Day 119
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Day 119

Hi folks! Get your tasks and Childrobotics out of the way. Plan your music, dancing or physical education (including health issues), language study, writing assignments, journal writing, family scrapbooks, yearbook items, and newspaper writing for the day. All Grandma has to give you today are some folklore, and as many paper items and activity on any reading she may have suggested. First she will cover the Calendar History for Sunday and Monday, March 16th and 17th with a couple of links to American frontier folklore for her is one, another will be under one of the birthdays, both are under March 16th. Here is some music by Bear's Den to go along with it. Grandma will let you know she had a Great Grandfather who played fiddle for the churches and then the Great Grandmother played piano for another.

Book (1): 

Under March 16th the first birthday was in 1750 form Caroline Lucretia Herschel, English astronomer.

The next is for James Madison, fourth president of the United States, born on March 16 in 1751.

Then Sid Fleischman, children's author, born on March 16 in 1751 is the one Book (1) writes about, ""Telling tall tales" Children's author Sid Fleischman's first love was magic. He spent his first few years after high school traveling the country in vaudeville shows and creating sleight-of-hand tricks for magicians. Fleischman published a book of original magic tricks when he was just 17. Later, he wrote mystery and suspense stories and tall tales. Explain to your (children) that tall tales are a special branch of folklore linked to the American frontier. (Including a tale with the Sioux Natives in South Dakota.) Share with the (children) some examples of Fleischman's tall tales, such as Chancy and the Grand Rascal (which Grandma could not get anything on, maybe in the library or you may have it) and The Whipping Boy (which she got a lot about as Movie series 2, One Trailer, a Discussion, and another Version). Then have (the children) select an event from American history and fashion a tall tale about it.

The last birthday on March 16 is that of Mary Chalmers, children's author, born in 1927.

Events for the day are the following:

First one on March 16 in 1521 of which The Philippine Islands were sighted by Ferdinand Magellan.

An event on March 16 of 1621 happened in which Chief Samoset first visited the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony. He taught them how to plant corn and other native crops.

In 1802 on March 16 The U.S. Military Academy at West Point was established.

In 1827 on March 16 Freedom's Journal, The First Newspaper edited for and by African-Americans, was published in New York City. Which gives us a good time to tell you that it is Black Press Day.

In 1830 on March 16 the record for the fewest Stocks Traded on the New York Stock Exchange in a single day was established. Just 31 stocks changed hands.

Then in 1890 Eugene Schieffelin released 60 Starlings in New York City's Central Park. Book (1) says, "Eugene Schieffelin was active in the Acclimatization Society--an organization dedicated to establishing nonnative plants and animals in the United States. Because he was an avid reader of William Shakespeare, Schieffelin's personal goal was to import any bird species mentioned in the Bard's works but not found in North America. This included the starling. With few natural predators, the starling quickly multiplied and spread throughout the continent. Today, many communities regard starlings as pests. Have your (children) research starling behavior and adaptability. Why would some ornithologists say starlings have their own kind of "Yankee ingenuity"?"

March 17 as you probably know is St. Patrick's Day (people are suppose to wear something green or they could get pinched). St. Patrick was a special missionary in Ireland, who was very faithful, which in 1762 New York City held its First St. Patrick's Day Parade. Book (1) says under ""Percussion party" Legend has it that St. Patrick chased the snakes from Ireland by banging furiously on a drum. So why not celebrate this St. Patrick's Day with some rat-tat-tatting of your own? Share the verse below with your (children). Then have them create their own drums using tabletops, oatmeal boxes, plastic milk jugs, and so on. Fingers and knuckles can serve as drumsticks, but have your (children) find creative alternatives--wooden spoons, paintbrushes, whisk brooms, or coat hangers, for example.
                  Won't you join
                   Our St. Patrick's Day band?
                   We play real loud
                   And sound so grand.

The other event happened in 1898on March 17 when the First Practical Submarine was submerged for 1 hour and 45 minutes off Staten Island.

One birthday was on March 17 in 1846 when Kate Greenway, English illustrator of children's books, published a collection of poems and drawings called Marigold Garden in 1879. Read aloud Greenway's poem "Susan Blue," which centers on a few rhyming questions. Then have your (children) create their own poems that incorporate questions. Start the children thinking by asking,  "What is something you wonder about?""(Grandmother is not sure if the video from this link read any of the poem because she could not hear it since she needs something for her speakers. Then Grandma made a connection to an Internet library for the book to read right on the computer. WOW!)

 The last birthday on March 17 was that of Rudolf Nureyev, Russian dancer in 1938. Which I will get what I can about Russia, starting with a link to Ukraine, the split of a Great-granddaughter and two countries, Russia is testing out Missiles near Ukraine, and Crimea Joining Russia through votes.(Since the time Grandma first wrote this Russia has taken over Crimea and killed a lot of people in Ukraine. They would not follow instructions in going after the ISIS but killed a lot of other innocent people. Then they stepped in the election of Trump and Carter which has led to a lot of problems for Trump. US keeps trying to be nice but some people just have a problem.)

