Day 166
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Day 166

Another lessons!  For this day Grandma is going to give you something on South America and an extra treat with the Video to end the season. Link to South America plus more.
From Grandma's book (2) it says, "South America is the fourth-largest continent. It is surrounded mostly by water. Only a narrow strip of land connects the continents of South America and North America. The Caribbean Sea is located to the north of the continent. The Atlantic Ocean lies on the east, the Pacific Ocean lies on the west, and the Drake Passage separates South America from Antarctica on the south. The landscape of this continent, which consists of 12 independent nations, includes the snow-peaked mountains of the Andes, and one of the world's driest deserts, the Atacama. Most of the people live near the coastlines. The fishing industry is very important along the coasts of Chile and Peru. Spanish is the official language of South America; however, Portuguese is spoken in Brazil. The countries of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Venezuela have the most highly developed economies. Three main land regions cover the continent.
The Andes Mountains, the longest visible mountain range in the world, cover the west coast of South America from Venezuela, a petroleum-rich country, to the southern tip of the continent. Mineral deposits of copper, gold, tin, and zinc are found in the mountains. The country of Bolivia leads the world in tin mining, while Colombia produces 90% of the world's emeralds. The fertile land of the mountain slopes is also used to grow crops such as coffee beans. The region is also used to graze sheep, cattle, and llama in the countries of Peru and Chili.
The Central Plains cover almost half of the continent. They project eastward from the Andes Mountains. Grasslands called llanos cover the land in Venezuela and Colombia. Some of the largest farms in the world are located in this area. The selva, or tropical rain forest, is also located in the Central Plains. The Amazon River basin countries of Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia are located in this area. The natural environment of this area is endangered because so many of the trees are being cut down for forest products. Forest resources such as rubber trees, rosewood, mahogany, and balsa wood are also found in the Gran Chaco area. Vast grassland areas called the pampas are found in the southern regions of Argentina. This area is good for sheep and cattle. ranching. The hottest point in South America is located in this region.
The Eastern Highlands include the mountain areas to the north and south of the Amazon River. Tropical rain forests and grasslands are found in the highlands north of the Amazon. Rolling hills and flat land are located to the south. This is rich farmland. Much of the coffee grown in Brazil, "the world's coffeepot," comes from this area.
Unusual animals found in South America include the manatee, the capybara, the toucan, the flamingo, the vicuna, and the llama.
South America Countries
Falkland Islands
French Guiana
                                                   More Topics to Research
Monkey Puzzle tree                  Easter Island                            Manatee
Bullfighting                                Cape Horn                               Tapir
Gaucho                                     Cinchona tree                          Forest products of
Pan American                            Cocoa tree                                   Brazil
    Highway                                 Vicuña                                    Brazilwood
Pelé                                           Coffee bean                             Andes Mountains
Llama                                             processing                          Sugar Loaf Mountain
Rubber production                       Strait of Magellan                     Tierra del Fuego
Amazon River                              Inca Indians                     
Angel Falls                                  Lake Titicaca
School Days
The educational requirements of young people are different in other countries. Select one of the countries in South America, and read about the education of its children Using two gelatin boxes, make a puppet dressed in the traditional clothing of that country. Prepare a monologue for your puppet about the education in the country, and present your findings... .
How to Make the Puppet:
  1. Take 2 small gelatin boxes, and cut off the flaps of one end of each box.
  2. Apply glue to the box. Using a strip of paper 2 3/4" wide by 7 3/4 long, wrap the box from the top edge of the open end, over the box, and continuing to the bottom of the open end. Leave the open end uncovered.
  3. Use a strip of paper 3 1/4" wide by 6 1/2 long to cover the remaining sides of the box (wrapping it the other direction.
  4. Repeat steps #2 and #3 on the second box.
  5. Hinge the two boxes together using tape on the open edges.
  6. Decorate the (boxes as the) head.
  7. Finally, design a body dressed in traditional clothing, and tape it under the head.
Fact-Finding Festival
Long ago the people of South America made beautiful masks from thin sheets of gold. The masks were worn during ceremonies and festivals. Compile a "shape" booklet of facts about one of the countries of South America. Cut the pages (at least eight of them) in the shape of (a) mask ... . Staple the pages together, Using the encyclopedia, locate an article about the country. List facts about each of the topics listed below. Use one page of the booklet for each topic. Cut out the cover from the" (shape of the pages). "Decorate the cover... using pieces of colored paper, feathers, or other materials... .
   I. Brief facts
      A. The capital city
      B. The population
      C. The chief products
      D. The basic unit of money
  II. The people
 III. The land (include weather information)
 IV.The government
 V. Occupations
Having a Great Time...Wish You Were Here"
Design a post card for a friend by coloring a scene on one side with colored pencils and writing a note on the left side of the opposite side of the post card and addressing it to them. Design a stamp with an animal of the country.
"Fun In The Sun
People in most countries enjoy having fun during their leisure time. Some people prefer to participate in various types of outdoor activities, while others choose to be spectators of different events.
Select a South American country. Read about its recreational activities, sports, and ways of life. Sometimes the climate and land regions are clues to the different outdoor events that take place in the country.
Using a small box lid for your display, design a billboard to advertise a form of recreation in the South American country that you chose." Display it if you wish somewhere.
"Products of South America"
Trace a map of South America, color it, and glue it on colored paper. Find pictures of or draw and color at least five different products of South America that can be cut out and glued on to the page or the map. You can include a pictorial legend to identify the products on the side or bottom of the page.
"Animals, Animals, Everywhere
Although there are many types of animals, most require specific conditions in order to survive. Climate and geography are two factors that play a key role in forming an animal's habitat.
Select a book about any animal. After reading the book, read about the same animal in the encyclopedia. List three facts that you learned about the animal from the encyclopedia article that Were Not in the book.
Name of book:____________________________________________________________________
Type of animal:____________________________________________________________________
This animal would most likely be found on the continent of _________________________________
Additional facts learned about this animal from the Encyclopedia

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