Day 96
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Day 96

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Andrew Jackson - Good Evil & The Presidency - PBS Documentary
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair good for home schooling also.
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James Monroe Facts and Biography
US President James Monroe served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, served as Ambassador to France, and even served as governor of Virginia before becoming president. He was a popul...even in out Home Education Program.
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James Madison - Mini Biography
Watch a short biography video on James Madison, the fourth President of the United States and the "Father of the Constitution."Learn more about James Madison: more our Home Education Program.
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Thomas Jefferson & His Democracy: Crash Course US History #10
In which John Green teaches you about founding father and third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson is a somewhat controversial figure in American history, largely because he, ...wants us all to be learning.
Hi folks! Sorry about Grandma dropping things in the middle. She finished the sentence about Bonaparte and then what she needed to say about the expedition. However, she decided to finish the chapter of the book  in today's lessons because of all the films she found. She has also decided to add a few more if she can. Be sure to work on tasks, words and alphabet as well as vocabulary. Make up math problems to work on or get them from books. Put them in seasonal, cartoon type, or plain paper settings. Crosswords and word searches are good for learning also just be sure to look for words you question and put the stories with them by reading or whatever is necessary. Work on any other material you can with the time you have. Do music and dancing when you can. Childrobotics is good for the body. Any physical sport as swimming can be replacement to dancing. Bowling is a good sport for learning also. Be sure to work on your writing and journals as well as the yearbooks and the newspapers. Grandma is available through her email or phone by voice mail. If I only get through the history book it will still be good.
Marbury v. Madison
"The Marbury v. Madison case of 1803 became one of the most important cases the Supreme Court has ever heard. Just before leaving office, President Adams had appointed William Mar bury to be a judge. The Judiciary Act that Congress passed in 1789 allowed President Adams to do this. But the new secretary of state, James Madison, refused to give Marbury his job. Marbury took his case to the United States Supreme Court.
At the time, John Marshall was Chief Justice of the United States. Marshall and the other justices decided that the Judiciary Act of 1789 was unconstitutional. Because that law was used to appoint Marbury as a judge, Marbury could not have the job given to him. Marshall's decision was important because it gave the Supreme Court the power of judicial review. This means that the United States Supreme Court has the power to decide if any federal or state law is unconstitutional. This decision made the federal government more powerful because the Supreme Court could decide if state laws had to be changed.
Problems that led  to the War of 1812
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Thomas Jefferson - Mini Biography
Watch a short video biography of Thomas Jefferson, the draftsman of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States.Learn more about Thomas Jefferson: in our Home Education Program.
When Napoleon went to war against Britain, it became difficult for the United States to be neutral. Both Britain and France seized hundreds of American trading ships, but the large British Navy captured most of them. The British often impressed, or forced, American sailors from these captured ships into the British Navy. The United States insisted that both nations respect America's right to have freedom of the seas.
In 1807 President Jefferson asked Congress to pass the Embargo Act. This law stopped all American trade with other countries. New England lost money because it depended on trade. The Embargo Act hurt Americans far more than it hurt Britain or France. The Embargo Act made so many Americans unhappy that Congress repealed it.
By the end of 1808, Thomas Jefferson had served two terms as President. He followed Washington's precedent and retired. James Madison was elected President.
While Americans tried to solve their problems with the British, they also faced problems with Indians in the Northwest Territory. As Americans moved onto Indian lands in Indiana, they faced new Indian attacks. In 1809 the governor of the Indiana Territory, General William Henry Harrison, pressured the Indians into signing an unfair treaty. In this treaty the Indians sold a large amount of Indiana land to the United States for very little money.
A Shawnee chief, Tecumseh, became furious when he learned about the treaty. " He fought the Americans during the American Revolution and kept fighting the settlers from that time on. "In 1811 General Harrison prepared to attack Tecumseh's village on Tippecanoe Creek in Indiana." Tecumseh was away and his brother left in charge lost the Battle of Tippecanoe, Harrison destroyed their village. Tecumseh tried uniting several Indian nations into a confederation that would not sell land to settlers. Join Grandma tomorrow for some more information.
History from the Calendar Book (1)
On February 11, 1847 Thomas Edison, American Inventor, was born. Grandma can't put anymore video's on this blog but this definitely might be a good person to research about and do a report on.

The next birthday was for 1939 of Jane Yolen, a children's author. Book (1) says, "When Jane Yolen started writing books, she drew upon the style of her favorite author, Hans Christian Andersen." Book (1) wants you to have your children to choose an author they like and write a story or poem in that author's style. However, Grandma feels they have to understand the different styles and for some that can never be understood unless taught and that could be a course in itself. Before you decide this is something your child is ready for just look up styles of writing on the Internet with your child and maybe you will decide to give them a lesson in different styles of writing instead of making them choose an author and be able to copy his/her style without understanding style of writing.

The events for February 11 are as follows:

In 1752 The First General Hospital in America, the Pennsylvania Hospital, opened in Philadelphia. The assignment that Book (1) gives for this event is to have the children do some research gives the skills of cognitive to communication and writing to note taking in asking how much it costs for your birth as well as their own to finding out from a hospital/doctor/nurse how much today or even an operation to compare them and conclude how much insurance cost or how people did pay for it with/without insurance in past history to what insurance costs people. Henceforth considering the new Obama care programming saving people with low income and what it costs a young woman and her child eligible for Medicare.

