Day 92
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Day 92

Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center Showing Jesus from a modern movie. Showing John the Babtist talking to God in prison, through our Home Education Program.John the Babtist in a modern film used in our home schooling of our Home Education Program.Earlier portait of an oil painting done in Europe, but used in lessons of learning. It shows Jesus being taken by the Holy Spirit to be tested against Satin.An earlier oil painting done in Europe of Jesus Babtism by John the Babtist, being used in our Home Education Program for home schoolers.Good Morning Folks!
Grandma has been trying to figure out how she want's to present the repeated material and material to you from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John about Jesus. Grandma has decided to start with John the Babtist and Jesus. Read Jesus and John the Babtist in Matthew 11 and Luke 7:18-35. Faith Alive also says in "Did You Know? 7:30 Who were the Pharisees and experts in the law? The Pharisees were reigious men who studied the Bible and wanted to please God, but they did not really understand what they read. These men tried to please God by being better than other people. When Jesus showed them they were wrong, They hated him and became his enemies."
Then read John Beheaded in Mark 6:14-29. Faith Alive states some information in "Did Your Know? 6:26 Why did Herod kill John the Baptist? King Herod made a foolish promise to give a dancing girl anything she asked. She asked for the head of John the Baptist. The king knew it was wrong to kill John, but he worried about what his friends would think if he broke his promise. King Herod committed a terrible sin just so he would not be embarrassed."
I hope you have all done your Childrobotics, tasks, and music and dancing for the day. Do remember alphabets, words, vocabularies, numbers and math (on hearts and counting hearts as well as snowmen, snowflakes, sleds, slaves, fish, ice, etc.) . Do patterns painted on African homes by the women is an extra idea. Remember writing in journals plus, yearbooks, pictures, and newspapers.
Now for our Calendar birthdays:
The first on February 6 is of Aaron  Burr, American political leader who is remembered for his duel with Alexander Hamilton. Aaron was born in 1756. In 1895 Babe Ruth , baseball player was born. Book (1) in Bambino's birthday it says, "George Herman (Babe) Ruth is widely considered the greatest slugger in baseball history. In 22 major league seasons--played in an era when home runs were rare--he hit 714 homers, a total that has only been surpassed by Hank Aaron. Have your students use their calculators to figure out how many homers Ruth averaged per season. The last birthday was of Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States, in 1911.
One event for February 6 was in 1754 in which Benjamin Banneker, a mathematician and inventor, built the First chiming clock in America. Then in 1778 France agreed to help the United States in its fight against the British in the Revolutionary War. In 1788 Massachusetts became the sixth state. In 1865 General Robert E. Lee was appointed commander-in-chief of the Confederate armies.
It is also Midwinter Day and Hobby Month. Book (1) says to, "Celebrate Hobby Month by asking the students to share their favorite leisure-time activity. First, have them complete a fact sheet on which they describe the materials they use, how the got started, and what they've learned from the hobby."
Going to the History Book to start the 1800's A brave young Shoshone woman named Sacagawea and her French-Canadian husband helped a group of explorers cross the Rocky Mountains. The group led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, traveled to the Pacific Ocean. They brought exciting information about the West back to President Thomas Jefferson.
In Think About It
George Wasington was the only President who did not join a political party. Why?
Andrew Jackson became a war hero after the Battle of New Orleans, but this battle should not have been fought. Why?
The invention of the cotton gin made slaves more valuable than ever. Why?
One state was once an independent republic with its own president. Which state?
Biography of Sacagewea-
"Born a Shoshone, but she was kidnapped at about age 12 by the Minnetaree; living with them in what is now North or South Dakota. Toussaint Charbonneau, a French Canadian fur trapper, was also living with the Minnetarees. He bought Sacagawea from them when she was about 14 years old and married her in an Indian ceremony. Sacagawea met Lewis and Clark during the winter that they spent in North Dakota. They hired her husband to be an interpreter for them because he knew the Shoshone language.
During the winter in North Dakota. Sacagawea gave birth to a baby boy. Although she had to care for a baby, Sacagawea kept up with the expedition.
As the expedition traveled through Shoshone country; Lewis and clark met the Shoshone chief Cumeahwait. To Sacagawea's surprise, the chief was her brother. She had not seen him since the day she had been kidnapped.
Sacagawea's knowledge of the plants of the the region helped her to show the men which plants were safe to eat. Because Sacagawea and her baby were traveling with Lewis and Clark, the Indian groups that they met were friendly towards the expedition. Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark cross the Rocky Mountains and reach the Pacific. When the expedition ended, Sacagawea, her husband, and her son returned to live with the Shoshone. No one is certain what happened to Sacagawea later in life. Some believe she died of illness when she was only 25. Others believe Sacagawea lived with the Shoshones in Wyoming until she died in 1884. She would have been almost 100 years old.
Have a nice day!

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