Day 173
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Day 173

Now for October's 1800's
Oct. 21, 1805 Britain's Lord Horatio Nelson defeated the Franco-Spanish
fleet at Trafalgar but was mortally wounded.
Oct. 2, 1810 The 1st Harvest Fair took place in Pittsfield, MA.
Oct. 1, 1814 "Star-Spangled Banner" was sung for the 1st time.
Oct. 19, 1814 The "Star-Spangled Banner" was sung for the 1st time, in Baltimore, MD.
Oct. 4, 1824 The Republic of Mexico was proclaimed.
Oct. 26, 1825 The Erie Canal opened.
Oct. 27, 1829 The 1st Patent for a Baby Carriage was issued in the U.S.
Oct. 22, 1836 Sam Houston became the 1st president of the Republic of Texas.
Oct. 24, 1836 The friction match was patented in the U.S. by A D. Phillips.
Oct. 25, 1940 Nylon Stockings first went on sale in America.
Oct. 9, 1843 Charles Dickens began writing A Christmas Carol.
Oct. 16, 1846 The 1st Surgical operation using ether as an anesthetic was
performed in Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
Oct. 1, 1847 American astronomer Maria Mitchell discovered a comet
named after her later.
Oct. 3, 1851 A Boa Constrictor at the London Zoo swallowed a blanket,
which it disgorged more than 3 weeks later.
Oct. 16, 1859 The abolitionist John Brown raided Harpers Ferry, W. Va/ amd
seized the federal arsenal.
Oct. 13, 1860 The 1st Aerial Photograph of part of the U.S. was taken from a
 balloon over Boston.
Oct. 19, 1860 An 11-year-old advised President Lincoln to grow a beard.
Oct. 24, 1861 The 1st Transcontinental Telegram was sent from San Francisco
to New York City.
Oct. 6, 1863 America's 1st Turkish Bath opened in Brooklyn, NY.
Oct. 26, 1863 The International Red Cross was established.
Oct. 31, 1864 Nevada became the 36th state.
Oct. 2, 1866 The 1st tin can with a key opener was patented by J. Osterhoudt
in New York City.
Oct. 18, 1867 The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million.
Oct. 11, 1868 Thomas Edison applied for a patent for his invention, an
 electric vote Recorder.
Oct. 1, 1869 Prestamped Postcards were put on sale.
Oct. 25, 1870 A postcard was 1st mailed in the U.S.
Oct. 8, 1871 The most disastrous Forest fire in recorded history destroyed
Peshtigo, WIS., killing 1,182 people.
Oct. 8, 1871 The Great Chicago Fire which claimed 250 lives and
destroyed most of the city; started at Mrs. O'Leary's barn.
Oct. 19, 1873 Football rules were formulated in New York City.
Oct. 20, 1873 P.T. Barnum opened "The Greatest Show on Earth"
at the Hippodrome in New York City.
Oct. 21, 1879 Thomas Edison successfully tested the Incandescent
 Electric Light Bulb.
Oct. 22, 1883 The Metropolitan Opera House in New York opened.
Oct. 12, 1885 Thomas Adams, a chewing-gum manufacturer introduced
the 1st Vending Machine in the U.S. It dispensed gum balls.
Oct. 10, 1886 Englishman Griswald Lorillard introduced the Tuxedo
in Tuxedo Park, NY.
Oct. 28, 1886 The Statue of Liberty was unveiled in New York Harbor.
Oct. 31, 1886 Arthur Conan Doyle's 1st Sherlock Holmes story
"A study in Scarlet," was bought for 25 pounds.
Oct. 11, 1887 The 1st adding-machine patent was issued.
Oct. 9, 1888 The Washington Monument opened.
Oct. 30, 1888 The Ballpoint Pen was patented.
Oct. 6, 1889 Thomas Edison exhibited his Kinetoscope, a peep
show device for viewing short motion pictures.
Oct. 18, 1892 The 1st Long-Distance telephone line, from New York City
 to Chicago, opened.
Oct. 8, 1895 Englebert Humperdinck's opera Hansel and Gretel
 premiered in the U.S.
Oct. 10, 1899 The Luggage Carrier was patented by John Butts.
Oct. 9, 1899 Robert Goddard, at 17, began to speculate in his journal
about a spaceship that could travel to Mars.

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