Day 86
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Day 86

I hope all is surviving the weather. Grandma is doing fine. She will give people 3 Books per day to finish the Old Testament today. She will cover the Reconstruction Years after the Civil War, two to three books, and the calendar. Therefore do the Childrobotics and something in place of the dancing or dancing. Also do some some songs.
The next book in the Bible is Amos. Faith Alive gives the following questions:
"How...does Amos show us God's love? Although Amos is a book of ringing condemnation, it ends with a promise. God will "restore David's fallen tent" (Amos 9:11). Jesus was to be the descendant of David, and this is really a promise of Christ. Through him, God's people would be forgiven and blessed.
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? Amos wrote this book. He was a shepherd whom God sent from Judah to preach to the people of Israel.
When...was this book written? Amos preached about 760 BC. He probably wrote down his book shortly after that.
What...special messages does this book give us? Times seemed good in Israel--and some were very rich--but the people were disobeying God. The poor, especially, were being cheated or ignored. God was about to bring disaster on the people unless they would turn from their wicked ways. God expects his people to worship him with pure hearts and to show their concern for everyone.                                                                  
        ...are some important passages in this book?
Doing justice.                                                                               Amos 5:7-15
The day of the Lord.                                                                    Amos 5:18-24
Rich who ignore the poor.                                                          Amos 6:1-7
Amos threatened for the truth.                                                   Amos 7:10-17
Judgment for oppressing the poor.                                           Amos 8:4-14"
Faith Alive also expresses themselves through "Did You Know? 1:3 What does "for three sins...even for four"mean? It means "for many sins." Amos warns Judah and Israel as well as foreign nations that God will punish them for their many sins.
Life in Bible Times-No Blankets-Most people in Israel slept under the robe they wore during the day. That is why God's law said no one who loaned money could keep a person's robe to make sure that person paid the money back.
Let's Live It! Amos 4:6-12 Warning Signals--The people of Israel had turned away from God. Amos 4:6-12 tells some of the terrible punishments God brought on them. Read these verses to find several things he did.
God sent these calamities to teach his people they were sinning. But which words show they did not learn from punishment? They ignored God's lessons and kept on sinning. How foolish, because in the end sin will bring worse disaster!
Hard times aren't always warnings from God that we're sinning. But they can always be occasions to seek God's forgiveness. After all, we're always sinful, and he's always eager to forgive.
Did You Know? 5:20 What was "the day of the Lord"? The day of the Lord is mentioned often in the Old Testament as a time when God will show his power. It is not just one day. Rather, it is any time God proves that what he has sold and done is right. This happened when God punished or saved Israel. It happened at Easter and Pentecost. It will happen finally at the end of the world.
Life In Bible Times-Ivory Couches-The very rich people in Amos's time relaxed on couches and beds decorated with Ivory.God was angry, because these people got their wealth by robbing the poor (see Amos 5:7-13).
Life in Bible Times-Sandals-People in Bible times wore sandals on their feet rather than shoes. Some of the rich in Amos's time thought that using their money to buy a pair of fancy sandals was more satisfying than using it to help someone in need."
The next book is Obadiah and Faith Alive asks these questions:
How...does Obadiah show us God's love? While those who oppose God's People will be destroyed, God will send deliverers to his own children. Then God will be established as king of all. The great Delivere, who finally establishes God's kingdom, is Jesus.
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? Obadiah wrote this book, but nothing more is known about him.
When...was this book written? We do not know for sure when Obadiah wrote his book. It probably was written either around 845 BC or 586 BC.
What...special messages does this book give us? Obadiah speaks of the punishment God will bring on the Edomites. They had shared in the spoils when Judah and Jerusalem were invaded. By punishing those who oppose his people, God actually delivers his own.
         ...are some important passages in this book?
Edom's violence toward Israel.                                                              Obadiah 10
Deliverers for Zion.                                                                                  Obadiah 21"
Faith Alive has one message in Obadiah to leave us with in "Words To Remember 21 The Kingdom will be the Lord's."
