Day 116 and 117
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Day 116 and 117

I am so sorry folks that some things got in my way of writing for today. I am putting the two days together and things should go smooth now. Grandma hopes you found plenty to do for the day. Today Grandma will first remind you of your tasks or responsibilities; Childrobotics, dancing, music or health information; language with ABC's, words, other languages, etc.; weather or news broadcasts, assignments, math, science(which grandma has more to give you); reports; reading; writing(some writing practice is always good also);journals; yearbooks, family scrapbooks; and the newspapers.
The Calendar History for March 12 includes:

March 12 being Girl Scouts Day. Book (1) places this under Developing Leaders. When Grandma was in Girl Scouts she does not know if they helped her be the leader she has had to be but it definitely gave me encouragement and opened my eyes to another world just because it took me out of my familiar zone and taught me there was more in the world. Book (1) suggests having your children use subject webs and brainstorm for words associated with Girl Scouts.The kids also might enjoy researching how Girl Scouts got started, how their uniforms have changed since 1912, then designing a new uniform. Grandma has been thinking of working with some girls on the side. However, she wants to maybe start them with a whole new type of group. However, today the little step great grandchildren by marriage I have had the opportunity to care for and I was thinking we may give special classes to some children for the summer also. Grandma must decide soon what she wants to do.;

Birthdays for this day include:

One on March 12 in 1923 of Walter Marty Schirra, U.S. astronaut.

Another person born on March 12 in 1936 was Virginia Hamilton, children's author.

Liza Minnelli, American singer and actress, was born in 1946 on March 12.

Then on March 12 in 1962 Darryl Strawberry(like that name) , baseball star.

Two events for March 12 happened:

In 1789 on March 12, The U.S. Post Office was established.

Then on March 12 in 1877 The First Department Store, Wanamakers in Philadelphia, opened.

March 13 which is today is "Be Kind to Your Amoeba Day!" Link to Amoeba Sisters to possibly understand.

The first birthday for March 13 was in 1733 of Joseph Priestly, English chemist who discovered oxygen.

On March 13 in 1813 Lorenzo Delmonico, swiss-American restaurateur known as "the Father of American Restaurants", was born.

On March 13 in 1855 Percival Lowell, American astronomer, was born.

On March 13 in 1928 Ellen Raskin, children's author, was born.

And on March 13 in 1933 Dian Dillon, children's author and illustrator, was born. 

Thomas Rockwell, children's author was also born on March 13 in 1933.

The events for the day include:

First one in 1779 on March 13 of African-American pioneer Jean Paptiste Point Du Sable founded Chicago.

.Then in 1781on March 13 an English astronomer William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus.

In 1852 on March 13 The First Cartoon of Uncle Sam appeared in the New York Lantern. Under National symbols, Book (1) want you to "ask your (children) what the symbol Uncle Sam means to them, then discuss the significance of other national symbols, including the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, and the bald eagle." Link to History of the Statue of Liberty and even better films about the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island through youtube. Get the Book Ellis Island to read.

In 1877 on March 13 Chester Greenwood of Farmington, Me., received a patent for earmuffs. Book (1) says, " Chester Greenwood called his earmuffs "earmufflers." Younger (children) will enjoy drawing "literal" pictures of what ear mufflers might look like. Challenge your (children) to list other terms and phrases that are funny when taken literally--for example, a fork in the road, a frog in your throat, fast food, ants in your pants, rats in your hair, shoe tree, river bed, pajama party, bookworm. Then have the kids illustrate these for a class book or a poster" on the wall.

The last event happened in 1884 on March 13 and that was the establishment of a world system of Standard Time.

The other books to try and get for activities given to you are; How the Ox Star Fell from Heaven retold by Lily Toy Hong(Albert Whitman, 1991,28 pp.); Liang and the Magic Paintbrush by Demi (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1980, 32 pp.); Lon Po Po: A Red Riding Hood Tale from China, translated by Ed Young (Philomel Books, 1989, 32pp.); Our Home Is the Sea by Riki Levinson (E. P Dutton, 1988, 32pp.) The Chinese Mirror Adapted from a Korean Folktale by MIrra Ginsburg (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1988, 26 pp.); Here Comes the Cat! by Frank Asch and Vladimir Vagin (Scholastic, 1989, 32pp.); Tuan by Eva Boholm-Olsson (T&S Books, 1988, 24 pp.); The Quilt Story by Tony Johnston (G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1985, 28 pp.); Katie-Bo: An Adoption Story by Iris L. Fisher (Adama Books, 1987, 52 pp.); The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses by Paul Gobel (Bradbury press, 1978, 32pp.) The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco (Simon and Schuster, 1988, 32 pp.); Angel Child, Dragon Child by Michele Mria Surat (Carnival Press, 1983, 35 pp.) all from Grandma's book (6); also The Empty Pot by Demi from Grandma's book (13). There will be more Pioneer Books Grandma will give you next week or Friday to read. If you have any about Native Americans and the pioneers you may want to get them out to look at and read. Link to Korea1, Korea 2, Korea 3,  Korea 4, and Korea 5; along with Korean War 1 and Korean War 2. Then Link to the Vietnam War and look up Vietnam on the map. Grandma will try to get links Next week for Native Americans and the Pioneers along with quilting.

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