Day 105
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Day 105

 Grandma has realized we do not have much about the animals in other countries. Therefore, she decided to check Youtube and guess what she found. Connect to Japanese Animals first. Then connect to the Animals
 in Danger From the Earthquake Grandma's part one. Next another video calling Grandma's part two of
Animals in Danger  in Japan. Grandma's third part of Animal Rescue from Animals in Danger. Then there are animals dangerous to man like the Giant Hornets nest as linked. Then there are some other Exotic Animals
 that have developed. Then there are Animals of Africa to link to. There is also Animals of Canada and
Animals of Mexico as well as Other Animals of Asia Plus to link to. Be  careful to watch what the children
might see on scene hesitations. Grandma can't seem to get it without catching it. Last Grandma wanted
something on the Panda Bears Plus others. 
Next for the day Grandma wants to get some things on Fractions For Our Algebra Lessons.  
As part of our Bible History
 read "Jesus Calms the Sea" Mathew 8:23-27; "Jesus Calms the Storm" Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25; 
"Jesus Feeds Five Thousand" Mark 6:30-42, Mathew14:13-21, John 6:1-15 then learn from ""Life In Bible
Times about Barley Loaves--Two kinds of grain, wheat and Barley were used to make bread. Wheat was expensive. Most people were poor so they ate small round loaves of coarse barley bread." in Faith Alive.
Then read "Jesus Walks on the Water" John 6:16-24 and "Jesus the Bread of Life" John 6:25-59 with 
answering "Did You Know? 6:35 What does bread of Life mean? In this passage bread is a symbol. Jesus
was not talking about real bread. Jesus was teaching his listeners that he was the spiritual food that would
keep them alive." from Faith Alive. Next reread "Many Disciples Desert Jesus" John 6:60-71 and again think
 about "Let's Live it! John  6:60-69 One Way--Read John 6:60-69. There are many religions in the world.
Most teach that people must live good lives in order to go heaven. What is special about Christianity is that
life is a gift, a gift only Jesus can give a person.
Hold up your hand, with one finger pointed up as a "number one" sign. Trace around your hand, with the
finger pointed up, to show there is only one way to heaven. Color the picture. Add pictures or Bible verses
to make your poster tell others Jesus is the only way to eternal life." The Healing of Two Demon possessed
Men" Mathew 8:28-34 and Mark5:1-20; then answer "Did You Know?" from Faith Alive in which they ask in
Mark 5:18, "Can demons possess people? Demons are evil angels that tempt people to do evil things.
Demons sometimes live in and control people. We should have nothing to do with demons, even in games
and movies. Although demons are very powerful, even thousands of demons cannot stand against Jesus.
When Jesus Christ is in our hearts, he protects us."
Before we loose our Cold and Ice Grandma decided to do some experiments out of Book (12) with them.
 The first one is called ""Where is the wind coming from?" Moisten your finger and hod it straight up in the
air. You will notice at once that one side of the finger is cold. This is the direction from which the wind is
Heat is used up when a liquid vaporizes or evaporates. The wind accelerates the evaporation of the
moisture on the finger and you will notice even with a weak air current the greater heat loss on the side
facing the wind. Anybody who keeps on a wet bathing costume after a swim will shiver even in the heat.
The water takes heat from the body as it evaporates."
Next is called '"Producing Cold" With a rubber band fix a wad of cotton wool over the mercury bulb of a room thermometer. Note the temperature, damp the cotton wool with beau-de-cologne, and whirl the thermometer
round on a string for a time. The temperature drops considerably. The alcohol in the eau-de-cologne
evaporates quickly and so uses up heat. The draught caused by whirling the thermometer quickly and so  uses up heat. The draught caused by whirling the thermometer round accelerates the process and the heat consumption rises. In a refrigerator a chemical liquid evaporates in a container. The large amount of heat
needed for this is taken from the food compartment.
This is all Grandma can do for now. Look for some more tomorrow.

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