Day 95
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Day 95

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Louisiana Purchase
This video tells the story of the Louisiana Purchase. Now the use of Home schooling in our Home Education Program.
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Napoleon Bonaparte Biography
Napoleon 1769 - 1821http://www.cloudbiography.comNapoleon Bonaparte was Emperor of the French from 1804 to 1815. Napoleon was a military general and political leader who was born in Ajaccio, Cor...but is now part of Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center.
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The Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Turning Point for the American West
National History Day 2013 in Washington D.C. Junior Division, Individual Documentary as a total overview in our Home Education Program for home schooling.
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1804-06 Lewis and Clark Expedition Documentary
National Geographic doc. on the 1804-06 Corps of Discovery use in our Home Education Program for home schooling.
Hi folks! Grandma has been all day trying to get lined up for the next lesson in the Bible. She finally decided to wait on the Bible untill tomorrow and do the History lesson out of the history book because her time is a little short till she gets some other things pressing her at this time. Be sure to do your tasks, Childrobotics, music and dancing or something physical like some type of sports, yearbooks, family scrapbook, journals and writing, newspapers, and anything else you may be working on, don't forget animals and insects.
The next chapter in the history book covers the years 1800 to 1825 which was a time of growth, war, and change of which our nation was led by three different presidents all from Virginia-Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe. Other people to learn about will be William Marbury, John Marshall, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, York, Shoshone, (Sacagawea we allready learned about), William Henry Harrison, Tecumseh, Henry Clay, Dolley Madison, Francis Scott Key, Andrew Jackson, Seminoles, Simon Bolivar, Jose de San Martin.
Places to learn about are New Orleans, St. Louis, Tippecanoe Creek, Fort McHenry, Latin America.
New Vocabulary is repealed, judicial review, impressed, Embargo Act, War Hawks, anthem.
The Main Ideas to Focus on are:
 1. Why was Marbury v. Madison an important Supreme Court case?
 2. How did the Louisiana Purchase help the United States?
 3. Why did the United States fight in the war of 1812?
 4. What important ideas were in the Monroe Doctrine?
The Age of Jefferson Begins
"The election of Jefferson in 1800 was a victory for his Democratic Republican party." He did not want the differences to tear the nation apart. "In his first speech as President, Jefferson said, "We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists." He kept many of the laws and ideas of the Federalists. Jefferson continued Hamilton's program of paying off the nation's debts. He also kept the Bank of the United States." However, "Jefferson also made changes. During his first term, the Alien and Sedition Acts ended, and the Whiskey Tax was repealed
The Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana began as a huge region to the west of the Mississippi River. "Louisiana and New Orleans belonged to France until France gave them to Spain in 1762. Spain allowed American farmers to use the port of New Orleans. Farmers west of the port of New Orleans. Farmers west of the Appalachian Mountains would send their products down the river to the port. In New orleans, products were moved from river boats to oceangoing ships.
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Biography: Sacagawea - Reunited & Saved
During the corps of discovery's darkest hour, Sacagawea found her long lost brother and led Lewis & Clark across the Rockies. Now a prized possession of Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center.
In 1800 Napoleon Bonaparte, the ruler of France, won control of Louisiana." Jefferson wanted New Orleans for United States so he sent James Monroe to talk to France to talk to Napoleon. Napoleon wanted money for his wars in Europe so he offered to sell Louisiana and New Orleans for $15 million. "In 1803 Jefferson signed a treaty agreeing to purchase, or buy, Louisiana.
In 1804 Jefferson highered Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore Louisiana starting out from St. Louis, MO and to travel to the Pacific Ocean. York, Clark's African American slave, and 40 men traveled with them. York had the ability to make friends with the Native's which was a big help. They traveled till they had to stop and spend the winter in North Dakota in which they met Sacagawea and her French Canadian husband who helped the cross the Rocky Mountains. In November 1805 they finally reached the Pacific Ocean. Then they began the trip back home in which they reached St. Louis in September 1806. York became free at the end of the expedition. Lewis and Clark gave Jefferson new maps and information about Louisiana.

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