The next event is of Thomas Jefferson's secretary wrote to his boss of buying a Macaroni-making Machine in 1789. Book (1) wants the children to do a poll among each other and a graph with the assumption is a big class of students. Therefore, Grandma suggests you have your child visit with friends and find out their favorite pasta dishes by making a list of people they could ask, divide the graph into different types and the ingredients of turkey, chicken, hamburger, tomato sauce, tomato pasta, cheese, cream cheese, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, salt, etc. and mark the number of people that like those ingredients with which pasta best.

Then in 1805 Sacagawea, the Shoshone who served as guide to the Lewis and Clark expedition, gave birth to a son in the expedition's winter camp.

Then in 1808 Anthracite Coal was first burned on an experimental basis.

Therefore, it is considered Science Youth Day and Grandma is going to start giving you 2 to 4 experiments a day. Many of these will be out of a book named Simple Science Experiments originally published in Germany under the title "Spiel--das Wissen schafft" in care of Otto Maier Verlag Ravensburg 1964, 1967 put out by Discovery Tous through Hans Jürgen Press that Grandma calls Book (12). Three experiments are as follows:
Experiment one has to do with Heat. It is called "Bottle ghost " Use an empty glass long necked bottle which has been stored in a cool place. "For it has a ghost in it! Moisten the rim of the mouth with water and cover it with a coin. Place your hands on the bottle. Suddenly the coin will move as if by a ghostly hand.
The cold air in the bottle is warmed by your hands and expands, but is prevented from escaping by the water between the bottle rim and the coin. However, when the pressure is great enough, the coin behaves like a valve, lifting up and allowing the warm air to escape."
The next experiment also has to do with heat and is called ""Expanded air" Pull a balloon over the mouth of a bottle and place in a saucepan of cold water. If you hear the water on a stove, the balloon is seen to fill with air.
The air particles in the bottle whirl around in all directions, thus moving further apart, and the air expands. This causes an increased pressure, which escapes into the balloon and causes it to distend. If you take the bottle out of the saucepan, the air gradually cools down again and the balloon collapses.
The last experiment has to do with Gravity. It is called ""Bewitched box" Stick a false bottom in a thin cardboard box and hide a lead weight in the space below. You can always balance the box on the corner in which the piece of lead is lying. Each object has a centre of gravity, round which it is held in balance by the force of gravity. In such a regularly shaped object as a box the centre of gravity is exactly in the middle, so your box should fall from the table. The lead weight prevents this, however, by shifting the centre of gravity above the table.
Now to finish the Book (1) calendar.

On February 12, 1781 Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec, French physician who invented the stethoscope, was born.

In 1809 Charles Darwin, English naturalist who formulated the theory of evolution through natural selection, was born. (Now a little note here by Grandma-if you missed me giving information a few months back concerning the public school developing the concept that man came from the ape through evolution has been solved this year by a special finding of a certain aged skeleton that proves different. It is on the computer and would not hurt to check it out. It does not disprove evolution of certain animals adaptation nor man's only to say we adapted from a different man. Grandma also found proof they have discovered of God.

However, "Charles Darwin did much of his scientific research on the Galapagos Islands. Have the kids locate islands--off the coast of Ecuador--on a world map. The islands take their name from the Spanish word for tortoises. Galapagos tortoises are giants, weighing up to 500 pounds. Ask the kids to figure out how many (children weighing 50 pounds) it would take to tip the scales at 500 pounds. Note that some tortoises have a life span of 150 years. Then have the kids use almanacs to find other animals that have long lives.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States was also born on this day

. People probably celebrate Presidents Day on Monday. Book (1) says "Abraham Lincoln is depicted on the penny. Ask the kids what a penny can buy. Make a list. Then make a list of reasons for continuing or discontinuing the minting of pennies. Use a roll of pennies to give your (children) practice categorizing, graphing, and computing. First, have the kids separate the pennies into various groupings. You might have them divide the coins by date, by wear, or by degree of shininess. Then help the (children) make a graph to show the results." Next the children could divide the pennies into 10 different groups and calculate which group as the most of one quality.

Another birthday happened in 1893 when Omar Bradley, American general in World War II (to be talked about later), was born.

In 1934 Bill Russell, American basket-ball player and coach, was born.

In 1938 Judy Blume, children's author, was born.

In 1958 Arsenio Hall, American comedian and talk-show host was born.

The first event on February 12 is that of 1738 The First Professional Puppet Show in American was presented in New York City. In celebration of this Book (1) suggestion having a puppet show of your favorite fairytale. Grandma suggest making one having to do with the Presidents. Maybe having them meet each other at a coffee show or something and talk about the government from past to present.

Grandma might even carry out two of them with her desires of fun.

In 1878 The Baseball Catcher's Mask was patented. A few in the 1900's are worth the mention. In 1908 The First Round-the World Auto Race began in New York. in 1909 The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded

. In 1914 Ground was broken for the Lincoln Memorial.

Last in 1918 All Broadway Theaters in New York City closed to save coal. Have a Good Day!                                

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Sasse on Friday, March 01, 2019 2:28 PM
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