The last book we reach into for today will be Jonah. Faith Alive asks these things: 
"How...does Jonah show us God's Love? Jonah shows, first of all, that God loves everyone in all nations. In Old Testament times Israel often forgot this. But God gladly forgave even the wicked city of Nineveh, an enemy of Israel, when it repented. God also shows his love by saving Jonah. After three days in the great  fish, God sets Jonah safely alive on land. Centuries later, Jesus used that as an illustration of his own resurrection after three days in the grave. (Matthew 12:40).
Whom...did God inspire to write this book? The prophet Jonah, who spent most of his ministry in the northern kingdom, Israel, wrote this book.
When...was this book written? Jonah was probably written about 760 BC, the same time Hosea and Amos were prophesying.
What...special messages does this book give us? Jonah teaches us to share God's love with people of all nations. God is eager to forgive everyone who repents, no matter how sinful they have been or how much they have run from God's will.
         ...are some important passages in this book?
Jonah runs from God.                                                        Jonah 1
Jonah inside the great fish.                                               Jonah 2
The people of Nineveh repent.                                          Jonah 3
God teaches Jonah to care about all people.                  Jonah 4"
Faith Alive also presents itself in "Life In Bible Times-Jonah's Trip-Nineveh was northeast of Israel, and Tarshish was to the west. God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, but Jonah got on a ship to Tarshish. The Bible book tells us why, and it tells us what happened to Jonah.
Life In Bible Times-Cargo Ships-In ancient times the crew of a cargo ship (see Jonah 1:3,5) lived and slept on the deck or their ship. When storms came they tried to find a sheltered harbor, or they rished being swept overboard.
Let's Live It! Jonah 4:1-11 Jonah's Vine--Jonah told the people of nineveh that God would destroy the city. The people repented, and God did not destroy Nineveh. Read Jonah 4, and find out how jonah felt about this. Find out, too, why God did not destroy Nineveh.
Get a lima bean seed and plant it in dirt in a styrofoam cup. Put it by your window, water it, and plant it in  dirt in a styrofoam cup. Put it by your window, water it, and watch the plant grow. As you care for your plant, remember how much God loves people. As we remember how much God loves everyone, he helps us not to be jealous when good things happen to others."
I do not know how many of you got to hear the president Obama's speach last night but Grandma feels he really had a way of letting us know why we are so different than other countries and why our people are so special that more and more people from other countries begin to follow us. America stands for good ideas and principles for mankind. The country leaders are not in it just for themselves but they lead our country with the intent to help our country as a whole. No we as the American people do not feel it is perfect because the bottom people are still struggling to survive but our country is still striving to help those people in need and things have always fallen on the lower middle class with families, if they ever get that solved, they will be doing good. One of the comments he made is that is not matter what the politician make but what they do for the country and Grandma feels that is wrong because much of America is becoming angry at what the politicians make totally and how many are starving to give the rich their gold. However, Grandma felt the rest of his speach was very uplifting and true. That our principles to make our country because of what we stand for and try to accomplish. Our main goals are unity and freedom along with doing good. That is the reason for all our Wars and will always carry us on.
More is coming for the day.
Calendar birthday's and History events, etc.
Today is January 29 and the first birthday is that of Thomas Paine, American political philosopher and author of Common Sense, born in 1737. Book (1) says, "Thomas Paine's pamphlets Common Sense and The American Crisis convinced many colonists to join the revolt against England. Read some excerpts. Then ask the kids to work identify a policy, program, or situation affecting the general public that they'd like to change. For example, perhaps they'd like to see the high school swimming pool opened to the public on weekends. Or maybe they believe the federal or state government should fund after-school recreational and educational programs. Once the teams have decided on their issues, have them create their own "common sense" pamphlet designed to bring about the change they're advocating."(or as a suggestion from Grandma-add this as a section to your newspaper)
The next birthday is of William McKinley, 25th president of the United States, in 1843. After that is that of a children's author and illustrator, Bill Peet, born in 1915. Book (1) says, "Bill Peet makes sketches of his characters first, then creates stories about them. Have each (Child) draw characters for a potential story, writing his name on the back of the paper.... Next, have the (children) write stories around the sketches. ...turn the project into book form" and read them out loud. Maybe even act them out. They can even be published on the computer if you wish.
In 1930 Christopher Collier, children's author, was born. Then in 1954, the same year as Grandma, Oprah Winfrey, American talk-show host, was born. Greg Louganis, American diver who won gold medals at two Olympic Games, was born in 1960.
