln issued the Imancipation Proclamation.
Dec. 31, 1862 The Monitor, the Union's Ironclad warship, sank.
Dec. 8, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln announced his Plan for the Reconstruction of the South.
Jan. 1, 1863 Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.
Oct. 31, 1864 Nevada became the 36th State.
Jan. 13, 1864 Songwriter Stephen Foster died with only 38 cents to his name.
Dec 18, 1865 The Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery, was ratified.
Sept. 6, 1866 Frederick Douglas became the 1st black delegate to a national political convention.
Oct. 18, 1867 The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million.
Aug. 13, 1870 Before starting down the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon, explorer John Wesley Powell wrote, "We are now ready to start on our way down the Great Unknown..."
Jan. 2, 1870 Construction began on the Brooklyn Bridge, which spans the East river and Connects Manhatten and Brooklyn.
Jan. 15, 1870 The Donkey Symbol of the Democratic Party appeared for the first time.
Jan. 3, 1871 Margarine was patented.
Aug. 26, 1873 The 1st U.S. Publick School Kindergarten was established.
Sept. 10, 1875 The American Forestry Association became the first U.S. Conservation organization.
Aug. 1, 1876 Colorado became the 38th State.
Dec. 7, 1877 Thomas Edison demonstrated the first phonograph.
Dec. 30, 1877 Rutherford B. Hayes became the first president to celebrate his silver wedding anniversary in the White House.
Dec. 1, 1878 A telephone was first installed in the White House.
Aug. 21, 1878 The American Bar Association was founded.
Aug. 22, 1881 Clara Barton established the 1st chapter of the American Assoc. of the Red Cross.
Sept. 19, 1881 Vice President Chester Arthur succeeded James Garfield as the 21st president of the U.S,
Sept. 5, 1882 10,000 people marched in the 1st Labor Day Parade.
Aug. 3, 1882 Congress passed a law to restrict Immigration, imposing a 50 cent tax on all new arrivals.
Jan. 16, 1883 The U. S Civil Service was established.
Aug. 5, 1884 The Cornerstone was laid for the Statue of Liberty.
Dec. 6, 1884 The Washington Monument was completed when a 3,300 pound capstone was placed atop it.
Jan. 4, 1885 Mary Gartside became the First American to have an Appendectomy.
Aug. 31, 1886 The 1st Recorded Major Earthquake in U.S. history racked Charleston, SC.
Oct. 28, 1886 The Statue of Liberty was unveiled in New York Harbor.
Dec 15, 1886 The number of shares traded on the New york Stock exchange in a single day exceeded 1 million for the first time.
Jan. 13, 1888 The National Geographic Society was founded.
Jan. 1, 1892 Ellis Island, a processing center for arriving immigrants opened in New York.
Sept. 25, 1890 Congress established Yosemite Nat'l Park in California.
Jan. 2, 1890 Stenographer Alice Sanger became the First woman employed in the White House Executive offices.
Sept. i, 1892 Nat'l pledge of Allegiance Day-the "Pledge of Allegiance" was 1st published in the magazine Youth's Companion.
Sept. 9, 1893 President Grover Cleveland's wife became the mother of a baby girl the 1st child born to a 1st Lady in the White House.
Jan. 2, 1893 The U.S. Post Office issued the First Commemorative Stamps.
Aug. 14, 1894 Angry of being fired, Jerry Murphy the city jailer at Leavenworth, KA, unlocked the prison doors and released all the prisoners.
Aug. 17, 1896 George Cormack Discovered Gold in Klondike Creek in the Yukon Territory of Canada.
Jan 4, 1896 Utah became the 45th State.
Jan. 6, 1898 The First Telephone Communication between a submerged submarine and land took place.
Dec 12, 1899 George Grant received a patent for the Golf Tee.
Oct. 19, 1983 The U.S. Senate passed a bill making the Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., a federal holiday.
Following are Invention History:
Jan. 8, 1800 The First Soup Kitchens for the poor opened in London.
Dec. 24, 1801 The American painter and naturalist Charles Willson Peale exhibited a Mounted Skeleton of a Mastodon.
Aug. 17, 1807 Robert Fulton's steamboat, the Clermont, made it's 1st un up the Hudson River from New York to Albany.
Jan. 12, 1812 The steamboat New Orleans became the first boat to deliver cargo by steam on the Mississippi River.
Sept. 27, 1825 In England a locomotive was used for the 1st time to pull a passenger train.
Oct. 27, 1829 The qst Paent for a Baby carriage was issued in the U.S.
Aug. 28, 1830 The 1st American-built Locomotive, the Yom Thumb, lost a race with a horse-drawn stagecoach.
Aug. 10, 1846 Congress chartered the Smithsonian Institution, founded with $500,000 by English scientist James Smithson.
Oct. 24, 1836 The friction match was patented in the U.S. by A.D. Phillips.
Aug. 30, 1830 The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad abandoned the horse powered locomotive for trains powered by steam.