Book (6) has some direction and activities to give you on another Chinese book or two, when we finish the Chinese books there will be a book or two on Vietnam and Korea. Along with things on the Pioneer days. Be sure to read and find as many books as you wish on Pioneers and living as a pioneer as well as what you can find on the Native Americans.
Chinese story How the Ox Star Fell from Heaven retold by Lily Toy Hong (Albert Whitman, 1991,28 pp.)
"This is a retelling of the ancient folktale about how the oxen came to be on Earth. According to this Chinese story, oxen once lived in luxury in the heavens only to become Earth-bound beasts of burden. What is an unfortunate situation for the oxen becomes a blessing to mankind.
Before Reading How the Ox Star Fell from Heaven
  • Tell the (children) that they are about to hear a story about how an animal came to live on earth. Help the class to understand the distinction between myths (traditional stories usually involving superhuman beings), legends (non historical or unverifiable stories handed down by tradition of earlier times) and fables(short tales to teach a moral or lesson, usually involving animals or inanimate objects as characters). Help them to classify How the Ox Star Fell from Heaven as a fable.
After Reading How the Ox Star Fell from Heaven
  • Ask the children to comment on whether or not the fable had a happy ending. Guide the class to understanding that whether or not story events or endings are pleasing depends on the point of view represented by various characters. For example, while the oxen were not pleased to be banished to Earth, the farmers were happy to have such strong beasts of burden to help them with their work.
Follow-up Activities
Plan a Chinese Meal
Help children scan the story to find the part that describes what the characters in the book like to eat (rice, vegetables and Chinese sweet cakes). (Grandma just went out to a Chinese Buffet the other day and she prefers noodles instead of rice, she also likes eating suchi very much. However, everyone's tastes are different from others.) Then, read to the class the notes on Lily Toy Hong, author of How the Ox Star Fell from Heaven, that appear on the book's end papers. (Here it is noted that the author "enjoys learning more about Chinese culture and eating rice every day.") Tell the children that writers often include influences from their own lives in their books, which is why the author may have chosen to show people enjoying a rice meal. Look up the words "stable" and "diet" in the dictionary. Tell the children also that rice is a stable in the Chinese diet; have them guess which foods are staples in their own diets. Then, plan a meal of vegetables and rice for the class to enjoy. If possible, use a Chinese wok and bamboo rice steamer to cook your meal, and then consume it using chopsticks, (as shown in the link Use of Chopsticks.)
Compare Stories
Declare one week "Fable Week." In addition to sharing How the Ox Star Fell from Heaven, read aloud some of the stories in Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling (Weather vane Books, 1978). Included in this collection are fables such as, "How the Leopard Got His Spots."
Tell the class that Kipling's stories were collected from around the world (though they tend to sound alike when told because they are all presented in Kipling's voice). If the children have difficulty understanding Kipling's use of language, feel free to read his words and then translate or clarify what he meant. Encourage the children to illustrate and label or write a brief description of one favorite scene from one of Kipling's tales, or from How the Ox Star Fell from Heaven. Also, have them share their illustrations and give examples of how any two stories they listened to are alike or different.
Conduct TV Interviews"
Using the chart provided, for it "provides questions designed to help students discover and appreciate the various points of view the characters held regarding the story's circumstances and outcome. After the children have had a chance to review the questions, encourage them to jot response notes in the space provided. (Younger children may just wish to copy a feeling face to depict how they believe the character felt.) Then, invite (the children) to play the parts of story characters who are guesting on a TV talk show. Play the part of the TV talk show host and introduce your guests, who are seated facing the classroom audience. To interview the characters, use a "microphone" made from an empty paper tissue roll or a cylindrical block. Ask the characters the questions on the sheet, and have the characters respond by referring to their notes and answering. Help your audience note when characters disagree on their point of view. Create new interview questions and repeat the exercise with other stories. (With practice, participants will not need to be familiar with questions ahead of time.)
                                                             Interview Questions to Oxen
  1. What was it like to live with the emperor of All the Heavens in his Imperial Palace?
 2.     How do you feel about the fact that you got to rest in luxury while people were always tired and hungry?
 3.     How did you feel when Ox Star confused the Emperor's message? Do you think the punishment was
          fair? Why or why not? What should have been done instead?
                                                            Interview Questions to Peasants
  1.    How did you feel when Ox Star told his message to you?
  2.     Describe what life was like without animals to help.
  3.     Do you think the Emperor's punishment to Ox Star and the other oxen was fair? Why or why not?
                                                             Interview Questions to Emperor
  1.     Why did you allow the oxen to live so easily while people had such a hard life?
  2.      Do you think your punishment to Ox Star and the other oxen was fair? Why or why not?
  3.      Do you ever make mistakes?
This is all Grandma can handle tonight. We will bring more tomorrow.

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