Day 78b
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Day 78b

These events are about writers etc.
Oct. 2, 1810 The 1st Harvest Fair took place in Pittsfield, MA.
Sept. 7, 1813 The nickname "Uncle Sam" 1st appeared in print, in a Troy, NY, newspaper.
Sept. 14, 1814 Francis Scott Key wrote "the Star-Spangled Banner" as the British shelled Fort McHenry.
Oct. 1, 1814 "Star-Spangled Banner" was sung for the 1st time.
Oct. 19, 1814 The "Star-Spangled Banner" was sung for the 1st time, in Baltimore, MD.
Dec. 24, 1818 Joseph Mohr, a pastor in Oberndorf, German, wrote the words for "Silent Night." Franz Gruber, the schoolmaster and organist, composed the music.
Dec. 25, 1818 "Silent Night" was performed for the first time, in the village church in Oberndorf, Austria.
Nov. 20, 1820 The whaling ship Essex was sank by a sperm whale.
Sept. 13, 1826 A rhinoceras was 1st exhibited in the U.S.
Dec. 23, 1823 "A Visit From St. Nicholas," by Clement Clarke Moore, was first published.
Dec. 25, 1831 Louisiana and Arkansas became the first states to Observe Christmas as a Legal Holiday.
Dec. 3, 1833 Oberlin College in Ohio became the First Coed College.
Sept. 4, 1833 Barney Fiaherty became the 1st Newsboy in the U.S.
Sept. 5, 1836 Sam Houston was elected the 1st president of the Republic of Texas.
Sept. 9, 1836 Abraham Lincoln received a license to practice law.
Oct. 22, 1836 Sam Houston became the 1st president of the Republic of Texas.
Dec. 4, 1839 The Whig Party held its first national convention in Harrisburg, PA., and nominated William Henry Harrison.
Dec. 7 1842 The New York Philharmonic Society, the symphony orchestra in the United States was formed.
Dec. 9, 1842 The first Christmas Cards were created in England.
Oct. 9, 1843 Charles Dickens began writing A Christmas Carol.
Sept. 12, 1846 English poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett were married. 
Sept. 18, 1851 The New York Times was 1st published.
Dec. 29, 1851 The First YMCA in the United States opened in Boston.
Oct. 3, 1851 A Boa Constrictor at the London Zoo swallowed a blanket, which it disgorged more than 3 weeks later.
Dec. 12, 1851 Dr. Joel Robert Poinsett, an American diplomat for whom the Poinsetta was named, died.
Sept. 19, 1859 The confederate War Song "Dixie" was sung for the 1st time.
Sept. 9, 1963 A Giant Panda was born in captivity for the 1st time.
Dec. 8, 1801 Ebenezer Cobb, who lived the Three Centuries, died at age 107.
Oct. 26, 1863 The International Red Cross was established.
Oct. 1, 1869 Prestamped Postcards were put on sale.
Oct. 25, 1870 A Postcard was 1st mailed in the U.S.
Oct. 20, 1873 P. T. Barnum opened "The Greatest Show on Earth" at the Hippodrome in New York City.
Sept. 11, 1875 The 1st Newspaper Cartoon strip, called "Professor Tigwissel's Burglar Alarm," was published in the New York Daily Graphic.
Aug. 4, 1875 Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen died.
Sept. 10, 1875 The American Forestry Association  became the 1st U.S. Conservation Organization.
Dec. 20, 1880 Electic Lights first lit up Broadway in New York City.
Aug. 27, 1883 Krakatoa, a volcanic island in the Indonesian Sunda Straight, exploded, creating a 120-Foot-high tidal wave.
Oct. 22, 1883 The Metropolitan OPera House in New York opened.
Jan. 1, 1884 Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published.
Oct. 31, 1886 Arthur Conan Doyle's 1st Sherlock Holmes story "A Study in Scarlet," was bought for 25 pounds.
Dec. 25, 1887 The character Sherlock Holmes first appeared in Beaton's Christmas Annual.
Dec. 3, 1888 The Longest lease on Record-10 million years- was signed in Columb Barracks, Ireland. It was a plot of land.
Sept. 4, 1893 Beatrix Potter sent a get-well letter about a rabbit family to 5 year old Noel Moore.
Dec. 23, 1893 The Opera Hansel and Gretel, by Englebert Humperdinck premiered.
Oct. 8, 1895 Englebert Humperdinck's opera Hansel and Gretel premiered in the U.S.
Dec. 28, 1895 The Lumiere brothers showed the First Commercial Movie, in the Grand Cafe in Paris.
Sept. 21, 1897 "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus" proclaimed a now-famous New York Sun editorial.
