Day 84
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Day 84

Good Morning! I hope this week will be good for everyone. People should know to take care of what they need to do in the morning; therefore, Grandma is not going to post it anymore. I know parents will do some   Physical Education of excersizes or what Grandma calls Childrobotics and figure out dancing or some type of activity for the children to do. Grandma's Multicultural Math book (15b)says, "Hopscotch is a game that is played by children all over the world. The oldest hopscotch drawing was found in Rome. Roman soldiers taught the game to children as they traveled through France, Germany, and Great Britain. Today the game is popular not only in Europe and the United States, but in Russia, India, and China as well.
There are many forms of hopscotch. Twenty have been noted in the San Francisco area alone. The general rules below are a form of hopscotch played in Holland."
General Rules
Draw a diagram of regular hopscotch with three big squares each consecutive with 1,2, 3, in them going forward on the sidewalk, then draw the same size of two more squares side by side each other balanced on the top of the three forward ones. Put a 4 in 1 and 5 in the other, then draw two more squares the same size going forward on the sidewalk with 6 and then 7 in them. If it is in the dirt then draw them in the dirt by making lines in the dirt.
The children stand outside the squares and put a stone or some type of marker in the first sqaure. The children must hop on one foot to square 2 by skipping over the first square marked 1. Then must turn around and pick up their marker and again hop over the first square to the outside of the squares. Next they must toss their stone or marker to the second sqaure. Then it is one of the other players turns till everyone has had a turn. For each number their stone or marker is in as each child takes their turns and they must hop over the number that holds their stone or marker each time they play, turning around and picking up their stone or marker again. If the stone or marker lands outside the correct square or on a line, they loose a turn until they get it in the right square.
-Players move the marker with their feet as they hop from space to space--first from beginning to end, then in reverse.
-Players hop on one foot up the hopscotch drawing and back while balancing the marker or stone on one foot. If the marker falls, they must loose the next turn till they can do it. They may also try to balance the marker on their heads, index fingers, forearms, right knees, and left knees.
-Players follow the general rules, this time with their eyes closed. Other players say "hot" if the player lands correctly in a space, and "cold" if he misses.
Heaven and Earth Hopscotch
1. The biginning space is marked as Earth. This is a big rectangle the size of two squares together. Players must stand in Earth when they begin tossing markers or stones.
2.  The players should toss the marker to the 2 square. Instead of the 7 square at the top as the end another 2 squares side by side are drawn and centered on top of the 6 square. 7 and 8 are put in those two squares. Then a 9 square it drawn on top of those two with a rounded corner rectangle at the top of 9 the size of two squares together. Heaven is written in the middle with two seperated large C's in the bottom two corners. Draw an oval above Heaven and write Post in it. They must each when it is their turn hop to the square their stone or marker is in, pick it up, and hop back to Earth. Then they must toss the stone or marker to the next consecutive square number from the one they picked their stone or marker out of. They each do this on their turns till they reach Heaven. If they miss the square they are trying to throw their stone or marker in they loose a turn till they are able to get it where it needs to go.
3. When they reach Heaven: if the stone or marker falls in the areas of either C's, the player may skip one of the other squares marked (2-9) on the return to Earth; if it lands in the Post space, a player may not speak or laugh during the rest of the game or they will be out of the game completely; if it lands anywhere else in Heaven they just hop to Heaven, pick up their stone or marker and hop back to Earth.
Water Hopscotch
A big square with five rectangles drawn on each side of it with a straight row down the middle marked water is left. The left side has 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 consecutivly in the five rectangles. The 3 square has an R placed after the 3 in it. One the right 5 rectangles write 6 at the top, then, 7, 8, 9 R, 10 downward in the other rectangles.
1. Players start in section one. If a player hops in or a marker lands in the Water area, the game is over for that player untill they all start again.
