Day 172
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Day 172

Grandma will start the rest of the Timeline information starting with September.
September 23, 1806 The Lewis and Clark expedition came to an end as the
 explorers completed their homeward trip to St. Louis. It took 2 years, 4 months
 and 10 days.
September 4, 1807 Robert Fulton began operating his 1st Steamboat on the
Hudson River.
Sept. 7, 1813 The nickname "Uncle Sam" 1st appeared in print, in a
Troy, NY newspaper.
Sept.14, 1814 Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the
British shelled Fort McHenry.
Sept. 15, 1821 Costa Rica gained its independence from Spain.
Sept. 7, 1822 Brazil declared its independence from Portugal.
Sept. 27, 1825 In England a locomotive was used for the 1st time to pull a
passenger train.
Sept 13, 1826 A rhinoceros was 1st exhibited in the U.S.
Sept. 29, 1829 Scotland Yard was established.
Sept. 4, 1833 Barney Flaherty became the 1st Newsboy in the U.S.
Sept. 5, 1836 Sam Houston was elected the 1st president of the Republic of Texas.
Sept. 9, 1836 Abraham Lincoln received a license to practice law.
Sept. 30, 1841 Samuel Slocum patented the Stapler. He called it a "machine for
 sticking pins into paper."
Sept. 13, 1845 The knickerbocker Club of New York set down
the 1st Base Rules.
Sept. 10, 1846 Elias Howe patented the Sewing Machine.
Sept. 12, 1846 English poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett
were married.
Sept. 23, 1846 Johann Galle, a German astronomer, discovered the planet
Sept. 30, 1846 William Morton became the first dentist to extract a tooth
with the help of anesthesia.
Sept. 9, 1850 California became the 31st state.
Sept. 9, 1851 A weekly budget of $10.37 was proposed for the average
working-class family of five.
Sept. 18, 1851 The New York Times was 1st published.
Sept. 24, 1852 The 1st Dirigible was flown over Paris at 6 mph.
Sept. 20, 1853 Inventor Elisha Otis said his 1st freight "Safety Elevator"
 which didn't fall even with cut cables.
Sept. 11, 1857 Frederick Law Olmsted was appointed superintendent
of Central Park in New York City.
Sept. 19, 1859 The Confederate War Song "Dixie" was sung for the 1st time.
Sept. 14, 1860 Niagara Falls was illuminated for the 1st time.
Sept. 22, 1862 President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.
Sept. 6, 1866 Frederick Douglas became the 1st black delegate to a
 national political convention.
Sept. 28, 1869 Aristides Berges became the 1st person to transform a
 waterfall's mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Sept. 10, 1875 The American Forestry Association became the first U.S.
 conservation organization.
Sept. 11, 1875 The 1st Newspaper Cartoon strip, called "professor Tigwissel's
 Burglar Alarm, "was published in the New York Daily Graphic.
Sept. 19, 1881 Vice President Chester Arthur succeeded James Garfield as the
21st President of the U.S.
Sept. 5, 1882 10,000 people marched in the 1st Labor Day Parade.
Sept. 25, 1882 The 1st major league doubleheader was played between
the Providence and Worcester teams.
Sept. 4, 1883 The 1st Self-Service Restaurant opened in New York City.
Sept. 14, 1886 George Andersen patented the typewriter ribbon.
Sept. 4, 1888 George Eastman received a patent for the Kodak Camera.
Sept. 19, 1988 Twenty-five American mothers and children returned from
 an exchange program with the Soviet Union.
Sept. 18, 1889 Social reformer Jane Addams moved into Hall House,
 America's 1st Settlement House.
Sept. 25, 1890 Congress established Yosemite Nat'l. Park in California.
Sept. 8, 1892 Nat'l pledge of Allegiance Day-- the "Pledge of
Allegiance" was 1st published in the magazine Youth's Companion.
Sept. 28, 1892 The 1st Night Football Game took place.
Sept. 4, 1893 Beatrix Potter sent a get-well letter about a rabbit
family to 5 year old Noel Moore.
Sept. 9, 1893 President Grover Cleveland's wife became the
mother of a baby girl, the 1st child born to a 1st Lady in
the White House.
Sept. 21, 1893 Frank Duryea drove the 1st successful gasoline-
powered car in America on the streets of Springfield, Mass.
Sept. 21, 1897 "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus" proclaimed a
now-famous New York Sun editorial.

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