These have to do with Sports:
Jan. 1, 1840 The First recorded Bowling Match took places.
Sept. 13, 1845 The Knickerbocker Club of New York set down the 1st Base Rules.
Aug. 22, 1851 The yacht America won the 1st America's Cup race.
Sept. 24, 1852 The 1st Dirigible was flown over Paris at 6mph.
Oct. 13, 1860 The 1st Aerial Photograph of part of the U.S. was taken from a balloon over Boston.
Dec. 5, 1868 The First School to Teach Bicycle riding opened in New York City.
Oct. 19, 1873 Football rules were formulated in New York City.
Sept. 25, 1882 The 1st Major League double header was played between the Providence and Worcester teams.
Dec. 9, 1884 Ball-Bearing Roller Skates were patented by Levant Richardson.
Jan. 4, 1887 Thomas Stevens arrived in San Francisco, CA; completing the First Around-the World Bicycle Trip.
Jan. 1, 1890 The First Tournament of Rose Parade was held in Pasadena, CA.
Septs. 28, 1892 The 1st Night Football Game took place.
Oct. 19, 1899 Robert Goddard, at 17, began to speculate in his journal about a spaceship that could travel to Mars.
Aug. 18, 1873 John Lucas, Carles Begole, and A. H. Johnson became the 1st climbers to reach the top of Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the continguous U.S.
Aug. 24, 1875 Mathew Webb began the 1st successful swim of the English Channel from Dover, England. He reached Calais, France, 21 hrs. and 45 min. later.
Aug. 3, 1852 Harvard defeated Yale in the First Intercollegiate Rowing Race, on Lake Winnepesaukee, N.H.
Aug. 31, 1881 The 1st Men's tennis singles Championships were held in Newport, RI.
Aug. 21, 1887 Dan Casey of the New York Giants struck out in the ninth inning, providing Ernest Thayer with the inspiration for his famous poem, "Casey at the Bat."
Aug. 6, 1890 C Y Young, baseball's winningest pitcher, appeared in his first game.
Aug. 18, 1902 Major League Baseball's 1st unassisted triple play was made by Henry O'Hagen.
Aug. 16,1920 Baseball player Roy Chapman was hit in the head by a pitched ball and died the next day. Only player to have died this way.
Aug. 6, 1926 Gertrude Ederle became the 1st woman to swim the English channel.
Aug. 17, 1933 New York Yankee Lou Gehrig broke the record for most consecutive baseball game. Gehrig eventually stretched his record to 2,130 games.
Aug. 9, 1936 Jesse Owens won the last of his tour Gold Medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.
Aug. 12, 1936 Marjorie Gestring, Age 13, became the youngest person to win an Olympic Gold Medal in springboard diving.
Aug. 15, 1970 Pat Palinkas of the Orlando Panthers became the 1st woman to play in a Professional Football Game.
Aug. 26, 1939 The Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn  Dodgers played in the 1st elevised Major League Baseball Game.
Aug. 14, 1976 To raise money for the Monticello, NY Community General Hospital, two teams began a Marathon Saftball Game.
Aug. 11, 1984 Carl Lewis won his 4th Gold Medal at the Olympic games in Los Angeles.
Aug. 3, 1984 Mary Lou Retton became the 1st American woman to win the Olympic Gold Medal in the All-Around Gymnastics competition.
Aug. 9, 1988 1st Night Baseball Game of Wrigley Field in Chicago was played.
Aug. 29, 1971 Hank Aaron became the 1st National League Baseball player to drive in 100 runs in each of 11 seasons.
These are having to do with other countries:
Sept. 15, 1821 Costa Rica gained its independence from Spain.
Sept. 7, 1822 Brazil declared its independence from Portugal.
Oct. 4, 1824 The Republic of Mexico was proclaimed.
Oct. 26, 1825 The Erie Canal opened.
Sept. 29, 1829 Scotland Yard was established.
Sept. 14, 1860 Niagara Falls was illuminated for the 1st time.
Oct. 6, 1863 America's 1st Turkish Bath opened in Brooklyn, NY.
Oct. 8, 1871 The Most disastrous Forest fire in recorded history destroyed Peshtigo, Wis., killing 1,182 people.
Oct. 8, 1871 The Great chicago Fire which claimed 250 lives and destroyed most of the city; started a Mrs. O'Leary's barn.
Oct. 9, 1888 The Washington Monument opened.
Sept. 18, 1889 Social reformer Jane Addams moved into Hull House, America's 1st Settlement House.
These are about space:
Sept. 23, 1846 Johann Galle, a German astronomer, discovered the planet Neptune.
Oct. 1, 1847 American astronomer Marla Mitchell discovered a comet named after her later.

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