2. Spaces marked with R are rest areas where players may stand on two feet.
3. After reaching section ten, players must hop three times around the spaces without resting.
Moon Hopscotch
A big square is used again. There are two rows of rectangles in the big square but there is a large rectangle at the bottom of the square outside from it with Earth written in it. Going up on the left side the first rectangle has 1     - in it. The second rectangle has 2    + written inside it. The third rectangle going up has 3     - in it, the fourth has 4     - in it and the fifth or last rectangle on the left side has 5     + in it. Then in the rectangles on the right side going down the big square to the rectangle named Earth is 6(moon)- in it at the top, next down 7    -, next 8     +, next 9    +, and then 10   - in the last rectangle on the right side.
"1. Players must stand in the Earth space when tossing stones or markers. This space is the beginning space for all steps.
 2. Spaces marked with a minus sign(-) must be hopped on with one foot. Spaces marked with a plus sign (+) must be hopped on with both feet.
 3. If players don't hop with the correct number of feet, they lose their places and must begin again."
Use your imagination on the 6 rectangle marked (Moon).
"Activities, Problems, and Questions for Discussion
Create your own hopscotch game involving math. For example, the Moon hopscotch pattern can be used to make a math game involving addition and subtraction. Before hopping from space to space, a player rolls one or two dice. The player must subtract the number on the first space (one) from the number rolled. The next space has an addition sign, so the player adds two to the previous number. Each time a player lands on a space, he or she must announce the new sum or difference. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number."
Bible History- We will go from Daniel as far as Grandma feels necessary. She may go into part of the New Testament also. She has not decided yet.
Faith Alive gives these questions for Daniel:
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? Daniel, an exile from Judah, who became an important government official in Babylon and Persia, wrote this book.
When...was this book written? Daniel was written near the end of Daniel's life, probably about 530 BC, just as some of the exiles were returning from captivity.
How...does Daniel show us God's love? Daniel and his friends are among the people of Judah taken captive to Babylon. During the captivity God is with them to bless and protect them, sometimes in dramatic ways! God also gives Daniel special understanding. In visions he lets Daniel see Jesus and his future kingdom.
What...special messages does this book give us? The stories of Daniel and of Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego in the first half of the book of Daniel are exciting examples of God's power and love. In the second half of the book, God lets Daniel look ahead to future world events. All of these events lead to the coming of Jesus, the Savior, God is in charge of all history, and he directs all things for the purpose of saving his people through Christ.
        ...are some important chapters in this book?
Daniel obeys God.                                                                   Daniel  1
Daniel explains a dream.                                                        Daniel  2
The fiery furnace.                                                                     Daniel  3
Another dream.                                                                        Daniel  4
The writing on the wall.                                                            Daniel  5
The lions' den.                                                                          Daniel  6
Daniel foresees Jesus.                                                           Daniel  7
Daniel's prayer.                                                                        Daniel  9
Faith Alive points out in, "Let's Live It! Daniel 2:31-35 What Does This Mean?--Do you understand the dream King Nebuchadnezzar had? Read about it in Daniel 2:1-49, especially verses 31-35. To help you picture it, draw a picture. Show the statue and the rock Daniel saw in his dream.
The four parts of the statue are kingdoms that would rule the earth. (They turn out to be Baylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome.) Most impotant, a rock grows into a mountain. That's a kingdom, too--the kingdom of Christ it lasts forever!
Let's live It! Daniel 3:1-30 Trusting God When Things Look Bad-- Read Daniel 3. When the three Hebrews were about to be thrown into the fire, they said "the God we serve is able to save us" (Daniel 3:17). Their situation looked so bad, but God was there to help them. Sometimes things can get pretty tough for kids too. Maybe you're haveing a hard year in school; maybe your parents fight a lot; maybe your friends have turned against you. Try to matter how rough things get...God is there.
Fold a sheet of paper in three sections, so two are like doors. Close the doors and draw flames on the outside. On the inside, paste a picture of you and a picture of Jesus. God is with you when things get difficult even as he was with the three in the fiery furnace.
