Day 162
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Day 162

Another Day! Grandma is going to give you lessons out of Grandma's book(4) for a Book called The Gift of the Sacred Day by Paul Gable (Macmillan 1980).
"Summary: This is a legendary telling of how the nomadic buffalo-hunters of the Great Plains acquired horses. According to the legend, the people were suffering because they couldn't travel fast enough to hunt down the buffalo herds, on which they depended for food. They had only dogs to pull their travoises, and in times of drought and famine even the dogs gave out. A young boy, determined to help his people, travels to a lonely place, prays to the Great Spirit, and has a visionary dream in which "sacred dogs" (actually horses) of great speed and strength come to his people's aid. The dream comes true. The people give thanks and promise to take good care of the horses forever.
  1. Point out the Great plains region on a United States map. Explain that millions of buffalo used to live in the region and that Native Americans depended on them as a source of food.
  2. As (the children) discuss the cover, explain that "sacred" means "holy," or "something to be respected." Suggest that (the children) listen to find out why a horse is called a sacred dog.
As you Read
Guide comprehension by discussing why the people in the story at first think that horses are a kind of larger, swifter dog. Invite (the children) to complete a Venn diagram that shows the differences and likenesses."( A Venn Diagram is two circle connecting the Likenesses or connections between two things or ideas with each of the differences on the other two sides of the middle inside each of the circles.) Below shows the results of the answers.without the circles around connected around them.
                    Dogs                                                                       Horses
               Eat meat                                                                    Eat plants
               Cannot pull                                                                 Can pull
                 heavy loads                                                                 heavy loads
               Don't run                       Likenesses                            
                 as fast                                                                      Run swiftly
                 as horses                     Four legs
                                                   Are mammals
               smaller than                   Can be tamed                         very big
                 horses and                    by people                              whinny,
                 eat less                         and directed                           neighs
                Has more                       Dedicated                              Takes time to
                litter to eat                                                                   train more.
"To help students respond to the young hero's adventure, invite volunteers to tell about times they have tried to help their friends or family What special things did they decide to do? What was difficult and what was rewarding about their undertaking? In the story, what difficult things does the boy experience? (he goes off on his own; he has a scary dream) What is his reward? (knowing that his people can now hunt the buffalo).
As you read the last pages of the story, suggest that students listen and look at the illustrations to find clues about how the people in the story feel about Earth's resources and how they act as a result."
Extending Geography Skills:
Animal Resources
Invite the children to research ways in which other animals besides the dogs and horses contribute to our world. "Malamutes in the North still do pull loads for people." A cat saved a boy from a dog shown on the news the other day. Some ideas are reptiles, spiders, snakes in the garden,oxen,monkeys, rats and mice, cats, cattle, sheep, deer, rabbits, birds, praying mantis, Bees, wasps, and butterflies,bats, elephants,  etc.You can keep recording this information in the collection of animals you have now as you think of things.
"Making Connections
Being a Story Character  Invite students to imagine that they are one of the following story characters and to tell about the hero from that character's point of view: a dog who must pull a travois; a buffalo-dancer; the magic rider in the boy's dream; a "sacred dog," a buffalo. Students can write and illustrate their responses, or work with a small group to make a tape recording in which the different characters speak. After the finished products have been shared with (you or some people) discuss how the boy's actions affect different characters in different ways. What might have happened if the boy had not taken on the responsibility of helping his people? Invite volunteers to tell how carrying out a chore or another responsibility of their own affects the total environment.
Caring for Animals  Review how the boy's people felt responsible for the animals and plants around them. Discuss the idea of stewardship with the (children); the concept that because human beings are powerful enough to change the environment in radical ways, they are also responsible for taking care of the plants and animals in that environment. If possible, organize a field trip to a nature center local wildlife and how young people can help fill these needs. Examples are building bird nesting boxes; designing, making, and maintaining bird feeders, working with a local environmental group to green-up an area with wildlife plantings to provide food and shelter for small animals. Invite interested students to form groups to plan and carry out one of these or another stewardship project. Encourage groups to give up-date reports to (you) and then to describe their progress and what they are learning."
Creative Writing:
Poems of Praise (Grandma is changing this a little--for she want you to write about some special animals in your heart and what makes them so special. These can be displayed when they are finished.)
There is two activity sheets that can be done. One is a picture of a herd of horses you and write at least three things to be thankful for. It can be cut out and placed on cardboard to hang somewhere.
The other sheet has tickets with various animals on it and you can put how each of these animals are helpful to mankind and they can be traded with friends or family members.
It is 10:30 at night and Grandma can't keep going I will have to finish early before I go to the doctors and get back to enter more information to you. It was just so demanding today for Grandma.

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