Day 98
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Day 98

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Freely Falling Objects and Acceleration Due to Gravity
Check us out at Falling Objects are the objects falling due to the force of gravity. The Acceleration produced in the object due to learning.
Good Morning! And Happy Valentines Day! For it is Grandma's birthday tomorrow. Lessons today will be short. Be sure to carry out your tasks, assignments, reading, words and alphabet, sounds, vocabulary, Math, art, reports, writing, Childrobotics, journals, yearbooks, scrapbooks,  and newspaper that you can for the day.
The only things Grandma is going to cover today is an assignment in the Bible and some experiments. Grandma's mom wants her to mention to you that we have heritage from not only the Parr family which was the last name of the last queen married to Henry the VIII, but an ancestor who fought as a minuteman, as well as Andrew Jackson.
Grandma's mom also wants you to know as part of your science that if you do not have buttermilk or sour milk all that needs to be added to it is a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon to sour it. Soured cream is just as good as sour cream itself. Most mold is penicillin (which some people are allergic to) but it can be given to the birds and squirrels as well as dogs. Spoiled milk is the same as buttermilk and can be used in pancakes or sour dough recipes. Milk can even curdle and be use the same as cottage cheese; just be sure to strain the water off. This is just some of those things the markets don't want you to know
Grandma has been trying to sort Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John out by categories and repeated information.
It has been a timing system. Grandma has been able to have you read the categories of the Beatitudes and the gathering of the Disciples. The rest are categories of parables, works, and lessons he taught. I should have the categories for you by Monday. For now she wants you to look them over and if there is one you particularly like see if it is repeated in the other three books and compare to see if they are exactly alike or a little different, what their message is, and what your feelings are about it. Grandma will also have some learning and things to do through the Faith Alive.
Now we will cover some experiments in Book (12) to do. Grandma has four Astronomy experiments we may have done a couple when we were learning about time.
The first is called "Image of the sun". The book says to "Place a pair of binoculars in an open window in the direct path of the sun's rays. Stand a mirror in front of one eyepiece so that it throws an image of the sun on to the opposite wall of the room. Adjust the mirror until the image is sharp, and darken the room.
You would risk damaging your eyes if you looked directly at the sun through binoculars, but you can view the bright disk on the wall as large and clear as in the movies. Clouds and birds passing over can also be distinguished and, if the binoculars are good, even sunspots. These are a few hot areas on the glowing sphere, some so big that many terrestrial globes could fit into them. Because of the earth's rotation, the sun's image moves quite quickly across the wall. Do not forget to re-align the binoculars from time to time onto the sun. The moon and stars cannot be observed in this way because the light coming from them is too weak."
Another experiment from another book Grandma has that she could not find on her list and has decided to call it Book (12a) because it ties to Book (12). It is very old and called Science Here and Now by Herman and Nina Schneider(D.C. Heath and Company, 1954, 1959, 1961. The common experiment in it is to shine a flashlight on a globe to explain night from day to the seasons for children. If a person does not have a globe, use a ball, or a group of children standing together.
The next experiment takes a flower pot and makes a "sun clock" out of it from Book (12). It says to, "Place a flowerpot with a long stick fixed into the hole at the bottom in a spot which is sunny all day. The stick's shadow moves along the rim of the pot as the sun moves. Each hour by the clock mark the position of the shadow on the pot. Because of the rotation of the earth the sun apparently passes over us in a semicircle In the morning and evening its shadow strikes the pot superficially, while at midday, around 12 o'clock, the light incidence is greatest. The shadow can be seen particularly clearly on the sloping wall of the pot.
"A watch as a compass"
Book (12) says to "Hold a watch horizontally, with the hour hand pointing directly to the sun. If you halve the distance between the hour hand and the 12 with a match, then end of the match points directly to the south.
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John Shultz Explains How A Sundial Works
Craftsman John Shultz explains how various types of sundials are designed, crafted from copper and brass and how they work under real-life conditions.An addition to Grandma's Place of Natural Learning Center.
In 24 hours the sun 'moves', because of the earth's rotation, once around the earth. But the hour hand of the watch goes twice round the dial. Therefore before midday we halve the distance from the hour hand to the 12, and after midday from the 12 to the hour hand. The match always points to the south. At midday, at 12 o'clock, the hour hand and the 12 both point to the sun standing in the south.
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Use Your Watch as a Compass
a quick simple video on how to use your analog watch that you would wear everyday as a compass in a survival situation and you forgot your compass.... i havnt seen dual survival or bear gryl show us t...part of natural learning.

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