Life In Bible Times-Babylon-By the time Daniel  arrived there, the city of Babylon had become the richest and most famous in the world. Its palm trees and hanging gardens and rich architecture made it strikingly beautiful. The huge double wall that surrounded it was constructed not just for defense but for beauty as well with designs and figures worked into its structure. The city had fifty temples dedicated to pagan gods. If  Babylon were still in existence today, it would be located in modern Iraq. However, this greatest city of ancient times is now only a bare mound.
Life in Bible Times-Prayer-People in the Bible prayed in many different places and positions. When Daniel prayed he go down on his knees to show his respect for God (Daniel 6:10). Moses was so upset because of Israel's worship of the golden calf that he fell facedown ("prostrate") before the Lord to pray (Deuteronomy 9:18). Paul urged Timothy to lift up his hands when he prayed (1 Timothy 2:8).
Did You Know? 8:19-20 What were Daniel's dream and vision about?Daniel saw the future, and his visions came true exactly He saw nations that would be powerful until Jesus' time. More important, he saw Jesus himself take his throne of power over all kingdoms (Daniel 7:13-14).
Let's Live It! Daniel 9:1-23God Hears Prayers--Does it ever seem as if God doesn't answer your prayer? God does answer every prayer, but sometimes we must wait. And  sometimes the answer is different than we expect.
Read Daniel 9:1-23. Daniel knew from Scripture that it was time for the exiles to return from captivity. So he asked God to keep his promise. What did the angel tell him (Daniel 9:23)?
Does your family have an answering machine? If so, here's a way to remind folks that God hears our prayers. Ask your parents if you can put a message like this on your machine: "God hears every prayer, and the promises to get back with you. It just may take a while. We're not home, but we want to hear from you, too, so leave a message, and we'll call you back. We promise." Every now and then, call yourself, so you can be reminded as well.
Life in Bible Times-Angels-Angels were created by God., Angels are spirit and do not have physical bodies. When angels did appear to people in Old Testament times they looked something like people but they had other things about them that weren't very human. The angel Daniel saw had a "face like lightning" and "eyes like flaming torches.""
The next book is Hosea. Faith Alive gives these questions:
How...does Hosea show us God's love? God uses an unusual marriage to illustrate his love. He commands the prophet to marry a very sinful woman named Gomer. When she deserts him, Hosea buys her back to be his wife again. This is like the way Jesus takes us, very sinful people, to be his own. We left him by our sin, but he bought us back, giving his own life as the price.
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? Hosea, a prophet to the northern kingdom, Israel, wrote this book.
When...was this book written? The sermons in Hosea were preached between 753 and 723 BC. This was just before the Assyrians destroyed Israel and took all its people captive. During part of this time, Isaiah was prophesying in Judah.
What...special messages does this book give us? Hosea warns the people of Israel about their unfaithfulness to God. They will be punished. But God keeps on loving them--and us--even though we are unfaithful.
        ...are some important chapters in this book?
Hosea and Gomer.                                                               Hosea  1-3
Israel's unfaithfulness.                                                           Hosea  4
True repentance.                                                                   Hosea  6
God's love for Israel.                                                             Hosea  11
Faith Alive talks about things in, "Life in Bible Times-Children's Names-In Old Testament times the names people gave their children had special meaning. God told Hosea what to name his children in order for those names to be a message to God's people. Find the names and what they mean in Hosea 1.
Let's Live It! Hosea 3:1-3 How Much Are You Worth?--Hosea's wife had left him and gone to some other man. How do you think that made him feel? What would you have done if you had been Hosea? Read what God had him do: Hosea 3:1-3. Hosea loved his wife enough to buy her back!
We've all left God, too--by sinning. How must that make him feel? Still, God loved us enough to buy us back. See how much he was willing to pay: 1 Peter 1:18-19. That's what we're worth to him!
Life in Bible Times-The Trumpet-Trumpets were blown loudly in Bible times, to call people to prayer, to worship or to war. There were two kinds of trumpets. One was made of metal. The other was made of a ram's horn.
