Day 106
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Day 106

Things are looking up! Grandma hopes that is true for you also.
If tasks are done and you've done something for Childrobotics and then some dancing or physical activity, Grandma has some reading from the Bible for you to do. First read "The Healing of a Boy With a Demon" if Grandma did not already assign it. It is in Mathew 17:14-23 and Luke 9:37-45, Grandma also believes "The Healing of a Boy With an Evil Spirit in Mark 9:14-32 may also be from the same story. Next read "Jesus raises a Widow's Son" Luke7:11-17. "Jesus Heals a Paralytic" Mark 2:1-12, Mathew 9:1-8, Luke 5:17-26; do "Life In Bible Times-House Roofs in Mark 2--House roofs in New Testament times were made by laying branches over roof beams. Mud was packed over the branches. The friends who carried a paralyzed man to Jesus dug through the mud roof of a house and lowered the sick man into the room where Jesus was teaching." from Faith Alive. Read "The Faith of the Centurion" in Luke 7:1-10 and do "Life in Bible Times-Centurions--Centurions were important Roman army officers. Each commanded one hundred soldiers in the Roman army. All of the centurions mentioned in the Bible were friends of the Jewish people and believed in God." from Faith Alive. This is all Grandma is going to give today from the Bible lessons.                                    
Next Grandma is going to give you the Calendar History from Book (1). Starting with February 23, Grandma wishes anyone birthday this week because she has been so bad about getting all these days out on time. She wishes anyone a birthday anytime they have one. Grandma loves birthday parties, dinners and doing dinners, weddings, and any celebrations that go on. She especially loves doing for children.
The first birthday for this day, February 23:
Is for

George Handel, German composer, born 1685 on February 23.

The next birthday is for W.E.B. Dubois--African-American scholar and confounder of the NAACP, was born in 1868 on February 23.

Then in 1963 on February 23 Bobby Bonilla, baseball star, was born.

There is nothing more for the 23 yet:

February 24 Wilhelm Grimm, German folklorist, was born in 1786. Along with his brother Jacob "retold in print stories that had been told orally by Gypsies for generations. Ask your (children) to list their five favorite fairy tales. Which ones did the Grimms write? Tell your students that Dear Mili is a Grimm tale that was lost for almost 150 years. (more now) If possible, read this tale to the kids and ask them to write letters to the Grimm brothers explaining why they're pleased that the story was found."

In 1834? on February 24 Winslow Homer, American artist, was born. Book (1) says, "Before the development of a process for printing photographs, newspapers and magazines had to rely on drawings by illustrators. Winslow Homer began his career as an illustrator. During the Civil War, he sketched soldiers at work or relaxing. After the war, he decided to devote himself to painting. He sketched familiar scenes of people, then painted them back in his studio. Ask your (children) to draw scenes from their day that they think would interest people 100 years from now.

In 1874 Honus Wagner, baseball great, was born. In 1885 Chester William Nimitz, commander-in chief of the U.S., was born. In 1947 Edward James Olmos, American actor, was born. Next in 1955 Steven Jobs, American computer scientist and businessman who confounded Apple Computer, was born. Gordon, a "Sesame Street" character was also started on the show this day.

One event of the day was in 1839 on February 24 when the Steam Shovel was patented.

Then in 1851 on February 24 Boston, Mass., ordered America's First Electric Fire Alarm System. "On the anniversary of America's first electric fire alarm system, discuss why residential smoke alarms are so important. Have your (children) draw maps of their homes and indicate where smoke alarms are--or should be--located. Remind them that the batteries should be checked monthly." Maybe they can help you with that task. It would be a good little thing to put on a calendar or to do list.

The last event for the day is that in 1863 on February 24 Arizona was organized as a territory,

.February  24 is also Flag Day in Mexico.

February 25 Book (1):
On February 25 Pierre Auguste Renoir, French Impressionist painter, was born in 1841. Book (1) says, "In his later years, impressionist painter Pierre Auguste Renoir was disabled by arthritis. His hands were so crippled that he couldn't grip a paintbrush. But that didn't stop him from painting--he painted with a brush strapped to his hand. Help your (children) understand how hard it was for Renoir to paint with arthritis by having them write their names with pencils taped to the backs of their hands. Show the kids examples of Renoir's later work that show the broad brush strokes he made while dealing with his disabling condition."

In 1873 on February 25  Enrico Carus, Italian opera tenor, was born.

In 1942 on February 25 Cynthia Voigt, children's author, was born.

Then in 1943 on February 25  George Harrison, British singer, musician, songwriter, and member of the Beatles was born.