There are two events in 1800 with none for earlier than that for January 29th. One was in 1845 in which Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven" was published. Then in 1861 Kansas became the 34th state. In 1886 the First succeessful Gasoline-powered Car was patented by German engineer Karl Benz. That is it for the Calendar.
Grandma wants to make a note here: As part of younger children's learning and language lessons. Make sure any main words and letters for younger children to learn you draw pictures for them to see words with. In them learning letters and the sounds first present words that shart with the letters or comination of letters for a certain sound and then draw pictures to go with that word, especially if it is an animal, etc. Some words like the, an, at, etc. They just have to learn by seeing it. Reading books together usually teaches them that but flash cards with words on it are effective as well. It is a know fact that the more intelligent children  are those read to and they read to you. Make sure when doing letters and words you give them a place to do some writing of it also. Do not teach them to do cursive until they learn to print. College students in their work and note taking use both cursive and printing depending on clarity and speed necessary.
As part of our reading, language, etc. today Grandma has a books from her book (6) for you to read and do things from. One is called "Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman, (Dial Books fro Young Readers, 1991, 25 pp.)
Grace is a girl who loves to hear stories and then act out the most exciting parts. Grace learns that her class is about to stage the play Peter Pan, and she knows just which part she wants to play. But when she raises her hand to try out for the part of Peter, Grace's classmates tell her she can't play the part because she's a girl and because she's black. With encouragement from those that love her most, Grace manages to land the part of Peter, and in doing so, proves that she is able to fly above limitations imposed by others.
Before Reading Amazing Grace
Ask the children to talk about their favorite pretend games. Do they play different pretend games when they are together than when they are alone? Tell the (children) that this book is about a girl named Grace who loves to pretend that she is the Charcters she reads about in books.
After Reading Amazing Grace
Ask the (children) to tell what kind of girl they think Grace is. Is she the type of girl they'd like to know and play with? Why or why not? When Grace's classmates told her she could not play the part of Peter Pan because she was black and because she was a girl, Grace didn't seem bothered by their words and she still tried out for the part. But, once she was home, she told her family how upset she was. What does this tell us about the kind of girl Grace is?
Follow-up Activities
Watch Peter Pan
Have the (children) watch the video film of Peter Pan starring Mary Martin as Peter Pan. Point out to the (children) that the role of Peter Pan is being played by a woman. Point out also that the part of Tiger Lily is not being played by a Native American. Encourage children to discuss whether they think that these parts should always be played by a boy and a Native American? Why or why not? ((the children) might be interested to learn that hundreds of years ago, all the roles in Shakespear's plays, for example, were played by men--enen the roles of women--because women weren't allowed to be actors.) Why does the class think that Grace wanted the role of Peter? Have the students imagine which parts they would each like to play and tell why. 
Create "Caring Manuals"
Have the (children) examine the illustrations involving Grace's family. From the faces on the characters of Ma and Nana, and from the way these two women are shown relating to Grace. (hugging her, holding her hand, playing with her). have the (children) imagine how Grace's family members feel about each other. Have the children take turns describing simple ways to show caring for friends and family. Stress that showing we care , needs not always involve traditional gift-giving. Then, have each class member make a list or a series of illustrations depicting ways they show they care for others as family members or friends. Suggest that children use their lists and illustrations to create "Caring Manuals" containing ideas for showing that they care. Have children share their manuals with the group. How many separate ideas was the class able to generate? Consider recording these as a constant reminder to care on a display chart in the classroom.
Pretend Props
Have the children search through the illustrations of Grace play-acting to discover the props and play costumes she used in each of her pretend games. List these on a large chart pad for the children to refer to. Provide each child with a suggested role they could play-act. Then, have the children search in th(house) to find articles of clothing and other items they could use to create a pretend costume for the role they chose. Children should illustrate and label their ideas in a chart. Consider setting time aside for children to dress in their original costume designs, and, if appropriate, dance or act out their charaters. Take photos of the children in costume and post them on a bulleting board next the the children's illustrations. Allow time for children to explain how they created their costumes.
Grandma will have more for tomorrow. Please have a good day and be carefull.                                                                                                                                                   

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