Life in Bible Times-Children_The Hebrews loved children! They played with them, cared for them, taught them about God. Having many children was seen as a great blessing. Hosea says God loved Israel as his own child. Compare Hosea 11:1 with Mathew 2:13-15."
Calendar History through birthdays and events
January 26 1831 was the birthday of Mary Mapes Dodge, children's autor, creator of Hans Brinker. 1880 is the birthday of Douglas MacArthur, American World War II general. Then in 1961 Wayne Gretzky, Canadian hockey star, was born.
In 1784, In a letter, Benjamin Franklin disapproved of the Bold Eagle as the national symbol. Book (1) says, "Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were the three members of a committee charged with selecting a national symbol. Adams and Jefferson favored the bold eagle, Franklin the wild turkey. In a letter to his daughter, Sarah Bache, Franklin expressed his feelings about the majority's choice: "He is a bird of bad moral character...The Turkey is a much more respectable bird..." " Ask the children how they feel about this? Ask them how they feel about their own state bird? 
English settlers first arrived in Sydney, Australia  in 1788 of January 26 therefore it is considered Australia Day. In 1837 Michigan became the 26th state. This is called the Wolverine State. Have the children sketch Michigan and label the four Great Lakes that touch it--without looking at a map. Once finished they can give themselves one point for each correctly placed lake and an extra point if they showed Michigan in two sections.
In 1875 George F. Green patented the Electric Dental Drill.
There are several birthdays on January 27. One was in 1756 in which Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart, Austrian composer. Book (1) says, "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began his exceptional musical career at the age of 3 and was composing by age 5! Today, Mozart is universally recognized as a musical genius. While such incredible ability is rare, everyone has special talents." Have the children list things they do well and describe any special training the've had. Be sure to share your talents, too. Then make a class talent poster--a roster of your children's unusual abilities. Shared talents--or curiosity about talents--can form the basis for children's friendships.
In 1832 Lewis Carroll (real name: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), English author who wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, was born. He also published Through the Looking Glass under the pen name Lewis Carroll. Tell your children "that some authors select a pseudonym  because their given name is unwieldy. Others might want to conceal their identity or increase the chances of getting their work published. For example, in the past some women authors adopted male names. Ben Franklin had 57 pseudonyms, including "The Busybody" and "Mrs. Silence Dogwood." If the children had a reason ask them what pseudonyms they would pick for themselves? Why?
In 1900 Hyman Rickover, U.S. admiral who was instrumental in the development of nuclear-powered ships, was born. These are what Grandma's one grandson will be trained in to control.
Then in 1928 Harry Allard, children's author, was born. Book (1) says, " Harry Allard, coauthor of the popular Miss Nelson and the Stupids books, was delighted to learn that he had the same birthday as one of his favorite authors, Lewis Carroll." Have the children make a picture or a poster about someone famous who shares the same birthday as them.
The last two birthday's include that of 1939 in which Julius Lester, children's author, was born. Then in 1948 Mikhail Baryshinikov, Russian ballet dancer, was born.
One event of 1880 happened on January 27 in which Thomas Edison received a patent for his Electric Lamp.
Now we will move to the History Book with "The End of the Civil War"
In this chapter one will learn about these people: José Chavez, Edward Solomon, Loretta Valesquez, Judah P. Benjamin, Clara Barton, George C. Meade, William T. Sherman, Ely S. Parker, John Wilkes Booth
Places considered include: Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Atlanta, Savannah, Appomattox Court House
New Vocabulary is: Emancipation Proclamation, emancipated, battlefield, Gettysburg Address, unconditional surrender, laid siege, total war, malice, charity, bind up, just, assassinated, dictator                                                                               
Focus on Main Ideas
1.  How did the Emancipation Proclamation help the Union during the Civil War?
2.  How did events at Gettysburg and Vicksburg affect the Civil War?
3.  How did Abraham Lincoln want to treat the South after the Civil War?
4.  What were the consequences of the Civil War?
The Emancipation Proclamation-
In the start President Lincoln wanted just to keep the United States together. However, he always thought slavery was wrong. "After the Battle of Antietam, he took action to end it. Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. This paper said that after the date it was issued, January 1, 1863, all slaves in states that were at war with the Union would be emancipated, or freed. Slaves in the Confederacy were filled with joy when they learned that Lincoln said they were free.