Sept. 10, 1846 Elias Howe patented the Sewing Machine.
Jan. 6, 1838 Samuel F. B. Morse demonstrated his telegraph for the first time.
Jan. 9, 1839 Louis Daguerre received France's Legion of Honor award for his contribution to photography.
Dec 4, 1843 Manila Paper was patented.
Dec 11, 1844 Dr. Horace Wells became the first Dentist to use an Anesthetic for a tooth extraction.
Sept. 30, 1846 William Morton became the first dentist to extract a tooth with the help of anesthesia.
Dec 28, 1848 Gaslights were first used in the White House.
Oct. 16, 1846 The 1st surgical operation using ether as an anesthetic was performed in Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
Aug. 12, 1851 Isaac Singer began production of his Sewing Machine.
Sept. 20, 1853 Inventor Elisha Otis said his 1st freight "safety Elevator" which didn't fall even with cut cables.
Jan. 13, 1854 Anthony Faas patented the Accordion.
Aug. 18, 1856 Gail Borden patented the 1st successful milk-condensing process.
Aug. 2, 1858 First on-the-street mailboxes were installed in Boston and New York.
Aug. 27, 1859 The 1st successful oil well in the U.S. was drilled near Titusville, PA.
Oct. 24, 1861 The 1st Transcontinental Telegram was sent from San Francisco to New York City.
Aug. 22, 1865 William Sheppard patented Liquid soap.
Dec. 26, 1865 James Mason patented the Coffee Percolator.
Oct. 11, 1868 Thomas Edison applied for a patent for his invention, an Electric Vote Recorder.
Aug. 24, 1869 Cornell Swartout patented the Waffle Iron.
Sept. 28, 1869 Aristide Berges became the 1st person to transform a waterfall's mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Dec. 28, 1869 Chewing Gum was patented by William Semple of Mount Vernon, OH.
Nove 1, 1870 The U.S. Weather Bureau made its first weather observation.
Dec 19, 1871 Corrugated Paper was patended.
Aug. 1, 1873 Railroad Cable Car was tested in San Francisco by inventor Andrew Hallidie.
Aug. 12, 1877 Thomas Edison invented the phonograph.
Jan. 11, 1878 Alexander Campbell became the first milkman to deliver his customers milk in Glass Bottles.
Oct. 21, 1879 Thomas Edison successfully tested the Incandescent Electric Light Bulb.
Dec. 31, 1879 Thomas Edison demonstrated his Incandescant Lamp to a New Year's Eve crowd.
Sept. 4, 1883 The 1st Self-serve Restaurant opened in New York City.
Aug. 29, 1884 A.J. Webb completed a 898 mile tricycle ride across Scotland.
Jan. 15, 1885 William Bentley, age 19, made the first successful photograph of a single snowflake.
Oct. 12, 1885 Thomas Adams, a chewing-gum manufacturer introduced the 1st Vending Machine in the U.S. It dispensed gum balls.
Sept. 14, 1886 George Andersen patented the typewriter ribbon.
Oct. 10, 1886 Englishman Griswald lorillard introduced the Tuxedo in Tuxedo Park, NY.
Aug. 24, 1987 West Germany opened its 1st Wind-Energy Park. Its 30 windmills generate up to 2 million kilowatt hours of electricity.
Aug. 13, 1889 William Gray patented the Pay telephone.
Oct. 11, 1887 The 1st adding-machine patent was issured.
Aug. 7, 1888 Theophilus Van Kannel patented the Revolving Door.
Sept. 4, 1888 George Eastman received a patent for the Kodak Camera.
Oct. 30, 1888 The Ballpoint Pen was patented.
Jan. 3, 1888 The waxed Paper Drinking Straw was patented.
Aug. 21, 1888 William S. Burroughs received a patent for an Adding Machine.
Oct. 6, 1889 Thomas Edison exhibited his kinetoscope, a peep show device for viewing short motion pictures.
Oct. 6, 1889 Thomas Edison exhibited his kinetoscope, a peep show device for viewing short motion pictures.
Oct. 18, 1892 The 1st Long-Distance telephone line, from New York City to Chicago, opened.
Sept. 21, 1893 Frank Duryea drove the 1st successful gasoline-powered car in America on the streets of Springfield, Mass.
Sept. 30, 1841 Samuel Slocum patented The stapler. He called it a "machine for sticking pins into paper.
Nov. 5, 1895 George Seldon received a patent for a Gas-powered Automobile.
Jan. 5, 1895 The German physicist Wilhelm Roenlgen announced the Discovery of the X-Ray.
Dec. 8, 1896 J.T. White invented the Lemon Sgueezer.
Jan. 12, 1896 Dr. H. L. Photograph in the United States.
Dec. 26, 1898 Peirre and Marie Curie dscovered Radium.
Oct. 10, 1899 The luggage Carrier was patented by John Butts.
More is comming-

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