Day 121
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Day 121

Good Morning, since I still can't seem to find more to say yet. Grandma will give you an art project to go along with the lesson on Lon Po Po book today. Do your tasks, Childrobotics, Physical Education of sports, dancing or health lessons, language, writing and assignments, yearbook, journal writing, family scrapbook, and the newspaper.

From our Calendar History Book-Book (1), the first birthday of March 19 is that of William Bradford, Pilgrim Father and governor of Plymouth Colony in 1590. Book (1) asks How old he would be today? and suggests making a giant card in the shape of a Pilgrim hat to celebrate his birthday. It also suggests a time line, but we already have one in our Home Education Program.

 Then on March 19 in 1860 William Jennings Bryan, American politician and three-time candidate for president, was born.

In 1891 on March 19 Earl Warren, 14th chief justice of the United States, was born.

In 1955 Bruce Willis, American actor, was born.

One event for the day of March 19 includes that of 721 BC in which the Babylonians became the First Civilization to Record a Lunar Eclipse.

Then in 1831 on March 19 The First Bank Robbery in the United States took place in New York. The thief stole $250,000.

March 19 is also Swallows Day. Book (1) talks about "Tracking migration patterns- Since 1776, thousands of swallows have returned to the San Juan Capistrano Mission in California each year on this date. Ornithologists believe that the amount of daylight, not the temperature, triggers the swallows to return from their winter homes in Central and South America. The humpback whale is another species that has a predictable migration. Ask your (children) to find and compare the distances of these two species' annual migrations." 
Reading and doing activities for Lon Po Po: A Red Riding Hood Tale from China Translated by Ed Young (Philomel Books, 1989, 32pp.) given in Grandma's book (6).
"The tale of Lon Po Po, the wolf, parallels the European tale of "Little Red Riding Hood." This Chinese version is believed to be more than a thousand years old. As translator and illustrator, Ed Young relied on a combination of ancient Chinese panel art and contemporary pastels and watercolors to create dramatic illustrations that successfully complement a powerful text.
Before Reading Lon Po Po
  • Ask how many of the children have ever heard the story of "Little Red Riding Hood." Ask the children briefly to recount the familiar tale, then tell the class that they are about to hear a Chinese version of the same tale. Ask the class to imagine how the story might be the same or different from the (European) version that they are probably familiar with.
After Reading Lon Po Po
  • Hold a brief discussion about how the two versions of "Red Riding Hood" were, in fact, the same, and how they differed. Invite students familiar with both versions to tell which version they liked better, and why.
Appreciating Vocabulary"
Reread the book and see if any of the words in the book confuse the children. Book (6) said "some of the words might be hemp, ginkgo, and "Hei yo." Challenge the children to guess at the words' meanings from context cues. Ask the children in class to discuss what words they would substitute for the culturally-inspired words in questions if they were retelling the story, in order to make themselves understood in their own culture. Ask the class to tell why they believe learning such vocabulary may help us to understand and appreciate other people and foreign cultures.
Story Comparison
To acquaint the entire class with the European version of "Little Red Riding Hood," share a book such as Little Red Riding Hood by Trina Schart Hyman (Holiday, 1983)." Then fill out the page given below.
"Translator/Illustrator Ed Young was born in Tientsin, China and grew up in Shanghai."
                   Lon Po Po                                                                   
       Little Red Riding Hood
  Where we meet
   the wolf
   What the characters
   call the Grandmother
   Where the mother is
    during the wolf's visit
    with the children
   Who saves the
   What happens
    to the wolf
   How the story ends
"Our Home is the Sea by Riki Levinson (E. P. Dutton, 1988, 32pp.)
As they follow a boy on his way from school to the houseboat where he lives, young readers are treated to a trip through the busy city streets of Hong Kong. But the boy is not as interested in the city hustle as he is in the sea which surrounds his Hong Kong home. His mother says he will grow up to be a teacher, but in his heart the boy knows that, like his father and grandfather before him, he will grow up to be a fisherman and his home will always be the sea.
Before Reading Our Home Is the Sea
  • Locate Hong Kong on a map. Point out that Hong Kong is comprised of a tiny island plus some coast land area located on mainland China. Tell the children that people who live so close to the sea have a close relationship with the water (i.e., the sea is an important part of their lives). Tell the children that this is the story of a boy who lives in Hong Kong. Write the new Chinese vocabulary words the children will encounter(appearing on the copyright page, located in the front of the book) on a chalkboard or chart pad. Tell the children to listen for the words, but do not yet disclose their meanings.
After Reading Our Home Is the Sea
  • Review the text to locate the new vocabulary presented in the book. Print the sentences on a chart pad. Cover each new word with an index card. Have children attempt to fill in the blank cards with an English synonym for the concealed Chinese word. This exercise encourages students to guess the words' meanings from context clues alone. Compare their guesses with the definitions presented in the book.
Follow-up Activities
Tali Chi Demonstration
Have (the children) look carefully at the illustration which depicts the old man "standing straight and still under a ginkgo tree." Inform the children that the man pictured is performing tali chi, an ancient Chinese form of exercise." To further acquaint the children with tali chi, link to this video on tali chi from Youtube.
"Sample Congee and Tea
In the story, the boy and his family dine on congee and tea. Make congee and tea for your (children). According to the glossary (appearing in the front of the book), congee is a thin rice soup.
   Congee Soup
1/2 cup rice
4 quarts water
1/4 pound dried shrimp or scallops (optional)
dash salt
Place ingredients together in a large pot. Bring to boil and simmer for three hours. Serves 8-10. Serve with Chinese tea, if desired."
"Hong Kong or My Home" Card Game
Provide each (child) with a copy of the table below-print extra if necessary. "Record these things found in the story: the sea, a tram, market, streets, amahs(nurses or maids), bird men, peacocks, a wharf, a sampan(a very small boat). Add to these items some items found only in the students' neighborhood (e.g., specific shops and businesses, landmarks, etc.), and other items found in both places (e.g., report cards, streets, street lights, apartment buildings, school buses, parks, etc.) After printing all the items in the boxes, glue the pages onto construction paper. Let dry and cut the boxes apart, thus creating playing cards. Place these cards face down on a table. Allow children to take turns choosing a card and placing that card under the column labeled "Found in Hong Kong" or the column labeled "Found in _______(the children's home place)." Items found in both places should be placed in the column labeled "Found in Hong Kong and in______(the Children's home place)." Each (child) should attempt to be the first to fill his or her entire activity sheet with cards.
                     Found in
                  Hong Kong
                 Found in
       Student's home place
        Found in Hong Kong
                     and in
          Student's home place

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