However, the Emancipation Proclamation did not free any slaves. It did not free the slaves in the border states or in Southern territory captured by the Union. Only an amendment to the Constitution could end slavery in those areas. The Proclamation could not free slaves in the Confederate states because Lincoln had no power there.
The Emancipation Proclamation did accomplish three important things for the Union. First, it gave Union soldiers two important causes to fight for: freeing the slaves and saving the Union. Second, the Proclamation encouraged African American slaves to escape from their owners and join the Union army. Third, Great Britain and other European nations decided not to aid the Confederacy when they heard that the Union was trying to end slavery there."
The Contributions of Many Americans
-Twenty-two African Americans won the Congressional Medal of Honor for their courage. They took much risk in the battle against the Confederates. 200,000 African Americans fought for the Union during the Civil War.
"-About 440,000 immigrants fought in the Union army. They came from Ireland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, and other nations. One of these immigrant soldiers was a Polish man, Wladimir Kryzanowski. He became a general  after fighting at Bull Run, Gettysburg, and in other battles."
"-About 10,000 Hispanic Americans fought for the Union. Lieutenant Colonel José Chavez led a company of Union soldiers that captured Confederate land in the Southwest.
-About 6,000 Jewish Americans also fought for the Union army. One of these soldiers was Colonel Edward Solomon. He led a large group of soldiers from Illinois at the battles of Gettysburg and Atlanta. ... Judah P. Benjamin became the most important Jewish citizen in the Confederacy. He worked in Jefferson Davis's cabinet. Benjamin was attorney general, secretary of state, and secretary of war at different times during the Civil War.
-"Women played an important role in the Union and in the Confederacy. As men went off to fight, women ran farms, businesses, and plantations. Loretta Valesquez, a Cuban immigrant, dressed as a man and fought in the Confederate army. Women worked as nurses and ran hospitals. The nation's first woman doctor, Elizabeth Blackwell, organized a group to train Union nurses. Dorothea Dix, who had helped people with mental illnesses before the war, was in charge of the Union's nurses during the war. Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman had once been slaves, but they served as nurses and scouts for the Union army. Clara Barton...had been a teacher, but she became a Union nurse during the war. At the Battle of Antietam, Barton worked in a small hospital right on the battlefield. After Antietam she nursed men at other battles. ...After the war ended, Barton started the American Red Cross."
The Battle of Gettysburg
"After the Union victory at Antietam, the Union lost two battles in Virginia. Lincoln appointed General George C. Meade to command the Union Army that was fighting in the East.
Robert E. Lee decided to try once again to attack the North, hoping that a victory would convince the Union to surrender. He planned to invade Pennsylvania. On July 1, 1863 the Battle of Gettysburg began. It lasted three terrible days. There were 75,000 Confederate soldiers and 90,000 Union Soldiers. The Union won after attacking the charging Confederate army with rifles and cannons. The North lost 23,000 soldiers; the South lost 28,000. Lee had to retreat to Virginia. Lincoln sent a message to General Meade ordering him to attack Lee's army before it crossed the Potomac River into Virginia. Like General McClellan, Meade waited too many days to attack and Lee's army escaped into Virginia. The confederates would never be as strong again. So many soldiers died at Gettysburg that a military cemetery was built for the Union soldiers who died there. On November 19, 1863, President Lincoln dedicated the new cemetery. He gave a short speech that is now called the Gettysburg Address.
Grandma has to stop here and start in the morning. Please take care.

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