Day 104
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Day 104

Good Morning! I hope you are all having a good day. With tasks, Childrobotics, dancing or Physical Sports
done we can go on with the rest of our lessons. Grandma will start with the Japan lessons. She feels you may gain a lot more through Video; therefore, she begins with the link to Japanese Living. The next being Japanese Writing. Next is about Japanese Origami and Art, Other Japanese Art and Dragon Art.  A second film about Origami Art. Last is about Japanese Holidays, Holiday for the Aged and New Year

Next we can read some of books  in Grandma's books. The first book is out of Grandma's book (4). For is  called The Magic Fan by Keith Baker(Harcourt 1989).

It gives the "Summary: Yoshi makes ordinary things, until the day that he finds a magic fan. As he opens the fan, pictures are revealed to him of greater and more wonderful things he can make things, such as: ships, kites, and bridges. The people of the village fail to see how these inventions are
useful, until the day the fan reveals that a tsunami--a giant wave--is on the way. The people save themselves by clinging to Yoshi's bridge. The magic fan is lost in the storm; the boy wonders how he will now know what to build. Looking at his own reflection in the water, Yoshi realizes that the "magic" is within him. He inspires his neighbors to rebuild their village, and he goes on to dream and plan more great inventions.
On (something),  draw a cartoon "Idea Bubble" and discuss what it stands for. Invite (your children)   to tell about "great ideas" they have had and how they think they got them. Show the book cover and ask them to predict  how the boy in the story thinks he gets his ideas. Point out Japan on a map or globe to establish the story setting.
As You Read
Help (the children) track the sequence of Yoshi's inventions and ideas by inviting them to fill in the sections in a fan you draw.... Discuss which ideas "reach beyond the village" and which ones help the village in the story.
Guide reading by discussing Yoshi's motivations. Some reflect his concern and love for his people. Others
reflect his inventive, exploring nature. What does he build at first? (things people need in their everyday life.)
What does he want to build? How does the magic fan help him get ideas? Why does Yoshi start to destroy
the bridge he just built? (As (the children) consider the approaching tidal wave, you may wish to point out that
Japan is an island-nation and ask (the children) how a huge wave poses a special danger to people along the coasts.)

To help (the children) respond to the story, focus on Yoshi as a "dreamer" and a "lone-mer." What feelings do his neighbors have about the ship, the kite, and the bridge? How might Yoshi feel about their reactions?
What keeps Yoshi plugging along at his inventions? How does his inventive spirit save the village? How
does Yoshi  probably feel when he realizes that the magic is his own?
Extending Geography Skills: People as Changers"
Take a snapshot of your children and have them form or draw a two fans. Use one "to say what the (child) is doing now that fills him or her with pride, and one to tell about something the student wishes to do or make in the future." Then "discuss (1) how the "present" fans give clues to the "future fans, and (2) how what the (child) wishes to do or make in the future might contribute to the lives of other people as well."
"Making Connections
Literature/Creative Writing:...brainstorm a list of simple inventions that make human travel and exploration easier." They do not know where many inventions began although" they can pick one of the inventions and form an imaginary inventor, setting, and story plot etc. "Discuss the outset (1) how the inventor got his or her idea, (2) the steps leading to the invention. (3) how the invention benefits many, many people." Have them "draw and write about particular steps in the story" ..." edit/check to keep the incidents in sequential order and make sure each step is clearly  covered"..."present the story to someone in some form as "By reading the story and showing the pictures; acting the process out in a skit; displaying the pictures and text as a time line; enacting the story as a taped radio-play. The activity could culminate with a discussion of ways ordinary people are resources in real life through the human ability to invent new things and provide important new services for their neighbors.
Here comes the Wave! A tidal wave or tsunami(Japanese: "storm wave") like the one described in the
story has nothing to do with true tides. Rather, it is cased by undersea earthquakes or by hurricanes far
out at sea." Have the children research what measurements scientists make to predict when a tidal wave
or a tsunami may hit." Using their pretend map developed for pretending to announce a forecast of a
tsunami. Discuss with the children "the ways in which people who invent measuring instruments and
people who give weather forecasts are resources, that is how they are useful to other people."
"Thinking Skills/Art:
Models for the Future Review the last page of the story, which names other things that Yoshi wants to
 invent that will reach beyond the village: "bells to talk with thunder," "nets to catch the falling stars, " and towers to watch for secrets in the sea."" Have the children imagine what such inventions might look like and to make models of them to show. "Some (children)  may know about modern instruments people have actually invented to  help perform the tasks, such as radar, sonar, weather satellites, telescopes, and deep-space rockets. Encourage students to make models showing their ideas for other inventions that they think would improve human life.
Sorry about not getting this to you till now, Grandma had some problems with the computer. I will publish this and start on tomorrows. It may be out by later this afternoon if not early tonight.

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