The events for February 25 include:

Number one The Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez De Coronado embarked from Mexico on a quest for fabled cities of gold on February 25. Book (1) says, "The purpose of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado's expedition was to find the fabled Seven Cities of Cibola, which were said to be filled with gold, silver, and jewels. Coronado found no treasure, but he did discover the Grand Canyon. His 2-year search also led him to the California peninsula, eastward along the Rio Grande, and northward through what is now the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma into Kansas. Despite all the previously unexplored territory he covered, Coronado's expedition was considered a failure. Have your students make an "explorer chart."( which whether it was made with our lists, you could review it) One column should list the explorers and their missions; one column, whether or not the original missions were accomplished; and one column, what additional discoveries were made.

Another event happened in 1793 on February 25 in which President George Washington held his First Cabinet meeting.

Then in 1870 on February 25 Hiram R. Revels became the First Black U.S. Senator.

The last day for us to go through is February 26:

The first birthday was in 1808 on February 26 in Honore Daumier, French caricaturist(look that one up), was born.

In 1829 on February 26 Levi Strauss, Bavarian-born creator of the first jeans, was born.

In 1832 on February 26 John George Nicholary, secretary to and biographer of Abraham Lincoln, was born.

 On February  26 in 1846 Buffalo Bill ( William Frederick Cody, American frontiersman and Wild West showman, was born. Book (1) says, He "earned the nickname "Buffalo Bill" because he supplied railroad construction crews with buffalo meat. Can your (children) name other Old West personalities? How about Billy the kid, Annie Oakley, Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickock, Wyatt Earp, and report their findings."

 On February 26 the last birthday is of Johnny Cash, country singer, born in 1932.

There is only one event for February 26 of 1870 in which the Inventor Alfred Ely Beach demonstrated his Experimental Subway in New York City. As Book (1) explains, Alfred Ely Beach, a lawyer and inventor, thought New York City needed a subway system. Although his office and home were only w miles apart, the trip took an hour on the traffic-choked streets. Beach secretly began construction of a track, railroad car, and station. In 1870, he invited New York City BIPs to the unveiling of his block-long experimental subway. Though some officials were impressed, Beach failed to secure funds for a subway system. New York's subway system finally opened 34 years later. Today, the system is 232 miles long and serves about 750,000 people each day. Have your students list the problems New York would face if all those people drove to work.(See if the children can calculate how many minutes it would take him to get 1 block from home with horse and buggy)

Now we are going to cover as many books to read about Japan as we can. Faithful Elephants by Yukio Tsuchiya in Tokyo, Japan is our first book. It is out of Grandma's Book (3). The Vocabulary out of this book is blossom, banzai, monument, implored, audience, reluctantly. Book (3) wants you to make a "Log Entry from the following two:
  • How has war affected you or someone you know? 
  • What does the phrase"seeds of Peace" mean to you?"
Discuss the question, How do wars start? Using a target, place in the center of the target the ideas that you feel contribute the most. Place in the outer circles ideas that contribute less. Be prepared to explain your choices."
"Language Arts
Pretend you are writing a newspaper article about one of these topics: Ueno Zoo, nuclear bombs, dying elephants, air power, or Tokyo. A good reporter always includes who, what, where, and why information in the story. You may want to include a photo to make your story more interesting. A good reporter always includes who, what, where, and why information in the  story. You may want to include a photo to make your story more interesting.
Then write a letter to the Japanese international tourist offices requesting information about Japan. Explain why you would like the material and how you will use it.
                            Japan Trade Center
                            230 North Michigan
                            Chicago, IL. 60601
Japan is called the "Land of the Rising Sun." Look at the flag of Japan. In what ways is this flag a good representation of Japan?
Research the flags of the U.S., Australia, and Canada. Write a brief history of each flag.
Physical Education
Play a game of Japanese Tag. The person chosen to be "it" tries to tag another player. The tagged player must put one hand on the spot touched by "It." He or she must then chase the other players with his or her hand on that spot. His or her hand may be removed only after tagging another player. To make the game more exciting, have several "taggers."
Find and identify the following locations on your classroom map.
  • Hokkaido
  • Osaka
  • Nagasaki
  • Honshu
  • Sendai
  • Sapporo
  • Tokyo
  • Shikoku
  • Hiroshima
  • Kyoto
  • Kyushu
  • Mt. Fuji
Read the story The Paper Crane by Molly Bang. Follow the directions given in the book to make paper cranes. Using the cranes, create mobiles to decorate your an area of the house if at all possible.
Fresh vegetables, rice, and tea are a few of the traditional foods of the Japanese people. Prepare samples of these (and any others you think of-Grandma will look also in her books) to taste."
Another idea they had was under
Bulletin Board Idea but Grandma says to make it a
Cumulative learning language, Social studies and writing activity by Drawing a large web and write "Japan" or "Japanese Culture" inside a circle. As the children study and research Japan they can write what they've learned on the spokes.
We will learn and test ourselves and see more tomorrow. Takecare.                                                                              

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