Day 94
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Day 94

A Good Morning I Hope! I am hoping for some good news soon. I do not want to count my chickens before they hatch. A reminder for your tasks to be done, Childrobotics, and music with some dancing possible. Remember to work on alphabets, words, vocabularies, writing, art drawing, counting, and math problems.
Work on the journals, yearbooks, and newspapers.
We will start out with Bible history today in Faith Alive working on Jesus works starting with "Jesus Heals the Sick" of Matthew 4:18; then "Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit", "Jesus Heals Many", and "Jesus Prays in a Solitary Place" in Mark 1:21-39; "Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit", and "Jesus Heals Many" in Luke 4:31-44; "Jesus Heals the Official's Son", and "The Healing at the Pool"; answer "Did You Know 5:15 Whom does John mean when he says "the Jews"? By "the Jews" John does not mean the Jewish people. This is the way John talks about the religious leaders of the Jews. "The Jews" in John's Gospel are the Pharisees and chief priests and experts in the Old Testament law who did not believe in Jesus." That is enough till tomorrow.
Grandma is going to cover the Calendar History and Birthdays next.

February 9 William Henry Harrison, ninth president of the United States, was born in 1773. Book (1) says through "Campaign slogans and shortened terms-William Henry Harrison, ninth president of the United States, became famous as a soldier. He led the U. S. forces at the battle of Tippecanoe during the War of 1812. During his campaign for president, he and his running mate, John Tyler, adopted the slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too!" Discuss the historical significance and effectivenesss of this and other presidential campaign slogans, including: "Fifty-four forty or fight" (James K. Polk): "A house divided against itself cannot stand" (Abraham Lincoln); "A square deal all around" (Theodore Roosevelt): "He kept us out of war" (Woodrow Wilson); "I like Ike" (Dwight Eisenhower).
Tell your (children) that Harrison died of pneumonia 32 days after he was inaugurated, thus serving the shortest term as president. Challenge your (children) to find out which other presidents failed to serve out their full terms of office, and why. Who was president the longest?"

The next birthday for the 9th is of Dick Gackenbach, children's author, born in 1927. Book (1) says, "Children's author Dick Gackenbach dislikes big cities, diets, and flying in airplanes. What would your (children) put on their "I could do without..." list? Invite them to write about one of these dislikes in their journals."

Three events are of significance.

One was in 1825 in which The House of Representatives chose John Quincy Adams as president after none of the four presidential candidates received the required majority of electoral votes. Then in 1870 Congress established the U. S. Weather Bureau. The last is the 1900's but Grandma feels it should be of mention here for in 1911 The Lincoln Memorial was approved by Congress.

Then on February 10 E. L. Konigsburg, children's author, was born in 1930. In 1950 Mark Spitz, American swimmer who became the first athlete to win seven gold medals in a single Olympics, was born. Book (1) says under ""Multiple medal winner" Besides winning his Olympic gold medals, Mark Spitz set 35 world records in his career. Despite his success, teammates sometimes criticized Spritz for his aloofness and cockiness. Ask your (children) if any of their friends ever expressed disapproval of something they did.  How did the kids feel? How did they get back in their friends' good graces?"

Then Greg Norman, Australian golfer, was born in 1955.
Two events are important for that day. In 1863 Virginia Alanson Crane received a patent for the Fire Extinguisher. Then in 1897 The New York Times adopted its motto, "All the News That's Fit To Print." Book (1) says, "When The New York Times first adopted its motto, many readers expressed their disapprovel. So the publisher offered a $100 prize to anyone who could come up with a better motto. The contest generated 20,000 entries, but the editors decided to stay with their original choice. Ask your (children) to suggest a motto for their ...newspaper."
Isaac Newton is our science lesson for today. We will try to do more tomorrow because Grandma had lots of things holding up her work this weekend. She is trying all she can to do what is necessary.
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Isaac Newton. Gravity Part 1 of 2
Sir Isaac Newton and the law of gravity enjoyed by home schoolers in our Home Education Program.

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